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Before I had kids my boobs weren't big but at...

Before I had kids my boobs weren't big but at least were perky. I've always wanted a BA (want cleavage) but wanted to wait until after kids. Well we're definitely done & a BA has been on my mind for some time. I've done my research & now I'm obsessing over it but too chicken to schedule a consultation. ??

Consults scheduled

Ok! I DID IT! I called and scheduled a consult for 2 doctors I've thoroughly checked out. (Although, one had a $100 consult fee, so we'll see) Phew! Glad that's done, now I'm antsy. On a side note my husband has been super supportive but right now I'm getting mixed signals. I'll have to pick his brain. ????

So I went and met Dr. Fryer and was very impressed...

So I went and met Dr. Fryer and was very impressed with everyone in his office. He answered every single one of my questions I had asked him, I've decided to go with him scheduled my procedure for 8/18/16. I'm so excited!!! ???????????? I got to try on and decided to go with 330 cc ultra high profile mentor.

Here are some pictures of what I currently have. I...

Here are some pictures of what I currently have. I know some women are smaller than me and would be happy to have what I have, but I have a big booty and my boobs currently don't have a lot going on and after having kids they really don't have a whole lot going on, so I'd like to even my figure out a bit. I can definitely fake it by wearing 2 padded bras right now but you really can't do that with a bathing suit. I figured now that we're done having kids I'd get the boobs I've always wanted. So in a month I'll be getting them.

Mistake on last post

So I made a mistake on my last post. I'm actually doing 430 cc ultra high profile silicone mentor implants not 330 cc. On my figure they gave me the fullness I wanted without looking top heavy (witch my husband was worried about) once he got to feel the implants and see them on me he got really excited. I wish I would have taken pictures when trying on the implants but I got so excited that I forgot to. I'll take some on my pre-op appointment. ????


I'd like some suggestions on post-op in regards to recovery. Anything from what to wear the day of surgery to make it easier to things I should have to make recovery a breeze. Anything at all that help make the difference in a better experience. Thanks ladies.

Might be obsessed (just a little)

So I have exactly 1 month before I get my new boobies and it's driving me crazy. It's taking FOREVER to finally get here. I'm so excited that I'm like a little kid counting down to Christmas. Ugh! So I figured I'd make some rice sizers and make some comparisons to see. They're 425cc. Too big or just right? that's the max my doc will go.

Preop appt.

So, I had my preop appointment today. I am so nervous and excited. I only have one week away which is so close yet still so far away. So I brought up when I was trying on the sizers, that I had to keep in mind that some volume would end up under the muscle. His nurse told me that he actually compensates for that. So I'll have 455 cc and 430 cc showing. So here are some with & without sizers. Do they look too big? Be honest ladies. :)


Sorry, forgot pics of with & without 430 sizers.

Day of surgery

It's done! I finally got boobs. I'll post some ice a little later.

Surgery Day Pice

K, here are some pics after surgery. Sorry for the mess.

Post op today

I had my post op today and they said the sisters look great. They told me to watch for signs as indicator of things starting to go south. (I.e. One boob more swollen than the other, horrible sharp stabbing pain in the chest or a leg I need to contact them.) I have only been taking ibuprofen for the swelling. It's not really painful, it's more like I just did a hell of chest workout. I can't wait for them to settle.


So I'm post op day 2, still feeling good, only doing ibuprofen, arm exercises and icing the girls. I have some bruising on my left side, but not too bad. I still feel like I just did a killer chest workout. I also got to take my first shower last night, which was awesome. I'm curious how long it takes for the soreness to subside as well as the swelling? Here are some pics, I'm definitely loving them so far even though they are super torpedoes.

PO 4 days & hearing weird sounds

Hello ladies, so I'm PO 4 days and I've noticed while doing my arm exercises I can hear some weird sounds coming from my boobs, almost like gurgling, farting sounds when I move. Are these the sounds everyone talks about hearing? Because it's freaking me out.

