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In January 2015 I will celebrate my 60 birthday &...

In January 2015 I will celebrate my 60 birthday & after a number of years of dithering I have finally decided to have my FL. It was never a question of if, only a question of when? I have a wonderful husband who loves me just the way I am, a large family whom I adore & am so grateful for & special friends who fill my life with love , laughter & mischievousness :-( So this facelift is for me & is pure unadulterated vanity. I simply do not want to look old & tired & forlorn, when on the inside, my heart is singing. Growing old gracefully for this Great Grandma is simply not an option & I will be fighting & kicking all the way. I work full time, hold a senior position & will not be referred to as "Da Old Boss Lady" lol see pure & utter vanity. I accept these types of procedures are not for everyone & I respect individual's rights to make their own choices. I write this review not in attempt to find acceptance or approval cause quite frankly I don't give a damn, but as a way of giving back to all those wonderful women who have gone before me & shared their personal story, their aspirations, their pain & yes their scary photos :-) I thank you all so very much & acknowledge you were all instrumental in helping me find the BALLS to embark on my own journey. I am going alone because I don't want my hubby to have to endure what will undoubtedly be some pretty yuky days - this is my choice for me, myself & I & however it turns out - I live with that. You welcome to come along for the ride :-)

6 Days to "D" Day

Well, returned from a great 5 days away in Australia visiting with my beloved grandchildren - now concentrating on ensuring everything is sorted at work, in readiness for my 2 weeks away in Kuala Lumpur. Gorgeous Getaways representatives have been very professional thus far, with everything being put in place for my arrival. Chaffeur will collect me from the airport and take me to my apartment. Some days I am more nervous then others & yesterday I starting having serious doubts - like do I really truly need to do this? everyone says you don't need it!! what about the after pain? will I be able to cope given I am such a suk? Then I went to do my skin care routine in the magnifying mirror & thought, crikey you are definitely going to get your butt on that plane young
lady lol So yes still nervous, excited scared like most everyone else and very thankful to everyone for all the advise and great tips of Arnica & Bromelain Zinc etc. Paula, the representative from GG rang me yesterday and just talking with her was very reassuring - especially knowing she has been through similar herself. To the ladies undergoing procedures today I am thinking of you and wishing you all the very best. My time will soon be here.

Four More Sleeps

Another day closer :-) Nesting instincts kicking in so cleaning & more cleaning as well as packing this morning and going over notes and checklist - Oh & my darling hubby is now coming over, a week after my op :-) so we can have a little alone time, sight seeing that is ladies :-) so that's awesome. He accepts that I prefer to go through my op alone and that I have done my home-work, so he is fine with my decision. Booked 3 colonics this week having 2nd one today - all this feeling anxious, nervous excited has cramped me up somewhat - so thought I would have a shower on the inside. Felt really great after first one:-) Supplements I am currently taking multi, zinc, bromelain, arnica, probiotics. I have dropped the aspirin from my prescribed meds as recommended by my Dr. Also purchased a nutri - bullet system to take, it liquidizes vegys & fruit to make delicious healthy smoothies & soups. Will purchase the concealer etc recommended by the ladies duty free & I best not forget straws? Anything you think I need please just pop me a line. Gorgeous Getaways rep Paula, rang & also recommended Organic Rose-hip oil to help with wound care and when I am there, to eat lots of Papaya. I will purchase one of those triangular pillows, hat etc over there...Hmm 'wound care' kinda sounds like I'm going to War? Four more sleeps aghhhh :-(

Fly tomorrow

Three More Sleeps
Still cleaning, packing etc & covering off on last minute loose ends at work. Will do hair, nails etc today, given it will be the last time for awhile no doubt :-( I was reminded to take a two way magnifying mirror to be able to check profile from side as well as behind ears etc also little speakers for iPhone, as unlikely to be able to use earphones? I read a couple of those negative reviews last night, knew I shouldn't have :-( now that doubting, sinking feeling engulfs me. I take a minute & remind myself I have survived, divorce, childbirth, cancer & the death of a child, so I sure as heck gonna get through this :-) Such a roller coaster of emotions just need to find that power of positive thinking switch & leave it ON :-) 1 more day at home & then off I fly with Malaysian Airways:-( surely no airline company in the world has ever lost two planes, have they? Aghh Have told all the people I want to know kids, my managers who have to hold the fort, close friends, even the ones who think I am crazy lol they know me well enough to know I will do most things I set my mind to with or without their approval & they will love me all the same, so yep I'm about done on this side Cheers

