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I had puffy and hooded upper eyelids that I could...

I had puffy and hooded upper eyelids that I could not wear make ups. The upper eyelids will always smudged the make up when they sat on top of my existing eyelid creases. So, I decided to do something to fix this problem.

I have went to get three different surgeons for consultation that I wanted a thread lift to raise my brow and to lift the droopy eyelid skin instead of upper blepharoplasty because i am always afraid to go under the knife and I have existing eyelid creases that i do no need to create new double eyelid creases. But non of them has agreed with me. They advised me to go for upper bleharoplasty due to my upper eyelids were too puffy and looked like there are exessive fats in the lid that have to be removed.

One of the surgeon has showed me the before and after photos of his patients that underwent browlift where the incision is at the browline and the healing results were pleasant as the scars were invisible under the brow hair and the downtime is only 2 weeks compare to the upper blepharoplasty.

So, I went for the brow lift at the same day after the consultation on 18/10/13. The procedure took about one hour with anesthesia at the eyes area. I was awake during the whole procedure. It was scary as you could hear the sound of the cutting but there were no pain.

The surgeon made the incision under my brow line and skins and some muscles were removed. He told me that there were no excessive fats to remove. Bandage were put at the suture to avoid infection. I did not take any antibiotic and pain killer pills as i was still breastfeeding my 2 months old baby. The pain was not that bad after the numbing has gone.

I am now at 18 days after my surgery. My eyelids still look puffy and the suture area still feel pain on and off. But the surgeon told me they are still swelling and it takes about 2-3 months for swelling to totally dissipate. But I look at them like no difference at all before and after the surgery.

Am my worry too early? I am so afraid that my surgery has wasted my time and money as well as the effort under the knife.

22days post-op

Here's my photos at 22nd day post-op. Still can't see much different compare to before surgery. The suture is very visible, I have to cover it with concealer. My eyes still look puffy as before. My eyelids are not lifted as I wished.

40 Days Post-Op

It's 40 days after my brow lift surgery. My eyelids are still puffy and droopy. I've given text messages since 15/11/13 to the surgeon clinic to get the reason but I cannot get any reply till today 28/11/13. I've made a call to the consultant lady and she asked me to go back for 2nd surgery to fix my problem.

I was not happy with that and ask why she recommended brow lift but i could not get the result as the surgeon promised and showed before my surgery?! Moreover, the scar is very visible! She said maybe I have too much muscle tissues and has to let the surgeon to check again. She said scar will dissipate after 3 months.

I've made an appointment to go back to the clinic on 9/12/13. I will have to undergo for 2nd surgery but I am very worry that the result will get worse.

Any recommendation ?

2nd Surgery to Fix My Eyelids Problem

I went back to the surgeon Dr. Hu today ( 9 Dec 13) to get his explanation on the ineffectiveness of my brow lift. His explanation had made me so disappointed and angry. He told me that my eyelids were healing fine but not lifted as what I wanted. He could have another surgery for me but no guarantee that it could lift my hooded eyelids. This is making me mad as I previously agreed to go under the knife when he promised with 100% guarantee that my puffy and hooded eyelids will be lifted after the surgery!

I was so regret that I have trusted this surgeon that ruins my brows! Now that the money was gone, brows were left with visible scars but my eyelids are not lifted!

Then the consultant lady asked me to seek the advice from another surgeon from the same clinic. She promised that she will fix my problem without any additional charges. I agreed to get the 2nd opinion and advice not because of the free of charge but I want my eyelids to be lifted as I wanted in the first place.

Due to the other surgeon was at a other outlet, we went there to see the surgeon Dr. Chan.

Dr. Chan adviced me to go for 2nd surgery to remove more skin and he will remove fats as well this time that Dr. HU did not do in my 1st surgery. He gave me guarantee that this time will have the result that I wanted. I was so worry because the 1st surgeon was giving the same guarantee during the 1st surgery as well. Moreover, my concern is that removing more skin maybe resulting shocking eyes or eyelids could not fully closed during sleep as what I've seen in cases from the Internet.

