made it to the flatside! Lost 75 pounds. 4 months post op

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I have endometriosis in my c-section incision and...

I have endometriosis in my c-section incision and have had 3 c-sections. I have to have the endo removed by surgery so I thought it would be a good time to have a tummy tuck! I have lost almost 60 pounds and weigh 193 and I am 5'9. the weight was not baby weight that I lost they came off immediatly as I did not gain anymore then 15-20 pounds. I am nervous and excited and should have the surgery in next 4 weeks. Insurance is covering the endometriosis and I am paying for tummy tuck. I dont plan to have liposuction.

Pictures lost more weight

I am down to 191 so i took some pics. I see the DR again Monday to hopefully get a date scheduled. I was not planning on doing lipo because it i have heard it hurts the worst and makes your body gain weight in weird areas. What are your experiences with it? And will I look funny if I dont do it? Like un proportioned? I want to have big hips and a small waist with a flat tummy. I was also curious if you can sleep in your bed or you have to have a recliner?


Saw a new DR MINI or FULL tt???

I saw a new PS Dr. she wants me to go ahead with the endometriosis surgery first and the come back for the TT later. ( there is some concern about getting all the endo and needing the biopsy results) She says I am right on the boderline for mini or full TT and she wants me to decide. SHe thinks I could go either way. What do you all think? I really need some opinipns Im tottaly unsure! the cost difference is 4,070 for mini or 6,780 for full.....

Scheduled!! Im doing both surgeries together

I've scheduled both surgeries for March 3. Ill be getting a lipo-abdominalplasty AKA Brazilian tummy tuck and the removal of endometriosis. The plastic surgeon will be doing both surgeries. The recovery with the Brazilian TT is supposed to be quicker and there is no drains. Im pretty scared and excited and would like to know exactly what i need for post op such as garments, creams etc. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Working out with "the Blubber"

I have been doing zumba and some strength training and eating really good. Dont know my weight but im hoping to be 188-189 on Monday for my surgery. I'm hoping getting my muscles in shape will make the recovery easier. I have never been to the gym before this so its a new experience. I am astonished by the motivation i feel to keep going even when im sore or tired. It hit me yesterday I use to be medically Obese! Loosing over 60 pounds seems to be a bit anti-clymatic because when I look in the mirror i see only the tummy "blubber" when i work out in front of the football field size mirror, it is hard to see past my tummy. I still feel like i look pregnant. My legs look great and I know I look much better but I cant wait to get rid of this tummy! It moves on its on rhythm which seems to be slow motion when I do zumba LOl , it moves one way while im moving another! My most recent weight also had a surprise note in the bottom! Ill post a picture. Monday is just around the corner!


Sooooo nervous and excited!

Wow I cant believe the time is almost here! I went to Victorias secret today for the first time ever. The clothes actually fit now! I can wear a M-L :0 i got some sleep bras sweats and zipper hoodies. I took some before shots letting my tummy hang out. It will all be gone soon!! The sweatshirts a bit tight because my stomach is pulling on it but Im hoping it fits just right after. I have been working out like crazy and weigh. 190 but i've gained a pound of muscle and increased my water weight to. 50% so my fat weight has gone down. Im currently in the "normal" fat range for my age and my BmI is 28. (Im 5'9)
Ill try to update manana

Night before in clothes!

Night before

Why do my hips look like they are hanging out above my but them stop abruptly.. Weird i think its the picture.

Letting my stomach out.

Pretty much pushing it all out. Goodbye blubber!


I made it! Im back at the hotel.
They removed 4 pounds of skin and 1+ liter of fat with lipo. Endo is gone and of being tested. Upload my before and after soon

Still super swollen

4 hours post op.
It was a 4 hour surgery. Very swollen but looks and feels freat to have it gone. No drains either!!!!!! Scar is long. All the way to back of hip.


The pain was terrible when i woke up after surgery but is better now. Took oxy cotin and oxy codon and something they injected me with before i left. Took a lorazepam too.

