36 Year Old with Thin/small Facial Features (Fat Grafting Cheekbones and Jawline) Sweden, SE

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I have always had a very thin face with a weak...

I have always had a very thin face with a weak jawline that's hardly visible in many situations and also small cheekbones that disappear as soon as I smile.

I have been thinking fixing this for many years somehow but never pulled the plug. Until a few months ago when I really started to investigate my options and found out about facial fat grafting which seemed to suit me. I was a tad unsure because of some horror stories but figured it's mostly the people who had bad experiences that put words on the internet and the happy ones stays quiet for the most part. So I decided to go through it.

Yesterday was the big day. I'm just a day after my surgery now and so far I am very pleased. Right after the surgery it looked pretty well just a bit swollen but no blue marks really or anything. However just hours later my face became really swollen to the point I didn't want to meet any people really as it was kind of obvious. The swelling was also very uneven looking my right jaw was noticeably bigger than my left. Looked pretty bisare but I knew it was swelling as it looked much better right after operation.

Now I have slept my first night at home, and woke up to a already better face. The absolute worst of the swelling has gone away already however I'm starting to look bruiced which was no surprise really and the uneven swelling is still there a bit however I'm also a lot more bruiced on that side so I guess it goes hand in hand. Too early to tell.

As for end results I have a long time before an opinion but so far I am very happy with what they did. I'm a very skinny person and the doctor was a bit worried I might not have fat enough for both the cheeks and jawline and prior op he asked me what I prioritized. However after operation he came to me and said that they managed to harvest enough of fat for the whole face, more than he thought they could get. They only got it from my love handles as that was the ONLY place on my body with fat to harvest although it was not very visible even there.

Will update as time goes. Just wanted to share my early impressions to help others make a decission.

2 days post op

I'm on my second day now after the injection and the swelling has gone down more and even the bruices are starting to go away a little. However just as expected there is still a lot of swelling going on and it differs from day to day I have noticed one of my cheekbones is a bit smaller than the other today. I've read it's normal healing procedure so I'm not worried.

I have not needed to take any painkiller at all except for the very first day. Already on the second day I felt I didn't need it. I do have pain but nothing that I can not handle so I rather ride it out naturally. This kind of surprised me. The face does not hurt at all it just feel like I have insects crawling under my skin at times and it's pretty stiff at this point in time.

More pictures without glasses

Just some more pictures without my glasses on per request.

Another day

Waking up on the third day after injection. I see even more improvement in healing today. But at days it seems the swelling can go up a little again. The healing really does its job best while sleeping.

Top view photo

Just adding another photo. Asymmetrical swelling still improving.

Another day

Today I have left the house for the first time since I did the injection. Boy did it feel great. Went home to my parents to eat some food and after that when I got home I went out for a 30 minute walk in the sun and it was much needed. No one gave me any funny looks at all. At most it looks like I have been beaten up very little. The 4 small patches that I had on the face I removed today and under them there were no visible markings at all really.

Still sleeping like a baby at nights. Fall asleep on the back, wake up just as I fell asleep. You notice the body is working hard with the healing otherwise I would not be tired by just sitting at home doing nothing,

Pictures taken this morning when I woke up. The swelling goes up again pretty much at days still. Though I'm only 4 days post op so far.

Out for a walk again

This morning I woke up early at 4:30am and could not sleep any longer. So quickly I decided to go out for a walk as it's kinda dull to be inside most of the time.

Yesterday I also removed the patches from where they harvested the fat. It was a bit uncomfortable as they sat very firm on the skin so I really had to peel them off and it took a while. There were small marks/lines in the skin that were maybe 2-3mm wide and it came out a very small amount of blood from them when removing the patches. Nothing serious at all though just wiped it off and the bleeding stopped almost instantly. I'm very bruised where they harvested the fat and that is also the only place where it has hurt after operation.

I'm still a little concerned about the bigger jaw on the right side as it looks asymmetrical and it seems to "hang down" near the chin on that side. However I need to remind myself that I'm only on day 5 post op so there is still a lot of swelling. Also I have some kind of "sensation" in that area, not pain but something, feels more strained than other places. Also when I eat it can hurt just a liiiiittle in that place. So I figure it needs more healing in that area than the others. He put in a bit more fat there to compensate for some asymmetry in my face. I just hope it won't be overdone. The coming weeks will tell. If it would stay a little like that I guess that it will be have to be corrected on the other side with another injecton months ahead. But, still way too early to make any assumptions. Like I use to say, assumption is the mother of all f*ckups.

