33 Yrs, No Kids, 5'10 127 Lbs / 179 Cm 57 Kg, Natrelle 410 anatomic 375cc + 310cc

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I had my consultation yesterday (direct before...

I had my consultation yesterday (direct before doing lip filler for the first time so all at one time lol) and now the operation date is set to the 18th February 2016!

I had already read a lot on the internet about breast argumentation and looked at different implants and outcome result so both I and the doctor agreed that the tear dropped implants will be best since I want a more natural look and want to avoid the round-balls-on-the-chest-effect-then-lying-down as much as possible.

I'm quite tall and thin and ever since my 20's my breast have been shrinking step by step. The shrinking got even more noticeable the last couple of years after I lost some unwanted love handles ;)
I basically went from a 34C to a 32A-B = no fun! Bras that was a bit too small before so the boobs were almost falling out is gaping all empty now and cant even be used :(

I'm now looking for a full D-DD and based on my measurements the doc said I could fit in implants with a base up to 16 cm. That is huge and not an option though lol!
After trying on different sizers and discussing the outcome I am looking for and showing pictures it was clear I have to go somewhere between 350-400 cc. We had a look at an implant ranging in the middle with a base of 13 cm and 375 cc Moderate height Full projection tear drop Allergan Natrelle 410 Soft Touch implant.

The clinic is mostly using the brand EuroSilicon (this is Europe) and that brand seem to be very common and popular here. However they are not approved in the US and also not popular at all in Scandinavia which just gives me an unfunny feeling about it. Luckily the clinic could also offer Allergan but to a slightly higher price. Easily worth it just to never having to think about if it was stupid to go with a cheaper brand!

Now I just have a lot of waiting and a right sawing plan to entertain me for 3 months until its time!

Wish Pics!

The never ending obsession of boob pics on the interned :D

Now I just have to figure out what cc volume I need for this and also how wide implants I want. Gaah its soo hard!

Before pics of myself will come soon. Just have to get the boyfriend to act photographer

Before pics :/

Okay so this was depressing as hell to start with. I had kind of not really realized how completely flat my boobs become the last 1-2 years! (They used to be at least 40% bigger before I started loosing weight 1½ years ago.)

Ultrasound cleared

So I have been waiting for some days to do this update since I felt very scared.
At the consultation the PS said he felt a lot of lumps in my left breast and that I had to get this checked ASAP if i already haven't done it. Since I never really examine them myself and never went to any type of tests for my breasts I felt very scared and my happy thought about getting boobs kinda turned just like flipping a coin.

Anyways. Today I have an ultrasound (don't ask me why it wasn't a mammogram) and the results was all positive!!!!!!!!! *happy*
The lumps turned out to be my breasts being very ready to produce loads of milk in combination with absolutely no fat tissue left in them after my 10 kg/22 lbs weight loss. In other words my boobs need a boob job :P

I also asked if there was any more medical exams or tests I have to do before the op but apparently not. Stuff seems to work quite different from country to country.

Rice sizers 375cc

Hi girls!
I went to buy a bra I could use to try on sizers with and also one that didn't have under wire so hopefully I can wear it during the settling period post op. I found this soft lightly lined 32DD at Debenhams (yes that is about how exiting the under wear shopping is here...)
I made some rice sizers according to all tips and trix on the internet and tried on 357cc in the bra and some tops. I do definitely don't want to be any smaller than this! For sure!

How is it actually then trying on with rice? I have read all different kinds of experiences on the internet. Both that the end result comes out bigger AND smaller.
Any girls here have any experience? Did you end up bigger or smaller than your rice sizers? Shall I maybe go for 400cc or next step 420cc instead? Already thinking the 400cc at least

Natrelle 410 anatomical sizes

My PS have Moderate height Full projection 375cc planed so far for me, cos I didn't dare to go bigger. Now after looking at you other lovely ladies and finding girls on here in my height 5'10 I have realized that at least 400cc will have to be a must to get the result I'm after. The full projection comes in 375, 420 but then there is also the moderate projection with 400 option.

Also my boobs are quite uneven and I would very very much like this to be corrected at the same time so I'm thinking maybe MM 400 on one side and MF 420 on the other smaller side?

Anyone know about anyone that did different size anatomicals? It seems to be more or less standard to adjust 25-50cc with the round ones but for some reason my PS just dismissed the idea :/

More before pics

Quite uneven breasts. Its really obvious then leaning forward (which is a horribly unflattering pose btw)

So hope this can be corrected together with the BA!

Down payment paid and new Op date!

Hi girls,

I know this is nothing but it just feels soooo real and scary now somehow after the first down payment of EUR 1000 (total price EUR 3635) have been paid! It still hits me sometimes; if I know what I'm doing and if this really is such a good idea after all? or just a fixation I got in my head? But then I think about the past summer here and how depressed I felt about not being able to fill out my old bikinis anymore, which are in quite modest size to say the least already, due to the weight loss the last two years. My boyfriend is super supportive (but not pushy at all so don't get me wrong) and reminds me that this is not a new thing and I have been talking about this and become more and more determined for a long time.