Kualar Lumpur here I come

Last minute to do stuff including last session at the colonic centre, feeling great as I have lost 3.5kgs in last 2 weeks :-) watch our little man play rugby :-( then all meet up for lunch & say goodbye, do a final check then have big cuddles up with hubby b4 we head to the airport. A calmness seems to have come over me today & I am no where as anxious as I have been thank goodness KAD & NEWMEAUG have inspired me :-) so much as they commence their recovery this week, as well as all the well wishes of the ladies who are further down the healing track.
It's a beautiful here in Auckland 2day & as I look out over the blue ocean at my back yard - I chuckle to myself Yep I am really doing this :-) just a note remember if you are paying for your surgery by credit card overseas - let credit card company know :-) travel stockings, if like me you swell up. I am travelling business class but my ankles still look like cankles after a long haul flight. Well that's it folks will hear from next in KL Happy Healing everyone x

Gotta Laugh

Well ladies I am coming to you a little earlier then expected " I MISSED MY PLANE "aghhh Flight was 12.15am on the 31 May right, so instead of being at the airport last night on the 30th prior to midnight - I was heading there tonight and of course 12.15am will be the 1 June aghhhhh. Hand over another $500 :-( and rebooked for tomorrow at 1pm. One smart CEO right here (not) lol Arrive tomorrow night & procedure next day on 2 June. Good one Shazza :-(

On My Way

Well finally sitting in the lounge awaiting my flight for KL, which has been delayed an hour - had brekky with my hubby & said our goodbye see each other in 4 days & sent final 'I love you' texts to kids. Decided given I arrive tonight & surgery tomorrow, will leave no time for shopping so purchased triangle pillow here & will take on plane.
Feeling OK really, I have come to terms with my decision well & truly & butterflies are to be expected no doubt. Thanks a million to all you ladies who have coached, shared & provided much needed support & encouragement from day one - it has been invaluable. I might be hoping on this plane alone - but I imagine you are all here, sitting right next to me :-) Will post again prior to surgery - happy healing my lovelies Shazza

0ne more Sleep

My time is now :-) L,.

Well my day has finally arrived - great flight with malaysia Airlines, service & food was suburb - Gorgeous Getaways consultant & Director were on the same flight ( due to fact I missed my original flight) :-(
Chauffeur driven to my lovely swanky apartment, overlooking the city & received a call from GG consultant Misty, confirming time of pick up in the morning, for final consult & confirmed last hour for eating prior to my surgery.
Received a welcome pack (nice touch from GG) & after having a shower & reading a lovely text from my huni :-) hit the covers @ 3am NZ time 11pm Malaysia time.
Woke real early & wondered what that heavy, dull ache in my stomach was? Hadn't felt that in a very long while? Oh yes, I remember what that it is- good old fashioned fear :-(
Got up did some ironing, packed my bag for hospital & went downstairs to brekky not like I am one bit hungry but have to eat to take meds. Stunning facilities, pool, gym & beautiful spread. I gingerly look around & see other women sitting on their own & wonder as you do - if they are here for a procedure?
This breakfast thing is not working - so had what I can & head back to my room. My daughter in OZ sent me a lovely text, so that was nice. Now wait for my personal carer Misty, to pick me up & deliver me to the Beverly Wiltshire Medical Centre. Anxious very... now just want it done.

Prep work Done

Ok last post till I wake up & coherent & looking inhuman lol
Thanks everyone for all your well wishes - see you on the other side xx

Quickie Post

Got a few minutes before I have my sedative so just want to share that my consult with Dr Jalil was very reassuring - put me at ease & let me know exactly what he is going to do, after pain, bruising etc. bruising I expect will be bad cause of high blood pressure medication I am on. After consult Misty & chauffeur Richie took me shopping for groceries - thank goodness cause would not have had a clue. Breakfasts are included in deal & will be delivered to my apartment when I am back - so no worries there. Lovely nurses did all tests ECG blood etc. beautiful facilities & I feel like the only patient in the place - which of course I'm not. Very satisfied so far & all systems go :-)