I'm out!

Hello world!

Today is the 6'th day after my injection. I can say that yesterday was the peak of the "crawling" sensation under my skin. It was very intense crawling in my whole face. To the point I went to the pharmacy and bought some Hydrocortisone cream and put in my face. It really helped a lot with the crawling, and that quickly.

Today however, I feel like most of the swelling on the left side is gone. My left cheekbone feels pretty soft and natural now and that hardness seems gone. It is also much smaller than the right one at this point. Only the line that goes on the side of the nose down to the mouth still has some stiffness to it and a little bit in the jaw.

However on the right side I still have that crawling under the skin sensation albeit much better than yesterday and days before. But my cheekbone is still much harder on the right side as well as the jawline so obviously the right side is a couple of days behind in the healing process, which is pretty normal I have read. So I still look very asymmetrical but now it's very obvious the different sides heals differently.

You can see from the pictures that I still have blood under my eye on the right side that is behind in the healing, and that the jaw on that side still has a more yellow tint on the skin. So it's very obvious in every way that the right side is behind in the healing process.

Today is also the first day I started to realize that a further injection might be needed in the future, as the left side has become much more normal after the swelling is gone for the most part. Now it's just a matter of seeing how much of the fat what will stay in the face in the long run.

I'll keep you all posted.

Comparison picture

I just want to show you all a comparison pic just to show you how much of a difference the injection has made on my jawline in a situation when I look down. It's pretty impressive actually. I think you can guess which one is prior and post op.

One week mark passed

Now it has been one week and one day since the injection and the swelling is still improving. It has really been up & down from day to day regarding this and for me the 5'th day was probably the peek where it fellt most uncumfortable.

The right side is still behind and I still have itching/crawling on that side and specially in the front part of the jawline. That's where it still feels the most and that's where the fat is also most hard still. The line besides the nose to the mouth on the left side is still pretty numb though. It's starting to get pretty soft in other places.

I'm starting to look more normal again and I'm pretty sure at least my cheekbones will need another round in the future if they continue to go down much more in the coming weeks. As of now my left one is noticeably (to me) smaller than the right one albeit still feeling that sensation in the right one so I think it will "catch up" soon. There's some unevenes to be noticed from side to side but to be fair, I was like that prior op too which I think can be seen in some of my before pictures. I've always had two different sides that were unsymmetrical. One thinner than the other and it's still like that.

At this point I have no trouble at all going up socialising. I have been out for walks every day now since a few days back and no one ever looks funny at me. No one could never tell what I have done that does not know me. I did meet a friend in town while walking yesterday (whom I did tell prior op about what I was about to do) so I sat down and talked with him for a while. He said he hardly rekognised me but that I looked good.

I think after the injection, what has really made the biggest impact on my face is the absence of the lines I had besides nose/mouth. They were really deep and noticeable before op and fellt like a lot of lose skin. I'm so glad that they are much less visible now makes me look a lot better.

One thing I must also mention is that I have been very tired the last week. You notice the body works hard with the healing and even 30 minute walks makes you very tired to the point you need to rest for a while and take a nap. I have slept a lot for doing nothing basically.

Full body proportion picture

Comparison pictures of whole body before and after injection. I feel my face is much more in proportion to my body now and also has facial features that matches my body better.

Getting there

Day by day I still notice small improvments in swelling It's mostly laid back when I wake up in the mornings and still comes back a little as the day progress and then usually goes back again at evenings. So it goes up and down still but not by large amounts. The worst is over. Still were I feel it the most is the right jaw the front part of it. My left cheekbone is now almost totally soft and feels like normal fat. The right one still a little numb and stiffer, and there's still a blood spot over it.

Went to a little gathering with 8 old ladies in their 70's last night to celebrare one of my mothers friends. I've never meet any of them before. Such a happy old bunch. All very youthful in their minds and the "raw" kind of humor, the kind who likes to mess with you a little bit.

After I left they had commented to my mother what I nice looking son she had, albeit a tad thin body hehe.

Usually I go to the gym at least 4 times per week, but since the surgery I don't since it doesn't help with swelling I have read. So I'm shrinking and it does not feel good at all! I have a lot of catching up to do when I start going to the gym again. But I have all the time in the world so I'm not worried. But I want to start going there again soon so I get a bigger apetite so I can put on some more fat again. I think I'll take a visit to the gym this weekend to try and see how it feels.