Soooo... I think I know what I'm doing ;)

I also changed the operation date to the 11th of February, one week earlier since I will be so stressed out and impatient anyway :P Original plan was to wait a bit since I have my birthday on the 7th and then its Valentines in 14th and also anniversary with boyfriend on the 15th (and before February is not an option) - but who am I trying to fool? I'm not gonna want to wait anyway :D

I have ordered some sports bras which I hope will be soft and stretchy so we will see then they arrive. I'm also planning to order the MaCom Signature bra (surgery bra) since I will just get the strap but no bra from the clinic and I have read so good reviews about this one!

Pre-op appointment is now set for the 28th January in the evening so my boyfriend can attend and help me remember everything I wont cos I will be soooo stressed out. Panic about sizes! Bit more modest with 375cc or all in (in my world) 420cc?? ....the never ending question....

Vacation approved

Its going soooo slow now. I'm like done with most of the preparations so now I'm just waiting for the 28th of January for the pre-op and then finally the 11th of February for boobs!

Today I got vacation leave for 7 days approved. I will have the op on a Thursday, time I don't know yet, and this will give me a total of 10 days to recover before going back to work. I have a quite comfortable desk job with a very nice chair so at least my job is very BA friendly.

How many days did you girls stay home? Do you think 10 will be enough?

I have also ordered my recovery bras. The MaCom Signature bra in size S and the breast band in size S as well. I will get a band (but no bra) from the clinic but since I have to live with this "wonderful" band 24/7 for 6 weeks I figured I better get a really good and comfy one myself and not trust what they will give me at the clinic.
I also ordered a 3-pack with the Genie bra in size M. I read here om RS some girls using it after their BA and thinking its super comfy.

Both orders have been shipped so now I'm exited to receive the packages! :)

Bought some bras... and a suffocation strap :P

So I have kept my self busy online shopping. This small little rock (I dare you to google it and you will be amazed) don't have so much to offer so Amazon and ebay are basically my best friends ;)

Since my clinic wont give me a surgical bra (but have instructed to wear sports bras and such for 6 weeks post op) and I feel that I want something specifically made for a BA to wear after the surgery I ordered the MaCom Signature bra in clay color size S (band size 32). My clinic will give me a breast band but since I'm instructed to wear it 24/7 for 6 weeks (same as with sports bras) I want to make sure I have a good and comfy strap in good quality.... in other words... I ordered the MaCom Breast Band in size S as well.
The bra is super comfy and fits super! Its now before op not tight at all, actually almost a little bit loose at the band, so I think it will be perfect post op! The strap on the other hand! Holy f***in cow!!! Its tight! Corset feeling here we go! This one I will HATE to wear but if it will make my girls look AWESOME I'm up for anything.
One of the reasons I ordered the band (besides I'm nuts and just have to have stuff in matching brands) was to know how tight its actually suppose to fit, and since both the bra and the strap is from the same brand and the bra isn't small at all I guess this is how tight it should be, would not have guessed THIS tight!

I also read here on RS about the Genie bra and that this bra is suppose to be super comfy and soft. Amazon, my best friend, delivered a 3-pack (nude, white, black) in size M, as trustworthy as always.
This bra is SO comfy! It's really stretchy so easy to get on and off and just sooooo soft! Only thing I'm not super about is the thick straps. They seem a bit thick and also tight now but with the rice sizers in the straps suddenly don't feel tight at all. Think I just need some filling in the girls ;)
It comes with removable pads and the pads is removed.

Another online order came from USA Pro with two sports bras with racer back, one with adjustable straps and a bit more bra-cup shape. Both in size 10 and they fit perfect as well. All three brands have been very very true to their sizes.

The Genie bra I can really see myself using to sleep in. Its sooo nice on. I hope that its as good as I'm now hoping cos it also comes in a 3-pack cute pastels color... pajama colors ;)

At last I finally managed to nag my way to a second consultation with my PS for the 14th January. I asked for this to get my measurements so that I have two weeks to debate with myself about size before the two week pre-op then size is to be finalized. On the first consultation he never really measured me and the measurement he gave me was way off.
I'm really looking forward to this appointment so I can get my BWD confirmed and know about my recommended max size.


So it happened to me as well... :(

So it happened to me as well. The horrible stories I have been reading about here on RealSelf about even more horrible surgeons – yeah mine is one of them.
I had my second consultation yesterday to discuss sizes and options. I also wanted my measurements to be taken and to discuss possibility of different sized implants to even out my asymmetry.

The list about stuff that went wrong, horrible wrong or enormously wrong can be made long and to name a few (no I’m not making this up):

• He only measured my current bra size and since I measure 27,5” around my ribcage he thought I should be a 28 in band. I had to explain that 27” ribcage is a 32 band, which I always buy.

