4 Weeks and 5 Days PO Tummy Tuck March 22 Two New Pics!

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I am a 38 year old mother of 4, ages 15,10,7, and...

I am a 38 year old mother of 4, ages 15,10,7, and 4. I have been considering a tummy tuck for about 8 years, but really became serious about it after having my 4 year via emergency c-section. I just could not get rid of the gut. I love the person that I am, but I hate looking into the mirror. I just want to be comfortable and confident. I am recently divorced, but going thru that allowed me to see just how much I sacrificed for my family and my children and its time that I do something for me. My tummy tuck is scheduled for March 22, I paid double of what was required for my deposit just so I dont change my mind. I'm hoping I can get continued encouragement from you guys throughout this process, and that maybe I can encourage someone else.

Hi ladies, I am 37 days away from the new me. I am...

Hi ladies, I am 37 days away from the new me. I am more exited than anything. I have been working out every day and trying to eat better so I could be down at least 15-20 pounds before surgery. I plan on starting my shopping for things like the toilet seat riser and shower chair, and I will be renting a recliner for my bedroom. I am on this site day and night and can't wait to get this done lol.

28 days until my TT. I'm still very excited. It's...

28 days until my TT. I'm still very excited. It's crazy because my motivation is not really to walk around in a bikini, but to be able to work out in a sports bra without having to wear a frumpy XL T-shirt over it. lol. However, the bikini will be an added bonus. I have been working out hard doing Zumba everyday sometimes twice a day. I'm having so much fun, its going to suck not being able to workout for weeks after surgery. But when I do go back ladies, I'm going to the front of the class in front of the mirror with my sports bra on :) Best wishes ladies!!!

Hey Ladies, I had my pre-op last friday March 8,...

Hey Ladies, I had my pre-op last friday March 8, it was really informal. I filled out all my paper work, paid in full, and was given a list of everything I can not take. Basically, the only thing I can have now until surgery is Tylenol. I also recieved all my presciptions and my vitamedica.
At the moment I am still excited, no nervousness yet and hopefully I won't get that way. I just celebrated my 38th birthday this past Sunday and I am really excited about approaching my 40's being fabulously HOT!!!
Ladies, what are some of the neccesities to have during the recovery period? I got my recliner, and toilet seat riser.

Alright ladies, Tummy Tuck is tomorrow, got a call...

Alright ladies, Tummy Tuck is tomorrow, got a call from my PS office and surgery has been pushed back an hour :( The nurse gave me last minute instructions and the wierd thing is she told me to shave my pubic area myself. Did anyone else have to do that?
I am still very excited about my Tummy Tuck, but I must admit some nerves did kick in today.
I stayed up until 2:30 this morning cleaning my house, and my recliner is being delivered today. It's finally here ladies. Happy Healing to all recovering from surgery and best wishes to everyone preparing for surgery.

Surgery went well! I will post with details when...

Surgery went well! I will post with details when I get home tomorrow. Happy healing ladies...

Well ladies, I'm sorry I havent posted sooner but...

Well ladies, I'm sorry I havent posted sooner but I swear all I've been doing is sleeping. Just to give you a run down about how surgery went. I arrived at the surgery center around 12 pm and my doctor was running behind so I didnt go back until after 2 pm. My PS went over with me what was going to happen and did my markings and more before picks. Then my anesthesiologist came in and went over everthing with me, we all then walked back to the OR and I remember the anesthesiologist smiling at me saying he would see me in a couple of hours. I felt like the surgery went by so fast, I woke up very cold and I was shaking for about 20 mins and trust me the shaking and the pain was not a good mix. My sister was right by my side and was telling me how good my stomach looked. I spent the night at the surgery center and slept the entire time except for when my nurse got me up to use the bathroom and walk around. The recliners at the surgery center were awesome and they had these straps attached to my feet that massaged them and kept the circulation moving. I got home this morning but the only thing Ive been able to do is sleep. I was finally able to eat some soup and crackers a few minutes ago and that is the first thing Ive had since surgery. NO appetite. My mom and sister have been getting me up every 4 hours to take my pain meds and clear my drains. My kids have been extra supportive and my dog just looks at me as though he knows something is not right. Right now I'm in a bit of pain but nothing unbearable. But the best thing is: I love my new tummy. My PS said he took 5 pounds off my stomach. I'm going to try and post a picture and will take more as I feel up to it. Happy healing ladies, back to sleep I go.

Hey ladies, today is p o day 5. Just wanted to...

