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Ok, so when I was 18 I stupidly went and got a...

Ok, so when I was 18 I stupidly went and got a tattoo without thinking. I wanted a small pretty tattoo but ended up with a MASSIVE "tramp stamp". A year later I got my first treatment, saw little change apart from my original tattoo was raised and it was now flat after one session. I then waited another year before getting another treatment. Then 6 months till I had my third, I've just had my fourth treatment and plan to go every 4 weeks now. I've seen little fading and it's the most painful experience ever. THink before you ink guys. I'll upload some pictures so people thinking of tattoo removal can see how slow the process is. Unfortunately they don't just fade straight away :(

Fifth session.

Started to see my tattoo breaking up after the forth session. Such a slow process! The pink in the butterfly is fading well. Had my fifth treatment today. The technician said my body is reacting well so she said she put the machine on a higher level today. Didn't use numbing cream my technician mentioned paracetamol before treatment can help a little bit with pain so I will try that next time not that it will make much difference! At least it's done for another 4 weeks!!!

14 sessions done

I've just had my 14th session. I have had one picsure treatment and 13 q-switched .. I've not had dramatic results but it is slowly fading. It's hard to stay positive when results are so slow but I understand it's a slow process just got to keep going!

Will it ever fade

So today I had my 15th session!!!! And although it's faded I've still got a very long way to go. Deeply frustrated with the slow progress. Come on tat go!!!! I'm hoping and praying that it will be gone by summer when I go on holiday. I'm having treatments every 4 weeks so that's another 7 treatments. So by 22 sessions let's hope it's gone ???????? I know everyone's body is different but Keep seeing other people having such good quick results and I've tried over laser but for the expensive price I didn't think they were any better. So just got to keep going :( moan over ????

Tattoo removal progress

Sometimes you've got to remember how far you've come. Original tattoo (best quality I have seeing as I hated it from the start not many pictures haha) - and now 14 sessions later. It will get there ...

Results after 15 treatments

After 15th treatment / before 16th ....
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