10 weeks feeling tired.....happy though!

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After reading many of the other posts i realise...

After reading many of the other posts i realise that my story is very familiar. After having two children in my early 40's and two c-sections my stomach is not what it used to be. My youngest is 2 years old and i have been asked when I'm due. I think being older and having two in a row was to much. Ive considered it for the past 6 months and its all happening in just over a week. Im starting to question it as i hated my previous c-sctions and i hope its not as painful......

Only one day to go and im really feeling nervous...

Only one day to go and im really feeling nervous now and slightly excited to see the new tummy. I hope Dr Heng does a great job and knows what hes doing! Any idvice of things to take to hospital.......im in for two days.

The op is OVER..yipeeeeee.. Dr said that my...

The op is OVER..yipeeeeee.. Dr said that my stoamch muscles seperated a lot in my pregancy and needed a lot of repair. That explains a lot and wh i couldnt get flat tummy myself. I dint get any lipo due to miscomunication. I thought it always went with tummy tuck? Not a seperate thingp whoops should of asked more questions.....might be a good thing less pain and bruising and i should be able to move it myself when ive healed. The pain is pretty bad but bearable its the need to vomit constantly thats the WORST part for me right now. Dr says i will bpe bent over for upmto two weeks.....and no stomach exercises for 6 months...fine with me. At least i can do other exercise in 2 months..get the fat off me. I need to loose 7 kilos. The surgery took 1.5 kilos of skin fat etc of me.....thats a lot of extra skin.....should notice quite a big difference.GOOD LUCK to thoose others having surgery and happy healing xxxxx thanks for kind wishes it All helps
Will post photos soon

Well its been 24 hours and i must say feeling much...

Well its been 24 hours and i must say feeling much better than yesterday. The main difference is nausea gone, after vomiting 6 times last night which is hell with tummy soreness. My bladder is very sore feel like i constantly need to pee? Anyone else have that maybe from tightness around bladder. Dr said he tightened and sewed together my rectus abdominis muscle which was separated and stretched from 2 11 pound boys in a row! Tried to sit up today still cant I'm going stir crazy and getting bed sores maybe tomorrow...i might need an extra night in hospital 3 instead of 2. My stomach looks flat and a little lumpy. This will smooth out dr says.? hope so .My first reaction was i can see my vagina for the first time in 4 years! Without having to hold back my tummy first....still not sure if its all worth it but going towards yes....

I wish i could be positive but im having a really...

I wish i could be positive but im having a really hard time with this. I need to remind myself its only early days. Still have bad nausea from antibiotics i think, incredibly hunched and pain. At this stage im regretting it big time and wondering what ive done to myself and i should of accepted myself as i was. I miss my children so much cuddling them. I was meant to be in hospital for 2 days but it will be 4 now as im not coping that well. Is it usual to feel this bad? After my c/sections i remember feeling much better than this on the third day. Still no BM even with laxatives. No apetite at all managing a tab of rice a day. Its hard being in a foreign country to language is a barrier and no one knows about this except my husband so no support. I thank god for this site and reading others experiences helps so thank you....

Well i had op wed its saturday morning. What a...

Well i had op wed its saturday morning. What a difference a day makes. Had drains taken out today not too painful. So I'm more mobile. Nausea has eased a little and pain to. Feeling better in myself to not so crazy from meds....I'm wearing a compression belt around my tummy for the next two weeks. Dr said when the muscles are repaired and separated if you do not tightly compress fluids build up in between layers. He also said it will take two weeks to stand upright and not to push it as it means ill have a bigger wider scar rather than a fine one. So thats inspired me to keep hunchback for a while longer lol...had BM with help of laxatives. Still cant see a lot of what scar or Bb will look like and wont know until next wed when he takes off bandage. No shower for a week........arhhhhh! Lovely for xmas day lucky I'm in another continent from family and friends this xmas. Will say in hospital one more night so i will be in for 4 nights. Im not ready to look after children yet or myself or house. Good luck if your op is coming up and it DOES get better every day. The first two days in particular SUCK......hopefully its all worth it...

Well after four nights at the hospital I'm finally...

