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In 2014 I had a Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. Aslani in Spain.

In 2014 I had a Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. Aslani in Spain.

I have been extremely disappointed with my results and was concerned that my 6-months worth of ‘glass is half full’ ramblings contained within this overly positive journal misrepresented my honest results, and more importantly the skill of my surgeon. I worried that if fellow RealSelf members only read the first 90% of my writings below they would assume I was over the moon with the results (a fallacy I kept repeating to myself) and worse, that it might encourage others to book surgery with this particular clinic. There are reasons why I was overly positive about Dr. Aslani and the Cirumed clinic, some of them innocent and some of them I’m not too proud of, but I will get to that. The understanding team at RealSelf have been kind enough to allow me to replace my original post with this text, in a hope I will better represent my story.

Self-denial is a very powerful tool and for the longest time I convinced myself and anyone who would listen that things were going to ‘drop’, ‘fluff’ or there must still be swelling on my back or my tummy preventing the full results from being seen. I was told I should be patient, I was told by the doctor and clinic staff that my results would continue to change. Even with swelling, the results were mediocre to begin with but I continued to have blind faith in a doctor and clinic who had been so kind to me. As my results looked less and less impressive, my common sense was put to one side and in it’s place, a panicked gratitude. We had built a relationship after all. The day after surgery, the doctor asked me to put a review on RealSelf. He explained to me that many people left his clinic looking ‘a million dollars’ but never followed up with photos or feedback. That although he disliked internet and social media, he begrudgingly accepted
he needed to represent these amazing results more, and could I put something on RealSelf? I said I had planned to, and charmed by his honesty, I was eager to help him. We had built a relationship after all…

Glorious ‘before and after’ pictures on websites and friendly staff can charm you and before you know it, you have paid your deposit for surgery. In my case, being based in the UK and convinced I had found one of the only competent BBL surgeons in Europe, in Spain was what lulled me into a false sense of confidence with this clinic. What I should of relied on was not cleverly lit photos or small-talk with staff, but the hundreds of truthful and honest reviews on RealSelf. If looking at someones results in a good, honest amateur photo impresses you, and they say it’s of them 12 months post-op, call their surgeon now! But if they’re still swollen, or using fancy camera angles, or pushing their behind out to make it look bigger, then move on. What’s worse is, at the time there was very little reviews for Dr. Aslani here. But as they say, ignorance is bliss.

I invested over a year into this journal. Charting my recovery and results with glee. But not being entirely honest with myself, and I’m ashamed to say, with you, the people who would read it. For the first few months I convinced myself that the swelling in my buttocks was fat, it wasn’t. My excitement was misplaced. (If only the fat had been).

After my 5 month update, it FINALLY dawned on me. I wasn’t being truthful and I started to feel more and more uncomfortable with my writings here. Although Dr. Aslani had done a fantastic job with the aggressive lipo to my flanks, and moderate lipo to my stomach, now that the swelling had gone - my buttocks were the exact same size as before. Exactly the same.

But here I was on RealSelf, still trying to stay positive, still feeling indebted to the doctor. And once they had thanked me for my glowing review online, I suddenly felt stuck in a habit of continually praising them in fear of loosing that support. After the 3-month mark, I was offered a most generous invitation for a second round. He told me if I waited 6 months and still wanted “more” he would be happy to operate again. I knew deep down I was unhappy with my results, but did that matter now the doctor was granting me a second chance? He liked me. It was an incredible opportunity. So do I want to jeopardise that relationship with them, the rapport, the support, the second round… All for the sake of some silly online review? So was I dishonest on RealSelf when I knew I was really unhappy with my results? I don’t honestly know how to answer that. I think I was somewhat in denial. I was given legitimate reasons as to why the doctor felt he could
only put a certain amount of fat into my buttocks, tight skin apparently. But over time, more and more Cirumed patients have given their honest reviews on this site and suddenly I realised that it wasn’t just ‘me’ but that perhaps the procedure at this particular clinic, with this particular doctor wasn’t all that good. Unless of course we all have "tight skin". He hadn’t touched my back fat at all the first time. If I had a Round 2 with him, would he waste that remaining virgin back fat too? You can’t keep having BBLs. Fat or thin, you only have so many virgin fat cells.