Today I have decided to shave. I have waited intentionally with that, but now I don't think it will feel weird. It's starting to itch.

Sorry for spamming you all...

I just wanted to share something from today. It's about my right jaw I have mentioned a couple of times, that it feels behind. Today I got the feeling it was bigger to the point I looked very unsymmetrical. So I shaved like I said in previous post that I was going to do today.

After I shaved I fellt a strong sensation in that jaw area, fellt even more numb and I looked distorted. I got a bit carried away and sent an SMS to my Dr. who did the injection who is on vacation now but I have gotten his private cell phone number. He called me back in just minutes reassuring me it's only normal since after all I'm only on day 10. It can take much longer for the unevenes to go away. So after that call I fellt better right away as he talked me down a bit.

After the call I put on some ice on the swollen area for a few minutes and sure the swelling went down a little bit. So it's no doubt that that area is still very swollen and me having a sensation in that area every day just makes me even more sure of that. It's way behind in the healing process. Some areas feels almost completely fine now, while not for that side of the jaw.

I have uploaded a comparison pic from before I put the ice on and after and there is a noticeable difference. So I just have to give it time.

There will be less updates from now on

As the worst part of the swelling is over and visible changes are less apart I won't be updating here near as much as I have been doing since the injections. Though I do promise that I will update from time to time to keep you all updated on what's going on. And I will continue to do so until this whole process is over and I am pretty sure that I will do a touch up procedure when time allows it. So this "blog" will probably span over the time over a year at least from this point. I know I would like to fill my cheekbones a little bit more while I'm at it and there may be asymmetry that will need fixing as well.

Until next time, I wish you all luck in you decisions regarding fat transfer or whatever you are going to do. Remember to chose your doctor wisely!

Your comments and support means a lot to me.

All my love.

For future reference

This is what it looked like when I woke up this morning. I feel like the mornings are the best then swelling goes up a little at days and slowly and slowly day by day it gets better all together. Still waiting for that right jaw to settle more though. I have my doubts it will settle as much as I want so that it will need correction on the other side in a second injection. I just have that feeling although it's a bit too early to tell.

See you all soon again!

And one more comparison (before & after pic)

I don't like how you can't edit your posts here it would had been so much easier, now I have to clutter this blog instead a little because I post before fully thinking sometimes...

One more before and after picture

Bone structure

One person asked me if my face looked just "fater" after fat grafting or if my bone structure was enhanced. I can say it did the later and that was also my goal which I told the doctor. I'll upload a few pictures as proof of this.

Bruises pretty much gone

My bruises on the love handles/back are pretty much gone at this point and I have no pain since a few days really. Time to collect more fat on the body as I was skinny even before this! The small red dot In the middle is where they made the "entrance".

Getting better

Picture from today. The swelling is still there but I have started to very gently massage the right jaw for about 15 minutes every day now for the last two days and it seems to help as the swelling goes down a bit a while after doing the massage. So I will continue to do so for a while and just be patient but it feels better now that I can affect it a bit as it proves there's still a bit of swelling there. I might have some fluids under the skin in that area that will take a while to go away. I'll keep you posted.

1 month mark soon passed

In 4 days it's been one month since the injection. Things are settling nicely and slowly, and surely there's still fat left from the injection I look much fuller in the face. I get a lot of comments on how good it looks. Saving out a beard at the moment by the way, and when all this is done I'll get contact lenses instead of glasses.

I'll keep you posted!

All is well

My face is starting to feel completely normal I just have one area that still feels a little numd and that's the left nasiolabal fold. But all the itcning and crawling is gone at this point and I don't think about it anymore.

I had lunch with a co-worker today and she looked at me and said "the swelling is gone you look like before". Then I showed her a picture of me before injection next to my face and she was like "aha" now I definitely see it. So the changes are subtle and natural and not everyone thinks about it. But at the same time people get used to something new really fast and easily forget what it was like earlier. Another co-worker that was in the same room when I showed her the picture could easily spot the differences without even looking at the before picture. But then again we have been co-workers for years and the other one just a few months.

I'm still really happy with it. It continues to shrink slowly and looks more natural week by week and the uneven swelling I talked about earlier also gets better slowly week by week it's not a worry anymore. However I'm still pretty certain I will make a second injection months from now to add some volume and correct some minor assymetry, that only I seem to notice in any case. And I don't want too much more of the fat to go away! It's time to start praying that enough stays and you don't end up with that few percentage of people where most of it goes away with time. Time will tell. For now I'm happy.