Well after four nights at the hospital I'm finally home. I don't feel like i could of done it before today. Trying to make the couch comfortable with cushions is hard, which i had a recliner. Ive got recliner envy! I am off pain meds and am only taking antibiotics and bromelain, natural pineapple extract for inflammation. I will take pain killers if i need to. The swelling is pretty bad though and its making me want to pee constantly. I think its the pressure on my bladder from swelling. Still pretty constipated to another reason to drop meds. I guess this is all normal. Hunch is half better today. Was lovely to get heat pack on lower back and bum....ouch sitting all day no fun....great to see the kids although i cant play with them much. Feeling nervous husband has to go back to work wednesday and im on my own with no help and kids. Don't know how ill get 2 year old in cot for day nap?Its 3 days away though and i know how much better it gets EVERY day. Its amazing even the difference from yesterday is huge. Thinking of you all going through it with me i love reading the posts. Happy healthy and love to all.....

Im feeling really mixed emotions. I didn't sleep...

Im feeling really mixed emotions. I didn't sleep well at all last night. I think i got 3 hours. i can see the stress on my partner looking after the kids and me and he is trying to work aswell ,so we both feel really stressed. Im anxious how im going to do this on my own as he has to start going into work on wednesday. I was going by my c-sections and for me this is definately the longer recovery it may be because i needed a lot of muscle repair. Th op was almost 4 hours!
Im off pain meds though probably a bit early but they dont agree with me. Im just taking antibiotics and natural remedies like bromelain, arnica gel on tummy, multivitamin and iron. I think its working as swelling isnt to bad. I couldnt imagine getting out and about though to the toilet and back is the most im doing.
My apetite is still very low im just eating plain yogurt mainly.
The GOOD news is i went on scales and in 5 days ive lost 4 kg (7 pounds) half of that would be from surgery of course then lack of food. Ive only got 3 kg left for goal weight......im motivated now and i feel like its a HUGE motivation not to put it on again. I never want to go through this again or restretch the skin. Happy healing...im almost at a week.

Happy xmas.....Well i made the one week mark.......

Happy xmas.....Well i made the one week mark.....and its getting a little better everyday. Still quite hunched but thats better to. Ps said it could take up to 2 weeks to be completely upright, so another week at the most. That will make a big difference to the back. Ive got my first appointment today to get my stitches out. So my tummy scar will be revealed for the first time..........will try to post a picture. I havent got that much swelling but im not walking around much at all and havent left the house. I just dont feel up to it yet.

My 2 year old has woken up with terrible gastro, so We have the oposite problem as im really constipated.. my partner has had to take a few more days off work as to help look after us. Im starting to feel nauseous again so im praying i dont get it.... Its a tough time for us all. As i keep saying 'this to will pass'

Hi girls....i went to my first post op appointment...

Hi girls....i went to my first post op appointment yesterday and the Dr. Said he was very happy with result. Better than expected at this stage.....yippee. Ive had bandages taken off and steri strips put on. But i still cant take a shower for 2 days that means 9 days altogether with no shower. I don't think I've read anyone else that had to wait that long.I've managed to wash my hair over the sink so feel better. My scar looks pretty good not quite to the hips and straight slightly bunchy in a fit bits but he assures me it will straighten out. BB looks as good as it could with swelling etc. the stitches are self dissolving he needs to take out BB stitches next week as he said it doesn't look quite ready. In 1-2 weeks he's recommending saline strips which help scar heal and fade. He said its to early now and you can risk infection before 2-3 weeks.all POSITIVE!

Worst aspects now are
Still hunched
Nausea at times?
Lack of exercise
Hard to look after kids with partner back at work
But im getting there.......good luck everyone whatever stage you are at and thank god for all your support it gets us all through it!

Day nine and it seems to get better about 5...

Day nine and it seems to get better about 5 percent each day. Each day I'm slightly more mobile and a little more energy and my back doesn't kill and cramp every time i attempt anything. All good.just wish the swelling would go but its early days and even with swelling it looks better...feels bad though.
Now i feel out if survival mode can finally start thinking about the benefits of it all and why i did it. Im sure you have some of mine and a few of your own to.....

1. I will be able to wear clothes i LIKE and not have to wear because it covers my tummy. I could hardly wear jeans or shorts because they didn't do up or made me look pregnant. Could never wear anything fitted, had to be flowy round tummy. Dictated my style.
2. So i don't get asked if I'm pregnant
3.better body image
4.i don't feel i have to hide my tummy all the time behind Anything!
5. I can see my vagina.....lol
6.it was frustrating at gym when no matter what i did my tummy was big and it would look worse if i got in shape.slim legs and bum big tum..
Now i have something to inspire me...the rest of my body can match it instead..very motivating.