• Then pushing to have my breast measured, width, height, tissue thickness and all that he said it wasn’t relevant what so ever and didn’t want to take any measurements.

• He started arguing with me about what is considered as “huge” since I had said I did not want huge boobs but proper big ones. I said I don’t think 32DD is huge and showed two bras in that size I had with me. He didn’t believe they were DD (even then the tag said so) and said DD is much bigger. I had to explain that a 32DD is way smaller than say a 38DD.

• He didn’t want to look at a single pic of how I want to end up looking even then I tried to bring out the mobile several times, he didn’t believe in pictures.

• He didn’t have a portfolio and said he don’t like showing that and it’s just not his style.

• He didn’t want to give a single recommendation about what implants would fit me the best and told me to just pic some – and with anatomicals there is sooo many options and shapes.

• He said he was annoyed at me for asking for an extra appointment and that he already spent enough time with me and I should just be happy (meet him once before on a 45 min appointment).

• He said that, and now I’m quoting and sit down ladies, “if I can’t adapt to how things are done here on Malta I should go back home to Sweden”.

• He said that if I didn’t make up my mind then and there (was still 4 weeks to op) about what implants I wanted he didn’t want to operate on me cos I will just keep changing my mind.

• Even then he said the first time he had good experience with the implants I wanted he now said he almost never worked with them and found it so complicated and could not find his way in the catalog, again I had to show.

There are probably more things that went wrong with the appointment but my brain shut off or something and couldn’t process anymore…

Needless to say, I broke down and started crying at the appointment cos I’m not stupid, I know how f**ckin wrong all off this was and every sense in my body was just screaming of panic! I walked home (everything is close here) and just could not stop crying for the rest of the evening and had no sleep last night :( I felt soooo awful and stressed out and powerless. I already paid a 30% down payment and both me and my boyfriend have arranged with leave at work and everything else. Op was supposed to be on the day 4 weeks later, on the 11th February…

Again, needless to say, I called them today to cancel. They didn’t understand my issue at first but after a whole day on the phone they have now promised to refund me and after mobilizing every girl I can think of on this island to find a GOOD surgeon I was lucky to get a consultation with the one most recommended by everyone I have talked to, for next Friday the 22nd!

I know I now have to wait longer for the actual op (based on that I can trust and like this surgeon) and that will fuck up my summer (south Mediterranean summer starts early) but it’s a minor problem looking at the big picture. The most important is that I get a good surgeon I’m comfortable with, and a good outcome.

I just wish I had got to know about all this earlier so I could have started the process of changing surgeon earlier but it’s easy to be smart afterwards…

New doctor and implants but same date

Hi girls!
I have now been to the consult with the new doctor. I don't know if I can say that he was much better so still no portfolio or measurements (my actual BWD will remain a mystery). The operation will now be done at the islands biggest private hospitals and the brand they use is UK made Nagor. The PS didn't even mention the round option so I can at least feel confident that he has lots of experience with the anatomical tear-drop shaped implant that he offered me.
The measurements for the new implant is very much the same as I had planned with me previous PS.
My PS will order the XF2 400cc (full height, moderate projection, width 13, height 13.5, projection 5.1) for me but if they don't fit he will use the XM3 375cc (moderate height, full projection, width 12.5, height 12, projection 5.9) on me instead since they don't hold the full height styles in stock. This I'm not very happy about I have to say. I would like to have one step smaller in the XF2 instead which is the 350 cc but they said they can not return the one not being used :/ I want cleavage and side boob and upper fullness, not 80's Madonna cones :/ He said he will ask the supplier if they can return one so maybe...
Total cost for the new op is 3120 EUR compared to 3650 EUR before.

Anyone have any comment regarding Allergan anatomicals compared to Nagor anatomicals. I guess the Nagor ones will be noticeable firmer now as well..

Another positive thing btw is that they had my original surgery date on the 11th free! Cant believe they had that very same day (since the surgeons at least here only operate on certain days of the week) and that its so close but yep I shall be at the hospital at 6 am and at 7 am the operation will start. First in for the day :)

New doc will also provide me with a bra and said he will see after surgery if I need the strap or not. The bra is to be worn 24/7 for 4 weeks and no driving or arms above my dead for 3 weeks. And no cheating on that!

There will be no pre-op so I wont see the PS until the surgery and instead his nurse will call me and discuss all retails before and after care with me over the phone one week or so before the op. Not how I would like it but I'm done trying to hope this island will behave like the rest of the normal world..

Oh yeah and then it was the business with the old PS and clinic. Of course they have not paid back as promised, a 1000 EUR, and now they want to keep 200 EUR and just pay me back 800 EUR because they lost a client due to my cancellation. I cancelled 4 weeks in advance and that far they usually never make bookings! Then I pointed this out to the it didn't make things better.... oh well... now they have promised to see to my refund of 800 EUR on Tuesday. Don't miss the next episode..