First picture stanfing up without binder

Cant beleive this is me!!!

First picture standing up with no binder

Love my belly button. Pain is ok. Started getting bad so i took tylenol and oxycodone. Took lorzapam because it helps calm me down. At midnight i get another oxycotin. My husband was laughing at me because he came in the room after getting some groceries and he asked me how I was i said great im all flying high. I dont even drink let alone use drugs so i felt pretty F up lol.

Day two

Day three 48 hours post opp

Yesterday was bad. I had alot of pain and swelling. I felt like i was taking pain pill and muscle relaxers all day . I also felt like i had gas pains . I went in for a follow up and the Dr said everything looked good. I hope today is better then yesterday . O have not gotten out of bed yet.
The test results came back on the growth and it was hemorging endometriosis in the fat and skin. It was 100% removed. I feel better with that gone it was always hurting and pulling on me.

48 hours post opp pics

48 hours pics

My stomach hurts less today with pain meds i can move around but my back is killing me!!! I took my first shower and got dressed by my self. My husbands been helping me and he has been great!

Pain got better then worse

I was pretty good all day yesterday after i got my pain meds in order. I woke up tonight at 10:30 sleeping on my side with a pillow between my legs and i was really sore. Took my oxycotin. 2 hours early and some tylenol and im feeling better . I started yoga stretching yesterday and that alleviates back pain. I had my first BM yesterday as well that felt good. Been taking stool softners since monday abd simithicine for the gas bubbles in my stomach.


4 days in

Feel so much better! Down to my pre surgery weight. ( i was up 5 pounds) i almost went all day without oxy cotin but got real sore in the late afternoon and had to take one. Slept really good last night until 0400 then took some oxycodone and slept on my side till 0600. I have been doing yoga for last 3 days, a little more each day and it really helps the lower back pain and hips. Im doing very slow gentle stretching. Overall i fell pretty good! I hope my waist gets smaller. My body seems very straight not curvey is that the swelling? The DR also dud my mons which i did not know till day 2 when he told me and let me tell you looks and feels so good! My hubby loves it! ;) im going home today :)

Swollen ?

I feel so straight! Will my wAist get more defined?

Swollen ?

Day 5

Slept well no back pain. Got of my bed without pain. Still swollen!! Still using pain meds and muscle relaxers but i bathed my 3 kids last night. Today im going to brush my hair for first time since surgery! Ive been washing it but it almost to my butt and have not been able to stand long enough to brush it. I also see a wave on my left side where the lipo was should i massage? I dont have hardly any bruising from the surgery. Does anyone know how to do self massage after tumny tuck?

Wtf!!!! Swell hell

My pre surgery mesurments were
33.5 waist
42.5 hips
40 in across mans and thighs
Now they are
Why is my waist so much bigger!!! And my hips are the same! When does the swell go down to at least presurgery size?

Feeling happy

Im still swollen but when i look at the results im so happy! I know when the swelling goes down im going to love it even more. Im still taking pain pills my right side hurts very bad worst then my left side by far. Up on top there is a bruise and whenever i move a deep pain on my top right side burns like its ripping. Im feeling better each day though! Slept on my side last night woke up at 0400 but could not go back to sleep. My 2 oldest kids are glued to my side or i would take a nap. Ive been showering alone since wednesday and for the most part taking care of my self. My eating has not been very good :( which could contribute to the swelling. Im still hunched over when i walk and my back kills if i stand too much. Ive noticed stretching really helps the pain. I hold on to a chair and walk my legs back until my back is straight and tummy facing floor, and my head is down by the top of chair, then i arch up and down, move my hips back and forth and do tip toe up and down. It helps sooo much! Ive been doing yoga too. Ive done scared cat, table, (modified) sphinx and childs pose in repetition.


Just in case people are curious I've slept in bed since the day of my surgery.

Jeez sorry another post is my BB infected?

