Endotine Ribbon Mid-face Lift

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Hi. I had a mid-face lift done on 22 April this...

Hi. I had a mid-face lift done on 22 April this year. The thread was pulled from deep within the lower cheeks i.e. near mouth and attached to my temples. The doctor tried to also pull some tissue under my eyes to reduce my sunken eyes. It has been a month now and I am really not happy with my results. My cheeks look too high and my eyes look beady. Overall I don't look natural anymore and I prefer the way I looked before with all my imperfections. Is it possible to remove the threads for my face to slip back to what it was earlier? Appreciate any feedback. Thanks


Hi. It's 3.5 months now. The swelling has come down but I still look very unnatural. Mine was a midface lift with endotine ribbons that were inserted through the temples. No other incisions were made.

Now, my skin looks very tight and my nose looks stretched. My face seems to have taken an oval shape from the square that it was before - when I stand a little further from the mirror I can see the square but close up, it's an oval with volume at the top and thin at the bottom. I would really appreciate a doctor's feedback on what I am seeing. I can see the irregularities very clearly under shadows. In fact, it's like there are no contours to my face and all I see is pulled skin with a little nose sitting in the middle. Do I need a revision? Would really appreciate some feedback. I am happy to send a photo if need be. I can travel if need be. I just want to fix this problem as it's been very upsetting. Thanks.
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