Comparison from 2 weeks ago and now

Comparison picture from (almost) two weeks ago till now. The left one is taken August 2'nd and the right one is taken today August 14'th. Not that much has changed when looking at these pictures. A little less volume perhaps but nothing really dramatic. What makes me feel "smaller" to myself is probably the fact that I also get used to my new look more and more as time goes.

Some more before/after pictures

I dug up some recent "before" pictures from my harddrive that were taken in May, about two months before my surgery. It feels a little weird looking at these pictures now. I'm so used to my new look already. You can see how thin my face was in the older pictures. Also in the older pictures I pushed forward the head to enhance the jawline otherwise they would hardly be visible, while in the new pictures I do not even need to do that and can rest my head naturally. Also notice the lack of cheekbones.

I have also spent the last two days out in the sun a lot working on my tan for the first time since the injection. I feel like I turn red differently now than before OP, the cheekbones gets more easily tanned now that they have more fat in them.

Still working on that beard by the way ;)

A few thoughts

You know, prior OP you read a lot of reviews and opinions on the internet from people that have done the same thing. A lot of the negative things I believe comes from unrealistic expectations as well as because of how the healing process works with a fat graft. Surely you can have a negative experience in many different ways but I'm just talking about results after a while here.

I can only speak from my own experience, but so far it's totally worth it. People might not reflect over the fact that I have done something as many don't seem to even notice. Some say you look like before OP. These kind of things could probably help someone negative minded to become even more negative. If they don't think anyone notices and it was all for vain (albeit I hope you're really doing it for YOURSELF).

I had a very thin face prior injections, I know that because I have seen it all my life. The first week after OP I looked like a blown up monster. The second week people said it was starting to look nice. By the third week I thought it looked pretty good too, and this is where fat injections are set up to make people disappointed I believe. As by the third week you still have a lot of swelling, although it looks good enough so it's not obvious what you have done. People think they look fine and then they see in the coming weeks that it "all goes away", probably forgetting a little what they looked like prior OP (I've mentioned how fast you get used to your new look).

I agree, lots of volume in the face seems to have been lost since the injection as it's been 5 weeks now, and there's really no easy way to tell how much of the fat that has taken and what was swelling. Though I am realistic. Even though you see slowly that you have "shrunk" in the face, I still notice a very big difference. There's this fullness in the face that I have never ever had before, and it's not overdone in any way. The changes might be subtle to most people, but they are definitely still there and to me it's very very noticeable when I look at myself in the mirror.

Sure, some days I too have felt that feeling that all fat has left the face, but that's not true. You were just spoiled by the swollen face weeks before. Going from how thin I was to a very visible bone structure, surely needs more than one injection. At this point I look very "normal", which was really the goal with the injection. I have never had that "S" shape before when looking at my face from the sides, just flat. I have booked an appointment with the doctor October 16'th and we'll see how much of the fat remains by then.

One important thing to notice. I'm not "afraid" of the camera anymore. I don't feel I need to pose in any specific way to enhance the jawline or something. I don't mind getting my picture taken. This injection has made myself less self aware, in a good way. I feel good. To me, that is priceless.

On a side note, finally some summer here in Sweden! It's that hot you can barly have any clothes on at days. It has been one of the worst summers in a long time in Sweden but at least we're getting a good late summer.

Dare I call the procedure a success?

To be honest, I have not noticed much of a change at all in the last two weeks or so. If there is one, it's very minor and very hard to see without a comparison from photos as you really don't notice very gradual subtle changes over time without any kind of comparison.

This is the best comparison I could do at this time with the same type of photos after the initial swelling has went down (perspectives do vary a little bit naturally so have that in mind). If you wonder why I'm always laying in my bed for these, it's just for the sake of comparison pictures from the same perspective. I've started taking them almost every day so I can go back and look at changes as I can not notice them in real life from day to day (even though I sometimes can feel like I shrink from day to day).

I think these pretty much confirms what I don't feel. I don't see any noticeable difference in the span of 10 days in this comparison, and my guess this is also true for somewhat longer than that.

So, dare I call this injection a success? Will this fat stay or will it start to go away soon? As usual, time will tell.