Size panic!

Okay so I will now have my BA in 18 days (and birthday in 14 yay) and the panic about the size is a fact!

I want full nice boobs, full enough to more or less never look at a padded bra again (and also my PS said with anatomic implants I'm forbidden to wear padded push-ups cos they can turn!) I'm also almost desperately looking forward to a life in comfy non-wired bralettes and bras :)

I don't want a bigger bra size than 32DD (I'm a 32B now) cos that would just give me too much shopping problems , and no its not worth the hassle ;) and also be just TOO big.

I have bought two bras from different UK brands in 32DD to use for trying out sizers. One is the black non-wired bra (Debenhams) in pics above and in my avatar and the other one is a more traditional under-wire bra (purple from Mark&Spencer). Then I try these on and fill them up I like the look and this is definitely big enough for me! Any bigger and it would be way too much for my slender frame!

Now the problem is what size of implants to use to fill this bras like I do with my rice sizers? On the pics in the purple bra I have both tried with 350 cc and 400 cc (this is the two closest sizes in Nagor CoGel XF2). The 350 rice bag fits perfect, no muffin-topping out from the bra or squeezed together cleavage. With the 400 rice bag it gets tight and a slightly bigger bra would be needed?
I asked my PS regarding this with "you loose 50 cc then going under the muscle" and he looked at me like I was retarded or something and said yes that might be true, in the very beginning, but then fully healed this is not true.

If I want to stay at the size that fits the bra, 32DD, do you girls think I should go with the 350 or the 400? I'm starting to freak out about 6 months from now having gigantic boobs after the healing has come a long way. It don't seem very uncommon to even grow a cup size after 6-12 months (maybe this is what my PS was talking about as well?)

I have to let them know what size I will go for on Tuesday already! Panic! Help!

So where to even begin?

So where to even begin?
Let’s start from the beginning…

In November last year I booked my surgery here in Malta with the first surgeon, went on consultation one and two and then disaster stroke (14th of January). Surgeon was a d*ck the least to say and told me then I asked him to take my measurements (he did not even measure my BWD) that if I could not adapt to the way things were done on Malta I should go back home to my country (I live here as an expat since 3 years back).

Stressed, frustrated and angry about the whole situation I spent the rest of that evening crying and confiding to a friend from the same country and town as me. She was very supportive and only confirmed that I was in my full right to feel as I did. She also found this add that a very well-known and highly reputed clinic back home (I have several friends that got their girls done at this clinic including herself) had an add on their webpage looking for a model patient for a demonstration video for the French plastic surgery society to show how to measure then using anatomic implants, which I want.
Surgery date was one day after my original date already set in November so vacation and all would fit and with the model discount I would be able to afford it (original price 3 times as much as here on Malta).
After some nagging from her end I applied, who the hell would think they would pick me, but why not. What did I have to lose? And then went on with planning my next move.

Heartbroken over the situation and seeing my dream about filling out my bikini this summer go up in flames I talked to every person I could think about here locally for tips about what surgeon to turn to.
The answers were quite unanimous and I was on the phone to book a new consultation with this surgeon number two. I was lucky and got a canceled appointment already the week after, perfect!

I went to the consultation, hmmm still no measurements and still no clue about my actual BWD but I kind of accepted that and booked a new surgery. They had my original date, 11th of February available - perfect since vacation was already booked for both me and my boyfriend since last year.

Another week passed (we are now in the end of January) and I continued to fight with clinic number one to get back my 30% deposit at the same time I was gathering my money to pay for deposit number two.

Day before I was to pay deposit two the phone called - from Sweden!

I had been selected as a strong candidate for the demonstration video for the 12th of February, only two weeks away! Now what!?

A couple of phone consultations later, a half a million pictures and measurements later and panic booking of flights and I am now going to Sweden to that awesome clinic to have my BA!
Operation two here in Malta had to be cancelled (they must think I’m an idiot) but thank god I didn’t have time to pay that deposit yet at least!

I can’t even tell in words how good I feel about this surgeon, Per Hedén, that will now perform my surgery. He is very well known and is the very same surgeon that in 2002 developed the method Allergan is using to determine what size and shape of their anatomic Natrelle 410 implants will fit a patient based on her measurements and skin quality. He is educating other surgeons all over Europe and also in the states.
And what an irony! First two “surgeons” that don’t even want to take out the measurement tape, to the one that is education others how it’s supposed to be done!

I will now fly to Sweden early Wednesday morning next week, on the 10th, and go straight from the airport to the clinic for my pre-op and then on Friday the 12th I will have my surgery!
Back to Malta on the 20th and back to work on the 22nd.
Sadly, my boyfriend can’t come with me but I will stay with my parents and its actually over two years since I was home the last time.