31 Yo, 5'2", 135 Lbs, 3 Kids, Active, NEW BOOBS

I have 3 kids. I've always known I wanted a breast augmentation because I have big booty but my boobs weren't all that big so my torso always looked square. I could pull off a nice look in clothes with enough padding but never could in lingerie or bathing suits. So I decided it was time to research, find my surgeon and get new boobs.

1 week PO appt.

So I went in for my 1 week post op appointment. It was great, they took the tape off from underneath my breast, which also took off the steri strip tape over my incisions. He said my breasts are looking great and I can already start using the scar cream on them. When looking at my incisions I'm surprised by how great they look. I asked my PS about seeing my chiropractor, which he said to wait at least a month from surgery before going. I also asked him whether I'd be able to ever do push-ups again? He said that some PS use wider implants which in turn makes the muscles on the side weaker which makes it a higher risk of the implants moving out from under the muscle, he uses thinner implants to prevent that, so I'll be able to do them again. He said I can start running a month after surgery, I have to keep my heart rate under 120 for the first 2 weeks and under 140 2 weeks after that just because with his surgery he cauterizes going in and a higher heart rate will cause complications to those blood vessels. At 6 weeks I can start lifting weights again but to ease my way into it. I go see him in 3 months. Here are some pics on how they look. :D I'm still doing the arm exercises when my muscles decide to tense up, the bruise on my left breast is looking better and is nothing to worry about. I'm using ibuprofen for swelling still as well as icing them when I can and I also started the massages to soften the implants. Oh, BTW the black in the pics is just the glue left from the tape.

12 DPO

Hello ladies, I'm now 12 DPO. I'm still a bit sore but it's gradually getting better. Morning boob sucks but once I start rubbing and massaging them it tends to go away. The biggest things that are bothering me is not being able to pick up my 3 yo & my boobs get agitated if I drive too much, I have to do certain movements to have as minimal use of my pectorals to turn and the seatbelt bugs the girls as well. The bruise on my left boob is starting to look a whole lot better so I'm happy with that. I'm still definitely happy I got boobs, I went to the store and tried on new shirts that just looked awesome with the new additions. Here are some pics as an update as well as my incisions. :)


Hello ladies,
I'm curious if any of you ladies have experienced this after having surgery (and I forgot to put this question in yesterday's update) have your nipples been super sensitive since you had your surgery? Especially if your incision is underneath the boob and under the muscle. Mine have been so sensitive, not to the point that they're killing me but if I accidentally rub one it's a little bit of a shock reminding me that they're sensitive right now. Am I the only one?

2 Weeks PO

So I realized I'm 2 weeks post op (I thought it was Wednesday today) I'm feeling good. Driving has gradually gotten better, morning boob isn't too bad either. I decided to do my boob massages yesterday at a stop light and had a guy catch me doing that (that was awkward lol) I catch myself having to be careful with some movements, because I will get that pinch or tug in my pecs. My 3 year old keeps wanting me to pick her up so I've started giving her piggy back rides and figure that's ok since I'm using my back and leg muscles. I still have the bruise on my left breast but it's gradually going away. I still get occasional muscle spasms and just to my arm rotations and rub/massage my boobs if it gets too bad. I love having them though, it has definitely boost my confidence and my husband has carefully enjoyed them as well. Here are some pics of my 2 weeks progress. :)

2 week PO pics

Sorry, I had an issue with the pics. K, so how do you add captions to your pictures? That's the real issue I'm having.

Nipple covers

Oh yeeeeaaah, my silicone nipple covers for my sensitive nipples arrived today. Yeah my boobs are feeling awesome now. :)

Mendor's cords

So my husband noticed I have Mendor's cords. I hadn't noticed until he pointed them out. He was worried they'd stay there so I had to reassure him this is normal and they generally go away after about 4 weeks. It's just part of the healing process. :) the first picture is my left and the second pic is my right.

