Fractional Laser CO2 Treatment - Malta, MT

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I have always been unhappy with my skin, its very...

I have always been unhappy with my skin, its very oily, i have spots nothing major but i did use to have acne. I also have alot off dents and scars left from spots over the years, the sad thing is they say they only scar if you squeeze! What a load off fu*#*ing Sh*t that is! Ive noticed that my skins seems to be getting worse and worse and its getting to the stage where i cant hide these scars anymore! I hate when i go outside in the day light, it seems to show my scars up the most, i hate when people ask me why i have dents on my cheeks, i guess its really getting me down and im ready to do everything i can to try and get my face as NORMAL as i can, i want to be able to go out without having to wear layers and layers off foundation and make up, i want to feel comfortable in my own skin which i clearly dont!

Here my Story begins -
I was booked in for my laser on the 27th March 10am.
When i got there they sat me in a room covered my whole face in numbing cream and left me to wait for a good 50mins! Than the doctor came and ran through everything with me.

He said he could get my skin 80% better he reckons he can clear this up and ill get what i want!
The laser was over pretty quickly i would say 15mins! He went over my whole face once which didnt hurt too much, its a really strange feeling, you can feel the laser beams zapping your skin, i found myself laughing and shouting ouch at the same time, i felt like someone was tickling me!
He than went over my problems areas another 2 times, mainly my cheeks and chin! It started to hurt more as he ran over them again and again, it smelt really horrid off burning skin! It was as painful as i expected it too be! I found the little air vent they give you really helps! I didnt feel the need to stop and was happy!
After he finished i was given a cream to go rub on my face, when i looked in the mirror i could see little white laser beam marks and square patters! My face went bright red and lumpy/swollen! By than my face started to burn and i felt like i was on fire!
It took about 20mins to get home and i really did feel my face burning hot which hurt ALOT more than the laser!
I took some paracetamol and within the hour the pain eased off!
Within a few hours my face felt back to normal!

Within 6 hours i started to get blood pricks through the laser holes and than about 1 hour after that my face started weeping ALOT off yellow discharge!
I got abit worried as no1 said my face would ooze and weep! It was really wet but it didnt hurt at all!
The next morning my face was dry and it started to have a sunburn effect too it! I could tell my face was started to go dry and it was turning into a thick layer off crust!

That day my face felt fine, it didnt bother me!
The evening off Day 2 my face started to feel itchy, to begin with it wasnt too bad but by 2am i couldnt sleep, my face was so itchy i couldnt stand it! I kept getting it wet in the sink, i felt as if i had a ant nest crawling all over my face, i just wanted to slap it and scratch it! But i couldnt!
I hardly slept all night it was too uncomfortable! After 3 hours sleep i woke up feeling the same, i started to get frustrated! I put a cold wet cloth in the freezer and ended up covering my whole face in this ice cold cloth for the day! It did help with the itching ABIT but it also made my chin go very sore and after a day off using this cloth i had to stop as my face started to feel sore from the dampness!
That night was hard to sleep again due to itching!

Day 4 my face started to feel more dry, the crust on my chin has started to peel away, my face it still itchy but not as bad as it was before or im just getting use to it! My face doesnt look to red anymore!
Today is Day 5 and my face is still itchy, not much crust has fell off today! My chin has its new skin and it feel very tender too touch, i also started getting tingly sensations going aound my face which is not helping the itching at all! I still have alot off crust on my cheeks and forehead! It has gone reallt dry and crack looking, i am still using my creams i was given 3 times a day and i wash my face twice a day! So far i cant really tell if its been worth it or not all i know is i can have a second treatment in 3-4 weeks and i was told i would need around 5 sessions to get the results i want!
It has been a very uncomfortable experience and i really am dreading doing it again, the laser part is the easy part its afterwards all the itching and tingling feeling what im dreading!
I will keep you posted with photos and info! Ive also left my statues as "was it worth it - Not Sure" as im still only 5 days out but hopefully will update in a week or two!
Thanks for reading!

It is now Day 6 and feeling less itchy tho i...

it is now Day 6 and feeling less itchy tho i havent started getting like a tingly feeling running through my face mainly on my new skin and around my chin and jaw area where the crust has fallen off! It kind off feels like someone is running a feather across my face!

I was suppose to write *HAVE* above not havent sorry!

I was suppose to write *HAVE* above not havent sorry!

Update plus 2nd treatment

Sorry for such a late reply, ok so i now know that all the itchiness was due to all the cream i was putting on my face, i was using way too much cream as you can see in my photos my face was covered in the stuff!

8 days after laser all the crust had came off, i did pick at it abit but overall i was very happy with the results!
I would say about 4 weeks after laser my face started to look abit rubbish again, the oily skin came back, and i felt abit dispointed, i was still spot free tho which was great!
i decided to get my second laser treatment on the 6th May, this time round it hurt alot more, it really burnt during the procedure, this time round it took 5 days till the crust came off, it wasnt itchy at all, it didnt look as scary as the first time round, after about 5 days i broke out in spots everywhere, its been just over 2 weeks now since the second treatment and my skin is still breaking out in spots, this time round i havent noticed any change in my scars if anything it looks worse now cos for some strange reason its bought back my acne after being spot free for years! im abit angry, gonna leave my skin now for a few months till i decide to try again or not!

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