She's Back :-)

I'm thru my lovlies :-) little worse for wear but yeaha I"m still here - ho real pain - just tightness & bit groggy. I have a self asminister but for morpheen but don't need . Very swollen but doing OK Yeha Grandma you did it :-)

Day 1 Recovery

Well 1st day of recovery & the swelling bruising is on it's way? No real pain - i have a morph on buzzer if I need it but don't as yet. All medications are administered thru a drip in my hand & blood pressure, oxygen levels etc are taken like clock work. Had a beautiful breakfast juice coddle eggs etc & managed it without any problem. I was thrilled to know I will be able to shower later this morning & even wash my hair. So all in all for day 1 - I am very pleased with progress. I doubt whether I will suffer the down depressed days that many speak of & for 1 reason only, this site has prepared me mentally. Thank goodness. I am in myself a pretty positive & confident chicky babe & I am not fussed how my face will twist & turn & swell & bruise - after what I permitted to have done to myself. Take as long as she likes to heal - then just make dis Grandma lovely wid no jowls & droopy neck & I be a happy Happy Gran x now scary photos time :-)

Second day of recovery since 2 June

Well I warned you gals da good da bad & da ugly on this review site lol hence da little baggy's of skin :-) but OK deleted them & will have a little private goodbye - but no way I gonna feed dem to da dog lol over 50 yrs of very expensive skin care gone on to that there skin, friend say it should go to royalty or donate to LancĂ´me for research lol Just to add to the drama's yrs ago when I was a bit of a maniac, I had a car smash was my bad & only myself hurt - had 40 stitches from my cheek bone up into my scalp. Much later 2 lumps formed near my ear temple region, they didn't bother me at first but as I got older they began to hurt if touched doing hair etc. Thought it was scar tissue - anyway mentioned it to Dr here - he said he wld check it out while he is in (hehe) as he suspected it was road gravel or glass? Turned out he was right one of each :-) so bonus he removed them, free of charge also in da bag lol Oh well 2 days of healing & so far still going OK. Discomfort & tightness & the swelling & bruising well on the way, chip munk looking but no real pain - had a lovely shower & had my hair washed & blow dryed by my nursey girl absolutely awesome. The service & caring is everything you could ever want & thank goodness for Free Wifi. They had me on rounds duty this morning talking with the ladies about to go in & just cmg out. Dr came into c me & happy with my progress so will be driven back to my apartment today. Been a great stay in a very caring environment & I am so thank full to all involved in my recovery. You guys rock.

Leaving hospital

Goodbye everyone & thank you so much for my amazing care - Going have to take me for a ride in that red Farrari Dr Jalil seeing as though I help pay for it lol

Beverly Wilshire Nursing Staff

My Aussie friend I met as I did the wards

Third Day

Well hi everyone started day 3 post op & a bit of a different story today :-( woke up thinking someone was strangling me - like I was wearing a bridle.:-( Face distorted big time & yes today there is pain. Taking Ponstan for pain, Zinnat antibiotics & immovane when I can't sleep, plus normal blood pressure meds & vitamins. Using my nutri bullet for all the good nutrition & just taking it 1 day at a time. Lovely young man delivered brekky - poor guy must have got a hell of a fright :-) Oh well they say its always darkest b4 the dawn so just gonna go watch a scary movie where I hope the main actor looks preferably worse then me lol happy healing lovelies xxx

Nursing staff & new friend

Wifi playing up big time

Bring on Day 4

Well heading in to day 4 & pulling bruising, swelling all going on - uncomfortable but all quite manageable. Just got to stay focussed on the end results :-) rest & take my meds. Hubby arrived last night after 11-12 hour flight was so great to have him lying next to me, holding my hand & telling me I doing just fine :-) Checking on work emails daily & everyone is doing OK & so pleased ladies on Realself all coming through their respective procedures in fine colours. New KADD who is like this amazing Goddess of strength & courage is super human to me & I think of her everyday :-)
This is no walk in the park that is for sure ladies but with patience, rest & good medication we are all gonna get there it. I continue to take the zinc, bromelain, arnica. Vit c & multi so just hope its doing something??? Happy healing my lovlies

Day 5 post op

Slowly but surely feeling better & better :-) everything healing nicely bruising, swelling, tightening still very prominent but can't complain. Ventured downstairs for breky with hubby but sunny's uncomfortable on wounds so not venturing to far. So pleased to be recuperating in such lovely facilities where I don't want for anything, makes such a difference. Thinking of you all - happy healing my lovelies.