3 weeks PO

So I'm 3 weeks PO. Wow does time fly. They've never felt foreign to me, I've felt that they should've been this size ever since my boobs came in. The bruise on my left breast is almost gone. I've been putting the silicone strips on my incisions during the day and rubbing this scar stuff on them at night after my shower. I've been doing the massages 3 times a day and the morning boob has basically gone away, it'll occasionally crop up but a little bit of massaging will make it go away. I've also started gradually sleeping on my side which is awesome. I'm no longer on ibuprofen, I stopped taking that about a week and a half after surgery because I started getting bruises simply from scratching my leg or arm. I've been making sure I have been wearing an extremely supportive bra, although I did wear a dress without a bra the other day (it was awesome). I still feel occasional soreness or a pinch if I over do it. I can't wait for next week because I can at least start running again and then only 2 weeks until I can start really working out again. :) here's a picture of my 3 week boobies.

4 weeks

So today I'm 4 weeks PO, my morning boob is basically gone, the bruise on my left breast is gone (yay), I do occasionally get some soreness in my left breast by the sternum when I've over done it, but a little massaging helps. I'm still doing my boob massages 3 times a day and just massaging my boobs feels great. My incisions feel pretty good, they occasionally get irritated, but as the days go by it decreases. I'm loving my new boobs, they have definitely given me a lot of confidence. The only downside of my boobs is that when we go clothes shopping I now look great in everything! My husband is definitely enjoying them, he loves waking me up by playing with them. I'm still wearing my sports bras, I do have one bra that has no underwire in it, which is very comfortable I wear to work. I am now cleared to start running so I'll be testing some sports bras out this weekend, I'll let you know what I find out. :) 2 more weeks and I'll be able to really start working out. I've been sleeping on my sides with minor adjustments. I've been sleeping on an inclined pillow since my surgery, I know I can stop sleeping on an incline but I've noticed that I don't wake up all congested so I've continued sleeping on an incline. I can definitely see a difference from day of surgery and now and I'm loving my results. Here are some updated pics. :D

First run

So I did my first run today and the first sports bra I used today and was a total fail. It didn't keep them in place very well even though it was a high impact bra. I had to stop twice in a 1 mile run because they kept moving. I'll try a different one next time. Here's a pic of the one I tried today. It was one from Walmart, Danskin Now brand.

5 weeks PO

So I'm 5 weeks PO, I'm feeling great. I didn't have much luck with my current sports bra for running. Mumster told me about the Moving Comfort Juno bra so I bought one and will test that out this weekend. Im really having no pain with my boobs, except for occasional twinges here and there, which I expect is normal. I've been using my scar cream twice a day and the other night when I was putting it on I heard the crackle sound and a slight pain in my boob but it went away, I'm thinking that's probably normal too. No more morning boob and just a little discomfort when sleeping on my side. I'm excited I only have one week left before I can start lifting again. I've gained 10 lbs since my surgery (because of no exercise and eating like crap) :( the only other down side of the boobs is I look great in everything I try on and now I've bought a bunch of outfits. Good thing I shop at places like Ross and TJmaxx. :) here are some pictures.

6 weeks PO

I'm 6 weeks PO and I'm feeling great. I'm now able to start gradually lifting weights now. Yay! My boobs are really starting to drop and fluff and I'm loving the way they look in every form whether clothes or naked. I'm still massaging my scar cream in twice a day and I'm still doing the boobie massages at least 2 times if not 3 times a day. I haven't had a chance to try out my Juno bra for running other than putting it on and jumping up and down and quite frankly I'm pretty sure it'll do the trick, because they did not move while I jumped. I have no pain, but there are times when I know I've over done it, because I'll start feeling a bit of pain in my left breast which feels like it's behind the implant and the only way to make it feel better is to massage in my nipple. Don't ask me why but doing that works. I realized the other day when messaging LavaCakes she asked how we've handled the increase in weight on our backs from our new boobs, I found a site that gave me the equation to figure out the weight of my boobs, which they're 2.13 lbs each. Mine haven't bothered my back, but I do give credit to the fact I have a strong core (even though it doesn't look it) and I also see a chiropractor, which I hadn't seen since before my surgery. (I was told to wait at least a month after surgery before getting adjusted) I finally saw my chiropractor on Wednesday and I feel even better. All in all I'm definitely happy with my boobs. Here are some updated pics.

