Breast Lift or No Breast Lift HELP

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Hi.... Please help me!!! I've had 5 consultations...

Please help me!!! I've had 5 consultations lately with different surgeons looking to have a breast lift not sure with or without implants yet!!
I would love to hear any advice you could give me, I'm 29 and have no kids and don't intend having any for at least another 2 years! I hate my boobs and have been told I meet the criteria for a boob lift but I'm massively concerned about the scars.
Please can you share your experiences with me and tell me where you went and what surgeon, and how bad/good your scars are. I am pencilled in somewhere to go ahead on Sept 10th 14 (8 weeks) but getting cold feet.... Please help me!!!!!

Still scared.....

I don't wana post photos cos I'm scared of people I know seeing them on here.... You never know !!!
But I feel if I did it may help!? I'm so sure I want this done but more opinions may help.. Like I've said the only thing that bothers me is the vertical scar but I'm not gona let that out me off

Gettin more and more nervous/excited!

So I've been speaking with a few people on here and I'm more confident than ever about getting my boobs done!! I feel like I'm 100 % doing the right thing and in too excited!!!! 6 1/2 weeks to go... Gutted I can't have it sooner but in going on hol... Double gutted coz I will be in a bikini feelin uncomfortable and paranoid about my breast!!
I have a huge fear of the scarring but speaking on here and seeing lots of photos has made me feel so much mure at ease and I'm more than happy to go ahead!!!! Please share your experiences /photos and and advice with me !!!!

Not long now.......

So I must read about breast lifts everyday!!! I have my finks consultation in 8 days with the surgeon I've chosen to do my lift.... That will be when I decide whether I'm having just the lift or lift with implants.... I'm very excited but still very worried about the vertical scar.... Can any of you put me at ease?!?! And did any of you have the lift before having children like me???


So I had my final consultation yday with the surgeon... I'm having an uplift with a 260cc implant as already a fair size... I'm so nervous about the whole thing especially the scars.. Can anyone offer me advice or put me at ease???? All advice greatly appreciated... 4 weeks today!!!!!

So nervous.....

So I put a post on here recently however had no feed back... It's only 3 weeks until my op... Having breast lift with 260cc implants. I'm so so nervous about the scars and worried what they will look like but I'm also so so excited!!!!! Hope my boons don't end up huge?! Anyone had an implant similar to mine? Any tips on how to not feel so nervous?!
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