As the months passed, more Cirumed patients appeared on RealSelf sharing their lack-lustre results. Conservative amounts of fat transferred to the buttocks, wide boxish shape to the hips and generally unimpressive, flaccid results. The only patient who has had good results is someone who has had two rounds, and started off with a large rump, and in fairness still pushes her butt out in the photos to make it look bigger. There was a pattern and I realised that perhaps my glowing review for Dr. Aslani on This site was in some small way helping continue that pattern. I didn’t want to be an advertisement for something I had no faith in. This doctor performs glorified body-sculpting, NOT BBL. I can’t explain the impressive photos on his website, but the photos shared on RealSelf from fellow Cirumed patients speak for themselves – however cruel this might come across – all our results are unimpressive.

So here I am. Trying to explain. The lovely people at the RealSelf office have been kind enough to let me change my first post. But if you continue to read on you will get an insight into how I was lying to myself, and ashamed as I am to admit it, to you all too.

Back in 2013, Cirumed held a party in London to try and drum up trade. Although I was working that night and unable to attend (two jobs for one year to save the money!) they were kind enough to still enter my name into the raffle. And would you believe it? Having never won anything in my life… I was sent an email telling me I had won a few hundred Euros worth of Cirumed vouchers! This meant my procedure was considerably cheaper than it otherwise would have been. Both the Dr, and his wonderful PA Jenny made me feel very special and to top it all off, I was offered the insanely generous offer regarding a Round 2 if I wanted one. My relationship with the clinic from the get-go has felt extremely friendly and I didn’t want to spoil that with a bad review – or come across as ungrateful for the kindness, gifts and support shared with me. So I kept lying to myself when all the while unhappy with my results, hoping they would change. It’s complicated and
doesn’t paint me in a particularly honest light. But this is the truth and I’m not prepared, anymore, to be an advertisement for a clinic that seems to consistently deliver sub-standard results.

I’m nervous they’ll read this. I’m nervous other Cirumed patients will think I am insulting their results. All I ask is… If you are making a decision based on geography, build up the courage to travel where ever the hell the best results you have seen are. The fact someone is close to you shouldn’t even factor in. An 8 hour flight? Alone in a foreign country? Just DO IT. Find the courage and set yourself apart from the disappointed people like me. And if the decision is based on money… the difference of a few thousand, is not much if you are already faced with saving thousands in the first place! Working two jobs and saving up was not easy, and I regret not investing that money with a surgeon with a better visual track record on RealSelf. Photos taken a year after surgery are rare but worth their weight in gold. If you can find someone coherent and who shares honest pictures on RealSelf, that is the only voice you should put your faith into.
RealSelf exists for good reason, use it!

Years ago, I first started reading about ‘micro-fat augmentation’ as BBL was called then, and got excited. When I discovered RealSelf, I saw ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’ photos and was always astounded by amateur photos from Salama and Jimerson patients in particular. Amateur photos that looked even more stunning than what featured on these two doctors’ official sites. I refuse to loose that excitement and promised myself that if I had to work two jobs a day for TWO more years I would do it, to fulfil my big booty dream.

RealSelf is an amazing tool. Not only for research and making friendships. But for transparency.

To the people who have followed my journey, one golden girl in particular. Thank you. I wish you everything your heart desires and that we’ll all continue to be unapologetic about our dreams.

You can follow the next step in my journey here:

This review has been edited at the request of the reviewer 09/16/15

31 Year Old Male Brazilian Butt Lift - Spain, ES (4 week update)

I'm posting my Week 4 post-op photos, alongside their 'before' counterparts which I had taken for the clinic when I first contacted them.

I'm actually in week 5 now. Just a week shy of the important 6 weeks mark. Even though my life has been extremely uneventful, time has gone by VERY quickly. I have no idea how, or why, but it is very exciting to feel progress being made so fast. 6 weeks marks half of the 12 week recovery period. 6 weeks means I can stop wearing the compression gear at night. And as the weeks rush by, I feel more able to exercise, which makes me happy too.

From what Dr Aslani, his assistant Jenny and nurse Alvaro told me, you continue to see substantial changes as the months go by. I have repeatedly read on this site too, that abdominal lipo swelling takes months to go down. This makes me very excited - as to be perfectly honest, right now - my waist is tiny, my stomach is very flat and at 5 weeks, I can't for the life of me see any swelling. It excites me to think that in 2 months time, potentially, the results will be even more delicious. It confuses me how that will be possible! I had a big belly, I had large love handles, all gone, and when I'm undressed, there doesn't seem to be any sagging skin, any odd imperfections - I am confused as to how my stomach, waist and back could possibly get any better for me! And yet I am told it's guaranteed it will...

