Bbl with Dr Aslani Malaga - Spain, ES

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Okie so after researching doctores and viewing all...

Okie so after researching doctores and viewing all the reviews I have decided to go with dr aslani. I've paid everything and I'm the day before surgery. I'm at the pool at my hotel relaxing before he big day Tmro! I am going to post some pictures tonite of my before and my measurements and I will keep you all updated on my progress and experience. So far I have found dr aslani and his team so professional and helpful. Fast responses and very informative and I'm super excited for Tmro! I decided to stay at the nostrum hotel in Malaga as they have a beautiful roof terrace, pool and lounge so I figured lots to do if I'm going to bed hotel Bound for the week.

I'm a size 12 and i have a good shape to start with, my waste and hip ratio is curvy so I guess I want to turn my velvo into a Mercedes. I love big bums and snatched waists so I know dr aslani will give me my dream body! Xx

Day after surgery

Okie I'm still in hospital in maga and it's the day after surgery. My booty and legs done hurt at all (strange) but my back and chest really hurts from Layin on it all this time it's very painful. Dr aslani was great, him and his team Have made my experience a good one, they kept me informed at all Stages and he came to see me last nite to check up on me. He said I have 2000cc in each cheek and I got a look at the pic from after surgery and it looked amazing! I'll Post pics as soon as I can. One thing i brought my sister with means I can't imagine doing this alone, from Going to bathroom to picking up a towel I so glad she is with me.

First picture

Here's my first picture day after surgery, totally love the shape and my waist. Dr aslani vistited me this morning to make sure I was doing good and to explain more about my aftercare. I'm struggling laying in my tummy but a support pillow is helping take the weight off my chest. Im swolen and bruised but overjoyed so far with my results and the treatment at the Malaga hospital. Hope this helps others with their journeys. I will
Posting updates

As requested before and after

Before and after

Day 3 morning

Woken up and taken my medication, sleep wasn't good as I couldn't get comfortable and my back and check hurts. Managed to wash and walking about it normal now. Haven't tried to sit yet been eating standing. I pee a lot but haven't pooped, anyone else take days to empty bowels? I know gross but scared of poisoning xxx

Day 5

Okie it's day 5, I've had my stitches out this morning at the Malaga hospital wasn't sore at all. I still feel stiff in my body but that's normal. My bruising on my legs is bad but again, doesn't hurt. Still finding sleeping on my front hard! Got a pillow given to me today for my flight home (3 hour flight) for take off and landing. I will stand the rest of the flight. I'm not in much pain so I'm not worried about the flight. I will post more pictures next week, I'm wearing sponges and support garments so you can't realt see my shape yet without me naked. Again still very happy with my results. Also anyone stayin in Malaga this hotel is awesome- rooftop pool and lots flat seating to lay on in shade also, great staff, nice food, casino downstairs so lots to do without leaving hotel. They've been accommodating at my meals letting me eat at the bar rather than seated restreraunt. It's quiet too so no one is looking at me funny with my support garment and shorts. Hope that's helpful hotel is Malaga nostrum hotel (Mn) it's 5 mins taxi to hospital and 8 mins from airport, in taxi the driver puts the front seat flat so I can lay on my tummy lol

Finally back in the uk

Okie I was nervous about the flight home but it wasn't too bad! The pillow Cirumed gave me helped a lot. I sat for take off and landing using the pillow so my butt and hips didn't touch the seat, I stood the rest of the 3 hour flight and walked back and forward. I feel pretty good, still taking my medication, my appetite is back. Still haven't pooped yet tho ???? Slightly worried about that, after taking a natural laxative nothing .... I will post pictures soon xx

7 days post op

Hey girls so here are some updates pics I took today, still bruised but only my waist feels a bit sore. Side projection

More pics from day 7

As requested here are some more pics, you can see my thigh bruising but it doesn't hurt at all, my bottom has slight bruising.

16 days post op

My life is back to
Full normality, working and traveling . Luckily I stand for work so that's a great help. Have slept on my back couple of times as I've woken up and moved through the nite- managed to never rest or sleep on my side. still wearing the blue sponge triangle when sleeping? Anyone else kept using it? I still have little swelling on my waist and my lower back but nothing is painful or to uncomfortable now. I can wear my jeans with pride!! Lots of people commenting on how great I look- comparing me to Kim k, was secretly buzzing inside ???? . This is bar far the best thing I've done!! I will
Post more images soon xxx

Pics from 16 days post op

Some bruising still there, no pain. Hope this is helpful
Girls xxx

Almost at the 3 month Mark

Hey guys just updating I'll also
Post pics, my fat feels normal now, soft like before. I would say I've lost about 25% of my fat transfer but I know perhaps even more can go between 3-6 months. I really hope it doesn't go down any further as I like my big booty! Here are some pics....

One year post op dr aslani

Okie it's been one year since my bbl experience with dr aslani and I'm still in love with my results, my marks from lypo are completely gone!! By far the best financial investment in myself I've ever made, I wake up every morning and love looking at myself naked! My confidence is the best it has ever been and I feel and look great!

I don't go gym so my tummy has slightly grown lol ( I don't eat great either).

I am 100% going to have another round early next year as I want my arms, upper back and inner thighs done as well as more transfer to my booty (not that I need it I just want More) super excited and because I've been before I'm not nervous at all xxx

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