The Start of my Journey (MTF) Buttock Augmentation with Implants and Fat Grafting - Spain, ES

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So I wanted to start my journey. I'm a MTF...

So I wanted to start my journey. I'm a MTF transwoman 2.5 years into HRT and 3 years (in total) into my journey. I have a low BMI (20.4 at current) and little shape so this procedure is a big one for me. I've selected a buttock augmentation with fat grafting. Only 6 weeks till the big day and all booked and ready.

My BMI was below 20 as I made the decision to move towards my surgery. It's been a shock to my system and I am now desperately trying to put on weight (big change), to aid Dr Aslani with the fat grafting opportunity to support my buttock augmentation. My procedure planned is the following

1. Water Jetstream liposculpture of the flanks
2. Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) via fat grafting. This entails workup with the extracted fat with the Humanmed lipocollector technique and multiplane microinjection technique
3. Laser liposuction for skin retraction on the donor sites to tighten the skin and accentuate your waistline
4. Insertion of silicone implants

The recovery doesn't look easy, but I have elected to do the toughest of my 3 surgeries first, and will be looking to have a breast augmentation 6 months later, and eventually my GRS in the coming 1.5 years.

The anesthesia I have been told will be an epidural in my spine, so it does make me nervous on the pain, with my recovery layover in Marbella being 16 days post op. I am expecting to have a drip to ensure seroma does not occur and have to say with an operation that does carry many risks, Dr. Aslani's complication rate and diligence has put my mind at ease.

I'm just 6 weeks away from my first ever surgery, and am definitely a little scared but I'm all booked and ready.

I choose to stay in an AirBnB apartment and have two very kind friends one joining me on week one, and the second coming later for the last 7 days. No idea how mobile I will be yet, but being in Malaga for 2 days and Marbella for 16, really can't all be bad?! (she hopes ;)

1 month in.. and 2.3 weeks to go

Wow, I'm still trying desperately to put on weight. I've managed a stone so far and my BMI has gone from 19.2 8 weeks ago to about 21.2 this morning.

It sounds so silly, but I've actually lost 7st in the last 2.5 years, and now having to reverse all of the hard work I've found so hard. Its been really tough

But that said I'm now only 17 days away from surgery :) Going to try and push myself to 22.5 if I can get there and a little more if I can. I don't think I'll be able to add more than half a stone from this point, but will try my best!!

Have to say the clinic have been amazing with me. I've already paid and now just the eating game. Responses have been fantastic and I feel in really good hands.

I decided to not stay at a hotel and have booked an AirBnB apartment 1.5KM from the clinic in Marbella, as 1. it will be more comfortable and 2. it cut the cost by €2000 at least. Especially with a really long layover of 16 days plus etc.

I can't wait, and even though the recovery I am sure will hurt, being in Marbella for 16days post surely can't be all bad :) x
Spain Plastic Surgeon

So far the experience has been good. Answers have been prompt, I was able to chat to Dr. Aslani via Skype which really calmed my nerves. The clinic has supplied everything that has been needed and I am now desperately trying to gain weight to add with the operation. 6 weeks until my surgery date and definitely scared and excited

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