Although I do miss the buttock size that the swelling gave me, deswelling is an inevitability one just has to accept. Dr Aslani told me he put the most fat he could into my buttocks. There is nothing stopping you from have BBL a second time, but I want to dedicate myself to staying trim and pert, so bulking up on fat cells again is just not going to happen. I'm happy. Sure, I won't lie, in my mind I had envisioned a more dramatic outcome - but again, with such fantastical results being on the cards, it's hard for the human brain to pin-point exactly how 'fantastical' the results will actually be. I mean, how do you measure and contain a 'fantasy'? Haha, I'm getting a bit philosophical now.

My buttocks are certainly a lot more round and wide, and full than before. I suspect there might be some body-dysmorphia at play too... I will explain:

Before the operation, I would say to myself 'I wish each buttock was a handful'. And I would reach around and place my hand over a cheek. My hand fit around the cheek. Now 5 weeks on, I see there is some deswelling, and I feel a bit sad and deflated (nice pun there!) and so, ungrateful little fool I am, I caught myself yesterday saying 'I wish each buttock was a handful' and I reached round, and cupped a buttock. My butt cheek easily filled my hand, with some cheek left over...
So it's UNDENIABLE my butt is bigger. It's my theory, that if it's something you have given a lot of thought and a lot of your 'fantasy' to... Your sense of perspective will be slightly skewed. The reality is, my butt is a lot bigger now - but sadly, I can't see "a lot bigger" but I know it's happened! The reality of the dozens of pairs of trousers I've had to give away to Cancer Research tell me that my butt is bigger! I suppose my biggest gripe is, the projection is not wildy different than what I had before, and although my figure looks CRAZY naked, in trousers, doesn't stick out in the way I had hoped it would - my critisism of BBL surgery, one which I've seen a few times on this site - the upper fullness to the buttocks are hugely different than before. That 'shelf look'. I suppose we have to be realistic about the nature of fat, where and how it wants to sit on your frame. They aren't implants after all. I will try over the next year to increase the size of the glute muscle under the fat, and again, there is a chance my lower back and waist may look smaller in a couple of months. Am I still happy? YES. Was it worth the money? YES. Is it life changing? YES.

My final thought - a note for guys having BBL -
We want to keep a certain level of body fat, to keep the butt plump after BBL, you paid all that money, you had that fat injected, you don't want to loose it, right? The problem can be, if you don't keep your body fat percentage down to a certain level, you will develop male breast fat. Which I have!
However much I build my chest with weights, the fat is not going to shift, unless my muscle mass gains are incredible and the size of the pectorals overshadow the layer of fat over them (which is unrealistic for me) I will have to trim down. And I will do that begrudgingly, as I really wanted to maintain the size of my ass. 'Spot Reduction' is a MYTH. You can not loose weight in one place without loosing weight everywhere else... So it comforts me somewhat, that even though my ass might shrink, proportionally, it will still be the beautiful shape Dr Aslani created.

Ideally, if a man is going to have a BBL, I feel he should have chest lipo 6 months down the line.
I'm not sure I will be able to to afford this, or perhaps maybe even need this.
So, my plan of action is to gain more muscle on my ass by doing wide-stance barbell squats, continue to build the size of my ass with muscle, so if my weight drops a little to get rid of the man boobs (!) I can compensate this way!

Again - I am loving my shape. And the size of the buttocks and the flatness of belly aside - my new proportions are what are astounding. Whether I can or loose weight... I have such a lovely over-all proportion.

Ahhhh... So the joys of being a woman... if you have fat on your chest... you enjoy bigger breasts! If a man has fat on his chest, he might as well join a circus. Haha, so on that note - I will go and do some more press-ups. Thank you all for reading and rest assured, I shall post more photos at the 3-month mark.

P.S 4 week update

For those of you who read my long tedious updates ... A correction:
I had meant to say "my critisism of BBL surgery, one which I've seen a few times on this site - the upper fullness to the buttocks are NOT hugely different than before. Sadly not the 'shelf look'. I suppose we have to be realistic about the nature of fat, where and how it wants to sit on your frame. They aren't implants after all."

I should learn to proof-read before I post!

31 Year Old Male Brazilian Butt Lift - Spain, ES (10 week update)

In two weeks time I will reach the 3 month post-op milestone, and as I will be taking new photos to send the clinic, I will also share them here with you.

