18 Years Old, 75A, 5ft 6, 121Ibs, 280cc - Daruvar, Croatia

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Hello all the people of Real Self!! I'm 18 and a...

Hello all the people of Real Self!! I'm 18 and a half years old, had insecurities since I can remember. I'm wearing 75A bra, but if it's not an extreme push-up I can't fill it. I have hourglass figure (hips 95cm, waist 65cm) and wide shoulders too, only boobs were always missing. I was on consultations on Monday, and we scheduled operation for Friday (so fast I know!!). I came in with general idea of what I wanted and more importantly what can I put in due to having no breast fat - something between 250cc & 300cc's - and that exactly what the doctor said when he saw me :D. But now I'm considering 320 or 350cc, I'm rethinking the size a lot. I'm 100% sure that I want moderate profile, and definitelly not high profile, I just don't see myself with them. And I'm hoping to get 75 or 80C bra size.

Some before pics

Since I couldn't take any photos yesterday (too busy) I did it today. And a fun fact, nobody except the doctor ever saw me without bra. So taking and posting these photos required a lot of courage. And I'm actually glad I did it!!

Waiting for surgery

The day has finally come! I arrived at the clinic, now I'm waiting for nurse to take out my blood and then trying sizers with the doctor. And then - new me!! So excited, I'm only afraid of my blood being taken out, because my veins are hard to "find", so they always poke me like 10 times.

DONE *___*

Surgery, IV, and sleeping are done! I went to surgery at 12, woke up around 14h. During the surgery doctor picked my size - 280cc rather then 300cc. I can't remember are the moderate profile, textured or smooth, and I feel stupid calling the nurse and aking that, I will ask the doctor in the morning. Now I'm in bandages and that special bra, it doesn't hurt much, I just feel like a cat is sitting on my chest (my cats always do that) :D and such a fun fact - I can raise hands above my head without a problem, but washing them & typing hurts.

Alert for raw vegans!!!

I've been raw vegan for 2 months, and before that I've been a vegetarian for 7 years (yey!)
After the surgery, I had 2 IV's, and ate some nectarines and apples, but I was still hungry. Then I remembered that french fries are vegan, so I asked the nurse to order them. I puked right after eating like 5 of them, and now again :((
My point is that you shouldn't eat smth that you don't usally eat after surgery!!!


I came home today morning. I'm not taking pain killers, I don't feel a need for them. Tonight I will finally take the bandages off, it hurts me a bit to breath. But when I lay down and don't move, nothing hurts so that's great. And I actually saw them in the morning, and got scared lmao

Boobs <3

I was finally able to take a shower (48h) and it felt great. Except from the part when I saw them, and got so scared that I almost fainted :/ but I knew that it would happen, cuz it happend with my tattoos too, for a week I couldn't look at them and I felt disgusting :'D but that's just me. Also, to me they look really really natural, and that was actually surprizing, I never thought that rounds can look so "not round".

Dropping - how can you tell?

I have a question (what a surprise lmao). How can you know if your boobs have started dropping? How does it feel?
My left boob feels kinda odd since yesterday, I can actually feel the silicone on the bottom, and when I move (like reach for things) it hurts and moves together with my body. Help!!


Obsessing over my boobs :'DD
I still don't like how they look from the front, but in love with profile & half profile. In clothes they look rather small, but I really don't care

1 week update

I decided that I'll write weekly updates. I could raise my arms 2 days after surgery, but only now I've figured out how to photograph it :'D
And to explain the boob unevenness - left one was smaller at the start, and also my shoulers are not even too, so left boob is lower. And I'm working on my posture so they will stay at the same height one day hopefully.

Boobies in bikinis

I have a feeling (for a while now) that they look bigger than 280. What do you guys think? :)

2 weeks

I feel like it's been forever, but only two weeks have passed :D
I'm moving next week, end even tho I can lift heavy objects, my mom forbids me :'D

3 weeks

Time flies so fast :O
I don't even know that I have implants, I forgot on them all the time. Except when I tried push ups. Don't do push up hahah

Month and 1 week

It's been too long since my last update, and now I have some full body images finally (bought a mirror yey) but not dressed, that will happen next time :'D
Anyways, incisions going fine except that the stitches should've healed, and they can't bc thereads haven't gone yet. They were supposed to disappear 10-14 days after surgery, but I'm not like all the other people in the world, so that wasn't the case with me. I will probably need to have them removed if they don't disappear soon ://
And I've finally bought a bra (75C) that feels great!! I've tried literally a MILLION bras and this one felt like wearing sports bra aka nothing

Update - almost 4 months!!!

Video attempt :'D
So sorry that I didn't write an update in 2 months :( I was busy with university and all that comes with it :/
Boobs are great, no ripplings, no edges coming out, I can do push-ups and I don't feel anything different (feels exactly like before implants!!), I haven't started jogging again and I think that I won't ever again. Interesting is, that when I run(aka walk faster) while I'm wearing a bra, my boobs "jump" as they are real, but when I'm wearing an unpadded top, they barely move :D
I feel completely satisfied with the size, if I ever wish bigger I'll go and have a surgery again, but I never regret of having this size done. Only, it annoys the hell out of me when I tell ppl that I have silicones (new & old friends, not random ppl lmao) they start making comments how small my boobs are, why I haven't got them bigger, what's the point of having "fake boobs" if they are this small etc. I try not to get down, but this kind of comments hurt even tho I know that they shouldn't.
Dr. Maletić

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