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So here I am, writing this review from home 6...

So here I am, writing this review from home 6 hours post-op.
This site had helped me sooo much in getting in getting information about BA. I must admit I said to myself I won't bother writing a review since I always seem to be so busy. But I'm feeling so great right after the op, and I will have so much time to myself, I decided to go ahead and do it. After all, so many people helped me out right here, why shouldn't I do the same if anyone has questions? :)
A little bit about me...I spent all my life wishing for boobs...but they never came. Always bought 34B bras but my PS told me that's what a WISH I had :) He said I'm either a 32B or a 34A.
I'm train a lot at the gym, and I'm very independent. Always on the go...just how I love it :) But anyway, I had gone for a consultation with 2 different PSs 4 years ago, but I chickened out. I'm quite sure it was because I was not ready yet to subject my body to modification. I'm 48 btw, but thankfully feel (and look) like I'm in my 30's. I don't know whether not having a husband and kids has helped in that aspect.
So 2 months ago I yet again decided, this time 100% sure, to have a BA. Again I went to 2 different Consultants and they were pretty same equal in what they told me re. implant make, size and placement.
Surgery was booked for today. Boy I was sooo anxious for the next 6 weeks! All I could think of was boobs, boobs and boobs. At work I spent most of the time reading about boobs, and seeing before and after photos. That did drive me slightly nuts I must admit. Not everybody will look the same with the same size of implant.
Thankfully this past week I was totally calm and positive. Today went in for my surgery just as if I was going shopping...only starving ????
Surgery took less than 2 hours and now, 6 hours later I'm feeling great! Was feeling great right after surgery actually! Infact I sent my sister back home...I'm managing very well.
Here are a couple of before and after photos. I still haven't seen my new babies well, so I had to take a photo in my corset. My PS will see me tomorrow at 9am, even though it's. Sunday. Believe it or not my main concern about this op was 'bothering' my friends and family to take me to the clinic. Which is silly as clinic is just 5 minutes away from my home. But I guess that's the way I was brought up :)
I will keep you all updated with my progress! Sorry for any typos ;)
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