Hang in there girls....we are in this together

Well its been 2 weeks today since my TT with MR....

Well its been 2 weeks today since my TT with MR. Unfortunately the whole family including me has stomach flu so its been very difficult as you can imagine....that aside.

my TT is coming along very well, the pain is minimal and i am 90% upright. Back pain completely gone. I feel like if i wasn't sick with stomach bug id be feeling pretty good. Ive finally changed my experience to 'worth it'.i am resting a lot though due to sickness so that may help it all. When i stand i still have a lot of tightness and pressure on my lower tummy mainly. I cant wait to exercise haven't done any yet and my muscles are jelly. Im starting to really go stir crazy........With the sickness and Tt I've lost 1 stone! Im sure a lot is fluid though.

I have my appointment with PS in next few days to get BB stitches out. My scar looks great except there is one area on right side that sticks out a bit...do ear? Not sure what is that and what does it look like? It may just be swelling still at this stage hope so.....

Hope everyone is going well. Two weeks is a HUGE difference to 1 week ....will post new pictures in next few days

Added photos at 2 weeks not sure why they are...

Added photos at 2 weeks not sure why they are upside down?

Wow its 3 weeks today and each week is much better...

Wow its 3 weeks today and each week is much better. I am almost standing upright this has taken much longer than i thought. Im thinking by one month ill be comfortably standing up straight. Still a lot of tightness and heaviness in my tummy.

Swelling is getting better to, by the end of the day theres some swelling but its still looks smaller than it did pre surgery. Trying on old clothes is a thrill clothes that made me look pregnant now look great. My husband finally notices and tells me i look great and not to wear some of my old clothes that don't show off my shape! Pain is minimal just the odd twinge. Ive been off all pain killers since day 4. Im wearing the silicon strips for the scar and have been since week 2.

Ive had some bad headaches in past week due to my hunched posture putting pressure on neck. Ive noticed a few people have had that. Ive taken off 6kg or half a stone and plan to keep it that way! Im so determined not to go back and its all worth it because my tummy matches the rest of me now.

Like everyone else i cant wait to exercise! Need to tone the rest of my body as its turning to jelly. Ive booked a massage at week 4 not sure if i should be lying on my tummy though! Can you at week 4? Ill post pictures at week 4.

Good luck to those about to have surgery! Its worth it!

Well its been one month today since op and its so...

Well its been one month today since op and its so much better. I often find myself forgetting about it now and just getting on with my day. I still wear compression during the day but not at night. Swelling is there but its not to bad. I am standing upright completely even at the end of the day but i still have a lot of tightness like a thick rubber band is pulling me down in my stomach. No pain except odd twinge.

The most exercise i do is a one hour walk at my usual pace. I Haven't attempted the gym yet need to get the clear from PS and i don't feel quite ready yet. Im thinking 6 weeks. I am wearing silicone strips on my scar and will start massage and oil soon. Im taking bromelain( natural pineapple extract for inflammation) twice a day, i think it helps but I've got nothing to compare it to as I've taken it from the start.

I started out at 155 pounds now I'm 144. Im hoping to get to 138. Once i start gym should be achievable.
For me its been worth it. Ill post photos soon not much change since last ones yet....

I meant to add i had massage at 3 1/2 weeks its...

I meant to add i had massage at 3 1/2 weeks its was great no problem at all to lie on my tummy.....for that length of time. Will do it weekly for a while. Im sure it helps with swelling.

5 week photo of scar....

5 week photo of scar....

Well I'm 5 weeks today! Saw my PS 4 days ago and...

Well I'm 5 weeks today! Saw my PS 4 days ago and he said i don't need compression anymore at 1 month...(i was wearing it during the day not at night.) so i stopped wearing my binder altogether and the swelling is bad! Ive gone back to wearing it at night and a few hours in the day and its better. Before it felt like i had a balloon in my tummy. It gave me stomach pain to. It didn't look that bad but internally felt awful. When do most people give up binder altogether? When does the swelling stop completely? Mine was great but i wasn't eating much and wearing binder 24/7 and resting. Now I'm back to normal life ( except gym) I'm feeling it!