Thank you Mumster

I have to give a big thank you to Mumster on here. She saved me a lot of time and money searching for the perfect sports bra for running. She told me about the Moving Comfort Women's Juno bra, so I got on Amazon and bought a 32DD. It's a little tight but I managed to do a 2 mile run in a decent time for just having surgery 6 weeks ago. It definitely kept the girls in place. I forgot to take pics of it while I had it on and really don't was to try and get it back on after having my husband help me take it off. So here are some pics of the bra itself, I take a pic next I go running. The cups are formed cups, the back clasps closed like a regular bra and the straps are Velcro, but the Velcro is under rather than over so they don't catch on other clothing. It's an awesome bra. It's a little costly $60, but for what we pay for our boobs, that cost is well worth it for the protection it provides for them. Thanks again Mumster! You are awesome. :D

7 weeks PO

Hello ladies, I've hit 7 weeks PO and feeling great. I'm loving my boobs, really haven't had any boob greed. I love my size, I feel I can easily dress them up or down depending on the situation. I've started lifting small weights but not too much. I actually feel comfortable flexing my pecs without feeling pain (that probably sounds weird, but just being able to open a jar or pick up my daughter again is great) I just can't wait to start doing pull-ups and push-ups again. I gotta start training again, it's driving me crazy. My boobs are starting to get squishy which makes them even more fun. My scars are looking great, I'm really not too worried about them all that much, I just post there progress for you ladies. I had surgery on my knee last year to replace my ACL and those scars can hardly be seen now and it's only been a year and 2 months. Here are some more pics, I also included a pic of my knee scar so you can see. Have a fantastic boob day. :D


Here is a picture of me before my BA and 7 weeks after my BA. I went with round mentor 455 cc UHP implants. When I was looking into BA, I read one woman explained that with BA your boobs will be the same just bigger because you can't change the genetic and physicality of them. My PS said the same thing. I don't think my breasts have gotten any closer together, but that is probably because I got UHP. My only options were HP or UHP because my BWS is 10

Comparison part 2

Sorry about that, my daughter jumped on me and it saved before I could finish. My BWS was/is 10 so I couldn't have mod or mod+, I wanted bigger implants which required UHP. My cleavage hasn't changed much unless I use a bra to push them together and I'm happy with the lack of cleavage when naked. I had a BA done to increase my size and give me more upper pole so improve my confidence, which it has. I didn't feel sexy naked or in a swimsuit because I didn't feel my breasts matched how my mind had them. Now they do. :D here is that picture.

8 weeks PO

Holy cow 8 weeks PO! It's funny how seriously quick time flies once you're on the other side. I'm still loving them, and they're starting to get really squishy. I'm hoping they don't drop any further, I feel they're at a good spot. It's funny, I told my husband today "wow, I'm now eight weeks." Then said "for my boobs". I gotta rephrase how I say that because saying that sounds like I'm saying I'm pregnant, which isn't going to happen, as much as I loved being pregnant, we're done. So my boobs feel great and my scars are looking good. I really can't think of anything else today so here are some updated pictures. Happy boobies.

Happy 2 months PO

Happy 2 months boobie birthday

10 weeks PO

So I'm 10 weeks post op and still feeling pretty good. I've really started back at the gym in regards to lifting weights. I can basically do all the different lifts except for butterflies, I tried with 15 pounders and that was definitely a no go, so I'll lower the weights and work my way up. Boobs have definitely dropped and fluffed and squishier, I'm hoping they go no further now. Here are some updated pictures. I've also been asked what scar cream I've been using so I included a picture of it.

12 weeks PO

Hello wonderful ladies. So I'm 12 weeks PO and my boobs have definitely gotten squishy. I'm not having any issues with them. I'm struggling a little with chest workouts, but what should I expect since they cut my chest muscles. My boobs aren't causing any issues when it comes to sleeping. I think my only issue is wearing jackets that zip up passed my boobs and is still flattering, but I'm definitely not complaining about that. :D I have my 3 month follow up appointment next Friday and will be given the go ahead for regular bras. Hooray! Anyways, here are some updated pictures.