6 day pics in new binder

This is from in XL

New binder

Tottaly loving ny flat tummy. Now bulge in my pants! Baggy sweatpants are a first! These are from VS before i never fit in their clothes at all now im a M/L :)

One pic at a time

I week

Had my stiches taken out of my BB and lipo holes. DR said BB infected so im on a antibiotic. Did some shopping for the kids and wore my self out! Been so tired and swollen all evening. Still walking hunched over and having back pain. Doing better every day.

2 weeks tomorrow

Im doing really good. Still have pain, its been a harder recovery then I thought it would be. Im taking hydrocodone now instead of oxy codone but i still have to take something 2 x a day and Tylenol between. I started my period which is when I use to have so much pain from the endo and its all gone :)
My measurements today were
Bust 42 (cant stand straight)
Waist 34.5
Hips 43
Pre I was:
Still a bit swollen but doing better everyday. My weight was 189 on Thursday. I was 191.5 the friday before surgery.
Im still not standing straight but close to 90%. I am sleeping in bed, i can sleep on my right side but left is sore.
I had an infection in my BB but its doing better. I have been on antibiotics. I had a funny smell coming from incision and i washed good and the steristrips in the area came undone. I cut them and where my pubic hair was growing back was all red, bloody and Pusey so i cleaned it and put gauze over the area. The smell is going away. (Gross sorry)
I feel like i might be pushing myself too hard at times and need to take it easy. Tomorrow I am doing a trial run back at work. Tuesday I have a follow up and the steri strips come off. Happy healing all!!! Happy st. Patricks day :)".

2 week pics

I forgot


Follow up with Dr. 15 days

Had the steristrips removed! What a relief! The scar looks great! Its low thin and straight! The picture does not do it justice. He said i was still pretty swollen in my belly but i was doing great! Hopefully at 4 weeks i can hit the gym!! I got my first set of matching bra and panties at Victorias Secret! Yay!! I wore a pretty form fitting lasce dress today and makeup (first time since surgery) And I had many compliments from strangers today including people telling my husband how lucky he was LOL, so weird since a year ago i was medically obese. My mom cant belive how different I look. I have had people tell me I look like a different person.

I have now lost 65 pounds!!! And have a 34 waist 41 hip 36ddd chest. Still swollen so hoping for a bit smaller.
Happy journey to those waiting and happy healing to the rest!

3 weeks

I am doing great. No more pain killers and I am out and about daily. Still get very tired and swollen in evenings but everday is better. The worst pain is on the top of my stomach muscles were he tightness them. I had a big bruise there that has faded but ut still hurts. Starting to get muscle defintion up there though so thats good.


All of my friends and family have noticed something is different. I feel like the 6 pounds i have lost since ny surgery made a more dramatic difference then the 60+ i lost before LOL!! My family says i look like a different person then a year ago. Im about 185 now and my waist is 34 inches in AM and 36 in evenings. Hips 41-42.

65+ pounds weightloss memoir

Its been 7 months since I started my weightless journey.
Its been about 8 years since I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid. Since then I have had 3 pregnancies. I have Never made a conscious decision to loose weight or been on a diet until last August. My first time ever going to the gym was in 2014. My choice to make a change started with feeling panicky every night that I was going to have a heart attack and leave my kids motherless. I was not eating huge meals or frequently but what i was doing is only eating fast food. I was so busy between work, the new baby and my 4 & 5 year old, i used that as an excuse for hitting the drive through. That was my first change. I quit eating that junk. Its been so long I cant remember the last time i ate at a drive through. Now I am down to a size 8-10 from a 18 at my largest. Yesteray i asked the lady at a store how the pants ran and told her i did not what size i would be. She said "you look like a medium". Perhaps the biggest compliment I have ever had LOL. Im committed to my life change and have energy and a new confidence. I was afraid to go places alone before in fear someone would ask " are you pregnant"? The 3 words that can turn your whole world upside down, especially when you are postpartum! It gets easier every week. I learn new ways to focus and control cravings. I have recently discovered yoga which I think will be my new "drive through" i have learned the difference between emotional eating and hunger and most important I still let myself indulge. Im a new person.