This clinic, Akardemikliniken, also offers the latest in vector 3D technology for determine size and have developed a new technique to see end result beforehand – a real size 3D printer! They have a printer that print the vector 3D graphic picture boobs in natural size and then I just put them on my chest and see how they look like in clothes and all – talk about the new generation sizers!!

I’m super exited in every way, except for going home to cold Sweden and spending the recovery time without my boyfriend, but I feel in my heart that I will now get the best possible surgery and outcome!

Size I don’t know about yet though. This we will discuss on Wednesday and it also depends on what will fit me. The local surgeons here said I could put in whatever but my new, and third, surgeon say that based on the pictures and measurements I took nothing bigger that 360cc will fit. We will have to wait till Wednesday and see!

And to put into perspective, all this from disaster with surgeon one to flights booked and surgeon thee, happened in two weeks! Someone has some valiums to spare? lol

Pre-op and met my surgeon

Yesterday I flew to Sweden to see my new, and third, doctor Dr Per Hedén. Everyone at the clinic was super polite and nice and so was my doctor.

First I saw a nurse that explained what will happen on the operation day and talked about implants. She didn’t say anything that I already didn’t knew but it was nice that they really take the time to go through it all, not all patients are so well self-educated as I am so ;)

Then I got so see my doctor and another doctor (mostly working with reconstructive surgery but was there to learn from my doctor’s experience) as well as their post-op surgical bra designer, a really sweet girl. The meeting was different from what an ordinary patient meeting would have been since they have selected me for the demonstration operation (giving me the end price of 4,160 EUR instead of normal price 6,160 EUR). The brand and type of implant was already selected – Allergan Natrelle 410, exactly as I wanted.

The meeting went super well. My doctor was so easy going and friendly but at the same time super professional and had a mathematical and scientific approach on what will fit me. Loads of measurements was taken to determine what height of the implant would fit, the full height one, as well as the width and cc volume. Pictures was also taken with the 3D vector camera machine and the computer calculated my measurements as well and also calculated the size difference in my natural breasts. It turned out that I both have a chest and breast size difference!
We discussed implant size and what I was aiming for and what could be done to correct the asymmetry in chest and breast size. Two different combinations were selected:

Option 1:
FM 350 cc (width 12.5 height 13) + FF 375 cc (width 12.5 height 13)
This would according to the computer simulation still give me a small visible asymmetry (the vector pictures in this post)

Option 2:
FM 310 cc (width 12 height 12.5) + FF 375 cc (width 12.5 height 13)
I have no saved vector pictures of this combination but on the computer simulations by boobs looked IDENTICAL!

My surgeon is not sure what would be best so he will bring all three sizes with him into the operation to see what will be the best combination in real life. Computer simulation is just as it’s called – a simulation.

I’m really really glad that he will do what he can to adjust the unevenness that I have! ?
The bra designer that I got to meet is the designer of the brand IPoMIA http://se.ipomia.com/ This brand sells post-op bras and bras specially designed for girls with implants. The bras are developed together with my surgeon. They fitted different bras on me and I had the opportunity to come with feedback myself to the designer. They gave me a black bra to wear after the surgery with hooks on the front in size 70DD-E (32DD-E) made out of bamboo fabric that bacteria can’t grow in. Perfect after the op!

The operation is now set for tomorrow, Friday the 12th, and I shall be at the clinic at 7:30 am. Ready to go home some time at 3-4 pm.

The demonstration video that will be filmed with me as the model will be filmed in 3D and is to show how to do all these measurements and together with a mathematical formula, that my surgeon developed and are teaching all over the world, determine what shape and size of Natrelle 410 implants to be used. The film will then be used later on this year on a training conference for plastic surgeons in France. Is it silly that I think this is so cool? :D

The video will not show my face or anything that can be linked to me so I’m not bothered that hundreds of other ppl will see my surgeon draw lines all over my chest. I somehow want to send this video later on to the i*iot surgeons on Malta that did not want to take a single measurement what so ever and just said “anything will fit” WTF man!?

I’m now super happy about everything and just feel soooooo incredibly good with both the clinic and my surgeon. I’m in such good hands!

Operation done!!!!

I finally had my operation! Yay!

If I'm allowed to say it myself; I think I look amazing!
I'm just so so happy with the result so far and I have almost no pain and I feel great!

I came to the clinic at 7 am and first we started with the 3D filming of the demonstration video to show how to take measurements in order to determine the best implants (then using anatomical implants) and best implant position.
It was me, my surgeon, the bra designer, two guys from the film crew and a German doctor that was on the clinic to learn from my surgeon. All in all it took maybe 1,5 hours and then it was straight to see the anesthesiologist and go throw what was about to happen during surgery.

I was put to sleep and next thing I know I was back in my room but sooo tired (was so nervous so only got max 2 hours sleep the night before) so I dozed on and off all the time.
They served me some food (even got a small flower bouquet on the tray) and then my surgeon came back to see me.
Both the nurses and my doc commented on how well and fast I seemed to recover so we continued the filming with some post-op comments straight away. I was really feeling great, just sleepy as hell :P

Next I was ready to go home and by now the clock was 3 pm. In the car on the way home I started feeling a bit nauseous and continued to get minor nausea attacks for some hours after returning home. Besides that I was feeling great and almost no pain what so ever, just a pressure on my chest.