I'm excited about these photos, and will put particular effort into recreating the same angles and poses in my initial pre-op 'before' pictures. I call 3 month post-op "milestone" as it's when most swelling would have disappeared and I can stop wearing the compression garments entirely. Although I suspect my buttocks have settled now, my stomach is still slightly tender and maybe even a little puffy, and I am assured it will continue to get smaller and tighter in the next few weeks. According to my doctor (we had our Skype catch-up a couple of weeks ago) and others doctors I have seen posting on this site, the first 80-ish percent of lipo swelling vanishes by the 3 month mark, and the remaining 20-ish percent, by 1 year after your op. My catch-up with the doctor was very helpful and eye-opening, and I will write about it in this update, but first an update on my butt:

I think I might be in an odd place in terms of the healing process. EVERYTHING that Dr. Aslani, and the charming male nurse Alvaro predicted to me seem to be happening... I was told by both of them, on different occasions, that famously - there is a point at 2 months post-op were patients feel somewhat deflated (I love a good pun) about the results, and that by 3 months post-op, when the deswelling is complete, the same patients are once again happy with their results, when their desired proportions reemerge. The difference of 4 weeks seem like such a small amount of time to me, so I struggle to wrap my tiny mind around this! BUT, I trust Dr. Aslani...

Exactly as he described - I seemed to have hit something of a 2 month post-op slump. I am not medically trained, so take everything I say 'with a pinch of salt' but here are my theories with what's going on with me:
1) The buttocks have settled, swelling and hardness subsided. While my stomach and back are still a little puffy, and deswelling yet to reach that 80-ish percent mark.
2) The skin has not fully retracted and tightened, which I suspect would be something that will take far longer than just a few months to happen, but my instinct tells me more like a year. When I bend over, you can see an array of ripples and prominent folds (not the airbrushed and taut washboard magazine cover stomach you might have unrealistically wished for after having lipo... as I think those results would be more in-keeping with a tummy-tuck.)
3) Lastly, diet. I have probably gained some weight, so that adds to the 'puffiness' of the belly and sides - combine that with wearing the compression garments a lot less, I have lost that extreme corset-like shape my body had naked. So all in all, I can understand why things don't look as exciting as they might have done a month ago...

While on the subject of food, I'd like to mention - I have had a really strange relationship with food since my operation. I don't want to get thinner, as I don't want to loose fat in my butt (and just to clarify, by "loose" I mean, for it to look smaller, you will never kill your newly transplanted fat cells once they have been established, they will just deflate and inflate as and when you loose and gain weight - they are yours for life apparently! I am conscious of not wanting to loose weight, but also not particularly motivated when it comes to toning up, which I think is important if you want your assets to look pert. I suppose my body still doesn't feel at it's strongest, and I just can't seem to stick to any kind of routine. I don't quite know what point, if any, I am trying to make - but it has surprised me to see a mental change in relation to eating. I do not find the need to comfort eat the way I used to. I expect, because I am a happier person, and I feel very respectful of my new body (not respect enough to do some dumbbell squats however!). The prospect of wearing those summer shorts tomorrow, with my cute butt and small waist parading through the park, outweighs whatever midnight demons are calling me to the fridge to binge! This disconnection to comfort eating has been amazing. Even when feeling socially underwhelmed, single and somewhat depressed - I have not felt the need to binge at night, as my 'comfort' is coming from the prospect of looking my best the next day. And your "best" comes very easily after Dr. Aslani has waved his magic surgeon's wand.

So I claim to be in a 2 month slump...
My buttocks swelling has completely gone. There are no hard or 'tingly' parts left to my buttocks. Due to some meetings at work, I was forced to sit down for a few hours each day last week, and found I could easily sit. I stayed away from sitting (becoming the joke of the office) for 8 weeks, and however difficult, I am happy I could get away with doing this - as I think I needed all the help I could get in helping those fat cells to survive. The clinic has a reputation of excellent fat-graft survival rates. Very high, 80-ish% survival results, documented with photos, like few other medical practices. But I know I have bad circulation, and if new blood vessels are intrinsic for fat cell survival then I was probably never the best candidate. I was advised to walk a lot after the operation, to stimulate the buttock area and have blood vessels establish new supplies to those fat cells and because the tingling sensations in my buttocks scared me, I didn't push myself as much as I now wish I had. I could have walked for 30 minutes twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, instead I would walk once, in the middle of the day.

Dr. Aslani told me he put 650cc in each cheek, explaining to me on many occasions that it's all the skin would allow, etc. It looked like a very large butt for the first 3 weeks post-op, and inevitably as the swelling has gone down, it looks somewhat smaller - and from some angles, not remarkably different from the butt I had before - BUT, 2 months on, I've been told, is when you're not feeling particularly positive.

