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I'm a 40-year-old man and have struggled with...

I'm a 40-year-old man and have struggled with up-and-down weight all my life. Three years ago I lost 80 pounds with an extreme diet, but even though I reached my lowest target weight, my lower belly still protruded considerably then. Due to a health issue which was caused by my low-cal dieting I had to increase my calories to a normal amount and over a year I gained 30lbs to my stomach and flanks. My body wants me to be around this weight, and dieting won't help with the way fat is deposited on my body. So I decided to do lots of coolsculpting.

On Mon, Aug 29 2016 I went to Onsite Cool Body Sculpting for 2 coolmax on my lower abdomen and 2 smaller applicators for the flanks. Tomorrow I go back for more flanks and rest of upper abdomen.

The first part of the procedure was done in they are nice, comfortable and homelike office. Dr. Nelson was good about explaining everything in advance.

When they apply the small cool sculpting device, I felt it but is definitely not painful. The CoolMax I made sure to prep myself for the tugging of that much volume. I assumed the worst, and it was not anywhere near the worst. The doctor set me up with me up with many pillows and I was comfortable the whole time, she even had Netflix ready to go.

The massage did not hurt with the smaller device. The massage after the CoolMax did feel uncomfortable and when it was done it began to ache a lot. The best way I can describe it is like an ice cream headache on your abdomen, and while I felt slightly nauseous for a few minutes as I got used to that ache (which was really post massage as tissue warmed up) after about 20 minutes of strong uncomfortable sensation (again, ice cream headache on abdomen) I was comfortable enough for them to reapply the coolmax to the other section of my lower abdomen, and the small applicator to my other side of flanks. BTW, using warm water in the restroom seemed to me to help the ache go away. I think it's the thawing that aches, so anything to speed that up.

She did a mirror image to original placement and it hurt less the second time. Same person, same day, same areas but mirror image, and different pain results. I can see why it's very difficult to know who may or may not experience pain.

I put my jeans and button down shirt back on, the jeans had to rest below my waist, and the shirt did not hurt. My abdomen and flanks are somewhat numb, and feel fairly bruised, but look fairly good. Definitely tolerable but you will not want kids or pets to jump on your area. When it comes to pain, I have a low pain tolerance, and this I would say is very reasonable currently.

Aug 30th. Day 1 Post 1st
The next day I was sure to use a compression shirt. The compression for me seems to provide constant stimulus so any pain you may have by bumping into something is not a sharp spike up and down from no stimulation.

Aug 31st. Day 2 Post 1st
I'm either getting used to the minor numb ache, or it's getting better. But if this is the only post-pain, I'll be relieved. I've read day 5+ has the potential for lots of pain. So I will fill you in if/when pain comes. So far, so good. Tomorrow, another 2 coolmax, and I think 4 more smaller applications. That would make a total of 12 or 14 as I think each coolmax counts as 2 areas.

More to come.

Sept 5th - Day 8 Post 1st procedure, Day 5 Post 2nd procedure

So, I am SO happy to say no nerve pain. Yet. I'm still waiting for the "other shoe to drop". However, so far, so good comfort-wise.

I found that wearing the compression shirt only caused general pain, so I decided not to wear it after a couple of days, and that felt best to me.

Fairly numb. You'd have to squeeze them more than a little, and then they might ache. But it would take effort.

Barely more sensitive than lower, but it's a few days newer in treatment. Basically the same

Basically numb and no sensations unless squeezed

My side flanks, at my current weight, are pretty sizable. Having said that, pretty numb and only ache when squeezed.

No numbness. As if untreated, but maybe I'm not feeling the right spot.

All-in-all, since there's no pain to speak of, I'm very happy being a week-out. My measurements are about 1.5" wider around but close enough to my most recent size. I've been wearing comfortable standard jeans, and mostly rest them below my belly. When I rest them on my belly, I just have to be a little careful since I'm numb and I can make it ache if its too tight. When resting below, I completely forget I've had anything done. I have a small dog, and when he occasionally jumps on me to lay down with me, he's not hurting me like it was aching last week. So... so far, no regrets.

BTW - Jogging, which I don't jog, but I was running after my dog for about 20 feet. You'll notice the strange sensation of your fat bouncing, and tugging against your torso but you don't feel the fat itself. Same with jumping in place.

Still hoping no pain tomorrow. But none to speak of so far!

Photos from earlier

Pale photos are before, then drawings of where they applied coolsculpting over two separate days. Abdomen had 4 coolmax size.

By the way, the red area was not as painful as it looks. The marker drawing stayed longer than the redness.

Today, September 9th I'm feeling fine. No improvement but it's way too early to see. Numb areas fairly reasonable, especially considering it's only temporary.

Seven week update

I wasn't sure what improvement there was until I took some photos.

Flanks not peaking as much as before.

Seems abdomen is less bulky. It's still mostly fat but I think it looks better.

I've gained about 5 lbs due to trying to eat more for metabolism reasons, but so far only weight gain.

First photo is from the spring (before)
Second photo is same angle in Oct (after)

Note: I had coolsculpting around my waist all the way around plus upper abdomen. I think you can see a band going around where I had the procedure. Also, my waist measurement is the same as the day before the procedure, but my weight is more as of today.
Midlothian Pediatrician

Excellent bedside manner. Very accommodating. Also, very comfortable and intimate office. I like their coolsculpting room because it's like being in a relaxed bedroom (but in proper coolsculpting chair with the machines) and had Netflix option on a huge tv. Rates very reasonable. I'm glad I found them. Professional yet comfortable is a nice mix.

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