I haven't taken any of the strong pain meds at all for the rest of the day but had one now before going to bed to help me sleep.

I will have my first check up in a week from now and will then also get another bra from the IPoMIA brand called "The First Love Bra" http://se.ipomia.com/shop/post-augmentation/first-love-bra.html for free!
My surgeon thought that I should get spoiled a bit and told the designer girl to bring one for me! :)
This bra is a special designed post surgery bra that looks more like a regular bra so it will look great under clothes but still have all the recovery features so can be worn already the day after surgery!

I'm so so so happy with the whole experience and the result so far! :D

1 day post

Hi girls!

Still feeling pretty great. Better than yesterday and I can almost move and do what I want. Only taking paracetamol for the pain but sleeping is no fun. I get very bad stomach ad back pain from sleeping reclined and on my back :(

Some pics from today after I had my first shower and some pics from the clinic yesterday.
Just had to show you the cute breakfast tray they gave me after I woke up after the operation!
Both my private room and everything at the clinic is first class and in the consultation room they had every single size and shape of implants available as well as test garments.
Not cutting corners at anything!

Oh and a fun feature. In my room (and I changed due to poor wifi connection so this was not planned) there was a book written by my surgeon called "The Plastic Surgery Book" :)

5 days post and back on my side

Hello lovely ladies!

I'm now 5 days post op and doing great so far!

It turned out that I didn't do very well on the strong morphine like pain killers I got. They made me feel sick and as I was about to throw up all the time. I only took these before going to bed the first two nights as a preventive measure since I thought it would help me sleep - boy was I wrong!
After figuring out the pills was the cause to me feeling sick I thrower them away and have been fine since!

I have only been taking 100 mg paracetamol 4 times per day and today, day 5, is the first day without any pain meds at all and I feel the same :P

I still take some anti inflammatory meds, one pill every morning for 7 days, but that's it!

Sleeping in a reclined position was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!! Regardless what I did and how I changed the pillows I woke up after 30 min again feeling as someone stabbed me with knives in the lower back! It was sooo horrible! After 3 totally sleepless nights due to the back pain I said fuck it to the pillows and went back to sleeping flat in the bed - and on my side. I shoveled a soft sock in between my boobs as I read about here and it was fine! A bit sore and swollen in the boobs then waking up (is this what ppl call morning boob?) but that was gone after 30 in so overall soooooooo much better than the knives in my back!

Well I can't really tell any difference besides that they start to soften up. Lefty (with the small implant) more than righty, but that is as expected. Size hasn't changed anything either from what I can tell.

Okay I was a bad girl. My mum is horrible and I can't wait to get back home again (this is for sure the last time I visit home and my parents again, last time was over 2 years ago, if you are lucky and have a loving mum don't take it for granted, all of us don't...) and I tend to shop then I'm depressed so here we go. Have a look at the pics ladies ;)
One bikini (bottom is super hot as well), 3 super soft bralettes and 1 proper bra - no wires of course and thin soft lining. The bra fits like a glove and is amazingly comfortable and supportive. The bra is in size 75D/34D. For some reason I have 34 in Swedish bras and 32 in UK ones.
The bralettes are in size M or 40 (US 10) (bit loose in the band but for the girls to fit) and the bikini top is 40 (US 10), and the bottom 36 (US 6) :D 3 years ago then I was living a bit too much on the pizza and cocktails diet I had 36 (US 6) on top and 38-40 (US 8-10 on bottom. I sooo like this better :P

7 days post check-up and new surgical bra :D

Hi girls!

Today I went back to my clinic, Akademikliniken, for my 1 week post check-up and some more video filming. It was the same film crew again and the bra designer girl was with us as well.
A nurse asked me some question how I have been feeling and removed the tape over my scars before applying new tape, but this time just one layer and a short piece just covering the scars.

I will tape the scars 24/7 for the first 6 months and after that then sunbathing for another 6 months. I shall only change the tape then it falls off by itself, once a week or so they said. I had no stitches that needed to be removed and the scars looked fine I guess. Since they just applied new tape I don't have a photo but then I change the next time I will take pictures and post. The scars were not red at all but quite ridged and drawn together or how to say. I guess this will go away then the sutures dissolve with time.

