Phenol Peel for Acne Scars - Mainz, Germany

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At first i have to apologize for my bad english,...

At first i have to apologize for my bad english, because i am not a native speaker.

I wanted to do a phenol peel to get rid of my acne scars. I found a docotor from Mainz that has a second office in my hometowm, so i decided to let him perfom the peel. He prepared my skin with azeton and applied the peel. I was under light anesthesia, so i can not remember very much. It was very unprofessional because the peel trickled behind my ear lobs plus he gave me a hair-dryer on my hand to cool my skin. As the peel was done, i went home with my dad and the drama started to begin. I had no clue what to apply because the doctor gave me a cream called terproline egf but that's no wound healing creme or ointment for the peel process. So i decided to look up the internet and i found out that i can apply avene cicalfate. As the peeling process was done after 2 horrible weeks i had this weird raised textured areas plus all my scars and wrinkles came back to it's original state. I went to my doctors office and he said that is no sarring and normal and for the scars he can do a second peel. I asked him if he did the right peel and he said he did a croton oil peel but not as deep. I asked him why i would pay for a peel that i did not get and he said we can do a second peel with tca to get better results. I asked him again if this areas are scars and if it is safe to peel again. He said this are no scars and it's safe to do another peel. I did the second peel and it was the same procedure. The solution trickled behind my earlobs and it was a mess. I peeled 2 weeks again and the red raised areas are still there plus my skin is still the same. I have my forhead wirnkles as deep as i had it befor and my scars are as deep as before. Also i clearly can see that the peel did not went even in the skin. Normaly, my skin should be red all over.

I am so depressed because i don't know what to do now. Maybe it is just a healing process or an allergic reaction. But it does not matter if it is a allergic reaction or not, because i dont want to pay just for a damaged skin without any improvement. If i would have 80% better skin i would think different. I have ZERO improvent PLUS i have to live with the risks of a deep peel now. This is a joke. I found out that the peel is not allowed in germany. I guess that is because the peel is so aggresive and can damage all your skin. If someone can explain me if this is just a healing process or maybe scars forming from the peel, please comment.

Still scarring...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm still suffering from scarring or whatever I should call it. My redness is mostly gone but I still have big areas that look like I might get hypertrophic scarring. No Doctor can help me. One says this is old acne scarring ( def. not! ) and the other says it's scarring blah blah. They just try do prescribe me stuff and the more medication I take, the more my skin gets worse.

Update July 2016

Just wanted to give you guys a quick update. A lot has changed in my life which made me forget about my skin. I will be moving to the US in September to be with the love of my life! Anyways, my skin didn't heal. I still have the scarring from the peel plus some spots with hyperpigmentation. I tried micro needling as some of you guys suggested about a year ago and it improved my acne scarring drastically! I will definitely do a couple more seedlings because I hope it will improve the scarring from the peel as well. That said, I will never ever do something like this again! Whether it be a laser or a peel, I will give it a wide berth! If anyone lives in California and wants to see my skin in person, just message me and I'll give you my phone number and we can catch up somewhere.
Dr.Klaus G. Niermann

He didn't seem really trained to do this peel. Also he didn't want to prepare the skin for the peel and i really didn't know what to use as a aftercare cream. I had to look it up myself on the internet. I asked him what scars i have, just to test him if he knows what he is doing, and his answers was " you have just scars" . I wanted him to explain if i have boxcars, icepicks or rolling scars and i he did not know what i mean. If i had problems and wanted to conact him, i had to send a picture over whatsapp!!! He didnot answer it so i wanted to see him in person, but the staff said i have to wait one week for a consultation. So i went to my dermatologist but he did not know what to do. My impression is he just want to get as much money as possible . He dont cares about the patient as long as he get his money. I found out that he has a lawsuit going on because a woman is in koma now.

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