I know a lot of fat is still there. When I touch my jawline, I can feel a good 1cm of fat at least until I get to the bone. I would actually say the fat is a good 1,5-2cm thick at the back of the jaw until I get to the bones. So there is a fair bit of fat that has survived so far, which feels good.

A different kind of comparison

Tooth brushing and lollipop eating. How's that for an update? Kinda weird but I thought it serves a purpose. Here you can easily see how much fuller my face really is now even after all of the initial swelling has went down and it has now been 6 weeks in just a few days since the injection.

Notice the lack of cheekbone appearance before injecton in the picture to the right. Also the lack of nasolabial folds in the after picture. The jaw is visible since I push my head forward in the before picture but not so in the after picture. It has a different shape now.

Still going strong

It almost seems like the fat that is in the face now is here to stay. Still don't notice much of a difference if any at all in the last couple of weeks. Very minor if so. It's been 6½ weeks now since the injection and it feels like the shrinking stopped for the most part at like ~4 weeks after injection. I feel a lot of fat in the face so much of it must have "taken" if this is going to stay for the long term.

Another comparison

This is an interesting comparison as there is some time apart from the two pictures. The first one is taken Juli 24'th, just 9 days after injection. The second one is taken today, September 6'th. So it's pretty much 6 weeks between these pictures. I still have some minor brusing on the first one under the eye.

Obviously I'm much more swollen in the face and look fuller in the first picture but the new facial features are surely still there and obvious, which I lacked prior injection. So while I'm shrinking as expected I still have the facial features intact so far after 7 weeks now.

It will be interesting to see in another 7 weeks or so how it will compare.

And yet another comparison

Here's a comparison from almost 5 weeks ago and today. Now it's been 8 weeks since the injection. Not identical lightning and perspective but it does the job. You be the judge.

I must note that after making a close inspection of my skin in the face today, I noticed that my skin is indeed smoother in the areas that I have had fat injected. Pores are visibly smaller than before and almost seem "closed" compared to before and doesn't seem to catch dirt as easily, you know those nasty little worm thingys.

Just some bigger pictures also

The images turned out a tad small when I put them in one single image so I upload seperate pictures as well.

Just a small update

It's been 9 weeks today since injection. Still have not noticed much of a difference since I passed the 4-5 week mark. I've probably shrunk a little bit but nothing drastic. In about three weeks I will go back and visit the doctor for a checkup and see what he has to say.

Not many updates here as of late because frankly, as not much seem to have changed for about a month now I don't have much to write about.

10 weeks passed

OK so 10 weeks has passed now for me. Life goes on. Some comment from time to time giving me compliments on how good it looks and that it suits me. Today one commented the fullness of the frontal part of my cheekbones specifically.

In two weeks I'll go back to the doctor which I look forward to (but not the 10 hour car ride in total, which I did with only one pee-break the first time I went there all alone). I would like an estimate on how much of the fat that has stayed so far in my face. It was a pretty drastic transformation seeing how thin I was in the face prior injection and 80cc was injected.

There will probably not be any more updates until I have visited the doctor unless anything drastic happens. After that I'll give a status update.

Things I can say right now at the 10 week mark:
-I have not gained any fat at all again in the donor sites
-My donor sites are still a liiittle sensitive when applying pressure on them. It does not hurt but I feel something sometimes.
-I'm still a little numb in one area, the left nasolabial fold. All else feels completely normal by now.
-I still feel sometimes from day to day that I'm shrinking but I'm really not (that much anyway)
-I still have a lot of fat left from the fat grafting as can be both seen and felt
-The fat grafting has dramatically changed the appearance of my face for the better in both "natural" and "awkward positions".
-It looks very natural.

Requested pictures

In my last post I got a request for some pictures and here they are! Posting some older pictures again for comparison with how I look today.

Just a hi

I'm really happy with where I'm at now at 11 weeks from injection. Can't wait to see the doctor next week. If you wonder what's going on in the first picture, well what can I say I like buns... just a touch of my personality shining through. Be well all!

So I went to the doctor

The 16'th I went to the doctor as planned. Thank god I don't have to do that frequently because it is a 5 hour car ride there for a pretty short appointment, then 5 hour ride back home again. Luckily I have veeery comfortable "sport seats" in my Audi that are shaped very well and even a 10 hour car ride does not leave my body sour in any way just my mind.

