PO day 4 still no pain and feeling great!! 66 and going for it! Fleur de Lis with lipo

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I have been so impressed with all the information,...

I have been so impressed with all the information, humor, and the general feeling that we are all in this togeather that I have I decided to join the ranks. As I said I am 66, older than most doing this so I thought I might help someone else who is in the "later in life" group.

My story starts with my teens when I dieted to keep a job modeling clothes and I believe that started me on the road to my "ups and downs" I weighed 118 then and when I was married at 22 I weighed 125...then came two wonderful girls and with each of them I added more to the bottom line. During my 30's I dieted and then gained...dieted again and regained some more!

See where this is going?

I have kept my weight down to around 160 for the past 8 years and have exercised constantly with no results on the mid section. I have wanted to have a TT for the lingest time but never had either the money or the courage. Well NOW I HAVE BOTH!!!! My husband of 44 years thinks "why bother at your age" but I have decided to ignore him and go for it!

I have a wonderful friend who will go with me to the hospital and stay the nite in the hotel with me after. She will check in on me every day after I get home so I do not have to rely on the naysayer , although I have to say here that he wants me to do whatever I feel is necessary to make me happy...his main concern is "is it safe" Well every operation has its risks but I am willing to take them at this point. (check the pictures and you will see why)

I have learned so much from all of you, so first ...

I have learned so much from all of you, so first I want to thank everyone! I have been so up and down about doing this, but having checked in with all of you over the past week so I feel a lot more prepared. This has been a huge decision for me particularly at my age. I think..why bother putting myself thru all of the pain and recovery when most women of my age don't look much better than I do, but then I think I want to look and feel my best and right now I don't. My stomach is very uncomfortable stuffed into my pants and I want to bend over again!!
My pre op is on October 30th and now I can't wait. I am going for the best result as this is a one time only for me, so I am having an extended tummy tuck along with a vertical incesion up thru my BB to just under my bra line (called a Fleur de Lis) it will look like an anchor when done. I am also having lipo of the flanks and upper torso. The Dr said by doing the Fleur de Lis operation I will have a flatter stomach and no more roll above. He better be right is all I have to say!
I am doing all I can before the pre-op...taking vitamin C, a multi vitamin, drinking losts of water and loosing a few pounds. My weight has been the same for 8 years and it has been very hard to budge. I have however, lost 4 lbs in the past two weeks so there!
I am so glad I have you all to talk to because I don't really want to discuss my goals and fears with my husband and the only other people who know about my TT is my two daughters and my best friend. They dont want to hear about my TT all the time and for some reason that is all I think about right now.
I won't write again untill I have my pre-op visit but I will check in with all of you to see how you are doing!

I will update with new pictures later today but I...

I will update with new pictures later today but I wanted to tell you all how easy this has been so far! My operation took around 5hours ( Fleur de Lis with lipo to the upper torso and flanks with a bit to the breasts) In the recovery room I was quite loopy but without pain when I woke up. they made me eat a cracker and drink some ginger ale...I kept it down without any nausea. I went back to the hotel room and caused quite a laugh for my friend because I went down the hall like a drunk, hanging onto the wall and kept saying I am fine I can do this....she was afraid someone would report me!!!! I laid down with all the pillows and promptly fell asleep...slept for 4 hours. When I woke up I ate some canned pears and few crackers took my pills and watched TV and talked till 8 and then went right to sleep....still no pain! I did wake up at 3 but only because I had to pee and I wanted to add pillows under my back ( my back ached a bit, I guess from being on it for so long). On PO day one I went back so the PS could check everything over and release me....things looked good, so we drove 2 hours home. Oh we did stop at Subway and I went in and ate at a table with no problem. When I got home I took a shower..no problem..put on my pjs and took a nap. I ate ceral with banana, watched TV for a bit took my pills ( no pain meds) and went to sleep around 10 and only had to get up at 3:30 to pee. I did change from the recliner to the couch and went right back to sleep untill 6:30this morning. STILL NO PAIN!!! I do have a pulling feeling when I try to stand up straight and My incisions have a slight burning feeling when I am moving. I hate to jinx myself by saying this as I know things can change quickly but this has been a breeze so far!!!!!!! I also want to thank all of you for the support you have shown, you made me feel as if we were in this together.

Hi again..I said earlier I would update the...

Hi again..I said earlier I would update the pictures to show my post op body. I am swollen but have no pain or soreness in fact I have not taken pain meds only Celebrex, arnica and Norflex (a muscle relaxant) havent even taken an extra strength Tylenol. I dont want to jinx myself but this has been so much easier than I ever thought it would be. I can stand "almost" upright but feel a tightness and some pulling so I straighten up just enough to relieve my back. Actually the back soreness hasnt been too bad, only the first night when I had to sleep in a bed after being on the operating table for so long. I slept in the recliner untill 3 last nite but moved to the down cushioned couch and slept beautifully. The only problem I had was getting up off it in the morning. (couch is low but our bed is sooo much higher I dont think I can get on it without trouble. If you look at the after pictures see if you can find my belly button....I had a hard time locating it....I think it will be very small when all is healed. I am quite swollen and hope to have a bit more of a defined waist but even if nothing changes I am thrilled!!! I will post again tomorrow to let you know how everything is progressing.

Well I have made it to day 4 with no pain or...

Well I have made it to day 4 with no pain or discomfort. I am swollen and have started to itch a bit but that is it!!! I still have not taken any pain meds. I can't believe how lucky I have been...wow I should have put that in all caps. I truly think I owe it all to my PS Dr Verne Weisberg and Dr Carrie Frederick the anethesologist. I would recommend them to anyone with no hesitation!!! I also have to add that the staff from the receptionist to the nursing staff are the best of the best.
I am having a hard time trying to behave myself and not do too much because I feel so good. I have done a few household chores and walked around but go right back to the recliner to put on the ice PAC and rest. Iam sleeping thru the nite in my own bed And have been since day 2 I will have to say I find myself a bit tired after any activity...my body tells me it has been thru a lot even tho I don't feel like I have.
I hope My recovery is encouragement to other possible TT patients in the older category, remember I am 66 , I do have to add that I am in very good physical condition for my age and take no meds other than vitamins and a glucosamine supplement for my shoulders
Portland Plastic Surgeon

I did a lot of research on line about TT's and board certified Dr's...this man scored high in all my areas of concern. I had a consultation with him and immediatedly felt he was the one!

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