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So I'm 5'4", currently 108 pounds, and 20 years...

So I'm 5'4", currently 108 pounds, and 20 years old. About a year ago in September, I decided to change my lifestyle. I threw out fast food, Spanish food, soda, junk food, and other unhealthy choices. I was woken up when I decided to measure my body fat percentage with my mom, and found out that I had more body fat than her, and she was 51 at the time. And no, she's not skinny. She's about 5'3" 140 pounds. At that time, I had about 25% body fat and weight almost 130. Now, I have only about 13% body fat. BUT, it all comes at a price. I lost a lot of the body fat in the boobies! I was about a 34 B/C, now as you can see, I'm a 32 A. So I've decided to get these girls done! So far, I'm thinking of doing moderate plus profile saline implants, 350cc filled to 375. I think this is good enough for me, and I'm hoping to achieve about a small D cup. I really don't want to have to look at myself a few weeks later and go, "ugh, I wish I went bigger!" So I think this is a good size so far. My BA is the 9th which is in exactly one week!! I'm sooo excited, but I'm also in nursing school and have finals next week too so it's going to be one hectic week!! I'm SO happy that I'm doing this, and I love the surgeon I chose :) He's an amazing and considerate doctor, and that's mainly why I chose him! I will be updating from time to time on my progress! Hope you all enjoy :)

SO excited!! Can't even concentrate on nursing school!!!

Just 3 more days until my BA! It's also my finals week and it's SO hard to try to study when all I want to do is think about my surgery and look at BA pics! LOL I've also been kind of slacking on my diet which upsets me the most because once I get my boobs, I won't be able to work out for awhile! PLUS I'm going to be bloated for a few days after my surgery!! Can anyone tell me your experience on the post-bloating and when you returned to exercising? I weight train 5 days a week, so not being able to exercise for like 2 months is going to kill me! Oh well, it's so worth it!! Anyways, so the next update will be my post-op pics! Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

Post-op day 2

Now I understand what "morning boob" is! Lol I'm not sure if it's because I lift weights 5 days a week, but they feel really tight and sore! But other than that, no big deal. Oh, well that anticholinergic effect was really annoying yesterday!-the dry mouth. Oh! And I had in mind to go 350 to 375 but Trevisani was like no, I'm not doing that. He said they'd break my incision on how petite and a small chest I have. So I got 250 filled to 315 and 320. I'll admit, I was a little discouraged, but I just trusted him and now I see I would have died with that big of an implant lol. But yeah, so far so good. Oh, and I passed my finals so yay! I told my friends that if I hadn't passed, I would have felt like I didn't deserve these! But I do so yay!! Lol anyways, my next appointment is Wednesday, which is my 5th day. So I'll update pics then. And any tips for me would be great! Creams, massaging, bras, anything! Hope everyone had and has a great weekend!

One week post-op

Sorry for taking forever to update. Funny thing is that I should have because I have nothing better to do!! Life is boring for the first week after surgery lol. Today I'm exactly one week post-op, and so far so good. My weight is down again, can have BMs, sleep fine, not too much morning boob, amd can do almost all my daily necessities. Yesterday I went to my doctor's and they took off the white tissue. My next appt is the 2 week one which for me, would be Friday, but supposedly he doesn't do post ops that day. I guess that's for surgery days. So the Tuesday after the next, is when he'll take our my sutures and teach me how to massage my breasts. About 3 days ago I was so sad because I felt that it was way too small and that I'd need to do another BA, now I see that they're perfect for my body and Trevisani was totally right! Always trust your doc! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

2 weeks post-op

Finally 2 weeks! Unfortunately, I can't take ofd my sutures today because Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, are his surgery days. So I have to wait until Tuesday to take them out and then I can finally wear wired bras and start massaging! I'm so excited! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

forgot this side view!

3 weeks post-op

So I've been massaging twice a day since my 2 weeks post-op appt with Dr. Trevisani and taking 400 iu vitamin also twice a day. So far no problems other than one boob sloping lower than the other lol. WednesdayI walked for 20 mins on an incline treadmill, and yesterday which was Friday, I did a bodyweight leg and butt workout super setting an incline treadmill walk for one minute in between. I tried to doabs but my boobs started feeling hard so I stopped. Other than that so far so good! Hope everyone has a great labor day weekend!

4 weeks post-op

Where did the time go! Still massaging and taking vitamin e. The only thing that sucks is how I can't wear wired bras until 2 mths post-op and how hard and uncomforable my boobs get during exercise. Other than that, that's it! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

1 month and 3 days!

Technically it was a month on tuesday the 9th lol. But I'll count it as one month post op for now so it's easier! Lol everything is good so far. Still feek like I went to small (even though I had no choice) but I'm not going to redo them and pay another almost 4 grand. I'm just gonna eait until I have kids even though it's far from now for them to grow haha. Anyways, same ole thing! Have a great weekend everyone!

2 1/2 months!

My only regret is not going bigger :(((( right now with push up I'm 32d but they look like a c cup on me. Everyone says my boobs look the same :(

3 months

It really bothers me thatIi didn't go bigger.... to the point that I think about it on a daily basis. It's not fair that I wanted to go bigger,andhe wouldn't let me. What do I do? I think I might get them redone

About 7 mths

Well, it's been a while since I've updated this. I still feel the same about my small size. I've decided that once I graduate nursing school, I will eventually get them redone to make them bigger. I ALWAYS have to wear a padded push-up bra and I don't have much cleavage... because the 32d at victories secret is still kinda big. It's horrible. But, what can I do. Can't revise them now! Plus I definitely want to do silicone because I have this horrible rippling on the sides. You can't see them, but you can definitely feel them. I know it's normal with saline implants but yeah. Still bothers me

forgot to add..

Plus my boobs are kinda lopsided and what really bothers me is how far apart they are
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