22years Ol, No Kids, Very Petite - Malta, MT

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I really wish to be 30C or small D, I'm 30AA now....

I really wish to be 30C or small D, I'm 30AA now. The most important is natural look for me. My surgeon told me to go for 300cc high profile but I felt it huge on me. After I tried it with rise at home I felt much better 260cc. I have two days left to my surgery I'm getting 260cc hp. I'm still not sure if I will be happy with result and size. I'm getting so nervous

My surgery was yesterday morning afternoon I just...

My surgery was yesterday morning afternoon I just slept and didn't feel pain that much during the night I slept just woke up once to take the painkiller. Today it's hurting a bit can't lay down without help and need a help when I go to bathroom. Still feeling sleepy probably cause of pills I have to take. I'm very happy with the result and loving my boobs: )))))

22 Old Years

It's my 4th day from surgery and its very painful I know its normal but Im scared a bit because yesterday it was much better today my painkillers didnt help (voltaren, panadol) i had to take catafast. My boobs feel like two heavy, hard rocks they are very very solid. after yesterday feeling I thought I'm doing very well and today it's gonna be even better but it's much worst. Is that normal? I dont wanna start panic and call my doctor for now.

my 7th day

Just came from the surgeon, he took of the tape and I can finally see my boobies. I like them so so much, can't leave the mirror ahahha. I'm not feeling pain anymore just my nipples are sensitive a bit. I'm still afraid to walk with my back straight cause of the stitches. Whole week I felt my right side much more than the left but I wasn't worrying since me surgeon told me that's gonna feel like that. What can I say? Maybe it wasn't best week of my life but it was definitely worth it I really love my surgeon, my boobs and can't wait until they settle more.


5months after surgery, absolutely got use to them ????

Implant turned

Hi everyone one of my implants turned 10degres I noticed fuller breast in the centre and emptier side under my arm I went to my surgeon and he tried to turned it back he did but he couldn't manage 100% he also said this happens and for sure its not gonna turn more then that because there isn't more space to turn. Today is 5 days since I saw my surgeon and I'm feeling that my breast turned again and it looks much worse. Did anyone pass same situation? What to do next? Thanks
Dr. Briffa

My surgeon told me to go for 300cc high profile which I felt huge on me. After I tried rise pockets at home I decided to get 260cc high profile.

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