59 Years Old, Mastopexy with Silicone Breast Augmentation. Also Abdomen & Flank Lipo. Tucson, AZ

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After much research in my area I have finally...

After much research in my area I have finally decided to take the plunge and go forward with my breast lift & augmentation. I am almost a 60 year old mother of 2 and grandmother of 4. I would consider myself in pretty good shape for my age. Could be better, could be worse. I am 5' 7" at 149 lbs. I am newly retired and my gift to myself is to try and get my body in better shape with the help of surgery but I am also willing to make a promise to myself to put forth the effort to exercise and eat in a healthy way. I have been married to the greatest guy in the world for 43 years and he is my number 1 supporter in all of this. This is the night before my surgery and I'm excited and nervous at the same time. After much going back & forth with my doctor about whether to implant 550cc silicone we have agreed on 535cc ultra high profile. By going with the 535 cc we can get more projection and still keep the width narrow enough to fit the current width of my breasts. I feel good with my decision and am putting my trust in my docs experience.

First night @ day after lift @ breast augmentation. Also abdomen & flank lipo.

Update after day of surgery and first day. I have to say I consider myself pretty tough. Lots of major a abdominal surgeries and last night was the toughest. No major pain in the breast, nipples, stomach or flanks. The pain was all in the upper chest wall, and I mean something as little as breathing or moving a finger set me through the roof. Day one has been rough put much better than last night. My suggestion is just stay on your Meds and rest. My doctor is letting me shower after 24 hours. I have no drains. Thanks so much to that great husband I have for all of his help, he is the best. The left side is much more swollen than the right. I know the lifts never look good but I think everything looks pretty good for the first day. I think the lipo looks worse than the breasts. But being optimistic I will just believe this to be the swelling. It is Sat. Night and I will be going back for the post op on Monday so will check back in after that.

Day 2

Lots of sleep and Meds again today. Sleeping in a recliner seems to work best for me. Husband is always very close by even though I've been encouraging him to go back to our bed. Took shower tonight and took binding off around breasts & stomach off for a bit. Not sure if this is the best things to do but just feel I need a little breath. Still no pain what so ever in insitions all pain is all high in the chest muscle. It is getting better. One breast is still more sollen than the other but trying not to let those kinds of these to bother me at the moment.

Day 3 post op

Day 3 three going much better. Went for my first post post appointment and all seems well. They took all small dressing off from the abdominal & flank lipo. I had left then on since they were water proof & no blood. They look good also; said they would fade. I sill had quit a bit of bruising and rippling that not there before the lipo & they assure me that would even & smooth out with time.
I am really happy with the Breast lift. (535 cc) I thought I was going to have to have the an anchor lift with the loli pop but just ended up with the Loli pop. I'll go with one less scarr any day! Most of the sterri strips were still on and they just said let them fall off on their own. If there is some puckering don't panic it would smooth it self out. Still have quit a bit of chest wall swelling which is where I had most of my pain but even that is going down. I'm now able to lift my arms somewhat over my head with out every other explitive being the F word.lol I am starting to get a small bit of blistering which you can see in some of the photo's. It is,ind of the yellowish little bumps. They are not bothering me and again said not to worry unless they start bothering me. They should go away. I do not think the brushing or bleeding is excessive. If you can get through day one & two you can do it.! Things will get better. Ca wait to see these puppies in about 2 months.

Day 3 a First sports bra

Day 4

Every day I'm feeling better. Rebounding at 59 is not quite as easy as it once might have been but I'm not complaining. I think the breast are looking great still waiting on yet lipo. Not quite ready to wip the photos out on that one yet. I promise they will come. Tried to cut down on the Meds today & was pretty successful. Taking them all tonight so I can get some good sleep. I was very emotional today. Crying a lot for no good reason. No major pain. Not trying to make this worse than it is, just an emotional day. I struggle with emotion as weakness, my problem no one else's. To all of the women out there questioning whether you should do this for yourself go for it!

Day 7

I've decided not to post any more pictures until this abdominal lipo settles down a bit. Pictures seem to be a little disappointing and I don't want to take away from the success of the breast lift & augmentation. It is coming along just great. The tape is slowly coming off and I mean slowly. The Dr. said don't rush it and let it fall off by it self so that's what I'm doing. Let me say the girls are definitely out there. (535CC extra high profile) I tried to figure out what size bra I might be in and it might be around a 36DDD. Wow that's a is a big change for a young grandmother at heart.lol I'm not really into the size. It's just a number but it is really nice to have everything up and out where they were meant to be. I really feel this sight is more for the young hot girls who are just trying to look their best. Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with young & beatiful. Keep it & love yourself girls. It really is a state of mind about yourself. My husband of almost 44 years is ecstatic and I am very happy with the results. If there is anyone out there my age, 59 and counting & you are wondering about all of this craziness I'll be glad to answer anything I can. Everyone out there have the happiest Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas and I'll keep you updated with the saga.

