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I just had my consultation yesterday with my PS. I...

I just had my consultation yesterday with my PS. I have been thinking of getting a BA for over 7-8 years now. Lots of research and planning over the years and seeing a lot of my little booby committee friends get thier breast done, I finally decided to get mine done. I had made my own rice sizers so I had an idea how many CCs I wanted to go for. (I made 325ccs(L) 330ccs(R)). Me and my PS discussed what I wanted and I tried on sizers by the end of the consultation I went from 325ccs to 250/275ccs. I thought that was what I wanted when I was there but as soon as I got home I immediately thought, "oh no I went too small, I should have gone bigger". Needless to say I called my doctor and they set up another consultation next month so we can see how much bigger I can go. He said " only complaint I ever get is that I wish I would have went bigger" so they were very understanding and with two months to go till my surgery they got me another appointment. My husband was laughing because he said if he went with me I would have left there around the size I wanted and not have had that second thought of going too small. I just really don't want it to look unnatural for my body size. My mom got hers done 15 years ago and she always told me since I have her genes that eventually I should get mine done too. She "says" she went from 34A to 36C but they look more like 36D if you ask me. She says her only regret is going too big. If she knew then what she knows now she would have only went up to a B cup. That's where all this worry comes from of course. I just don't want to have any regret. Anybody else go through this?

In office consultation

The Worry Has Subside

So I cancelled my 2nd consultation!!! I think the boob envy is over. I was just super worried that I'm going too small. As most women do. I have been looking on my stats and comparing them to other women on here who have gotten as much or 15% more than what I wanted and they look great! So I think I'm going to stick with the original size ratio. Like my husband said"if you agreed with it, you must have liked it"....which I did and now it's just waiting, being anxious till the big day comes. (1 month 4 weeks) but who's counting, right?!


30 days till my BA surgery!!!! I'm so excited and nervous. I know I must be driving my husband crazy because I'm always saying I can't wait to get my girls done. He tells me it'll be here before you know it, be patient. It's so hard especially since I've wanted this for years! So I've bought a few post op surgical bras, got my bendy straws and have a few post op easy wear outfits/sleepwear. Once it gets closer to the day I'll buy more of what I need. The hardest part I think will be the recovery and having my husband and my mother take care of everything around the house. I have two boys (1year & 7 year old) two dogs (5 months & 8 years old) and one cat. I know I'm the one who usually takes care of everything plus working (I work from home (remote contractor)) and between my parents, who recently just wanted my two dogs & cat only while we were on vacation, said that they don't understand how I work take my son to summer camp, take care of my toddler, take care of both my dogs and my one cat, work, clean & cook all by myself. I just had surgery 3 months ago and my husband stayed with me for 4 days and my mother stayed with me the remaining week till my husband got back (he travels out of town for work) and I felt so useless and like I wanted to clean and cook and play with my kids but I couldn't so I'm really concerned about how this healing process will be since I will not be able to do much for the first week or so depending. Well 30 days and counting.....

Pre op.....check!

So I went in Friday for my pre op, signed some papers & everything is now paid in FULL!!! What???? I'm so excited only 11 days till surgery. I also found out that I have a 10 year warranty on my implants! That's a plus! It's just more reassurance that I'm picking the right implants. We have yet to finally come to a conclusion on my size so far we've discussed 365-375ccs if possible because my PS said he didn't want me to look like I have two basketballs on my chest (which I completely agree with) but I've seen so many other women who have smaller breasts and less tissue than me get more than 375ccs so we will see. I still have so much more prepping to do before the official day comes. My oldest starts school this Wednesday...so my husband and mother will only have to take my oldest to school and watch my youngest and the animals after surgery during the day. I took 5 days off of work for recovery. For my last surgery, I only took the day of my surgery off and I regretted that immediately once I had to start back at work. I was dizzy and tired from the medication. So this time I'm taking a few extra days just to make sure I'm past that faze by then. I'll probably post some more pre op pictures before my surgery when I get a chance. Anywho 11days and counting......

Pre-op photos

Wish boobs

Less than 16 hours till surgery!!!

Tomorrow morning I will be going in for surgery at 6:45am!!!....we live 45minutes from the surgery center so it will definitely be an early day. I've been so stressed the last few days over weather I'm making the right choice or not. This is something I've always wanted to get done and I know I'll be happy but there's always that annoying, lingering doubt. i know it's something we all do, especially when it's something that's so drastic. My mom will be staying over the night at our house to take my oldest to school and watch over our toddler while me and my husband are away. It's kind of a good thing she's coming because she can help me ease my mind since she's had hers done 13 years ago. It will be very reassuring :) Super nervous but so ready! If that makes any sense... Hopefully I'll be updating once I'm on the other side :)

I'm On the other side!!!