They also took some measurements and noted that the measurement around the fullest part of my boobs had gone down with 2 cm since direct after surgery. This due to the swelling going down. I am now a 27" band and 34" over fullest part.
Implants Allergan Natrelle 410 anatomical FM 310 cc (width 12 height 12.5) left side and FF 375 cc (width 12.5 height 13) right side

The bra designer girl (no I don't remember her name) had brought several different sizes of the "The First Love Bra" and tried out 65F (US/UK 30E) for me - holy cow!!! http://ipomia.com/shop/post-augmentation/first-love-bra.html
The bra is AMAZING and I received it as a gift!! So pretty and feels sooo well-made and exclusive and it's a PROPER post-surgery bra that is made to be worn already from day 1 after surgery! This bra I will now wear every day as it looks so pretty and good under clothes and have a deep V neckline. It almost looks like an ordinary bra but is a surgical bra! The regular surgical bra I will wear at night.

I have to wear surgical bras day and night for the 3 first weeks, so another 2 weeks, and then only during daytime for 3 more weeks (so I will wear my First Love Bra every day for the coming 5 weeks). At week 7 I can wear any bra I want without wire and wired bras I can wear (not that I ever want too) after 3 months.

I will now go back again to the clinic in May for my 3 months check-up and the last of the filming.

Both my surgeon and the IPoMIA girl have been soooo sweet and nice and both thanked me and gave me hugs before I went. The whole experience has been amazing and I can truly recommend Akademikliniken from the bottom of my heart to anyone that is considering to have a BA.

2 weeks post-op

Hello lovely ladies!

A two week, well almost, update :)

Well not much has happened I think. The girls have softened up and the muscle and skin have relaxed a bit making them look more relaxed and soft. The cleavage has closed up a little bit and the under pol has filled out and rounded out a bit.
My measurement around the fullest part is 87-88 cm (34,5"), bit hard to measure correctly cos how tight/loose to hold the measurement tape? So can't really tell if I got smaller or bigger, think it's pretty much the same.

I'm sleeping as normal and have now almost no discomfort at all. Then turning from side to side (I'm a side sleeper) I have to be a bit careful though cos twisting my upper body can be a bit painful.
I still use the sock in between the girls to give support.
Its soo nice that I didn't have to sleep sitting up and on my back for more than 3 days!

I don't experience any pain in the actual boobs. Some stiffness in the mornings, yes, but that is more just an uncomfortable feeling reminding me that, oh yes I got a BA!
However, I have pain in the incisions and right under, on my ribs. I have to be careful then twisting my upper body and reaching for stuff, or it can feel like needles piercing this area. I also feel pain here after a full day at work and have to rest and use my arms as little as possible, and then the pain goes away.
Still not taking any pain meds since 4 days post-op.

I have now changed the tape on the other scar, the right side that got the bigger implant (changed left already a few days after my post-op and that looked the same), and took the opportunity to finally take a picture. The scar is very ridges but that is due to the underlying sutures that will dissolve with time. My surgeon also said not to worry and that the ridge will all flatten out.
Look close at the scar pic and you can see the TINY (thin not short) almost TOTALLY INVISIBLE scar along the top of the ridge! That is my actual scar! I'm so impressed and hopeful about getting almost invisible scares then it's all healed and all sutures have been dissolved!

Bra size and rice sizers

Since this is something that I had tons of questions about myself before my BA and when I was trying to figure out what size I wanted, I thought this could be helpful :)

Before my BA and the first sizing appointment with the PS I, as the most of us, wanted to try out different sizes at home and just walk around and have a feel. What to do? Rice sizers!
The never ending question about if rice sizers are accurate or not was haunting me to brink of insanity but this is my personal outcome :)

I made the sizers according to all the tricks on the internet. 1 dl rice = 100 cc and use a nylon stocking and let the bag be loose so it easily can be shaped without staying a tight round rice ball.

I made tons of different sizes and bought some bras in the size I wanted to end up with and tested what rice sizers fit in there. The bras I bought was in 32DD and the rice sizer that fit the best was the 350 cc one (3,5 dl rice).
Then fitting the sizer in the bra I put it underneath my own boob, like a super push-up pad, and evened it out with my fingers creating a smooth transition between boob and rice bag. No edges or dents or empty air pockets.

The result?
The bras I got before my BA fits PERFECT and I did get the 350 cc implants (well 310 in one and 375 in the other but it evens out at 342,5 cc each).
I can almost not even tell the difference between my rice tester pic and the pic I took today, 15 days post-op, with the same bra!

Conclusion: Rice sizer test successful!! :D

3 weeks post-op

Hello girls!

Not much has changes but thought we all love pictures right? ;)

My boobs look pretty much the same as at the two week mark but has maybe got a bit softer, and I have now started to see a difference in them! This is something that came as a total surprise today then I was taking the pictures cos I don't see this myself in the mirror or then looking down at them! In pictures it looks like the left boob (the bigger one that got the smaller implant) has dropped more and that the right boob (the small one with the bigger implant) is higher and tighter. Right also feels tighter then touching them.
This only makes sense actually and I think this is completely normal ant that they eventually will even out then Righty have had time to loosen up and catch up with Lefty.

