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Well tomorrow is the big day for me. A little...

Well tomorrow is the big day for me. A little background on me I am 5'1 maybe 5'2 on a good day, 117 lbs. 31 yrs. old with 2 children who were both breastfed. I am currently at a 34 A and I barely even fill that out. I am getting 375CC saline mod + implants under the muscle. (or at least I am hoping that he can do 375CC) I am hoping to get to a full C. Here are some pics Pre-Op.

Today is surgery day!!

On my way to the surgery center. So excited and not as nervous as I thought I would be. I'm sure that will change as soon as I get there. Will post pics after I get out of surgery!

On the other side

Well surgery went well. I am in a lot of pain!! I wanted to go to 375 cc but the doctor said the largest that would fot was 350 on right and 360 on left. They don't look big at all but we'll see how they heal.

Post op day 2

The pain is real! Today it is much worse than the first day. I can't move my arms much. My doctor told me the first few days to keep my arms down and as close to my body as possible. So basically I look like T Rex when trying to do anything. Surprisingly I slept pretty well last night.

Some more post op pics day 2

Post op day 3

Today the pain is sooooo much better!! I can actually move around a bit more and amd not as sore as yesterday. Here are some pics from day 3 post op

Post op day 3

Forgot to add some pics.

Post op Day 4

Everday the pain seems to get better and better thankfully. My boobs are still sitting very high and are still extremely tight. I wonder when they are suppose to start dropping and softening up a bit! Hopefully this is normal. Looks to me like one is bigger that the other. Well here are some pics from day 4 post op. So far I have had slight nausea but haven't thrown up. Bloated a bit as well thanks to not having been able to use the bathrroom for a few days. Took some stool softener and been drinking prune juice so hoping that helps. Advice is always appreciated!

Forgot to add some post op day 4 pics

Going good so far

Today I was able to go to my niece's bday party and out to dinner. So far today I have not had the need to take any pain meds. Had slight pain earlier and took some extra strength tylenol and that helped. Am definitely starting to get more range of motion in my arms. My nipples and parts of my boobs are still numb. One side looks as though it's higher than the other. Other than that really no complaints.

Day 4 post op Worried about right breast

So I have noticed my left breast is falling nicely and softening up. The right one still feels very hard and still high. I know it's only 4 days post op but could that be the start of capsular contracture? I have my post op appointment tomorrow so I'll see what they say. Just worried a little!

Just some before and after pics 4 days out

Thought I would post some before and after pics as of now.

Some more updates

I seem to be a little confused on my post op dates. I had my surgery Wednesday so I guess I'm technically 4 days post op Since it's Sunday now.

So far I have been off pain Meds since Friday. Really no need for them any longer. I am able to have more movement in my arms. I also drove for the first time today and it wasn't too bad but I was very careful and didn't drive too far.

As far as constipation, I didn't have much of it only the first 2 days but I made sure to drink a lot of prune juice, water and ate some pineapple and that pretty much made me use the bathroom. (Sorry if tmi). So far those are the only updates I have.

Oh I also had no bruising at all and I didn't use any pills for the bruising so I guess I just got lucky but I have been icing everyday with bags of peas so maybe that helped.

Post op Appointment Day 5

Just went to my post op appointment and the nurse said everything looks good. They gave me a card with my implant info. It says they used 325 implant filled to 350 CC in my left and 360CC in my right boob. I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit dissapointed with the size I definitely wanted bigger! I even told the doctor I wanted 375 or 400CC bit I was too small to begin with. I asked how soon I can go bigger and she said I have to wait at least 6 months.

I also started putting Palmer's cocoa butter on my boobs because I thought I saw 2 very small stretch marks coming through. Which is weird because I got none during pregnancy. Hoping I don't get any on my boobs because I would be pretty upset.

Other than that my boobs are still numb and no feeling in my nipples and part of my boobs. Have been having weird tingling sensations which is probably my nerves trying to reconnect.

Will post pics shortly.

Some pics and trying on clothes Post op Day 5

So I decided to go try on some clothes and bras today. I tried on a 34 C bra (not padded and no underwire) and it fit but was a little tight! I really couldn't believe it...can only imagine when my boobs actually start dropping and fluffing out how big they will be! That made me feel so good and made me feel better aboit the size I got! Also tried on some sports bras and a dress. Feels so good clothes shopping now.

Post op day 5

So I have started to become really itchy around where the steri strips are. I can't stop scratching it's super annoying. Also noticed that my veins on my boobs pop out so much more now that they're bigger. I have always been super veinu but now the pop out more.

New annoying symptom!! Post op day 6

Is that a frog croaking?

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So I have this very weird gurgling sound under my left arm everytime I lift it up and down. Sounds like a frog croaking. Very odd!! I hope it's not the sound of my saline implant because if so that is not cool at all!! Lol!! I heard air and such can get trapped in there but 6 days post op and it just started. Has anyone experienced this??? Or did a frog accidentally make it's way into my boob?

Post op day 6

Can't believe it's almost been a week! Well the only new symptom is that weird croaking sound in my left arm. I do not have much pain at all. In fact I don't have the need to take any kind of pain medication. I took a week off of work. My surgery was Wednesday of last week and I honestly feel like I could have probably gone back to work yesterday. I know it's way too soon to start exercising but I seriously feel like I'm ready to. Also another downfall is that I can't lay out and get sun for at least 6 weeks according to what the nurse said. That's a little hard to do considering Memorial day is this weekend and I live in Florida!! I figure I will keep my boobs covered and at least get sun on other areas. As far as driving I have also been able to do this since 4 days post op with no problems. Mind you I was off my pain pills after the second day. So that was a plus! Well here are some pics.