31yo, 3 kids, fit, 455cc, UHP, round, silicone, Mentor, Under the muscle

They are definitely squishy
I'm 3 months PO and I'm LOVING! my results. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin as well as in clothes. I just finished my 3 month PO appt. with Dr. Fryer and we discussed how happy I am with my new boobs. We got on the topic of UHP implants and how happy I'm with them, He told me that a lot of people are afraid of them and that they have such a bad reputation right now, not by just patients but doctors as well. I told him that I think a lot of doctors give them a bad reputation because they don't know how to work with UHP and there are only a select few who do know how and have beautiful and amazing results, and so that's why they give them such a bad reputation and the patients follow suit from what the doctors tell them since they are the professionals. Dr. Fryer is one of those select few doctors that know what to do with UHP and give you a beautiful, non-pornstar natural look. I'm not saying this to advertise my PS but to let other women know that UHP implants are something not to fear.
Make sure when looking into breast augmentation that you research everything, because it's still major surgery and some things can still go wrong. When looking for a PS follow your gut, it knows. Don't pick one based off costs. Because some times you get what you pay for. Make sure you like the staff, environment as well as the doctor himself (so if you don't meet the doctor that's a sure sign not to him/her) don't be afraid to ask questions, they will benefit you. Keep in mind that your breasts when done will look the same but bigger, because your getting a breast augmentation NOT a chest augmentation. Boobs before or after won't be perfect, but that's ok because no one is perfect. All you ladies are beautiful no matter what. I got mine done because I always felt my boobs didn't fit me and after having kids they definitely didn't fit me. Now I feel my boobs fit me exactly how I see myself in my head. Here are some pictures I took the other day when I got some pretty necklaces and a video to see how squishy they are. When my PS posts my before and after pics I'll post them as well. HAPPY 3 month BOOB DAY!

2/18/17 - 6 months

Hello beautiful ladies,
Holy cow! 6 months already. What can I say? I'm still loving my boobs. I think the D&F is complete. I have so much more confidence in clothes and out of them. My scars look great and my boobs don't feel fake. My hubby has really enjoyed them as well.

I have been wanting to post about the day I got them, in detail to maybe help someone who deciding on whether they want to go through getting breast implants. So, here is my experience with my surgery.

I was scheduled for 11:15 am and had to be there a half hour early to make sure I could get the paper work done. Dr. Fryer does his surgeries at they're facility across the hall from him. We went in, filled out the paperwork and waited. After doing my pee test we went back and waited in another room. My PS came in and drew on me for the surgery while explaining to me what the surgery entailed and asked me if I had any questions and took the time to answer them. After he finished talking to me the anesthesiologist came in and explained how he was going to take care of me, he walked me into the OR and had me lay down onto the table. He started explaining how the anesthetic was going to put me to sleep, but I told him it wasn't my first surgery and was well aware of how it affected me.

I woke up in the recovery room and was really groggy. I laid there for awhile getting over the sleepiness. I happily woke up NOT nauseous because I had put the scopalomine patch on the night before. I was in recovery for maybe an hour or an hour and a half, once I was fully awake they helped me out to the car and my husband drove me home, it wasn't a bad trip, the facility is right next to the freeway so the trip was quick. Once I got home I basically sat down and watched tv. I did my arm exercises every hour and when my muscles would spasm. I never took a pain med for this surgery. I wasn't in pain, I felt really engorged, but that was it. I feel one of those reason I wasn't in much pain was my doctors skill. My PS called that night to ask how I was feeling and was glad I was doing so great. I didn't really have many issues sleeping either, but I did buys a wedge pillow a few weeks before my surgery and started sleeping on it to get used to it by the time I had my surgery. I just hated not being able to sleep on my left side. I am very happy with how my surgery day went and with my results. I know everyone's experience will be different, mine was a good one luckily.

One thing I am still dealing with is the weakness in my chest muscles. I'm still carefully weight lifting to regain strength in my pectoral muscles, my left pectoral is a lot weaker and will get sore faster than my right. I don't want to over do it and cause an injury so I'm taking it slow. I hope I'll have the strength back in them by August because I'm registered for a Spartan and have goals to be able to pull myself over the walls myself.

Sorry for the long post, but here are some pictures.
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