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Previous full 32B, then jumped to a full 34C/D...

Previous full 32B, then jumped to a full 34C/D when pregnant and breast feeding, to now a deflated small 34B. Always wore extremely padded bras (the 2 sizes bigger ones) but feel so self conscious in front of my "husband to be" ... I barely take my top off in front of him. We are getting married next June (2017) and I want to feel confident with and without my wedding dress on. Now lacking confidence and hating my boobs... It's time to change things. I would love to be a full D, but have my first consultation at Manchester Pines on 23rd July to hopefully find out what's achievable.


A few 'wish list' pics...

10 days till my consultation!

10 days to go! I can't wait, I'm nervous but excited to hear what they can do for me. I've tried the home made rice sizers but I'm not sure how realistic the sizing is so I'm waiting till my consultation to find out. Hoping to have my op mid August if my surgeon is available! Exciting times ahead.

Consultation & meeting my surgeon...

Yesterday, I had my consultation and tried on sizers. After speaking to my surgeon he's recommended under muscle, and sizes to choose from, 325cc, 345cc, 365cc. Uploaded pic of 365cc and he reckons this will take me from a 34b to a DD approx. has anyone else had 365cc unders from a small b? If so what size are you now?

My surgery is booked in for 13th August (the closest date I could have!) can't wait now!

Counting down the days..

Countdown is on. I can't believe how quickly time is going! I'm so excited, but a tad nervous too, not a big fan of being put to sleep but I know that once it's done I will be so much more happy and confident in myself.

I thought I would write a little bit about me too, and why I have chosen to have this procedure done...

I'm 24, a mum of 1 (2yr old) and getting married next year to my childhood sweetheart who I have been with since I was 14! (10 years)
I've never been happy with the size of my boobs, I have a curvy bottom half, and a flat top. I've always wore heavily padded bras and bikinis and rarely take my top off (even in the bedroom)
Since having my little one, I have become even more conscious of my deflated, stretched small B's, so much I shy away when dressing in front on my other half, I hate looking at them and it's got in my head so much it's affecting my mental state (I've fallen out of love with my body)

So, I'm doing it for myself, to be able to take my top off and feel proud and confident in front of my other half. To look in the mirror and be happy with my figure.

Hope this helps anyone who's in the same situation and debating on getting a BA. Do it for yourself, if it will make you happy, go for it. You only live once.

This time next week...

I will hopefully have my new boobies!!! Excited & nervous all jumbled into one. Still not 100%. Which implant size I will be having 345cc or 365cc, I've read so many threads where patients have wished they'd gone slightly bigger, but I really don't want a 'fake stuck on look' or anything that will look out of proportion, I have also decided I don't want anyone to know (I know too many small minded, bitchy, gossipers and I know the majority of my family won't understand my reasoning - plus it has nothing to do with anyone else anyway!) so although it's only 25cc it's really playing on my mind. If anyone has advice, I would be very grateful for it.

Arnica Tablets?

Been advised to start taking Arnica tablets, anyone took these kind before? And if so how many? How often? And what are they for! I'm assuming it's related to the bruising?

Thanks :)

Less than 24hours post op

So yesterday I had my surgery with Dr Netri and Manchester Pines. Arrived promptly at 8am and went down for surgery at 10.30am. I am now just less than 24hours post op and already loving them! I went for 365cc under muscle. And suffered quite bad with nausea after the anesthetic and although I drank 3 jugs of water I still couldn't wee! So they kept me in until 7pm when I had finally stopped being sick and done one almighty wee!
Sleeping wasn't too bad, to be honest I was so tiered I could have slept on a washing line. I really recommend getting a beany neck pillow (the ones you use on flights) to sleep with at night. It was super comfy! I woke at 1am to take my cocodamol and then again at 7am. So far they are feeling tight and tender but nothing I can't handle. The band across the top digging into my armpit is probably the worst!

I've attached pics, any questions, fire away.

Post op Day 2

Today has been incredibly tough. Morning boob is a killer, and although I slept well, my back is already beginning to hurt from sleeping propped up. My belly looks like I'm about 4 months pregnant and the pain is horrible... I had a baby with absolutely no pain relief... & when my muscle spasms, it's on par with giving birth. I had quite strong chest muscles to begin with as I did quite abit of listing, I'm assuming this is why my muscles will be hurting a lot too. Ice bags have been a god send and after my eventful shopping spree yesterday, I have been much wiser today and rested all day.
Praying tomorrow will be easier, and back to work on Wednesday.

Starting to feel human again!

Ok, so I'm 4 days post op, I'm feeling much better in terms of pain (still there but nowhere near as bad), I've had a shallow bath, (avoiding stitches), got myself dressed, (although this took quite a while!), and have taken my last dose of cocodamol, so hoping to ween off pain relief all together, by taking just one paracetamol before bed to help me sleep tonight. I will post picture later in my rather lovely new sports bra. But so far, although the pain and swelling has been tough, I'm very pleased with my new boobies!!

Post op Day 4

Pics as promised...

1 week with my new boobies!

My new boobies are 1 week old! Yay! And today was my first day of waking up with hardly any morning boob! Loving the look already. Pain is only in certain positions when I forget! Can't wait for my post op appointment on Tuesday to find out when I can take this horrible white band off! Will update with pics later of progress so far!

Post Op Day 8 Pic

Pic from yesterday, still swollen but don't feel as high and a lot less pain.

Post Op Day 11

So yesterday was my check up with my nurse. She removed all my dressings and told me I can now shower!! (Hallelujah!!) she also said I can now start driving (oops! I started diving on Sunday which was day 8, but I've been fine.) My incisions seem fine, and she was impressed that I hadn't bruised, must of been the Arnica tablets. I've got my next appointment to see my surgeon for my follow up in 4 weeks time. Until then, I just have to keep wearing my support bra and using my breast band (until Saturday).

I feel as though my left breast is still really high, whereas my right feels less tight and starting to drop ever so slightly. Hopefully right-ie catches up soon & they start to drop equally. They are still very firm which is a very weird feeling, can't wait for them to become more squishy & moveable! (Neither can my partner!!!)

Still love them, and have absolutely no regrets in terms of op decision or size... Happy happy happy!

13 Days Post Op

13 days later... Still quite high, but no pain. I'm getting so impatient waiting for them to drop and soften up, hopefully it won't be too long...! Although I am aware it can take 6 months... Argh.

18 Days Post Op

Still sitting high and hard, hoping they settle down soon! I'm aware of the gap between them but I'm sure when they drop this won't seem as obvious. But to be honest it's not really a big problem as my boobs have always been pointing outwards! Sleeping is becoming a really pain in the back.. I am more of a side sleeper and it's really taking its toll now. I've dropped to 3 pillows, rather than the 5 I used in the first few days post op.
Overall, I love my new puppies, I just wish I could sleep better with them!!

3 weeks 2 days

Nothing has dramatically changed. Ever so slightly dropping more each day, still not soft but not as high now. Still pleased with size and look. Sleeping much better since I've been sleeping lying down. (Not sure if I should be but, it feels so goooood!!)
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