With all this said, I know it is an entirely new butt. The depth of my cheeks is much more, something which is nonnegotiable when I am (forgive me) wiping my ass. Without being even cruder, I can now bounce my ass, something I never quite understood how to do, a movement I needed to learn to do it.. But it's not so much as a movement, as it is having 'mass'. I could now twerk, if the occasion called for it. My butt cheeks have enough mass to do that.

I speak of my buttocks having now 'settled'. The area I especially feel is lacking is the top of the buttocks, something which I wish was more pronounced, especially on side profile. After my surgery, there was an incredible amount of swelling - and stupidly, you will get attached to the 'swelling' and not the genuine amount of fat transplant granted to you by your talented surgeon. So perhaps I DO have 80% fat survival (!) it's just hard to work out what was fat, and what was swelling. Did fat die? Was it just swelling? I have never taken measurements, and rely on gut feeling, and photo comparisons.

What I do know is: Even while in this uncertain 'slump' - where as predicted, a patient might feel a bit deflated about things, I can still confidently say I am very grateful I had this procedure. Even though my buttocks aren't as large as I had anticipated, the proportions given to me by the incredible lipo work, enhance what I do have for buttock mass - so overall, it looks wonderful and I feel like a new person because of it.

Moving onto my recent talk with the Doctor... He assures me (a man of measured word and someone who doesn't commit to making any statement he can't stand-behind) that my waist will look smaller in a month. I'm at 2 months and 1 week post-op now. Even though there is some puffiness, my waist is small, my upper back looks huge in comparison... and yet with 100% conviction he says "you would be the exception" of the hundreds upon hundreds of patients if it didn't happen. This is a man I entirely trust. On the whole, I tend to be quite mistrustful, and cynical, but Dr. Aslani has every ounce of my respect and belief. When having a conversation with him, he presents things in a transparent yet entirely decisive way. It was a joy to speak to him over Skype two weeks back, and I've still got something of a spring in my step because of it.

So - the doctor assures me, at 3 months my waist will look smaller. Naturally then, my buttocks will look more pronounced as my proportions will become even more pleasing... And yet here I am at 2 months and 1 week post-op and I can't get my head around it. How will it happen? In such a short time. In three weeks? I don't understand how it will happen! But I suspend belief, and put my trust in someone who knows more than I do.

I shall return in 3 weeks, with my three week update and my 3-month comparison photographs.

Finally, I'm really intrigued about the concept of 'fluffing out'. Something I have read about, and something that gives hope to those BBL patients who have worried about loosing volume. I look forward to doing more research on this and needless to say, will continue to update you on my progress. If anybody here reads my journal and knows about this in any length, please feel free to post below and explain.

A Little Rant: Photos On The Site & Cheating A Peach Pose!

Realself is by far the best site for sharing photos of your results, but sometimes I feel that isn't really saying much. I see there's a new incentive ("win an iPhone 6!") for uploading videos, but I just wish they would tackle the problem of lack of photos before we got ahead of ourselves with anything more complicated! A lot of posters here seem really misguided with how important photographic evidence is - which is shocking to me - when visuals are the very basis of cosmetic surgery! I'm sure like me you've trawled through 30-40 text-only reviews to finally find the one poster brave enough to share any photos. More annoyingly, the posters who do share wonderful photos, will suddenly pull them down as they get spooked by stories of hackers or the most depressing one... "My boyfriend told me to take down my pics." (Regarding hackers: As someone who knows a lot about computers I wish I could tell them... Assuming this fantasy madman found your boring and anonymous photo of scarred buttocks desirable, to find you in the real world he would need your IP address, and that's something he could ONLY get if he hacked the RealSelf site itself, this has never happened, and RealSelf will be hosted on a big high-security server, if server or site were jeopardised the owners would shut them down immediately. It's just preposterous that someone would ever go to that kind of insane trouble over a crummy photo, when they have Xtube at their disposal).