Day 6 & counting

At 6pm tonight 8 June I will be heading into my 6th day post op from my face, neck & top lids procedure & what a journey it has been thus far :-) Despite everything you might read, hear, discuss, I don't think anything truly prepares you for the 'actual ride' - well for me anyway. The anxiety leading up to it, the fear of well just about everything, then the day finally arrives & you wake up thank goodness :-) Then there is the coming to terms with the fact - heck I actually did this lol I really did it!!! Day 1 & 2 thinking well that wasn't to bad really - then day 3 & 4 hit & you go back to What Da Heck? & all that fear & anxiety & yes pain r knocking loudly at the door. A roller coaster has got nothing on this ride - but whatever you do - you hang on tight, to the why you did this? For me myself & I - then I read my posts all over again & those of women I feel are my friends & the doubt & fear subsides. I look deeply into the mirror & scan that neck & face like a radar & tell myself Yes its gonna be fine & so worth it in the end, just like what I wanted. I look again & see my hubby's face smiling back at me in the mirror :-)
I know that look :-( You know the look that say's "You have got to be the craziest woman I know, for paying someone to do this to you by choice - when I loved you just the way you were lol Then he gives me a gentle ever reassuring cuddle & I know "he so gets me" & thank god for that lol
I a sooky girl right now, not for any other reason except I feel so grateful I had the means to make this choice - where so many others will not? that I had the support of so many women who took this path prior & for a husband, family & friends who despite their personal concerns, respected my right to make my own choices. Happy healing my lovelies xx

7 days & counting :-)

Going into 8th day of post face, neck & upper bleph lift & things are much as what I have come to expect. Bruising, twinges of pulling & still extensive swelling :-( Checked in with Dr today as well as skin specialist, both happy with progress & he expects me to make a good recovery. Told to be patient with swelling & bruising, all normal part of the journey as he explained in full at my consultation. Weather in KL is beautiful, balmy & humid, very exciting city. Had yummy Peking Duck for lunch in a snazzy restaurant in the glitzy Pavilion Shopping Precinct. Hubby goes off tiki touring most days, check out the sights & 2 moro we off on tour with another couple from OZ. Out to dinner tonight with NZ Gorgeous Getaway rep, Paula so might attempt concealer & makeup rather then venture out in sunnies in the middle of the night or & shock the locals lol OK ladies hope you all doing well :-)

Yeag going into 8th Day

One dat at a time & things improving - don't feel so vulnerable like I am going to fall or knock into something :-) face is rock hard still, especially round cheek bones face & ear area. Neck pulling up & back like I am on a stretching machine :-) but no pain as such just mindful it's there. Still icing several times a day but I have always been a bad bruiser so knew what to expect. Heading off on tour today so will post again later including photos of my secret weapons lol

Day 9 of the long way home

Well we had a gr8 day out seeing all the sight & yes as many b4 me have done :-( I well & truly over did it & crashed badly, I walked up & down 240 steps at some place of worship? man I shld have listened to hubby. Felt OK during the rest of the 5 hour tour so decided to go out last night to China Town for another 3 hrs in the heat - bad idea, by the time I got bk to hotel thort my head was a bowling ball with a telephone attached for all the ringing, that or someone was talking about me hard out, cause ears were burning like nothing I had ever known..I never new ice could melt so fast :-) was up till 3am cause pain or sleeping
Pills not working :-; Good job for me cause I should have known better lol Went up to Genting by Cable Car today - what an inspirational story look it up if u get a mo? 1 man's dream to reality awesome. Resting up now very puffy, swollen & feel a bit like a puffer fish bruising still there as is tightness. Scars above eyes & ears are pretty remarkable for 9 days & thank goodness stitches dissolve. OK well probably burbling now - cause hubby gone out & making me rest so I am talking to you lol Happy Healing ladies. Marcia & Tracy I know you are reading these blogs cause I'm psychic :-) OK more gory photos but let me tell you when this healing is done & dusted not a person on earth will ever see me this makeup naked ever never again haha