Before & after

4 weeks

I am feeling great! My measurements are down to
33.5 waist 40 hips.
Im adding a side by side of 2-3 days after surgery and at 4 weeks to show how much has changed.
I have my 4 week follow up on thursday, hoping to get the ok to workout! Overall things are getting back to normal. Still have a little swelling, it gets worst in evenings. I am also still very tired when I get home. My babies had the flu last week so i wa busy taking care of them but thankfully i did not get sick. Thats all for now happy healing and good luck to you all.

6 weeks

Ive been feeling good overall. Starting to have periods where i feel like im still fat but i just started a few days ago and i think its just something mental im going through and I will overcome it. I have been working out about 8 hours a week now and eating really good. I was diavouraged laat week because i did not loose any weight. I still have some pain on my upper right side eapicially if i accidently over excert my self. I cant do situps yet or any hard core ab work. I have ben doing step, strength, yoga and zumba.
I wear a compression garment most of the day and night. Sometimes ill go a half day without. I have better energy but still very tired in evenings.
My swelling is down its basically only in my lower belly and mons.
My measurments are
33.5 waist
40.5-41 high hip
40 low hip across mons
I think thats about it!

More 6 week pics

8 weeks

Quick update. Im feeling really good. Still a little pain in upper Abs on the right side. My scar is healing nicely and is flat and fading. I feel really happy with the results and so much more confident. I took a quick picture but have been on vacation with kids and very busy. Ill do a better update soon.

8 weeks

10 weeks

Went to the dr today, he said all is healing well and i still have alot of swelling in my lower belly. I feel good but still have pain if i over do it and will get very tired. I am down to. 183 pounds. Last week i measured 32 waist 40 hips. I dont wear the binder much anymore and feel my swelling has been worst this month the. Last month. Here are the very unflatering pictures from dr. I cant believe that was me before!!! I feel so much better!

3 months

Things are going well. I dont have any pain anymore but do still have swelling and get tired easier then before. My weight is around 180 and my measurments are 31.5 waist 39 hips across inscision.
The swelling i do have left is in my center lower belly and gets worst the more i exert myself. This weekend after doing yardwork all day I looked like i gained 10 pounds in a day!! My husband even noticed!
I feel like this has defintley been the best thing I have done for me. Its changed everything. I feel so much happier healthier and confident! I did go bikini shopping but did not buy, i was having a swell hell day on top of swimsuit shopping and i just did not think i could wear a bikini so it stayed at store.
Im really happy that ALL the pain is gone even when i work out at gym. I am still numb and my tummy tingles when i run which is a weird feeling. Or when i have a itch i cant feel it when i scratch.
Another unexpected benifit to the TT is no more happy trail! They removed my lower tummy that had the hair follicles so know I dont have to worry about hair removal on my tummy!!
Good luck to all the ladies that are waiting and happy healing to those who are recovering!!



Pics not uploading..

Almost 4 months

Feeling great! Working out 4-5!times a week full ab workout and no pain. My swelling has this week for the first time felt 100% gone. It still swells a little in evening after a hot day on my feet. Im at 180 pounds so ive lost about 12 pounds since surgery by im certain ive gained muscle weight my body is getting toned. Hope evreyone else is healing well and good luck to those waiting.
Bryn Mawr Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Claytor and his staff listen to patients, spends time as needed and do not rush. They are Available whenever needed and have a wonderful safe and secure facility. It was a Smooth surgery and great results. The follow up care has exceeded my expectations as well as the results. My scar is perfectly placed, thin and straight. I am very happy with my tummy and would recommend Dr. Claytor to anyone! Atlantic Plastic surgery Center Portsmouth NH

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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