I got home from surgery around 10am. Big news!!! I end up only being able to get 325ccs in my right breast and 310 in my left! :( I know, it was a huge shock when my PS said those numbers. I was really upset and disappointed because I thought we would be able to at least do 350ccs but we couldn't (they couldn't fit). I'm just trying to stay positive and see what happens. I'm laying in bed right now looking down and I'm pretty impressed :) I took a 2 hour nap, ate some fruit & bread and am sitting with my new best friend, ice packs lol. I didn't feel nauseated when I got out of surgery at all. The surgery lasted 1 hour & 30 minutes and I was on my way home. That was awesome! I remember my anesthesiologist telling me "we'll see you in an hour," looking at my nurse then a cool feeling in my throat and I was out!!! I really think the reason I wasn't dizzy or sick when I woke up from surgery was because the day before I had literally drank my weight in water. I read somewhere online to do that if you have to go under for any type of surgery and you won't feel as sick as you would if you didn't. Glad I did though, it would have sucked to get sick. I will try and post some pictures tomorrow right now I can barely move my arms. I feel like I've done weight lifting all morning and my arms are about to fall off. The first 2 hours were hell though I was in so much pain, and I have a really high tolerance of pain. Now I just feel sore not much pain, thank god. Sleep wise, I'm glad I got a power base bed ( a bed that lifts your head & legs ) and tons of pillows, it definitely helps A LOT!! I got to say I was always against those neck pillows, my husband has one when for when he travels and I thought they were uncomfortable and awkward, but thank god I have one now because they help out so much with comfort to my neck while propped up. I think I've covered all bases. I'll be back tomorrow to update :)

Post op pictures

Day 2/3 post op

So I have better mobility in my left arm and I'm still on TRex mode with my right arm. My left breast is less swollen and looks like it's dropped barely but my right is still swollen and high. Sleep last night was ok until 1:45am then there wasn't any sleep just tossing and turning. I've posted pictures of my progress today.

Calling the doctor..

So yesterday my left side felt pretty good, today my left side feels great. Unfortunately my right boob is hurting so much to the point I'm really concerned somethings wrong. It's really swollen and hard. I'm calling my PS office to see what they say since its day 3. It was supposed to be my shower day today so we'll see what happens. I'm hoping nothing too bad. Fingers crossed.....

Out & about

Today I decided to try to stay out of bed & off the pain meds, so I'm going out with my husband to run a few errands with our toddler while our eldest is in school. I took a shower this morning and my husband helped me get dressed. Tomorrow I have my post op appointment and we are celebrating my parents birthday with a dinner out. So I'm preparing myself for all the movement today. I go back to work Thursday :/ I hope everyone is healing nicely:) To the ones to yet have their surgery, good luck :) have a good day everyone!

Before & after pictures and first post op visit

I had my first post op visit today, they said everything was looking nicely and they will see me again September 6th to remove stitches. So far I feel pretty good but still no lifting for anything above my shoulders and no picking up anything below my waist. It's going to be hard because my husband will be going back to work Monday and I'm going to be left trying to take care of everything on my own. I'm more worried about trying to lift my 1 year old toddler knowing I shouldn't but will have no one else to help me. I was really upset about that today but there's not much I can do. I have yet to take photos today of my progress but I will later. The photos I uploaded are only of before today. I hope everyone is recovering well :)

Day 5 post op pictures

Day 6 pictures :)

I don't know if anyone else goes through this but why is it that every time I try to load new pictures they are always upside down or sideways??!?! :P so frustrating.

One week!!! Done ?

Picture didn't upload :/

2 weeks update

Today I'm 13 days post op. Swelling went down substantially. They're starting to feel like my own now. I've been trying to sleep on my side as laying on my back is starting to weigh on me and it's hard to sleep comfortably. I've been wearing nippies now for 3 days because I just can't stand my nipples feeling raw anymore & it's helped a lot. I have little discomfort near my incisions, like small sparks of pain but I've been doing a lot this week, probably more than I should buy I've been feeling pretty ok. I start to slow down though when I can. I get my stitches taken out 9/6/16, my next post op, and I can't wait. I hope everyone who's had surgery is recovering well & to those who have yet to have the surgery done...good luck!