So I entered the doctors office and he had printed some pictures he took from our first appointment. He looked at them and then looked at me, then he instantly said "you are an impressive case". Then he let me look at the pictures and it felt like looking at another person, really. I was so much thinner in apperance and my jaw was much more unsymmetrical than I had remembers. It was very obvious both things in the before pictures he had taken because when he took them I had an all natural pose for the sake of being "true" to him. I did not push my head forward to enhance the jawline or anything like that. He actually was so impressed that he asked if he could show the results to a German doctor that was at his clinic at the time. He looked at the pictures and then me and draw the same conclusion, that it was a very visible change in my appearance for the better. Then he asked me how long ago it was I did it and such.

I asked how much he injected and he said 37cc, which is much less than I thought and remembered. Though I was drugged from the narcosis when he told me the first time how much he injected. Those cc injected has really made a difference though that is very obvios so he must have done everything right. Weirdly enough I forgot to ask him how much percent of the fat he thought had survived. But I really guess much of it must have survived so far.

At the time I really don't feel I "need" to do a second injection as so far only one has made me look so much better. But I'm thinking to myself that while I'm at it I might as well do it "properly" so I won't have any second thoughts later on. But, it won't be for another 6 months. I told him I was interested in a second session and he almost looked hesitant to do it. He then told me to wait at least another 6 months before doing anything to let blood vessels and everyting to really fully heal. It felt nice though because I know he's not just after my money. So he adviced me to book for another session in at least 6 more months and if I don't want to further ahead that we just would have another meeting instead when 6 more months have passed.

So I left the office with a good feeling. He was very nice and I could tell he was excited and enthusiastic about the results.

So now I'll just enjoy life till next summer, and call the clinic and book another appointment for when I have my next vacation from work, just like this year. So it will be more like 8-9 months probably till I do the next injection, which really feels nice and right at this point in time, as I'm happy with how I look. Just some smaller imperfections that me myself notice but no one else seems to do (like it often is, you're your biggest critic).

I'll post from time to time. And I'll lurk here to see the progress of some other people that I have meet here. So I won't go offline from here totally. And by the time of the next journey I'll be sure to further post here just like I did this time.

Just a hi

It's pretty much been 15 weeks now. Not too long by any means. Just here to upload a little comparison from 9 weeks after the transfer and today. So far, the 9 week mark is about the last time I could notice some kind of visible decrease, which up until then could be noticed fairly easily in the weeks before it as the swelling shrunk. For now it has been stable for a little while. We'll see how things progress from here.

4½ months later

Checking in for one little small update once again. It's now been 4½ months since I did the injection and time is flying by fast as usual. The fat seems to hold up well so far from non-scientific observations. At this point in time I've stopped "checking" my face regularly for changes. Life just goes on just like it did before I decided to do all this.

Took a photo today and compared with an older one from 2½ months ago. I'll let the images speak for themselves.

So I'll catch you all later with another update.

Soon half a year has passed

So in a little less than two weeks it has been 6 months since my injection. Things still seem to hold up as good as it has done the last couple of months.

Have I done anything in particular to try to prevent as much fat as possible? No. Can't say I have. Not after the initial two months or so. Quite the opposite as of late actually. Much has happened in my personal life so I have not been to the gym for a while so I have lost about 5 kilos. Interestingly the injected parts don't seem to be affected by weight loss. Only my cheeks just as they always has been. They can get a bit more hollow when I lose weight.

You know, I want this to be a totally honest source of information when it comes to my fat grafting experience, and I have nothing to be ashamed of. So I just want to mention that I have been smoking a fair bit of marijuana lately, mixed with tobacco. So I have not been healthy in that regard when it comes to smoke. And there have been some parties lately, more than usual for me that don't really party that much. And I will admit at some occations I also took some amount of amphetamine, which is NOT healthy for the body and will make you lose weight as it takes away the apetite.

Don't go getting the wrong picture of me here though. I'm just a very normal person that likes to have a little bit of extra fun at times. I'm in no way addicted to anything. I just want to mention this as it is kind of related as my body has been taking a little beating this christmas and indirectly this would maybe affect my transfer. But the thing is I have not noticed any degration. I think this is important to mention. My fat graft still sits even though I have abused my body a bit as of late, which I feel is rather important to mention.

So now it's about half time. In 6 more months I'll do the little touch up and be done with this procedure!

Half a year has now passed

Half time till next and last injection. Still holding up well. Beard longer than ever too.

Greetings from cold Sweden (-20c).