10 day post Face, neck upper lids

Hi my lovelies, having my final check up with Dr Jalil, then out to lunch with GG ladies & maybe a bit of last minute shopping? Leave KL for home in the morning. All I can say is that I am so very pleased I came with Gorgeous Getaways as the level of professionalism, support & caring has met my every expectation. The personal tour guide Michael, driver Richard, personal nurse Misty including the caring staff at the very classy Wilshire Surgery Centre was impeccable, & what do I say about the infamous Dr Jalil - thank you so much for not allowing my worst night mares to come true & that you made sure my eyes & ears remained where they should be lol Thank you for being honest with me :-) for making me feel like I was your only patient & for being so relaxed prior to surgery - which to a certain extent rubbed off on me :-) And last but not least thank you for taking away my turkey waddle & my sad sak jowls :-) I will never ever 4 get you or this wonderful place & hopefully will get to come back 1 day with my besty for her FL if she is still wanna be friends now that I look 10 yrs younger then her that is hehe no ugh photos today I am showing off the new Me Myself & I xx

Homeward bound 11 days post

Well 5.30am & final goodbye to KL & the swanky apartment that has been my sanctuary for the last 2 weeks :-( I leave a little bit of me, myself & I behind (2 skin bags) lol but I take so much more away with me :-) an experience I will never ever forget & for so many reasons it was more then just a facelift - This time has provided me with an opportunity to reflect, on my life past, present & future as well as analyse my strengths & weaknesses which the last 2 weeks have highlighted 4 sure :-) So very grateful to Gorgeous Getaways & everyone on this site for your support & honesty, I couldn't have done it without you. To my beloved husband, my man of few words, humble, supportive & ever so dependable. I love you to the moon & beyond 4 ever & 4 always, To all the ladies healing or considering your options - heal well my lovelies & to others yet to take the plunge, choose wisely. For me, work & family will be waiting, so time will be scarce however I will be sure to post regularly as many of you have in order to support others. Couldn't be happier with my progress but accept that there is some ways to go yet. Happy healing to all my RS community :-)

Days 12 - 13 - 14 post op FL

Wow met up with my family 2day for lunch & it was just awesome. Was worried my 2 little grandy's (3yrs) might have been scared or not recognize me :-( but it was Ganma, Ganma all day long :-) so was very pleased. Family aprc8 I am still swollen & bruised but were all very smiley reassuring & supportive - I am such a lucky Nan :-)
Swelling, bruising, tightness & extreme numbness still here. I can handle the numb & bruising but the swelling is tiring :-( I still have a slight asiany look so hoping that's just due to the swelling? I had 2 wishes when deciding my FL to lose the jowls & the turkey neck & just be a fresher version of me - so hopeful & confident that when all the swelling & bruising subsides - I will be back to well a fresher & younger version of me hehe Happy healing my lovelies x

Slow boat to Better

Day 14 of my recovery & slowly does it for sure. Went back to work today, met up with my Management Team, (nothing like a bit of a fright b4 brekky) lol Everyone was great as I knew they would be :-) Heavy swelling & pulling on cheekbone, side of eyes & ear area as well as swelling & tightness throughout neck. Largish lumpy fold on left hand side of neck but guess it will go in time. I lasted half day @ work then went home & recommenced pain & anti inflammatory medication. My besty drove 41/2 hrs to visit, cooked me dinner & was so, so reassuring - I shared my fears & that maybe I would not look like me & she said nonsense "I cld tell it was you a mile away" She happily informed me that she saw the Kris Jenner of (Kadashians) FL doc & that initially she looked frightful but look at her now & that I needed to wait 3 months to fabulous lol Don't u just love great friends.