Post op #2 stitches removed pics

So today I went in to have my stitches removed. Unfortunately they could only take the stitches from my left breast out because my stiches on my right breast had come open a little so they left the stitches on my right side in and glued it closed. Omg it hurt so bad it felt like the glue was burning through my skin. I'm wondering if anybody else has gone through this or is it just me. I would have started my massages today too but I will be starting them next week once they remove the right side stitches. Oh how fun...plus that will be when me & my husband are going away for the weekend for our anniversary so we'll see. The removal on the left breast wasn't too bad just felt like a lot of tugging and discomfort at first, so I'm more worried about the right side since its not only glued but has stitches underneath.

Update pictures

One month down!!

I had my second stitch removed September 15th. Thank god it closed up and now is starting to heal nicely. My left side is barely noticeable as that stitch was taken out first and I started applying bio oil ASAP to get it to go away. I have been doing my massages daily 2x so far I've noticed they tend to hurt more the next morning if I do it more than twice per day. I have yet to get the ok to wear any wire bras only can wear soft bras until October 20th! I've tried on my 34B bras just to see if they fit and they are way too small, so I definitely can't wait to buy some new ones that fit. I am so loving being able to go braless with certain outfits, shirts and dresses. It's a great feeling being able to look down and see something lol. I was able to wear a Baithing suit to the beach with my husband on our weekend anniversary Vacay and it was awesome, because I actually filled out the top!!! I had bought all new outfits for that weekend to show off my new girls (only because I can never show cleavage when I'm with my kids, it just feels weird) so I took full advantage :) Bio oil has been my go to for my scars and it's helped a lot. I even use it on my stretch marks around my body and they've diminished significantly :) me & my husband are beyond happy with how they look so far. I love that I trusted my PS and didn't go bigger because I would of hated it. They would have been too big. I will post more pictures later this month with bras, tops & Baithing suits. Also I will post a video of how squishy they are. They feel really natural :) happy healing everyone

Firm or Squishy?!?!

Bras...my first experience since surgery

I have yet to go get sized so I thought I'd try my hand at guessing....boy was I wrong lol it was definitely a headache. I've bought a few I like but I'm waiting till I get sized this week before I buy any more. Who thought bra shopping was so hard lol!!! You can also see my scars, my left side is almost unnoticeable and my right side, where the stitches popped open and I had to keep them in for an extra week, is still healing. I've been applying bio oil to my scars 2x a day. No boob soreness, still a little numbness at the bottom but doing pretty well so far. Definitely happy with them so far.

2ND Post Op appointment

Today I met with doctor Trevisani about my progress since surgery. He told me to do more massages pushing my breast inward toward the middle and then from the bottom up to help open my pockets. Now I'm to take 1 400mg vitamin E pill a day and I can finally go back to exercising! Taking it easy and listening to my body of course. Thank god because I was going crazy not being able to workout, now back to my daily routines! He also OK'd me to wear bras and go get sized. So I went to Victoria secret and the woman sized me........I knew I was a 34.......I knew C was too snug......I am a 34D!!! A 34 freaking D!!! From a 34A. My mother came with me to help me with my toddler and she couldn't even believe it because she's a 36C herself. I'm super happy right now with my progress and how every day that passes they feel more & more like me. If I had to do this all over again, I definitely would in a heart beat! No regrets whatsoever. I did tell him about the twinges I feel every now & then but he says that's completely normal....but I knew that....just wanted to be sure. I'll be back to see him in April 2017 to do my last follow up and he says by then I'll be good to go & will have to be sized one last time so I know for sure what my size is. ???? Hope everyone is doing well

9/10 months post op

Just an update on how my girls look now. A bit unsatisfied on the similarities but all in all pretty happy with the outcome :)

Bras and the sisters

These are all 34D bras. Some pushup, some lightly lined :)
Dr. Paul Trevisani

I can definitely say he is one of the best! He answered all my questions and concerns all the way up till the procedure. His staff was amazing and also very helpful. The lady (Barbara) at the front desk was awesome while I awaited my surgery day to come, she tried to fit me in to see the doctor if I had any changes and helped me be comfortable with my decision. Also my nurse who assisted me during the surgery and helped prep me was so helpful and made me feel relaxed during the whole process. They even texted and called me after the procedure to check on how I was doing. It was great! I'm glad I chose dr.trevisani and his team. They are top notch! I would refer anyone who wants great results and a PS who genuinely will give them the outcome they want!

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