In my humble opinion, if you crop your head, and pose against a clean wall - all you are doing is helping other people. But I suspect many aren't really here to help others make their decisions, it's more about them validating their own journey perhaps?. The reason I'm posting this little tirade is because earlier today I spent a great deal of time recreating my original poses taken in the hospital 5 months ago. I realised for the first time how important angles are, how so many people here are taking photos from a subtle 'below the buttock' view, which inevitably makes the arse look more plump than it might look in real life. I realised that I could have actually been making my butt look a lot more impressive on this site, so took a few photos, with the camera just below the line of my buttocks and am sharing them now for fun... These results however aren't what normal people see when I'm queueing up in line at the grocery store (unless they've dropped some loose change on the floor that is). We should be honest about how successful our surgery, not push our asses out and curve our backs and have our legs together... Realself should encourage posters with templates and tutorials! We all need to try and make the ugliest, and most unflattering pose - with the camera looking down at the butt from a slightly elevated position (like the human eye would do...) If your ass is still big, the projection still there, then you know you've achieved good results. Rant over!

OVER THE MOON WITH ASLANI: My 5 Month Photo Update

It's fair to say Dr. Aslani's work has pretty much changed my life. There's a dramatic difference in my body, and the confidence I now have in clothes too. Summer was a lot of fun. Shorts, parks, shorter shorters, water-fights, tighter shorts, and plenty of compliments. Exciting to get attention, and exciting to feel my body is closer to what I want it to feel like. Although I am still chasing my dream of securing a big, oversized, earth-shatteringly large rump - The good doctor's careful, nuanced work has not only given me bigger buttocks, but ZERO flanks (even after weight gain, you literally can't pinch an inch on my flanks) and as a result of the small waist, his work has brought out the progress I'd made at the gym on my back, shoulders and traps over the last 10 years. Overall, I'm happy. I want to share a few important insights, and will talk about where I go from here.

So, first off - apologies for missing my 3 month update, and as I'm posting now at 5 months, it looks like I'll probably be missing my 6 month update too and instead posting again around the 9 month mark, and then of course, the all important '12 months later' post, which I promise however busy life gets - I will post no matter what, for my assessment a year on after having this exciting, nerve-racking surgery. Does it really work? Will the fat be retained a year on? You hear all this crazy horror stories - I want to disprove them to badly!

It surprises me how long it's taken to get my head around what BBL is, how fat works, what the trade-offs are for the patient, etc. I had done around 2 years worth of research, read everything, scrutinised every review and case I could find, but it was only until I was having to ask specific questions about my own healing process that I finally managed to grasp those missing pieces of the puzzle. Now, when I read other peoples reviews and updates, I impress myself with how quick I can diagnose and come up with a solution to what they are complaining about. Are my results perfect? No. Am I a photo on a magazine cover? No. Can my fat act like implants at stick up in the air like balloons? No. Should I do serious squats with heavy weights to built up my glutes underneath? YES.

One piece of advice we've all been given over and over again is, 'keep your weight consistent after a BBL'. Once the swelling had gone down, my buttocks weren't has large as I had hoped for. BUTT GREED sets in. Now, to be clear - Dr. Aslani gave me 650cc in each cheek, my skin was tight, and he said this on a few occasions, assuring his greedy patient that that was the maximum he could give me. So around the 3 month mark, I decided 'not so subconsciously' (haha) to eat more, to see where now I would gain weight, A very small bit on my stomach, a tiny bit on my lower back, quite a bit on my chest (CRY, I'm a guy!) and YES, with the difference of 10 pounds in weight, a month and two weeks on, it really has created a visible difference in my ass size. And quite honestly... I love it! But let's hold our horses - the trade-off is... My back and my stomach don't look as neat as they might have done had I kept a consistent weight. The Dr sculpts you, he creates a masterpiece - but then because we are greedy, we try to f*ck about with it. There are people on this site complaining about lumps, and about folds when they twist their back to the side, and a lot of the time, I suspect it's because the person has gained weight.

Now at close to 13 stone, I can't get any heavier. It would just be unhealthy and stupid. My neck has started to show it, and much to my sadness, my chest has gained some fat on it. But again, I want a big, crazy sized rump - and that is all the trade-off.

5 months back... I couldn't have more fat injected into my buttocks, as my skin was tight. If I were to have a round 2 now, as my ass has expanded, and the skin stretched a little, I could have more lipo (which the doctor said he was happy to consider after 6 months) then presumably I could put more fat into my ass, the wonder of the BBL, built it up even more. However - we would be moving the fat, if my neck and chest aren't going to get lipo-ed... (both of which are totally different operations!) I would still have manboobs, and a double-chin right? So again, this is what I mean about the trade-off. BBL is not an implant, it isn't as simple as moving fat around, you need to be 'fat' enough to have that fat to move, and fat enough to maintain it. Did I get my head around this 2 years ago? No. How could I?