Day 9 recovery of Breast augmentation & lift with abdominal & flank lipo

Ok haven't updated to many pics in the past few days. I did post a couple of the lipo pictures and questions to the docs today because I'm not feeling very good about it. We'll see what some of the answers bring tomorrow. I'm almost embarrassed to post the pics. The breasts on the other hand are doing great. Or at least I think so. Very little of the steri tape has come off so not real sure what the incisions look like. Pain is minimal but I am starting to have some funny sensation in the right nipple. Feels like something is sticking me. I keep looking for tape or a stitch or something but there is nothing there. I'm thinking maybe it's some kind of nerve sensation starting to come back in my nipple.lol Not taking any drugs except occasional ibuprofen. I am leaving town next week for a week or so so might ask the doc for a few more Valium. I keep getting these spasms high in my chest cavity & they seem to help at night when I'm sleeping.

3 weeks post op.

Everything has been going great. At 3 weeks all steri tape is finally off. All incisions are looking good. There was one small spot on the right nipple that had a small gap but is filling in nicely. Both breasts had dropped, feelig nice and soft until tonight. We had a small Christmas gathering, feeling great got all dressed up wearing my first substantial bra. About 2 hours in all of a sudden I could feel my right breast swelling up. The pain came on pretty fast. I'm sneaking off to the bathroom striping down to see what the hell is going on. By this time I can hardly breath. I remove the bra which by the way was new and well fitted. Not to small or to tight. To my dissapointment my left breast implant is high back up in my chest and is swollen & hard as a rock. This came on very quickly and I am freaking out. This is Saturday and I'm seeing my PS on Monday morning. I was in so much pain we came home & I took a pain pill and Valium which I haven't touched since Week 1. Does anyone have an ideas or have you had an experience similar. Everything was going so great, Im just at a loss on what to do. I'm icing right now. Did I say I'm freaking out, ohyes I did. I will be so mad at myself if I messed something up. Ouch!

Hematoma at 3 weeks post op

Well girls leave it to me? Follow up to my last report. Saw my PS this morning and I definitely had a hematoma or bleed at 3 weeks post op. Very rare according to him & at least 2 other doctors on this site. My recovery was going great all incisions were healed and was having no issues. This came on very quickly, within an hours time. One of the questions he asked was I taking aspirin or blood pressure Meds. I'm sure thinking about medicines thinning the blood. I am not taking anything and in very good health. All bruising was gone from the surgery so this picture is from a bleed that happened Sat. night. Implant has now moved back up into chest cavity and will require a second surgery to fix. He is going to wait one week because he wants to make sure any bleeding has settled down. He will do the procedure in his office this time. It requires cutting the incision back open taking it out cleaning out the chest cavity and putting implant back in. Of course he is telling me it won't be as bad as the first procedure but that's not making me feel much better. I'm sure this is nothing that could have been prevented but I just wanted everyone out there to know that this can happen and to know the signs. If you want to understand how it came about read the previous update. I have attached a few pics. As you can see the healing part was going great. Can't do anything about the 45 year old stretch marks.lol Barnicals on an old ship.

Day 30 post op, lift, augmentation & lipo.

I guess I can say my expectation of the whole experience is changing on a daily basis. I am very unhappy with the lipo. Although I told the doc that I really didn't want a tummy tuck( mainly because I've had 3 major abdominal surgeries previously & I know they are not the easiest things to get over) He didn't really discus it with me further and reading the opinions of at least half of the docs on this site they are saying I definitely should have had one & I will never get what I would have liked with the lipo alone. I just wish my doctor would have discussed the options with me more. I consider him the expert. I'm coming to him because I don't know about these things. I felt I did my research & he is very highly rated. My decision might have been different if he would have just discussed it with me a little more.
All of that being said I was very happy with the lift. Everything was going great & on day 22 I had a hematoma which is now going to require a second surgery in 2 days. This will be just past 4 weeks. They are taking the implant out, cleaning out the chest cavity and then replacing implant. Hopefully as the doctor is telling me it will not be as bad as the first go around. He will be doing it in his office. I have to admit I'm very nervous. I am posting the pics of the lipo and I know they look terrible but I just don't quite know what to do about it yet. I can't really start exercising yet because of this breast aug. set back. I think I am going to try some lymphatic massage and see if I can get rid of this large lump above the crease in the middle of my stomach. Abviously this is the natural crease in my stomach when I bend. Yes I am wearing my spanks on a daily basis. I am taking it off at night to sleep. With all of the blood & bruising from the bleed my breast need a break in the evening. If any one has any suggestion I'm up for anything. I will post in 2 days after 2nd surgery.

