Have Any Males Undergone Fat Grafting to Buttocks, Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Just divorced male with a bad back and knees can...

Just divorced male with a bad back and knees can no longer work out legs/glutes. I am getting liposuction with fat grafting to buttocks because I am still actively bodybuilding but my buttocks are disappearing. Would love to hear from any other males (or females) who have undergone this procedure and have advice.

Has anyone had fat grafting to the face during...

Has anyone had fat grafting to the face during their BBL? I was also interested in abdominal etching while my stomch was getting lipo. Do any doctors do this? Sort of like a "mommy makeover" but for a dad. Might be a great marketing idea for a doctor who is wanting to increase the number of his male patients.

Still trying to find a Dr. that can do a really...

Still trying to find a Dr. that can do a really big BBL on a guy, great lipo, ab sculpting, and fat transfer to the face at the same time.

Info For Males Considering A BBL

I started this BBL journey two years ago. I have always wanted a big butt. For decades I have done squats and lunges til my knees were shot and my glutes would still never grow. Two years ago I contacted several plastic surgeons who told me that I needed to gain more fat for a BBL. Gaining weight has always been extremely difficult for me. It took me two years to goin 30 lbs. Finally, I thought I am ready for the surgery! Several days ago I saw Dr. Jimmerson for the second time (he has always been amazing- would see me anytime I wanted). Unfortunately, like a lot of men, I gained the 30 lbs. underneath the muscles of my abdomen. I have a nice big pot belly now but the fat can not be accessed through liposuction. My back and waist do not have enough fat. At most he said he could put @ 400 cc in each cheek. To make matters worse, I should lose the 30 lbs. before the sugery as I don't need to have to lose 30 lbs. after the fat is injected in my buttocks. I was also told that this type of abdominal fat is tough to lose. Obviously I was extremely disappointed. I just wanted to add this story if there were any males out there that were considering the surgery and had a build like mine. I have also been told that I am not a good candidate for implants because there is too much muscle in what little buttocks I have and the implants would show. I am VERY, VERY THANKFUL that Dr. Jimmerson was honest with me about my expectations. Any other Dr. would have taken my money and left me with very little to show for it. His staff are so kind and accomodating- just love them.

I have had a tough time getting any doctor...

10 Jun 2013

  • 3 months pre

I have had a tough time getting any doctor in the US to answer any of my inquiries about doing this procedure or something similar to it. Most of the doctors that did return my calls could only do lipo with fat grafting to one area. I guess no one here in the US does this type of procedure? Why not? What man would NOT want this done while he was getting lipo? It seems like doctors are missing abig portion of the cosmetic surgery market by omitting this procedure for men. Kind of a "daddy makeover" - a smaller waist, bigger pecs, a bubble butt, and a six pack all done at the same time. Dr. Campos answered all of my emails and questions within 24 hours. He has the procedure down to a science including preop care, transportation, post op care at an oceanfront resort, garments, and an english speaking, very efficient staff. I'll let you know how it goes.

After gaining 25 lbs for a fat transfer...

19 Feb 2014

  • 5 months post

After gaining 25 lbs for a fat transfer I was told by Dr. Jimmerson and several other plastic surgeons that all that fat wasn't accessible since it was under abs, muscle and that a BBL would not work for me. I have since talked to more plastic surgeons and they have said that in males (and in females) that the transplanted fat is easily lost if you work out. I have read so many reviews of women who shelled out $10,000 for a BBL and now want implants after two years because the fat is gone. I have lost the fat (see pic) and would never entertain the thought of a BBL again. I would still like to get implants but still reading so many reports of guys having to have their implants removed after several years because of infections. Love to talk to guys who have had their implants (butt and pecs) long term.



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