My advice: Perhaps be realistic about your size, your build, and going into the surgery at a certain weight and maintaining your results (and having less size) is better than gaining more weight after surgery having a bigger ass, but a lumpy and inconsistent body. The devil that is 'butt greed'.

If I do have Round 2. It will be with Dr. Aslani. I don't know if there is a medical condition with getting attached to your doctor, but I must have it! I will sound like a madman, but all I can do is praise the doctor and his team, again and again. I was accused in one private message of working for the clinic. I really don't! I have my own job in London, and had to save up a great deal of money to have my BBL. I just know that any of the shortcomings I have felt after surgery are to do with my own misinformed expectations - fat isn't an implant. I asked for 'huge proportions' and the doctor, with the amount of fat he could put in, (I think) concentrated on my width - while he did tell me before surgery, most men are concerned with projection, the doctor worked his magic for me in the manner I specified. When I asked for aggressive lipo to my flanks, he showed some concern about what he felt would result in a feminine hour-glass shape. I heard him out, and then repeated what it was I wanted! ... and he proceeded with my request. The results I have today are because of conversations we had, and the joint decisions we made. If I had been happy to give up my fantasy of having a 'large ass' then I am sure I might have been able to secure more projection, with a smaller overall backside.

Now there is great width, which was pleasantly surprising, but not a huge deal of projection. So hungry for more, I will absolutely consider a Round 2. My mission now is to find Before & Afters for Round 2s. To go through the process for a minimal change would be a shame right?

One thing I do know is I am absolutely supported by the clinic, by the doctor, and I feel extremely lucky to be on this journey with them. If people think I work for them, etc - then so be it. I spent ALL day trying to recreate the lighting, the colour, the positions and subtle angles of my original 'before' pictures taken in Malaga, Spain 5 months ago because I wanted to create brilliant side-by-side comparisions for RealSelf, not for anyone else. I love Dr. Aslani's work, and his amazing team and clinic - but my biggest love, and loyalty is for the people who want a BBL and are trying in earnest to get informed. I want to provide consistent updates and provide accurate photos of my progress. Just because someone can construct a sentence and knows how to spell doesn't make it a fake profile. Anyway friends, enjoy results...

And needless to say, I want to hear what you think as honestly as you can. Good or bad, I want your opinions.

7 Months Post-BBL

My relationship with my results, and the clarity that the passing months have given me have forced to me to re-evaluate what I think about my results. I am not happy, and regret going to this surgery.

I almost feel like a fraud. Sharing pictures that I knew weren't really representing what I could see at other angles, and white-washing the fears I was feeling with an optimism that just hasn't paid off.

Fear of travelling across the Atlantic, and impatience at needing more money for North American surgery lead me to Spain. Their website provides great before and afters, thrilling to look through when you are wanting to change your body. Their friendly manner and professionalism second to none, but did I get a 'Brazilian Butt Lift'? No.

I am not 'butt obsessed', I was never kidding myself that without implants I could have the projection of Kim Kardassian, but what I did want was a lot of volume in my rear after surgery, I wanted my bottom to be bigger and most, to have some visual impact. I honestly feel my bottom is exactly the same size as it was before (and with a humble 650 cc administered, and with the usual 20-30 percent fat absorption rate, you can understand even without looking at pictures why I would be left disappointed).

For three months post-bbl, I had a lot of swelling, and not much of an appetite in the tight garments. I felt thin, and my bottom felt pronounced. This was soon to change.

It is my humble belief (studying the hundreds of reviews on this website) that I did have enough fat initially, for more dramatic results. Results that a more skilled pair of hands could have grafted. I know Dr Aslani is hesitant to give people 'comedic results'. But the universal theme of people going in for BBL seems to be 'The bigger the better'. I also know there are legal limits to how much fat you are allowed to administer within the UK, and I would guess European doctors are bound to this as well. So whether it is the Doctor's personal taste, or a legal strait-jacket, I do not believe this surgery in Spain is truly representing itself correctly. You will get world-class body sculpting, but "Brazilian Butt Lift' as defined by how most would understand it? No.

I worked two jobs 6 days a week for a year, to save up the money I needed for this surgery. It was tortured, but a torture that was comforted by the results and promises made on the Cirumed website. I worked hard, and paid what to me is a lot of money, and expected results which were representative of the phrase "Brazilian Butt Lift" which they have plastered across their website. I have very little in terms of flanks, my belly is flatter than it has ever been... But I did not spent $7000+ for a 'Brazilian Flank Lift', or a 'Brazilian Belly Lift'.