Day 15
Stayed home, right eye very swollen hardly open I find I am worse in the mornings probably because I slide down the bed in the night & fluid accumulates. Back on meds so hope that helps

Day 16
Went into Management Meeting this morn wearing not a stitch of makeup or concealer decided I want my wounded face to have the best chance to heal with-out being covered in inch thick concealer :-) My team never bat an eyelid & I just functioned as per normal :-) The first 2 weeks I saw immense changes - it seems to have slowed down, however I understand their are a lot of stitches under the skin so just have to wait & see?
Day 17
Working from home today thank goodness - Still as swollen and tight as ever :-( sleeping better now that I am back on meds but if I miss, I sure do feel the difference. Well if I needed any further reassurance
with my decision to do this - I received my b4 & after photos from PS & Oh my goodness - I know it was a long flight, but crikey dick what a difference. Hubby say "Now that was an old woman's face & look at the difference" so yes worth it - you have your up & down days, more impatience on my part but I know I got to stay focussed on finishing the journey & not dwell on days where you look & feel a little unnatural & a big bit uncomfortable. Happy healing everyone :-) Cant open Dr's b4 & after on phone so will post later

Oh my goodness the official Before & After Photos from PS

Crikey the stress & the 12 hour flight obviously showing in the before photos :-( That woman needs a facelift lol
Certainly see the difference.... can't wait for the swelling and bruising to be over and see the final results.

3 weeks today Yeeha

Well can't believe it's been 3 weeks today since my FL & what a ride it's been thus far :-) Back at work today, did a public presentation Sat in front of 1000 plus people, sunny's & all :-) Still massive swelling, lumps, bumps & bruises but back at work today. Stitches around ears r healing well - can't really see much of back cause of all the hair. i still look like a bit of a wreck without makeup - but too bad, I only wear it for work meetings & public presentations. Staff say it is looking better with each passing day - I can't say I really see the changes? & it all still feels really tight & puffy.
My PS office contacted me from KL & said to start putting warm/hot towels on my face? Hmm most of the ladies here say not too? Anyway that's me @ day 21 lovelies. Will post again in a week's time. Hoping I am going to be all good for Viet Nam as we are departing 18 July to celebrate my besty's 60 bday on tour :-) Take Care

1 month post :-)

Well hi my lovelies , well I am just over the 4 week mark - progress is slow but sure, still very swollen & uncomfortable around eye, temple & neck area @ times. Today lots of pulling on right hand side of neck - but nothing too bad. Ears are still very numb & no way I can't sleep on my side - scars seem to be healing well - got lots of hair so not to much of an issue there :-) Working full time & I can tell when people see me - they know something is different but they can't put their finger on it lol One said she thought I had work done on my teeth, another thought it was my wild hairstyle lol
Just looking 4ward to the swelling to go now :-) all the best to you all on your healing journey.

5 weeks today

Hi ladies well 5 weeks today woohoo I know the swelling is going down to look at but man it sure don't feel like it :-( picked my grand daughter up from Boarding School the weekend she is 14 yrs old - so it was the first time she saw me, although her older sister had sent photos printed off Realself. I said 'so what do you think of your old Grandma's new face? lol don't think she realized she was paying me a sort of compliment. She said "Ohhh Grandma you look too young to be 60 yrs old soon & you look like an Asian, like you are related to your Dr lol YESSS she just got a pocket money increase lol cause I know the Asiany look will go lol but the TOO YOUNG is definitely a keeper haha & I wouldn't mind being related to Dr Jalil, might get to drive that red Farrari of his lol Otherwise just a waiting game as it is for everyone xox Take Care everyone lol

Opps photos at 5 weeks

Yeha Six Weeks

Yeha, at the 6 week mark & healing is going well. Bruising gone except for small area in front of my eyes - still lot's of swelling, down side of face & cheekbone area :-( including lumpy bumpy neck but all in all very happy. Had dinner last night with my 2 x sister in laws (twins) not seen them for a year or so. They never picked I had, had a face-lift & when I told them, after the Ohhs & Aghhs lol they said I looked great, a younger fresher version of myself lol which is exactly what I wanted to achieve. Had major presentation over last few days with lots of people attending who know me re my field of work - so was a bit nervous to say the least but went off well - I coloured my hair to distract them lol back to Auckland now & off to Viet Nam Fri for 2 weeks woohoo. Take Care everyone & hope you all happy & healing well :-)

9 weeks & counting

Hi there my lovelies - well back from our wonderful holiday in Vietnam. Had the best ever time with our friends & definitely going back again :-) as for the face, neck & eyes? Would have liked a bit more healing time b4 going but none the less managed well enuff. Weather was hot hot & hot & the swelling was all going on & still is more round side of face then anywhere. Got my dimples back & eyes not so chingy anymore so all going pretty well really. Neck still swollen & puffy but softening up heaps. This morn the woman at the servo asked what skin care & foundation I used & said she been meaning to ask me for sumtime lol She did not believe it when I told her I turning 60 lol so that was a great way to start the day. Hope you are all healing well & happy happy with your results. This healing is a lengthy process for sure :-) progress mug shots as follows lol

