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I had my vaser liposelection done on my...

I had my vaser liposelection done on my abdomen(front and back) on 18th Sept 2010. The surgery started at 830am. It was done in 1.5hours. I was woken up immediately after the surgery. Had very bad pain in my lower abdomen and was given more painkiller till I slept off again. Bad bad pain.. :(

The nurses fitted me with the compression garment right after the surgery I believe. I was asked to go to the toilet about 3 hours into my sleep, which was a very bad experience as I felt nauseous, giddy and breathless. I was aslo perspiring badly. It was very difficult to get up from the bed since my abdomen was very very sore/swollen/bloated and i could not use my abdominal muscles to push myself out of the bed. The nurses helped me. OUch. Nurses changed my dressing and the bed was a MESS..i was also fitted with a drain to drain off all those liqiud that replaced the vacuum where the fat used to be between the skin & the muscle. very uncomfy. Slept off for another 3 hours. Was high on painkiller. Changed dressing one more time before the nurses helped me to the car. Walking to the car from the bed was AGONY. Very breathless and felt very dizzy. Fiance drove me home. Reached home, and slept off again. Lowering myself on the bed was indeed an experience I will never forget. Painfullllll...

Woke up the next morning, bed was a mess, dressing was wet, the garment was stained and I could not get off the bed. My fiance assisted me to the bathroom. Fiance changed my dressing and I slept off again. Still felt very breathless and dizzy.. Could not sleep at night as I could not turn to my side, the garment was very uncomfortable. The canister had a lot of red liquid in it...

Thru the next 3 days, I had help for changing the dressing and emptying the drain. I took shower on the second day after the surgery on my own. Removed the drain on 3rd day morning. Everywhere felt sore and swollen. Still had issues sitting / lying down cos of the swollen abdomen. Returned to work on 5th day after surgery.

Everything feels much better compared to what it was, but I am still wearing the garment and my belly is more swollen after the removal of the drain. Going in tomorrow for a follow up with the doctor. Throughout these past 5 days, I took painkiller twice before sleeping at night and took sleeping tablets only on the 1st night and 2nd night to help me sleep. Otherwise, I was given antibiotics to prevent infection for a one week course, twice a day.

Will update my experience after the follow up. Will also post pics..

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He is very caring and pretty sensitive. But please request for more info on the recovery process after the surgery. I was not given much info ..

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