Dr Aslani's style is boxish and the buttock curve will start higher up on the body than most surgeons, starting from the waist, giving more flacid pear-shape, hippy in appearance, but not 'apple'. Where as Jimerson or Salamah style is more 'peachy' with the butt starting lower, causing it to 'pop' more. But these visual nuances aside, the reviews on this website seem to have a consistent theme of people being unhappy with volume they are getting (or not as the case seems to be) from this Dr. Aslani.

The tragedy is, however much back-fat you are left with, and however hard you struggle to pile on a few extra pounds for a Round 2 - You will NEVER enjoy the impact you had from a Round 1 again. When I comfort myself with the prospect of maybe one day being able to afford a 'Round 2', I quickly have to remind myself that those large fat deposits just don't exist anymore, and would a $11,000 Jimerson surgery be justified for what might essentially ending up being a glorified 'revision' with not much visual change.

A tragedy.

It is so important to pick a doctor who not only has results and 'promises' on the website, but has a wealth of photographic evidence on sites like RealSelf from unbiased patients sharing their results. My doctor did not have this, and I took a chance. And since then, RealSelf has more Cirumed patients sharing their results, and non of them seem representative of the results we see on their website, and more alarming, almost all of them seem unhappy and immediately speak of a Round 2.

If I had continued to keep my head down, and tortured myself working two jobs for 6 more months, I would afforded to go to Salamah or Jimerson or Fisher.

Sure, if I am 'butt obsessed' and in denial, I would still perhaps have not been content had I gone to America. But with the general consensus in the States being '1000+ ccs' on average for a Round 1 patient, I would have found some comfort in knowing my buttocks (projection or not) would have been visually a lot bigger. A comfort I sadly do not have after Cirumed in Spain. I had aggressive lip on my flanks and the curve in my back draws more attention to my buttocks at certain angles, but are my buttocks bigger in size? No. Just No.

Now - I am committed to weight lifting, deep squats with a large amount of weight will break-down the glutes and the muscle fibres re-heal between workouts and get bigger and bigger (you will not achieve this from polite squats with tiny barbells ladies!) but I am very sad that my chances to increase my butt size was, in my mind, wasted on uninspired surgery.

Think big, take big chances. Don't apologise for your dreams.

I continue to dream that a Round 2 state-side with a clever surgeon will grant me 800 ccs somewhere in the future. But it is a dream, and the reality might be that at the weight I am happy with, I will never have enough fat to make enough of an impact to justify the cost (and hard work!) of a future Round 2.

I feel like my precious fat has been wasted, poured down a drain. I don't doubt my Doctor did all he could...

But are there other Doctors in the world who could of done differently? OF COURSE! Will they all be moody curmudgeons who intimate us? OF COURSE! But it's easy to click on 'recent reviews' on this lovely site, and see very quickly that there are some genuinely positive results. Everyone complains, everyone has 'butt greed' but a large amount of people made the right choices with the surgeons they went to and have substantial, non-negotiable visual results.

Clearly, America is where it's at.

And Spain? The poor man's choice.
Spain Plastic Surgeon

Sadly, the results just aren't there. Wasted money, and worst of all, wasted fat reserves. If you are considering this clinic because like me you are in Europe and do not have the courage to travel across the Atlantic, please find the courage and don't waste your money. A lovely doctor, and a lovely team but I would class what I had in Spain as glorified body-sculpting, NOT a Brazilian Butt Lift in the sense that we have all researched and what we understand 'BBL' to be. I'm not the first to criticise Dr. Aslani's conservative style, and although I was given legitimate reasons as to why I couldn't have more fat put into my buttocks (tight skin) and offered a very generous deal on a second round (wonderful man), however I can't defend the clinic anymore with 'rose-tinted glasses' and continue to lead people on with my over-enthusiastic review. I can't ignore the amount of fellow Cirumed patients on RealSelf that have shared their pathetic results. It wasn't just 'me' after all. Small amounts of fat transpanted and flacid results. Whether it's the surgeon's lack of skill, or perhaps European law doesn't allow the amounts of fat you can inject across the Atlantic, something is not 'right' with this clinic and the RealSelf results do not match their websites results. I can't continue to pretend and be an advertisement for something I do not have faith in. Here I am more than a year later, and when the little swelling I had finally went down, I realised I had lost my valuable virgin fat reserves and that my buttocks were the same exact size as before, sadly my bank balance wasn't.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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