Serious Complications from Sliding Genioplasty over 2 Years Ago and No Surgeon Knows What's Wrong. Can Anyone Help? - Manchester

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I had a sliding genioplasty on August 2nd 2013 and...

I had a sliding genioplasty on August 2nd 2013 and it was fantastic completely changed my life. it was advanced 9mm and move down aswell and I also had bone graft put in. but then for some unknown reason about 5 months later I woke up one morning to the feeling that my chin had shifted. And I could wobble something inside my chin. And this also caused me itchiness and irritation inside the chin. It feels like a wobbly tooth and its not something I can control my body Kind of makes me wobble it. After several weeks of the chin appearance seemingly getting worse and still being able to wobble something inside i went back to surgeon who told me there was nothing wrong. This continued my chin appeared worse and had the same feelings inside. After seeing my surgeon another 2 times he accused me of being paranoid/psychologically unstable so after that I decided not to see him again. I then went onto see another surgeon who told me again after looking at x-Ray's everything was fine but he took the plates out to see if that helped and it made no difference. I then went too see another surgeon about the problem but he was more fixated on my chin being moved to far down and saying its didn't look that great I agreed with him but it was only about 10 months ago that I was over the moon with the results so I was trying to explain that it didn't look like this when I had it done the feelings I've been having seem to have been contributing to the appearance of the chin looking worse. He said I can do the surgery again for you so I thought yes ok then maybe if the bones cut again and re-fixed it may solve the problem. But when he did the surgery he cut the bone in a different place to the first surgery. He cut it further forward. and when i woke up from Surgery as soon as I opened my eyes I could still feel the same things. Itchy irritation feeling and could wobble something inside. That was done in December 2014 and the same thing has been happening again my chin appearance has deteriorated over the last year. I've explained my concerns to him But he was also very adamant it hadn't moved it wasn't possible. we looked at several x-Ray's and he couldn't tell me what the problem was. He's currently researching to see if he can find any other cases like this but because he says he's never heard of anything like this. I'm trying to research as much as I can I think it's something to with where the original fracture healed from the first surgery or maybe something to with muscles around the chin. It's turning my life upside down. 2 surgeries and a lot of money spent and my chin now looks pretty much the way it did before and 13 months after the second surgery it continues to appear worse on a weekly basis. And looks And I'm in constant pain and discomfort. It looks similar to before I had any surgery at all. How is that possible if I had it moved 9mm the first time and 5mm the second time. Pictures attached below.
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