Breast aug and abdominolasty- Philippines

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I had my surgery together with b.a and tummy tuck...

I had my surgery together with b.a and tummy tuck lipo in same time.
I am living in S.korea but i chose my surgeon in the Philippines. Why? I heard in the news that there were ghost doctors. There are so many big hospitals and clinics in gangnam but which one is the real one?i cant speak korean fluently so i prefer to go back home.
There are many good Doctors in the Philippines. I emailed 3 doctors. One doctor was really consistent and we exchange emails for 3 monthS.
I set my flight on june 27 after i arrived in the airport i had my lab. Test immediately. All my tests are normal. They set my surgery on june 28.

Breasr aug and tummy tuck with lipo

Not comfortable and i had blisters on my tummy and breast or on the incision.
But i am taking medicines now.
Getting healed

3weeks after b.a and abdominolasty

Almost 3 weeks and my wounds getting better. My tummy look better than before. From betadine i used anti biotic cream now. But my surgeon asked me to out on again betadine on my breast. I still have to wait for 3~6 days to get dry. I thought its getting better. Im still worried
again . I saw a blister again on my left breast. I took antibiotic capsules again.
Delayed healing


Because of the blisters... i had to put betadine again... itching and not comfortable... my skin peel off and my skin turned black. i think betadine is not good for my skin.
After few days , blisters gone and dried up. I stayed in the Phils for 26days because i want to re assure my condition but i think getting worst when i got back in s.korea.
After more than one week i noticed ,there was a hole on left breast. I sent pictures to my surgeon. He said i have to go back to Philippines to remove my breast implants . I decided to book and go back..
Another expenses...
Really depressed and worried.
When il get there , right away i went to his clinic and he did the operation there. I received local anethesia. Two implants removed and i received also scar revision on my breast for free. After removal of implants, i thought he will also check my tummy. My tummy was not also good.
He just ignored it and he just want to concentrate first on my breast.
But anyway, I asked the reason why i had this hole.
He said maybe the blister cause me to open up my incision on my breast.
I cant understand also the Doctor why he told to me the condo that we stayed was dirty. I had maid and she cleaned everyday. I just said "yes ...maybe"
I dont smoke. I also followed his direction in taking medicines and cleaning my wounds. I used betadine for almost a month and take a bath 2x a day. He gave me also anti biotic tablets.
He said i will just wait for 3 months to put back again the silicone. But now i am here in s.korea. i heard from the people i know here, korea has the best surgeons. Why choose Philippines. Maybe it was my mistake. Eventhough there were ghost surgeons ,there were also good doctors. So i will think about it if i will put back my silicone in the Phils. He offered me for free but i only have to pay for the hospital bill , anesthesiologist,new silicon etc. I dont think about it now and i am still worried.

But for now, i still have open wound on my tummy. My scar was not good. Both breast dried and getting better.
I am still putting on anti biotic cream both breast and tummy.
Today is one month and 3 weeks.
I hope everything will be okay.

Worst scars ever!!!

I searched and inquired here in s.korea how to resolve this wounds and scar.. im depressed on how my scar looks skin changed its color.. it turned dark.

Wound care

I am not fluently in korean . I asked my husband to come with me in the dermatologist here in south korea.
I was not able to talked him a lot before.
My husband worried a lot so i let him assk questions to the dermatologist. He said that i am stupid choosing my surgeon. The doctor said my situation is serious while my surgeon said in the Philippines said i dotn have to worry because it will.
As i said earlier, i changed dressing twice and put medicine and i dnt smoke.
I care for my wounds.
And the korean doctor asked to my husband... "is he really a Surgeon? "
My husband is angry because of what i did in the Philippines. He didnt know that i had surgery there. I opened up to him after few days.
I will go back again in the clinic on thursday for checking up my wounds. And starting next week they will start the session for my wounds.


I was scheduled last tuesday but was moved today. I ve been to the dermatologist again for my wound care. . They put cream on my tummy so that i cant feel anything once it will start the laser treatment. I waited 30 minutes before they started the treatment.
They removed the dead skin or dead skin tissue on my skin which delays my healing process. I dont know the exact term.for that.
I received medicine for 7 days. I am not allowed to move a lot and take a shower for two days. I am not allow to take any medicine especially diet pills or anything that will delays or disturb my healing process. Suddenly my husband asked the korean dermatologist if collagen tablets/pills help the healing process. And he said , No! But my surgeon in the Philippines asked me to buy collagen for faster healing. And i even paid him 75usd for my collagen injection. I just followed him that time because hes mah surgeon. I paid him 75usd/session. He said i have to finished 5 sessions. I believed him.
But that time i had doubts already because my wounds getting worst....
I think he is money maker also...
Anyway, right now... i have to stick on my dermatologist's advice for my wound care.
I think korea is still the best place for skin beautifyng and surgery....


My second laser treatment was done last week. I will have again another laser treatment after next week. My wounf is getting better. The dermotologist here in s.korea gave me medicine. I take it for one week. I also have schedule weekly for cleaning my wounds and change dressing. I hope after my 3rd laser treatment will be fine.

Scar laser

Getting better but still scar is ugly.
I will have my last session for scar tomorrow here in south korea


My scars are still big. I work out. I do pilates. I think i gained weight. But i can still feel something like hard under my scar. But i massage on my own. Before my upper stomach was really and i massaged slowly and it is ok now.


I put some cream but still not good. This is the only problem i have now the scar.
I had laser before but its too expensive and it said it will not perfectly remove.
I just order cream online which i put on everyday. Same on my breast
Dr. Rino Lorenzo

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