8 months and doing very good still. So much fuller in the face than ever before.

Some reflections after 8 months and 4 days.

I must say, I'm really impressed with what my doctor has achieved. In the last few months, I have not seen any degrade at all in the fat injected. The fat I had about 2-3 months ago is pretty much still here I can't tell much difference. The face somehow seems to have "settled" and I think it looks more and more natural as time goes. Not sure how to explain it but it seems "full" in a more natural way and not swelling.

As it looks now, I do not really need a second injection but I will wait a little longer before judging. That alone is very impressive seing how thin I was in the face before injection. Going from that to a full face in one go is something I did not expect.

As a result I feel a lot more confident in life and my self esteem has greatly improved. I notice that people also see this because people flirt with me like never before. I shine. People notice that. The doctor has truly changed my life.

Much love.

It's decided

15'th Juli, exactly on the day one year after my first fat transfer, I will do my second one. I've decided to do it properly while I'm at it. While I'm still happy with where I'm at I figured why not polish it even further. The timing is great this year too because just as last year I do it on the Friday before my summer vacation begins.

I'm still very full in the face compared to where I was before I did the injection. The difference is still very big and visible. I don't look thin anymore in my face. This injection really seems to be a big success even today. It's been about 10 months now. Have not seen any degration in fat for quite some time now. Nothing that's visible to my eye anyway. I still have a jawline, which I've never had before really. I'm still full in my cheekbones under the eyes which I've never been before.

Looking forward to being done with this. Then it will hopefully last for years.

Just some more pictures

A few more very recent pictures (last week). And one to show that my body and face as a whole matches better now that I have some facial features. That was my goal to begin with. Create better balance.

And some older pictures

Here are just a few older photos from before the fat transfer. Notice how much more hollow I am under the eyes on the cheekbones and the lack of jawline when not "enhancing" it by pulling forward the head. My face is so different today.

Just a hi

A year has soon passed and that fast. In one month it's time for the second transfer. Then I'll be done with the whole process. I'll keep you posted.

Two weeks left

Only two weeks till the second injection which will be more of a fine tuning touch up thing. Went to a theme park the other day and the injection seems to handle the g-forces from the high speed roller coaster quite well. Mind you in the photo here I really concentrated not to laugh and look unaffected by the ride instead.

Price for second fat transfer

Just got a price quote for the second fat transfer today.

First one was €2000. I knew the second one would have a discount as they told me so before the first one. So I counted on about €1500 but hoped for €1000. Found out today it's only €600! That made my day. Cheaper than what I expected.

Second transfer all is well

Won't write much now. Being slow on codeine pills and I'm tired. But all went well. Just as last time the only place that hurts is where they took the fat from. Feels like my body has taken a beating.

I'll keep you posted.

First morning after second fat transfer

It looks like my face did not react quite as much this time opposed to the first time where the swelling made me look more like a monster sort of. That was kind of expected though as the first transfer was a little more "dramatic" and bigger changes done.

So for this second transfer pretty much the same things were done but a little less fat overall. He harvested 22cc of fat for this transfer (34cc for first transfer). Most of it this time was used for the cheekbones. Only the "middle" parts of the jawline has been filled a bit to correct some minor asymmetry. Nothing more added at the back of them close to the ear. One nasiolabal fold has had some more fat added as the other one was totally fine already. So some correction of jawline, nasiolabal fold and then the most fat was filled in the cheekbones as they got a little priority while the jawline got the priority the first time around.

I'm very swollen now that you can tell even if it's better than the first time around. My face feels stiff this time too of course. It does not hurt. Though this time the symmetry right after the transfer is much better than the first time where I had quite a bit of uneven swelling for some time.

They did take the fat from the same places as last time so I guess I still had some fat left there obviously.

Will be interesting to see in the coming weeks how things goes this second time compared to the first time.

Two more pictures

There's three of me!

Two days after

Some of the red in my face is already starting to faint. It's almost completely gone in the nasiolabal fold already. I can tell the face did not get as much of a beating this time around. Though it feels very stiff and numb just like the first time a year ago. I avoid smiling too much at this point and eating can also hurt just a little bit. Swelling symmetry is much more even this time.

One more thing I noticed now is that one of my cheeks that was more hollow before (left one), it had less fat than the other side (always was like that, even prior first fat grafting) is now also fuller and matches the right cheek better. I mentioned this hollowness to the doctor just before this second fat graft and he seems to have been able to even it out very well making my face more symmetrical overall. Will see in the healing process how things continue to evolve.

