Liposuction Ruined my Life - Malaysia

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I lacked self esteem. I was not fat, mesomorph,...

I lacked self esteem. I was not fat, mesomorph, just not skinny, not fit in Asian standards. I felt depressed and was anorexic at the time. While body thin, hip bones and everything, my still huge thighs. Not pear though.

After lipo, butt sagged. Fat redistribution. I am combating that wierd fat that blew all over me. Fat arms I never had. No more ribs from the back. Huge hole between thighs. Cry myself to sleep every night. Depression. Fat is so important as a hormone regulating thingy... Depressed, hormones went havoc. Tight weight control.. I never had tummy.. Now I have a bit... And cellulite and muscle adhesion. I really wanna cry. And the oozing scars. No more sex with lights, no more showering together.
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