I made it to one week post op!!

Well it's been a week! Can't believe it! So far my boobs are still very high and tight. They are still numb around the nipples and other areas are numb. But no complications and no complaints. I have been using the restroom and everything is good in that department.

The weird croaking noise is no longer there!! At least not that I have heard today! Thank god!!

Now just a waiting game for them to soften up a bit and drop some more...although I like the look so far just want them softer.

A must have!!

So I read many lists on must haves post op. They were all very useful. However, I discovered a kitchen utensil that was essential to me when I couldn't move my arms and was itchy from medication and needed to scratch areas I couldn't reach. This thing worked wonders! Who knew a pasta fork (I think that's what they're called) should be a part of your post op must haves!! It's just not the same as the back scratchers you can get because the prongs on this thing are way longer and just overall better! It also helped move my hair out of my face and brushed it somewhat. Haha! My daughter thought I was Ariel from the little mermaid. Glad I could entertain her while providing myself relief! :)

I have wanted breast augmentation ever since I can...

I have wanted breast augmentation ever since I can remember. I have always been a small 34 AA (I would say negative A). I never actually considered doing it because lack of finances and I was scared about the risks. After getting married, having my 2 children, and being financially ready I decided it would be the right time. I wanted to be able to fit into clothes and feel good about myself.

2 Weeks Post Op

Well I made it to 2 weeks post op. I went back to work last Thursday and so far everything seems to be going well. I had my 2 week post op appointment yesterday and they took the stitches out. That hurt a little and one area is now somewhat sensitive. Looks as though when the stitches were pulled some of my skin was pulled with it so applied antibiotic ointment just in case. I will post pics of my incision at some point. The doctor said everything looks good and told me to start my massages and taking vitamin E. So far my breasts are slowly starting to regain feeling which has been interesting. I get tingling sensation and they feel sensitive to the touch. My nipples I can somewhat feel and they hurt a little. Also when I reach down to grab things I can sometimes feel the implant move around in there it feels like a swooshing sensation or like air bubble in there. Very weird. But my doctor said this is also normal and will go away with time. My left breast seems to be better off then my right breast. When I massage my right breast hurts a little. Not sure what that's about but so far everything seems normal. I am happy with the results and so far I think I will end up with a 34 C which I guess I am happy with for now. (maybe go bigger in the future)

3 weeks post op

Well it's been 3 weeks. This week my boobs aren't as tender as previous weeks. I started my massages and taking vitamin E. My left boob has definitely dropped more than the right one. Also when I do massages the right one makes a squeaky noise and it feels weird. Hopefully that goes away soon!! I feel like my right boob looks way smaller even though it had more cc's added. The right one has some catching up to do. I go through stages where I like them and then I don't like them. Sometimes I think they don't even look that much different than before surgery. Although I wish they looked bigger, I'm not sure I could handle bigger because I am already starting to feel slight back pain with what little was added. At this point not sure if I'm happy with how they look. I feel like there isn't much there and it annoys me.

4 weeks post op

Well it's been 4 weeks since my surgery. So far everything seems to be healing normal. My boobs have definitely started to soften up and drop. They don't feel like hard rocks anymore. The squeaking noises I had are gone. I have been massaging them as recommended and taking vitamin E.
The tenderness is still slightly there although it's nothing compared to previous weeks. My scars are mostly were it's tender. The scars are starting to heal a little more although they are still pink and not pretty looking. But hopefully as I he more they will start to slowly fade.
I have not been properly sized yet so I am not sure the exact size I am. Although I have a 34C bra that fits. Maybe that's were I'll stay but we shall see.

5 weeks post op

It's been a little over a month (5 weeks) and so far everything is great. My boobs have dropped a lot and the swelling is pretty much gone. They are very soft and squishy and they are no longer rocks. They actually jiggle and feel pretty natural.
I can say that I do feel the implant at the very bottom of my boob. My husband said he doesn't feel anything but since I know my body I can definitely feel it.
I am still massaging regularly and taking vitamin E.
I don't regret for one second getting this done. I love them and they actually fit my body perfect!

5 weeks post op

Forgot some pics

6week post op

Well it's been 6 weeks tomorrow. Not too much to update on. My boobs feel as though they've shrunk a little. They feel like they've always been there.
I still have little to no nipple sensation. My scars are healing nicely and so far my boobs are very squishy and feel normal. No issues at all! I love them! Although I wish I could have them be a little bigger, I'm still happy.

7 week post op more pics

Here are some more pics with clothes on post op. I think I'm at 7 weeks already. Still have not been properly sized so not sure of my exact bra size yet.

2 month Update

Well it's been about 2 months since I had surgery. That went by super fast!! I just had a post op appointment and everything is doing good. My scars are healing up nicely and my boobs definitely feel so natural and squishy. I am so thankful that I haven't had any issues at all! I am still massaging them as much as I can and taking vitamin E. For my scars I'm just using mederma when I remember to put it on.
I went to Victoria's Secret today and got measured and I am now a 32D!! So crazy to think I went from AA to D! I am really happy about everything. They fit me so well!

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