Hey ladies, today is p o day 5. Just wanted to give a quick update. As most of the other ladies have said, every day gets easier. My first few days all I could do was sleep. I didnt have an appetite and I just got up to use the restroom, check and dump my drains and take my meds.
Today I had my first p o appointment and was able to have my drains removed Yay me!!! It was not as bad as I thought it would be. The nurse removed the sutures and asked me to take a deep breath and before I knew it the drains were out (I couldn't believe how long they were). There was a slight burning sensation that only lasted a few minutes.
I have gone all day with no pain meds and if it gets too bad, I will just take an extra strength Tylenol. I am very happy with my results and would do it again in a heart beat. The swelling is REAL!!!! lol. Tonight, I get to take a shower and I can not wait. Well ladies Happy Healing!!! By the way, because of all the meds I did not have a BM until day 4 and that was with the assistance of several doses of MOM and stool softners.... sorry if that was TMI.. but what a relief.

Okay ladies, I was able to take my first shower...

Okay ladies, I was able to take my first shower since surgery last night, and I must say it felt GREAT!!!! The funny thing was when I got out of the shower and was drying off I automatically was looking to lift my belly to dry under the bulge but the amazing thing was, the bulge was gone!!!! I am very happy with my outcome and even though I am not super flat yet and am swollen, I feel so good looking in the mirror something I havent felt in a long time. I can also honestly say that this surgery/pain has not been as bad as I thought it would be.
Happy healing all and be Blessed!

Hello Ladies, this is p o day 10 for me and I am...

Hello Ladies, this is p o day 10 for me and I am feeling good. I'm still swollen but now when I look in the mirror, I am so pleased with what I see. Today I started driving again, I dropped my little ones off to school and picked them up, however, I was really careful about getting in and out of the car. I have been trying on some of my old clothes and its amazing how they fit. My jeans can't be worn without a belt and it is beautiful to see that there is no bulge showing through the jeans.
I feel so BLESSED! The recovery has not been bad at all and I feel well enough to go back to work early, but I'm not going to, I will take this time for me.
So ladies, I need your help. What kind of compression garment should I look into buying? and where can I get it?
Be Blesses Tummy Tuck Sista's :)

Hello fellow TT'rs. Today is PO day 17 and my...

Hello fellow TT'rs. Today is PO day 17 and my first day back to work. The day dragged and I am so happy to be off. I thought I might have some back soreness from sitting at my desk but it wasnt too bad. I am still swollen and my appetite is now out of control. I have to buckle down and get back to my healthy eating. I had my second p o visit with my PS this past Friday and it went very well. He can't believe how fast the healing process has been for me and how well my scar in healing. I thank God for that. I am so tired of not working out, I miss Zumba so much. My PS gave me clearance to start walking this week so I'm going to do that tonight. However, he said no Zumba for at least 6 weeks :(
I did have a few spitting stitches on my belly button but he removed them for me. All and all, I am very Blessed. I dont have any pain but thats probably because I didnt get any lipo at all. I have not had any pain medication since po day 4 but I am still taking my Arnica and Bromelian. I can't wait to be rid of my compression garment, I don't mind it much during the day but I love to sleep comfortably and it does not allow me to do that and its a pain in the butt pulling it down to use the rest room in the middle of the night. BTW, I was using a corset my mom bought for me and I felt secure in it but my PS told me not to wear it because it has the metal hooks that snap in the front and he said those could leave indents. That was a bummer. Well off to walk I go. Happy Healing ladies!!!!!

Hi ladies. I'm sorry I have not updated sooner...

Hi ladies. I'm sorry I have not updated sooner but life has been really busy. I am 4 weeks and 5 days PO. I am still happy with my results although it does not seem my stomach has gone down any more. I have not gained any weight and as matter of fact I'm down 2 more pounds.
I do have a spitting stitch on my left side it is very annoying especially when I lay on that side because it pinches me. It is right at the surface but has not popped out as of yet.
I have been walking about 3 miles but I am so bored with that. I cant wait to start Zumba again and I will focus on some light weight lifting to tone my arms. I went shopping this past weekend with my mom. I really enjoyed trying on new clothes but I am not going to purchase much because I am hopeful that I will lose more weight. I could not resist buying 2 dresses though. I am doing my best to eat clean, but I am so limited because I dont eat any type of seafood and I am getting so bored with ground turkey and chicken. Any suggestions?
I have posted a couple of new pics. What do you guys think of my results especially for not having any lipo?

Almost 4 months P O

Hi Ladies, I know its been awhile. Life has been busy, but I needed to make some time to give an update especially because I looked forward to them before and during my TT process and even now. Next Friday will make 4 months since having my tummy tuck and I must say that time has really flown by. Overall, I am still pleased with my tummy, I am not completely flat and have some roundness in the upper part of my belly but compared to where I started, I am so grateful. I have consistently been working out doing Zumba daily, sometimes twice a day and I am working on eating clean which is not easy. lol. I have lost 6 more pounds since surgery and looking to lose 30 more before November. This has been an incredible journey, I don't mind looking at myself in the mirror, I love trying on clothes now, and I am making myself a priority. If I don't take care of me, I can't take care of anyone else and I have 4 babies who need me. So if there are any ladies out there contemplating having this surgery, Do it, and you will see how it changes your life.
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