Breast Aug - 1 Day Post Op - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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I did it! I am 1-day post op and I feel great. I...

I did it! I am 1-day post op and I feel great. I am 33, mother of 3 boys aged 8, 5 and 3. I am an Asian, weighing at 99 pounds and am 5 ft tall. I am petite and was barely a 32A after three pregnancies and breast feeding. My first consultation was on Jan17, the second was on Feb28 and my surgery was on Mar9. It was surreal!

The Dr and I decided on this implant:

  • Cohesive Gell/Gummy Bear Silicone implant
  • Extra high profile (I am that flat chested!)
  • Right: 285cc, Left: 310cc
  • Infra mammary incision
  • Dual-plane approach

When I woke up, I did not feel pain, just tightness on the upper pole of the breast. Even so, it did not bother me much. It just felt like I have been working out my pectoralis muscles at the gym. I experienced no nausea nor giddiness from the anesthesia. In fact, I was hungry! My op was at 2pm and my last meal was light breakfast before 8am. My last sip of water was before 11am. I am glad I have done this. Previously, my biggest fear was the pain after the surgery but now that I'm going through it rather easily, I can relax and focus on my full recovery. I am able to move both hands, open the door, pour myself a drink from a 1litre bottle, and even lift up my arms to tie up my hair. But of course, I am taking it slow.... To all of you out there, who's contemplating or anxious abt your surgery, my advice to you is relax and trust your Doc. It is not as bad as you think. :)

I am now on Day 4. My breasts are still swollen...

I am now on Day 4. My breasts are still swollen but the swelling on the outer sides of my ribs have subsided. I noticed some slight bruising on the sides from Day 2 but that too has gone. It doesn't hurt as much to touch the area. I have been wearing this compression bra from Marena, but had to change to a cotton sports bra as the lace & material was making my skin itch!

Recovery has been good. I am able to do almost everything with only some slight pain on my upper chest muscle. I have decided to not take any pain killers since Day 1 and am only on antibiotics. Perhaps the most difficult thing to do is to lie down and sleep. The best position is to prop your back up against some pillows. But it is still difficult (and painful) to get up and off the bed. I really have to take it slow. I never realized how much I rely on my pecs muscles until after this surgery. ;)

My stitches are still taped up and my next appt is on Mar15. I can't wait to see how it looks. As for now, I am not allowed to shower so I'm just wiping myself daily.

Today is Day 8. I have no more pain while moving...

Today is Day 8. I have no more pain while moving my arms whatsoever. I can comfortably wear a normal top (I.e. Over the head) instead of a button up top/dress. Was running out of clothes anyway. :)

My Dr has advised me to massage the breasts. This is so that the implant pockets are loose as well as to ensure that the scar tissues can develop softly and not too tight around the implants. The massage technique is simple really. I just cupped my palms on the outer side of each breast and pushed them in, so that they sorta meet/touch in the middle. You know, just like when you want to enhance your cleavage, you squeeze each breast together? After that, I stretched them apart by putting both arms to the back, and straightening the arms out. The first few times it felt super tight but now I am able to do them comfortably.

I massage the breasts at every opportunity I have; when I sit, stand, lying down. I find it easier to cup each breast using opposite hands, by crossing the arms at the front and cupping the outer side of each breast and pushing to the middle. In fact by now my breasts feels less swollen & tight. I'm eager to see how soon my breasts will 'settle' in place, though from what I read, it may take from 3 weeks to 6 months, depending on the individual. Give it time...... :)
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