Other than that I'm happy with the scar I'm wearing silicon strips and it seems to help. Energy is almost back to normal and appetite...don't know if thats a good thing!

I'm having weekly massage, its so cheap here in Malaysia $20 an hour...so its easy to. Massage seems to help.i did a steam yesterday with massage to and swelling better today.

Im planning to resume gym next week with walking on treadmill.

Hope everyone is healing well....I'm enjoying reading all your stories. Im still glad i did it!

Well finally at the 'milestone' 6 week mark. It...

Well finally at the 'milestone' 6 week mark. It seems like a bit of a milestone and a time i dreamed aboit in tne first week. I will start treadmill this week (walking only )and that feels achievable.

My scar is looking better and flattening out at puckered bits. Im not that concerned about it i dont plan on wearing scimpy bikinis again and its mainly what it looks like through clothes .......which is soooooooo much better. Ive lost 20cm off my waist. Its great i feel young again. A flatter tummy seems to be a thing of youth i guess bigger stomach represents children and getting older. Maybe we should just embrace it and respect what our bodies have achieved. I adore having children and dont see why i have to live with the consquences of what it did to my stomach and muscles. I feel ive made the right decision for me.

For scar im still using silicon strips but will ditch that soon and do massage on myself twice a day with oils. I think strips are best for bunching areas etc. once its flattish sounds like oils and massage..and the power of touch to heal is the way to go.

I wrote 'phantom tummy'in the title of my post because im wondering if anyone else is experiencing this...i still feel like i have a big stomach. Internally. Ive heard people say when they loose a limb that they still feel like its there. Its like that it feels big and i look down and cant believe its not. I havent got distorted body image i know its not when i look. Maybe its the swelling internally? It feels like my tummy has a baloon in it sometimes and i look down and its almost flat!

Thanks girls for all your helpful comments again and sharing your stories. It would of been so much harder without this site.

..speady recovery everyone no matter what stage you are at...xxxxxxxxx

Hi everyone..its almost week 10 for me i cant...

Hi everyone..its almost week 10 for me i cant believe it!

Firstly for those about to embark on the journey even through all the side effects it is worth it! You definately get some highs to in the first few months. Trying on clothes etc...

At 10 weeks :)
No soreness
Some swelling mainly at night
Big apetite...trying to curb it
Can fully exercise(except-abs)
Am very tired.....

Ive read a few other people mention that. I NEVER used to sleep during the day and now could for 2 hours if i had the time..i feel physically more tired than at week 6. Maybe its because now i am living as i did doing full exercise etc. my body is still adjusting. I think thats why im so hungry to ,my body is trying to get some quick energy.

Im back to exercise 4 times a week and can do everything i used to do except abs. I dont do ab exercises at all and dont plan to until 6 months. Its great to be able to get the heart rate up again and to get the adreneline high.

Other than that all great. Tightness in lower tummy much better still a lot of numbness though around BB. I massage scar oil twice a day. Dr Heng says the scar is at its worst around now (2-3 months)and will tone down in redness and flatten from now on. Im happy with my scar so far.

I can see now that the overall recovery does take 6 months. Time flies though and as this site states 95% of us agree its worth it and it is!

I will post photos at 3 months..2 weeks

6 months back to normal......

Its been quite a while between updates. I hurt my back at the gym 4 months post op (having weak stomach muscles didnt help!) and couldnt exercise for a while. I wanted to wait until i was feeling more positive about the TT before writing again.

I just had my 6 month check up with the Dr. He is happy overall but is sugessting a few minor corrections to 'smooth it all out' including some lipo. I have decided not to though. I dont expect perfection im just happy not to look 6 months pregnant, when im not.
Mission accomplished!
I didnt have lipo at the time so its not completely flat but as i said im happy. I feel my BB looks realistic and i would have no problem wearing bikini if i wanted to.

There is no pain at all however i haven't started with ab exercises yet at gym. Other than abs though i do everything as usual with no pain. Still some numbness and slight swelling at times.
I massage scar oil twice a day, i think it helps. Its slowly flattening and fading and bunching skin is much better.
Overall i am happy and i would do it again, even though the recovery was much more than expected. The joy of having a flatter tummy is more than worth it!
Good luck everyone.
Dr Heng

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