My body is still very stiff and somewhat painful on the donor sites. Though I have learned by now that the Codeine pills I got from the doctor does not work at all on me. I seem to belong to the 10% of people that can't transform Codeine to morphin in the liver. So I just deal with the pain like last time. It's not That bad. I can handle some pain I don't mind really.

Washed my face with some cold water today for the first time. Boy did it feel great. By tomorrow I'll probably take a shower too. Feeling a bit dirty. Oh the things you do for some self fulfillment.

By tomorrow I'll probably take a walk outside. It doesn't really look worse than that I could have taken a punch in the face.

Out walking

I don't restrict my outside activities from yesterday and forward. Healing just fine. Just a tad bruised like I have taken a punch.

5 Days post second transfer

Still swollen obviously. Face still fairly stiff and it crawls occasionally. Not that bruised just under the eyes a bit. Face will be more balanced as swelling goes away with the coming weeks. It's nice being in shape for being outside as the weather is very good right now.

This time I have a lot more "relaxed" mind about it all. I know what to expect and I don't look myself in the mirror ad much as the first time. Life goes on like normal for the most part. No one stares at me weirdly at all. I'm out a lot at days now walking around in town. I have vacation for four weeks and I love it!

One week mark!

Today one week has passed. Pretty much exactly on this hour. Swelling continues to go down and just like last time my right side seems to take a little longer for the swelling to go down but it has catched up in the last few days a bit.

One of my buccal fat pads was thinner on one side before (always has been) which generated a more hollow look on one of the cheeks. It has been fixed pretty good now on this second transfer. The edge from "cheek to cheekbone" is a little less pronounced this time around, not as much of a "bump" cheekbone as before. I like that as it makes my face look a little fuller further.

Throwing up an old photo of me again just before the first fat transfer. When I see those photos today I'm like "OMG how thin my face was". The first transfer made a huge difference in overall appearance that still was obvious one year after. So this second transfer will make my face look even a bit more full I guess.

Just a picture

10 days post OP

2 week mark

Two week mark picture

1 month post second transfer

1 month has passed and that quickly!

1½ months post second transfer

4 months post second transfer

Just some pictures. All is well here! My fat transfers have been highly successful I can say with confidence.

Also, I apologize to some of you out there. I just noticed I had lots of PM's that I have not answered. RealSelf has not given me any notifications for any of them. Just now that I started using the iOS app I became aware of them. So I apologize for unanswered private messages.

Just a photo from a day ago

Nothing to say. Life's good!

Full body picture

Much better balance between body and face now after the injections.

1 and a half year has passed

The results are absolutely fantastic if you compare my thin before-face and the fullness of it now. The fat is here to stay. So worth it.

Here's one before and one after picture. The difference is obvious.

Another small update

Just a picture from this week nothing more.

A monthly update

Getting some spring feelings here in Sweden occasionally now!

Another pic

Doing well. Just got asked out on a date randomly by a girl in a clothing store while shopping the other day. I get more attention these days! Life's good.

And a regular update

Going to the gym a lot at the moment. Working on that beach 2017 ;)

All is well!


Here comes a comparison from prior my fat graftings and now almost two years after when all things have settled. The results speaks for themselves! The difference in fullness in my cheekbones are harder to see on picture but believe me it's there. Much noticable on jaw too and of course my nasiolabal folds or rather the absence of them now.

It's been two years..

..in just about a month. No loss of fat that I can tell. Excuse my unshaved state ;)

Two year mark broken

It's been 2 years and two days since my first transfer! Celebrating with a picture from today compared to a picture just before it all began.
Dr. Jan B. Wieslander

First meeting was a consultation and I described what I wanted and then he gave me his thoughts about what should be done and we agreed. Didn't really take long was a fairly quick meeting. On the day of surgery he came in to the room and started drawing on my face and asked me if I thought it looked right or if I would like to change something. So I gave him my opinion and he drew some extra lines. He looked at my body again and was concerned with the amount of fat available. If it would be enough for cheeks and jaw. He then asked me, "what do you prioritize if we can't get enough fat". I told him the jawline and we agreed and then he left the room telling me other doctors will come right in. I got the impresson of a very good and professional doctor but that might not perhaps speek without reason so to say. He listened to my suggestions and took them in which fellt good.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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