51 Years Old and Wanting to Remove Implants After 2 BA over 20 Years - Malta - definitely worth it

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Hi Everyone. I've been having a good old read of...

Hi Everyone. I've been having a good old read of your stories for the past few weeks and am now more sure than ever that I want to have my implants out. I have loved them but I feel that they're completely out of place at my stage in life. I had the first set in 1995 (240ml) and had a new set in 2008 ( 385g) in the UK due to CC on one side. They have been fine with no sign of any hardening or pain but they aren't as perky as before. I really would like my 34B boobs back, and not struggle on any more with 34DD's. Bra and bikini shopping is a nightmare for me and I have to buy a size larger in clothes just so they don't pull. I am quite small framed and 5'2" and feel top heavy. I have made an appointment for the 2 January with a surgeon here in Malta and wonder if anyone has had any experience here? I'm hoping to get away with removal only to start with. I'll be very grateful for any input please! Thanks for reading :-)

Surgery booked!

Hi Ladies. I managed to get an earlier appointment last Friday, and had a great consultation with a wonderful surgeon. I have booked my surgery for the 8th January. Thanks for all your stories and pictures - I feel very inspired, and will be posting some pics of my own this week.

They're out!

Hi Everyone. Just a quick update - I had my implants removed yesterday. Very straightforward under general anaesthetic and I was home by 4:30.
Very pleased with my choice of surgeon, he's really lovely, and nice and conservative.
I'm feeling very flat chested and squishy but all the little wrinkles seem to have disappeared overnight. I had no specific special instructions and have a follow up appointment in a week. I found that sleeping with a little soft boob tube top was more comfortable and it gave me a little support. So far so good! Hoping they'll spring back a little as they look a bit sad at the moment. I've just been watching Jamie Oliver poaching little eggs which resembled my little titties! Finally plucked up courage to post some pics. x

Per explant pics

One day after removal.

Thank you!

Thank you, Ladies for all your stories and brave photos and for helping me make an educated choice. Will keep you updated with my progress xx

Comfy little sleeping top/bra - 2 days after explant


I am having a problem updating my review, but I would just like to say that it's been definitely worth it and I can't believe I waited so long. My total costs were €1235.

One week checkup today

Had my checkup and everything is great. The itchy dressings came off and my scars are looking fantastic. I'm very pleased so far and not planning to do anything else at this stage. That may change when it comes to bikini time ????. I can't believe I didn't do this ages ago!

8 days after removal

I can't see much difference at this time but here's a picture :-)

5 weeks post op

Hello all. It's 5 weeks since my explant and I'm very pleased with my result! My boobs are a little droopier than they were 20 years ago, however I have no problem with that. They are still very sensitive and my scars are looking great. Even my nipples seem to have gone back to their original size and shape. I'm pretty sure I won't be interfering with them ever again! Thanks again for your advice and input - very appreciated. x

5 weeks post op

Mr Joseph E Briffa Cosmetic Surgeon

Mr Briffa is a kind and understanding man whom I highly recommend. He listened to my request and advised me correctly. I found him through my own research and also the advise of my previous surgeon in the UK. Mr Briffa deserves 5 stars for everything! St James is a lovely private hospital and offer excellent treatment. Definitely worth it!

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