5/24 Revision Rhinoplasty

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Hey everybody! I had my Rhinoplasty over a year...

Hey everybody! I had my Rhinoplasty over a year and a half ago. Initially(2 months following the removal of the cast), my nose had a straight bridge along with a defined tip. It had met my expectations for the Rhinoplasty(this had been what was shown to me in the computer imaging). However, with the reduction in swelling and the formation of scar tissue, the nose developed a markedly rounded tip(sort of like a parrot's beak). I'm the only one who's really phased/dismayed by this--everybody else has been saying it looks so natural and they wouldn't change a thing.

So do you think I should get a revision down the road or stick it out with my current nose? I'm afraid that a revision will only worsen my nose( and plus, it's very expensive)--I mean, the scar tissue can be pretty unpredictable. Despite this, I'm glad that I now have a somewhat defined nose whereas before the nose job I had a very hideous nose(atleast by society's standards) that lacked any definition. Perhaps I'm still fixated on my nose because I was often traumatized in grade school-called names like Squidward, pickle face, eagle, and just other unpleasant names. But, a saying that really helped me out was "people with peculiar noses weren't created to blend in but stand out." So, I didn't really think much of my nose through those years and the teasing really died down into high school anyways(maybe the occasional tease but it didn't bother me much...I pretty much came to accept this was my nose and was willing to wait a couple of years to get it done). I had my nose done at 19 and as I previously stated there was a net improvement( I can certainly breathe better than I could before the procedure!)

Thanks for all the insight in advance. I'll get around to posting some pre-op and post-op pictures so that you could better evaluate my situation!

As promised, I'll provide some Pre- Op photos...I...

As promised, I'll provide some Pre- Op photos...I have some of the more recent post op photos on my cell phone which is at charging at the moment. Stay tuned for those!

Well, here's a quick update(I've changed the title...

Well, here's a quick update(I've changed the title to reflect what my new plans are!, I've also added an updated picture of my nose, taken a couple of days ago). My breathing has worsened(I was under the false impression that my breathing had improved mainly because breathing through my nose was practically impossible before I had this done~)-- According to the 2 ENTs I met with since I last posted, there's a significant band of scar tissue pressing against my septum, the interior of the nose is completely scarred, and the septum itself is perforated( meaning there's a hole!). Cosmetically: I feel that the tip itself is starting to droop(appears very bulbous too) and that too much cartilage/ bone was removed from above the tip region...So it's somewhat scooped...I've been thinking about going for a revision( this time I'll be sure to do my research and go with someone who's actually a rhinoplasty specialist(not a breast surgeon who does noses every now and then >.>). Oh, I forgot to mention this but my rhinoplasty was a closed procedure. Despite the setbacks, I feel a lot more confident than before I had anything done and have even taken to working out.

Maybe some of you can post some surgeons in the US who you have had a positive experience with! My main reason for posting this is because we're all our own worse critics, my own perspective may be warped...I'd love to get a different perspective in regard to my situation. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

It's been a while since I last posted( a lot of...

It's been a while since I last posted( a lot of studying coupled with work and volunteering!). In the interim, I met with the plastic surgeon who had performed my Rhinoplasty. He agreed that there are some medical and aesthetic issues he'd be able to fix..1. Synechiae(scar tissue that's responsible for the deviated septum) 2. septal perforation(he's not too concerned about this as it's small; nothing will be done to fill it) 3. Columella(he's going to lift this; he said that this should be easy) 4. Tip work(he wants to define this area more; cartilage WILL be removed--I asked if this could result in nasal collapse and he said that will NOT happen). (He also said he'd proceed with the closed approach for the revision as he had done for the initial rhinoplasty)

He was polite, confident and owned up to his mistakes( even his aesthetic shortcomings). Furthermore, he said that he'd accept whatever insurance would give him( nothing out of pocket for the revision).

**Do you think it's a good idea to proceed with the revision? I'm a little hesitant because there's a potential to look worse. When I initially had the Rhinoplasty, my nose was as bad as it gets so I had nothing to lose. Now that I have a normal nose, it seems like a gamble(however, I do trust the surgeon and think he can do a great job)...

Revision Rhinoplasty 5/24

Hey everyone! It has been 3 days since my revision rhinoplasty. The procedure was performed by the same surgeon who performed the initial Rhinoseptoplasty. He removed the scar tissue that had been obstructing the nasal passage way and straightened the septum. Aesthetically, he refined the tip,,elevated the columella, and removed the cartilage that had been contributing to supratip heaviness. Though the cast hasn't come off yet, I can see the bottom of the tip and it's look great, both nostrils are even and the columella is straight and no longer hanging.

Cast Removal

I thought I'd update. The cast came off and it's exactly what I wanted. Breathing is much better and the nose has the right amount of definition.

30 Days Post Op

For those who are following my blog, I figured I'd update. It's been 30 days since my surgery. Breathing is great(Hopefully, it will stay that way!). Happy with its appearance. My goal from the start wasn't to achieve a model's nose but a nose that wouldn't draw so much attention and I think my surgeon successfully achieved that.

1 Year Out from Revision

Hey, it has certainly been a while. Approximately 1 year ago, I had a revision rhinoplasty performed by the same surgeon who performed the initial rhinoplasty. Now 22 and a year out, I can confidently say that I am no longer insecure about my nose. My nose is so natural that no one can tell I had anything done. Attached are some photos of it! Certainly not a model's nose but it's a normal nose that I can live with-- and an enormous improvement over what I had!


Update 2

Update 3

2 Years Post- Revision Rhinoplasty/4 Years Post Initial Rhinoplasty

Greetings everyone! Today marks about 2 years since my Revision Rhinoplasty( performed by the same physician who performed the initial Rhinoplasty). Looking back, I went through quite a whirlpool of emotions. However, I am beyond pleased. The results have held up and I love my new nose so much. He did such an amazing job in all aspects- breathing and aesthetics are both excellent. I have provided some more recent photos. This will probably mark my last post on here, I hope my review helps others who are considering this procedure. Best of luck! :)

Excellent work. Very pleased!

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