He told me my worries are not going to happen. He could just ignore my case because he is not my surgeon for the 1st surgery. He was trying to help to do what he can to get what i wanted. And he told me that he will not do the surgery if he is not confident. The incision will be at the same scar but a few mm longer as he explained.

Then I agreed to do the 2nd surgery since it is at the same incision. Worst case that I will get is the eyelids are not lifted if this surgeon also fails.

The surgery took a little longer about 2 hours this time. Dr. Chan told me my fats are very deep under my muscles. He did the removal of fats and suturing slowly.

My eyelids could not completely close after the surgery but he told me it will settle down after the sweeping dissipate. My eyes look weird this time. And the swelling is very serious compare to the 1st surgery. And the pain is more.

I really hope this time is the last surgery for my eyelids. The experience is not pleasant.

I will keep updating my status.

2nd day After 2nd Surgery

Eyes are swelling to the maximum. I did not take any pain killer or antibiotics because I am still breast feeding.

I could see a stretching mark at my left eyelid. I can feel pulling sensation at my eyelids. The incision line this time is very long. Longer at the end of my brow. The plaster is not yet removed.

3rd Day After Revision Surgery

I removed the bandage by myself today as instructed. The sutures look fine this time the doctor's work is better compare to the first surgeon. Can't really see the stitches this time. But the incisions are very long towards the end of my brows. The swelling is still maximum. Dr. Chan did ask if I want to have a non incision procedure to highlight more of my original crease during the surgery. His advice was the 2 areas can heal at the same time but I rejected. I was too worry this revision surgery will fail and I do not want any extra worries unnecessary.

I have to go back to remove the stitches after 7 days. I am very worry that the suture line will not dissipate and leave a very visible scar forever.

Stretch line on eyelid

Is it normal to have a stretch line across my eyelid? Will it end up a pulling line when my eye is fully healed later?

4th Day After Revision Surgery

Swelling subsiding and my eyes look weird today. My right eyelid still feel little numbness. Bruises going down to lower lids.

4th day Again ( 11pm)

I can see a little of my original double eyelid crease now at my left eye as the swelling subsiding. But I can feel very tight pulling at the eyelid skin at the same time. And there's a very obvious stretch line across my left eyelid as show in the picture.

I am worrying is it too much skin removed? Will it cause my eyelids could not completely close later on? Is the stretch line permanrnt? it looks horrible. So nervous.

5th Day After Revision Surgery

The swelling at my left eye subsides faster than my right eye. I feel pulling of the eyelids skin.

I can see uneven skin texture like bulging at my eyelids especially at the suture. Is it due to swelling?

5th Day After Revision Surgery

Photo for left eye

6th day (morning) After Revision Surgery


7th Day

I feel the very tight pulling at my left eyelid. Swelling is getting lesser.

I will go to remove the stitches tomorrow. Will keep update my status.

The only concern for me now is the scars and the pulling at my left eyelid.

Will it turn out could not completely close after fully healed?

8th Day

10th Day

11th Day

I used hot compress these 2 days and the swelling gone down better. But my right eyelid still have the numbness.

My left eyelid has the very visible line across the lid. I am concern that line will become permanent after the swelling fully dissipate.

I feel the eyelids still very tight and I need to close my eyes with hard force for completely close when I sleep.

Big scar at the knot point

Worry if the big scar turn to keloid

34 days post-op after revision surgery

Hi. I am updating my recovery condition. I am happy with recovery and the result so far. But I am concern about the pulling line at my left eyelid as you can see from my photo. And another thing is that my right eyelid still look a little hooded compare to my left eyelid. I like my left eyelid more.

I still have more swelling AT&T right eyelid. I can feel bump at my right eyelid when I touch it and it feel pain. I am applying scar gel 1-3 times a day. What else can I do to expedite the healing of the swelling as well as to get rid of the visible scar especially the redness that is very obvious and weird.

When can I do the brow tattoo? Anyone can tell?

34 days post-op after revision surgery

More photos

Photo after 6 months

Dr. Hu

Very bad experience in the life time

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