Ta-Da! Love them. 5 days post op... Back to work.

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First of all... I love this site. I've been...

First of all... I love this site. I've been addicted the last few weeks. I have enjoyed hearing everyone's stories....So thankful for the advice and encouaragment.
So I'm 31, 36B on a good day. About a year ago I fell in love with VS Very Sexy push up bra. My body is definietly better proportioned with a fuller chest. I am 5'7" and 150lbs. Wear a size 8 jeans.
My surgery is this Friday and I'm oh-so anxious. I've taken a year to think this through, gather information and choose the right doctor and implants. I almost can't believe I'm doing it, but I couldn't be more excited.
My consultation and pre-op both went great. The plan is Saline implants, moderate profile plus, smooth, under the muscle, crease incision. The doctor and I came up with a range from 375cc up to 480. I started out afraid that I'd go to big but as I get closer to nailing down the size I'm worried they will be too small. My gut tells me to stay between 400 and 425. I'll discuss that with my surgeon and trust his expertise deciding on my final size. I know it's hard to say what cup size I'll be but I'd love to go up to a nice D.
Wish me luck. I've soaked up as much info, tips, advice as I can. Thanks again to everyone that takes the time to share your experience do thoroughly.
If anyone has size advice please share... Thanks. :)
2 days to go.... Eeeeeek!

This time tomorrow....

Tomorrow at 9:30 I'll arrive at the office for surgery. I feel very prepared, anxious but not too nervous. I'm afraid the antibiotics I started yesterday is already upsetting my stomach but I'll try to ignore it. Could be a combination of them and the jitters.

Pre-op picture in my post-op bra. 36B...

Comfy... can't wait to fill it out.

Introducing my new breasts :)

My surgery was yesterday and it went very smoothly.
Pain- 4
Discomfort- 5
Tightness and pain at the incision sites are bothersome today.

Surgery took about an hour. Recovery was uncomfortable because the anesthesia caused me to tremble for about 15-20 minutes. Once it finally stopped though I felt ok. I got one wave of nausea and prayed that it would go away. Thank God it did. I was dreading the thought of throwing up. I had an hour ride home in pretty thick traffic. Every time my mom slowed down it hurt my chest but I survived :) the worst part though was the dirt road I live on. Oh. My goodness. The bumps were miserable. Anyway...
It's definitely been better than expected. I'm a little surprised at how sleepy the meds make me but I'm enjoying relaxing. I have 10mg Lorcet and Valium I took at bedtime. I am taking the Lorcet every 5 hours, my mom woke me up last night so I stayed ahead of the pain. I'm definitely sore and tight. I'm feeling discomfort in my armpits, sternum and underneath at the incisions. I was sent home in a surgical bra. I wound up changing into a Hanes cotton front closure sports bra that I got Walmart because the surgical bra was tight on incisions. The Hanes bra also rubbed so I am now wearing a sports bra I got at Old Navy. It's longer so it doesn't touch the incisions. Much more comfortable. It's not front closure but I stepped in and my mom helped me get it up and on. Have a few options of comfy bras in case this happens to you as well. I'm also glad I bought XL. I was a 36B pre-op.
I've had no trouble going to the bathroom on my own but I definitely need help getting out of bed. Be sure to have lots of pillows.
I'm about 24 hours post op and I'm up and about a little but I'm ready to crawl back in my bed to rest. All in all its not been bad at all. My breasts look good. The 425s seem to be the perfect size. They look pretty good too. Definitely high but I expected it.
Thanks again to everyone who has posted advice. It's very helpful.

24 hours post-op

So I finally got the nerve to take the bra off and get a good look. Happy with the results so far.

Day 4...

My recovery has gone very well. The pain has been very controllable. Today I've only had to take Tylenol Extra Strength every 6 hours. I ventured out of the house and was able to take a shower and wash my hair. Yay!
Yesterday I had really bad neck and back pain. Even the pain pills didn't seem to help. The Valium did and more importantly the heating pad did. Thank goodness I had one.
Yesterday I also noticed two little blisters under the steri-strips. Today they were larger so I called the dr. He didn't seem too concerned, he had me get polysporin to put on them.
Still thrilled with my decision. I'm very happy with the results. I

5 days since surgery. Happy, but tired.

I hope all the other girls that got BAs last week are doing as well as I am. The only thing I'm surprised about is how tired I am, but I guess that's my body healing.
I took my Lorcet pain pills up until Saturday night. By Sunday I didn't feel like I needed them. I did wind up taking Valium one night to sleep and last night after a long day I took a pain pill at bedtime.
Yesterday I went for my post-op appt a day early. I had a few blisters near my incisions and I'd also developed a rash under my arms from the antibiotics (it's happened before so I immediately knew what the rash was futon). Appt went well. Doctor said I'm healing nicely and not to be concerned with the blisters. Thought maybe the post surgical bra was too tight and rubbed the blisters. I wore my new favorite bra to my appointment, (Old Navy active Cami bra) but he wants me in a front closure bra. I have several that I bought but they all sit on my incision! I looked online and am having a hard time finding the front closure sports bras. :(
Yesterday also wore me slap out. Sunday I was up and around the house quite a bit, even spent sme time outside watching my son swim, but yesterday I left my house at 9:30am for the dr appt and didn't return until 3pm. I wound up sleeping from 4-7pm! Take it from me.... Take it easy. Even though I felt pretty good my body was just exhausted.
Today I go back to work. I have a very relaxed desk job so I am hoping to take it very easy. I also only work 5-6 hours.
I couldn't be happier with my results. It's amazing how much they change from day to day. They are definitely starting to drop and settle in.
Pain wise, I haven't had a lot of throbbing, constant pain. My sternum has been sore. My shoulders are sore, my posture has been awful since surgery. I am having some pain, maybe it's the burning, shooting pain others have mentioned but it's not bad. I feel things moving, I hear the gurgling sound and I have some weird tingling sensations in both breast. Nothing I didn't anticipate though. I'm still icing morning and night and anytime I feel like I need it in between.
Wish me luck today back to work :) I'll post new pics soon. XO

Happy One Month to my new Tatas ;)

Yay for timing flying by through the first and most uncomfortable month. I am still well aware that I had surgery. Moving certain ways is uncomfortable and I still don't like the way it feels to sleep on my side. Twisting or turning can be tricky too.
I still take Advil or Tylenol pretty regularly and Tylenol pm at bedtime.
As far as the way they look...I pretty much love them ;) I must say the 425's seems a little smaller than I expected but I'm much bigger than I was before and I think they really got my frame and balance me out. They still look a little torpedo-ish from the side and have a sort-of flat spot on the top. I think the right side has dropped more than the left. They definietly don't look the same.
I've tried on bras a few times at VS but it just isn't comfortable yet to really try things. Lifting my arms repeatedly and taking things on and off makes me sore. I did enjoy fitting into the 36C though :)
Right now I wear either the old navy Cami active bra or the VS PINK lace cami/bralette. I'm ready though for pretty bras! Maybe even a subtle push up bra. I didn't think I'd need that post surgery but the one I tried on looked pretty good...
Looking forward to the dropping into their final settling spot :)

After several consultations with different doctors I choose Dr. Trevasani and I couldn't be more pleased. The whole experience was wonderful. He and his team are professional yet very friendly and pleasant to work with. Surgery went great. I trusted his expertise on the final size and I am very happy with the results so far.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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