45 Years, 2 Teenagers, fit and healthy, 175cm and 57kg, I need to fill my Small, Saggy Breasts - Malvern, AU

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On June the 2nd I had my first consult with Morris...

On June the 2nd I had my first consult with Morris Ritz. I was really scared and my heart was beating fast the whole time. I had photos taken and I tried different implants to see what I thought. I only wanted a small implant that filled the sagging as I am a highly active person. I went back on July 7th for another consult to talk more as I was so scared about doing it. I then booked in for today 19th of July. I went through it and all went well...I think.
The hospital staff were fabulous and made
Me feel at ease. Sitting in bed watching movies and taking my pain killers.

Day 1 post op

I woke up feeling really sore in my chest, especially my sternum. I felt agitated by the drains as the tubes were stuck to my stomach and were itchy. I didn't feel pain as such but more pressure on my chest like I was hit by a bus. I got up and had a sponge bath in the bathroom sink. I have discovered having baby wipes is good as you can clean yourself with those and you just feel a whole lot better being clean. Without having to shower and get the breasts wet.
At 11, I returned to the surgery and had the drains removed...strange feeling but relieved to get them out. The surgeon said they looked good and he was happy. I've been lifting my arms up and stretching my chest out. It helps relieve the pressure.
The more I moved around the better I felt, I think it distracts you from the pain. I kept taking my pain relief, I didn't feel much pain but I didn't want to either, so I just kept taking them. I have been taking Metamucil and a probiotic a few days before surgery and will continue to do so as I have read so many reviews about being bloated and constipated. This helped, as today I passed a soft stool and my stomach isn't bloated, yet. I remained in bed most of the afternoon watching Netflix and getting up and walking around every hour.
At some points I was feeling really quite good moving around but I was conscious not to over do anything, so I would go back to bed and rest.
Overall the pain isn't too bad, just pressure and it hurts the most when you start to move after being still for awhile.
Oh, and I had 250cc under the muscle smooth round implants. I wasn't after a size increase as such, just wanted to make them full again so I can wear bathers again (which I haven't for many, many years.)

Two days post op

Had a good nights sleep without the drain tubes. I only woke up once and took some more medication. I fell back to sleep straight away. I woke up and could move a lot easier than the previous morning. Today I have been very tired and slept both morning and again in the afternoon. My breasts feel like they have a lot of pressure on them. I had to remove my surgical bra for a few hours to relieve the pressure. I also have a compression tube to wear on top of my bra, so I just wore that for a few hours. The most pressure is where my stitches and tape are.
I decided to stop taking the medication today as it makes me so sleepy.
Just been resting, drinking water and watching Netflix!

3 days post op

Well I didn't take any drugs last night or today and I am feeling so much more with it. I struggled to sleep in a semi upright position without the drugs making me sleep. I did go for a short walk today as I am feeling so much better.
My breast feel rock hard still and I am suppose to wear the surgical bra with a compression piece on top. It really hurts and I have I clipped my surgical bra part way to release some of the pressure. My breasts are still numb, but I have some feeling up the sides of them.
I did some housework today and even baked a cake as I am feeling so much better than the previous two days.
My stomach is bloated, but I've continued to take Metamucil and a probiotic which has kept me regular with the toilet!
I think the bloating just comes with the territory of surgery and pain medications.
This morning I tried so many clothes on to see what they look like and it's just so nice to fill my clothes up without the padded bras! Felt like a child in a candy shop.
I've attached some pictures of how they are looking three days in.
Enjoy the weekend.

4 days post op

Well today I started to feel more like myself. I walked for half an hour in the morning and again in the afternoon. I have no pain, only some numbness and pressure on the chest. I am thinking my surgical bra is too tight as the moment I release the clips in the bra the pressure feeling go away. My incision area is starting to get itchy and I find myself scratching it all the time. This morning my breasts felt like they do when you are breast feeding and they are full and you need to release them.
My breasts are still hard as rocks at the top and inner area, but are slightly softening on the outer breast. I have keep up the Metamucil and it has helped a lot in keeping me regular and my stomach from not swelling so much.
Still struggling to sleep in my back slightly elevated. Tonight I'll just sleep flat on my back.
I am really happy with everything so far. Walking today was great and I suggest to others to walk around slowly as much as possible.
I am so looking forward to them softening up and to the pressure going away.

One week done

Had my first week check up. They changed the tapes over and said the stitches were dissolving and the healing was looking good. I'm back at work and feeling very little pain. Just pressure on my sternum. I'm walking a few kilometres everyday and I think that is really helping to get things moving. Swelling is starting to go done as I can now clasp all the hooks on my surgical bra. I was told I could fully shower now...yay!
I return in a week to get any remaining stitches out. Can't believe it's been a week already.
They are still really hard and I have a little numbness on parts of my breasts.
All in all I'm happy with how it has gone so far.

2 weeks

So it has been two weeks and one day, and I'm feeling quite good. I still have points during the day where I feel tight on the incisions or the surgical bra rubs on them. Besides that, I don't have any pain.
I am still sleeping on my back and it hurts to roll onto my side. I'm showering and getting the incisions wet now and changing the tape every few days.
I was told not to massage, just stretch my shoulders back and lift my arms up.
I am still wearing the surgical bra 24 hours a day, 7 days a week....I hate it!
My breads are still up high and feel very firm to touch. I have been walking daily, but told not to do cardio for another week to allow the stitches to dissolve without any pressure or trauma from exercise added to it.
Otherwise, I'm feeling great and really happy with them.
I have noticed this week that the swelling has gone done a little as the bra is feeling a little loose and I had to tighten it a bit.
My next appointment is at the six week Mark.
Can't wait to have them soften up and drop a little, just so they look and feel
More natural! But for now, I'm enjoying firm and very perky breasts!
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Morris Ritz listened to me, answered all my questions as silly as some may have been. He made me feel at ease and even saw me again to answer some more questions. He was very good and I am glad I went with him.

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