BBL with Dr Aslani 1st September 2014 - Spain, ES

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I had BBL with Dr Khan from Harley Street in 2012....

I had BBL with Dr Khan from Harley Street in 2012. Waste of time and money!
Going for round 2 with Dr Aslani. I really don't want to stay on my own in Malaga for 7 days, I asked if I could return home after 2 days and continue my aftercare in London but I was told absolutely not.
Can't wait to get this over and done with

Less than one week to go!! BBL Dr Aslani

All packed and ready cannot wait. I have become obsessed with reading reviews and know how important a good review is when it comes to helping others make the decision. From my research there are very few surgeons who specialise in BBL surgery in Europe and the thought of flying from the UK to the USA for surgery is not for everyone especially not me. Therefore I know that my review will be useful for my European BBL sisters.
This time next week I will one day post op and will be sure to give you an honest review on not only my results but also the hospital, surgeon, aftercare etc

Less than 12 hours to go BBL with Dr Aslani

Can't believe I am now in Malaga. Flight from London was just over 2 hours, I decided to upgrade to Business Class and am hoping that the flight home is equally as empty as the flight here meaning that I could have a row to myself and lay across all 3 seats.
I am staying at The Hotel Vinnci Malaga, it's modern and clean and 10 minutes from the airport it cost 20 Euros in a taxi to get here. I believe it's a 5 minute journey to the hospital in Malaga.
Sorry I guess this update is more aimed at my UK BBL sisters.
I will update you tomorrow as to my results xx

Dr Aslani - 1 day post op

It's finally done and I am really happy with my results. I am not in pain just some discomfort from the garments which are very tight.
I have met a fair few surgeons and have to say that Dr Aslani comes across very well, I have met with some surgeons who are just glorified salesmen and will sell you false dreams of how your surgery will look post op. I felt that Dr Aslani was honest with me and seems passionate about his work.
Please girls bring a funnel to assist when you pee after surgery it's bloody difficult without one. Also I had food at 10pm on Sunday and not again until breakfast this morning around 10am so was really hungry by then. Bring some snacks along.
The garments are quite bulky so right clothing is not advisable.
If you are flying from London if you can pay the extra and fly with BA and upgrade to business class x

1 day post op blurry photos - sorry

More pics to follow this evening.

My height and weight

I am 5ft 7 and a little under 11 stone
Dr Aslani managed just under 1000cc's in each cheek ????????

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