I changed the tape on my scars today as well and took some photos. The scars look AMAZING. Holy cow! Yes yes I know that they are still ridged and there is dents here and there from the internal sutures but that will all go away in time. But seriously, look at the actual scar in the middle of the ridge, it's invisible!
I'm a bit dry and flaky and the skin is red from just ripping of the old tape. There is also still some blue color from the marking pen left but that's not strange considering I have had tape on all the time since I was on the operation table and never ever washed the actual scar, only the tape on top of the scar.
I can't wait for the underlying sutures to dissolve now so the scar flattens out! The position of the scars seems perfect as well - exactly in the fold!

I still experience some stiffness in the scars and then I reach far for something or really twist my upper body. Then raising my arms, it becomes pretty clear why. I have uploaded a picture showing how the sutures are pulling underneath my skin!

I have now also started to sleep without a bra since I only needed to wear the surgical bra 24/7 for 3 weeks. Now I have another 3 weeks with the surgical bra during daytime before I can finally move over to wearing non-wired normal bras. So looking forward to that!

Btw, the app I have used on my phone to make the collages is really cool and I'm so glad I finally found a good app to make collages! Its called Collage Maker Pic Gris and is released by Lyrebird Studio (for Android, no idea about the fruit phones).

Happy healing to all of you!

4 weeks post and don't feel them anymore

Hi girls!

Four weeks has now passed and the sisters Righty and Lefty are starting to become twins!
A week ago I could see some differences but now I think they look very much the same :)

The scars have flattened out even more. Changed the tape now again (have the same tape on for about a week at the time) and took some more pictures. A lot has happened in just a week! I think that in 2-3 more weeks from now the scars will be all flat and look very good. I'm so excited!
The soreness in the scars has really gone away this last week as well. I don't feel that pulling sensation in the underlying sutures anymore and I can twist my upper body and stretch my arms almost 100% unrestricted now without feeling any pain or pulling.

I realized that I haven't said a word on this subject at all so time for an update; After surgery my boobs were numb underneath (between incision and nipple) but I still had feeling. It felt like touching your arm then it fell asleep basically. That feeling has stayed but become a bit lighter and is now, one month post-op still there, just a bit less "strong".
The nipples have been a bit sensitive and were flaking a bit at 2 weeks post-op (and so were my whole boobs). I think this comes from wearing a bra nonstop and that they are now rubbing against the bra. I put some surgical tape over them for a week and that helped a lot.
Now it's much better, just a bit sensitive for a lot of rubbing.

I'm sleeping without any bra at all since a week back and it's sooo comfortable. I don't feel any discomfort or anything at all reminding me that I even had the BA then sleeping anymore. Heaven!

**Boobie feel**
This week I have starting to forget I had the BA! This is something completely new! I never had any pain in my boobs after surgery but I could always feel the pressure and that something was there. This feeling has now gone away and I can't feel them anymore - so nice!
They have also got one step softer so slowly they are starting to become a part of me and not feel like a bolted on foreign object - a change that was very much welcomed! :D
Size is still the same.

I also took some pictures showing how they look like then laying on my back or on my side. They flatten out a bit on my back and "hang" nicely and quite natural then om my side. Looks much better than I thought it would and this will only improve as they get even softer with time.

Before and afters

Some pics of the change - and what a change!
I could not be happier!

This is the very few bikinis and bralettes that still fit after my BA. The give away bag is huge :P

4 months

Hi girls!

So to start with: I'm not dead. I just got a new job and life became very busy for a while so I kind of forgot about RS and even lost my password there along the way.

Anyhow, my boobs are doing super-fine! They haven't changed a lot, still, besides dropping and filling out the lower pole a bit more and they are also softer! The left one (bigger boob with the smaller 310cc implant) is suuuper soft and I can't feel the implant at all. The smaller one (with the 375cc implant) is still a bit firmer and I can also feel the edge of the implant in a certain angle if I bend over.

***Check up***
So I have been to the 3 months check up back in Sweden and the last bits of the recording for the video was also made at the same time. All super good and nothing to mention really. New pics were taken with the 3D Vector machine and that was very interesting to see how my asymmetry had changed and what difference I actually have now.
Then just looking at them I can tell something is different but to be honest I can't even tell which one should be the bigger, if any of them, so over all I'm truly super happy with the result and the correction my surgeon made!

***Bra shopping***
I'm now allowed to wear wired bras since one months so I went shopping. After a lot of trying on in different stores and shop assistance's helping me it turns out I now have European size 70F-75E that is the same as UK 32DDD-34DD. Finding a bra that fit was not easy.... and now with the summer it's even worse with bikinis.

Best wishes to everyone!
Per Hedén

A truly wonderful and amazingly skilled surgeon then it comes to everything from actual results to bedside manner and the clinic itself. I can in every possible way recommend him from the bottom of my heart. He is a guru in his field and has extensive experience. He is teaching other plastic surgeons all over Europe and the US in his own developed method that by a mathematical formula determine the size, shape and position of the implant.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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