49 Year Old Male, Cleveland Ohio

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I've had this condition all my life. Just getting...

I've had this condition all my life. Just getting around to doing something about it. Have never taken a picture with my shirt off except for the one posted here. Can someone help and tell me how bad my condition is? Looking for a doctor with a fine eye to detail. Area doesn't matter, skill and experience does?

Dr. Appointment

Well, I've made several appointment for Jan 2016. Some local and a couple out of state. If appears that many of the local doctors want a consultation fee. Some want 100 to 200 dollars. All the ones I will be seeing offer fee consultation and online pictures look really great.

Interviewing Doctors

I'm currently seeking out surgeons for my procedure. However, here's my dilemma. Some say its all fatty tissue and some say its breast tissue. There is a very large difference in pricing when comparing fat vs gland. How do you tell whether its fat or gland?

Surgery coming soon

Surgery scheduled for April 14, 2016. I'm looking forward to seeing the results. However, I'm a little nervous about the entire procedure.

Day 3 after surgery

Today's day 3. I'm still very sore but better than yesterday. I had an appointment yesterday and it when well.everything looked good

Day 4 post op

Felling a lot better today. I can finally dress myself. I haven't had any real pain for a couple of days. I've stopped taking the Percocet and starting taking Motrin. Yesterday, my wife and I went out to lunch. However, my body is quite up to date as my mind. Afterward the several hours ordel, I was very tired. From the pics below, I'm still swollen, but happy thus far.

Day 6 post op

Today , I had a follow up appointment. The right side of my chest was larger than the left. Fact, the right side felt as if it was swollen. However, it was a collection of blood. My doctor numb the area , re open my stitches and drianed the blood collection. Now, I'm back completely flat.

Day 10 - post surgery

Everything is going well. I did have one set back on my right right. However, it's looking good also

Day 12

Nothing really new, I'm wearing my compression vest daily now

Day 14 post op

Had to go back to doctors today. The right side keeps filling with fluid. The doctors drained about 10cc from it. Other than that, everything is going well.

3 weeks to date

It's been three weeks. I'm still a little swollen. Wearing the compression vest daily. I'm loving my results so far.

3-1/2 week pictures

Things are getting better. I can begin to see my results. I already can see a big change. I'm still a little swollen.

Revision to right chest

After my surgery I developed a hematoma. My doctor just did a revision at no cost. He really wants my results and his procedure to have positive outcome.

After revision

Have revision surgery on my right side. It appears to be healing well. I'm still very swollen. Can't wait until the swelling resides.

Before and after

Here's a better look at before and after

7 month update. Before and after pic

Here's where I currently. As you can see a big difference from my beginning journey

8 month check in

It's been 8 months since my procedure. I think everything's is going well

1 yr post op this month

Just a little over 1 year

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