3 month mark & counting

Hi there my lovelies, well finally at the illusive 3 month mark & doing OK from all accounts. Healing as well as anyone, no doubt but man it has its moments. Love to be able to say all the swelling, lumps, bumps, tightness & numbness have gone but actually NO, all still happening & somedays worse then others. Often feel like 1000 ants are running all over my face, whilst someone is tightening screws in the side of my head lol. Convinced that YES the ladies ahead of me are definitely right & it certainly will take up to 12 months to be finally through it all :-( Life otherwise has been pretty full on to say the least, work & family dramas all going on :-) but hey that's life for most of us & I hold tight to the saying "what doesn't kill us just makes us stronger, so about now I am pretty bullet proof Id say" lol. Hope everyone is doing well on your healing journey - thinking of you.

12 Months On ????

Hello my lovelies, I know it has been sometime since I popped in felt like I have spent the last 6 months or so in a crazy wind tunnel ???? like everyones life lots of great & not so great but hey won't go there ???? For any newbies reading I live in NZ & had a full facelift through Gorgeous Getaways on the 3 June 2014 with Dr Jalil in Malaysia. Contemplated this decision for sometime & then just decided "I am doing this"so here is my 12 month update & I hope it helps anyone following behind me or in the event you are contemplating a procedure in the future. I have attached photo's at 12 month or close too.
All in all it has surely been a journey of healing & to be honest still going through it today. For the most it has been quite seem less, with no real issues - there is still lots of numbness down sides of face & cheek bone area mostly & I am still prone to swelling if I over do things & of course I am that person that over does things, like doing 10 things at once ???? Am I happy with the results? On a personal level absolutely delighted, I still look exactly like me, just less drawn & not so much laxy, crinkly, liney droopy skin, very pleasing, given I am 60. Don't get me wrong I can still look shockingly tired & age over night if I do to much, don't get enuff sleep, eat rubbish & don't manage stress better ???? So pls know as effective as any procedure is - you still need to look after yourself. Scars negligible, neck droop & jowls gone, Always had reasonably good skin & now just tighter & not droopy & loose. So yep do it again in a heartbeat. Catch my hubby out the corner of my eye at times ???? & see his quirky smile, he can't believe I actually did it all lol
The best compliment to date & amazingly there have been many hehe. I was offered a senior position based in Australia, the person conducted the interview whilst in NZ on other business. I declined the offer although in time we would like to retire in Australia. In short I informed the lady interviewing me over coffee, that I was under contract with my current role until 2018, so thanks but no thanks. She then asked if I would like to consider coming & joining their organization at that time? With that I told her...You do realize that in 2018, I will be 63 & my birthdate is on my profile? Well she didn't drop her coffee cup but she did spill at least half of it on her designer suit lol???? OK OK after cleaning her up I did share with her that I knew a good surgeon ???? & I think I spent the rest of the time listening to her compliments (nice) & talking about surgery, with her lifting my hair looking for tell tale scars etc - was so funny & I will never forget it. For the record she thought between 45-50 yrs ???????? So yes my lovelies all in all I am very very happy with my decision & now that my year is done I intend to concentrate on health & fitness & eating healthy to try & prevent the onset of preventable older age illness which are probably all lying in wait aghhh. I am still working full time in a senior role with 80 staff, run our holiday home business, 6 homes, oversee property renovations & try & be the best Grandma I can be to our grandy's. My eldest daughter was killed in a car accident ???? so me & my hubby look out for her 3 girls. So yes a full on life & 1 I wouldn't swap for the world. Life is no dress rehearsal & we each got to make the best of the good, the bad & the ugly & just keep on trucking. Family is Family full stop & your friends well they are family we choose for ourselves / I love mine dearly. Make the most of everyday & do whatever it takes to feel a million bucks xx
Dr Jalil

20 plus years experience, highly qualified & commended, great reviews, natural results. My booking was all done through Gorgeous Getaways. He Is an amazing caring highly experienced Dr who tells it how it is & who is definitely my kinda man.

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