5 weeks update

After showing up for a second surgery for a hematoma at 22 days I was prepped for surgery. The doc walks in takes one look & tells me he thinks we should cancel. My body seems to be absorbing the hematoma & the swelling had gone down considerably. He wants to wait one more month & reevaluate. To be honest it's was a whirl wind emotions. One breast is still much higher because of the bleed but it is getting better. The bruising from all the blood is really getting much better also. So with that said I am heading to Cabo In January for a week of vacation & I'm going back to see him the end of January.
I am still not happy with the abdominal lipo, hence no pictures. We discussed it all and he says he guarantees his work & he will make it right one way the other. I really didn't want a tummy tuck but maybe that is what it is going to take.
I do believe the lift & augmentation is going to work its self out I just have to be patient. The scaring looks great, one of the lift scars is almost invisible & I really haven't used much scaring Meds or oils. My husband is in heaven. Lol

8 mo update & continuation

Pictures will follow in a few days, my second surgery was done last Friday. (Tummy Tuck & revision on right breast) Eight month ago I had a breast augmentation/lift & lipo to the stomach & flanks.
I recently made the decision for the full tummy tuck & revision on the right breast which had a hematoma back in Nov., 3 weeks after the 1st surgery. The breast just never dropped and there was always some discomfort, it was always like having a pulled muscle.
My sugestion to those thinking about doing lipo if you have any loose skin at all go for the tummy tuck. You will not be happy with results. If you go back and look at the pictures right after the first procedure you will see a crease that goes across my stomach that was not there before the lipo. What you are looking at is excess skin hanging after the fat was removed. No amount of exercising will make that go away. So bite the bullet, save your money and do it the correct way.
My plastic surgeon has been very professional backing his work and reworked the breast at no charge to me when he did the tummy tuck. This was really no one's fault just one of those things that can come up with surgery.
First off, the breast feels absolutely great, like night & day. The way it was explained to me was he would go in & remove any scar tissue if needed and open the pocket in the breast so the implant would drop slightly. If there was no drain I wouldn't feel a thing!
Now to the tummy tuck. I really thought this would be much worse than it was. They took the steri tape off my 4th day in the office. I saw the PA so was a little surprised at that. Everything I've read said you want to leave that on as long as possible. I will see the Doc again next Monday because drains are not ready to come out so will have more discussions about that. Over all I think the scar looks great for one week, as good has any scar could possibly look going from hip bone to hip bone,lol.
Remember folks looking back on the photos I'm no 24 year old beauty queen (60 is more like it) I'm a mother of 2, ages 40 & 44 & a grandmother of 4, ages ranging from 2 to 20. Yes they're all mine.lol
This has been a great site with a wealth of information from doctors & women helping women. Like I said I will be posting more pics. I hope this helps some of you struggling with questions or indecisions.

Side by side comparison 1 day after surgery.

Of course very swollen but very pleased.
Can you believe it. Live in AZ of course 100+ & our air broke down. Part won't be in until next week. Staying at a resort across the street. I just want my recliner!!!ouch

13 days post op tummy tuck & R Breast revision

Small revision on breast augmentation done in November. Absolutely no pain from the incision. I can't tell you how much better the breast feels. No longer feels like I have a pulled muscle all the time. The incision on the breast at 13 days already looks better than it did at eight months from the last surgery so I am very happy. Thank you Dr. Maloney! Yes the tube is irritating and still in at 13 days.
I feel like the tummy tuck is going well. The scar is always a little overwhelming but it appears to be very straight and I believe once I'm able to start using some silicone on it it will smooth it out and lighten it up. My main complaint which was the crease that ran a cross my stomach after Lipo is now gone. Of course I'm still very swollen so we'll see exactly what the belly button looks like when it all settles down. In case anyone is wondering what that small 1 inch incision is running vertically right above the tummy tuck scar; it is where my bellybutton was cut out. Because I have such a long torso the skin was not able to be pulled down far enough to be cut out below the tummy tuck scar. You. really can't see it in the first photograph but I had a scar that ran from my belly button all the way down to my crotch which is totally gone now so I'll take a 1 inch scar any day. I still also have a tube in the stomach. I am currently putting out about 40 ml in the breast per 24 hours & 80 ml in the stomach per 24 hours. I believe they want that down to a 25 ml per 24 hours before they take the tubes out. I'm a little disappointed looks like most people are getting their drains out about now. Have an appointment tomorrow if nothing has changed I will cancel and then reschedule to be seen on Monday. That will be 18 days so hopefully one of these tubes can come out by then. LOL
Feeling good not ready to go run a marathon and still sleeping in the recliner most nights, lol but feeling very encouraged.
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

My initial office visit and follow up pre op with Dr. Maloney's office has been more than great. They have answered all of my questions and his staff have answered my emails and questions almost immediately.

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