32 Woman.. Another to the Regrets Tattoo Bucket - Madrid

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I got a tattoo last week .. unfortunately as many...

I got a tattoo last week .. unfortunately as many who have read here, the result was not as expected, I regret it every day, it's not a horrible tattoo, in fact I like, but is too large and I would like to erase part of it. I have been through every one of the states that I had read, regret, anger at myself, well .. you know.

I currently live outside my country (Spain) but I will we back in December and I have already contacted with several laser places, but I have couple of questions that I would like you to help me with ..

1. Ink Hunter or Picosure?
2. I have seen that tattoos outlines are slower to get out , mine is a word, but the line is as thick as if I would have done with a fine-tipped pen. This is considered as a outline?
3. How many sessions do you think more less I will need?

Hummingbird stays with me :) I love it ... and I will remember many positive things of this moment.

If I had not found this place now I would be very very depressed, because you share all your experiences I don´t feel alone in this :) and I promise I will be posting my journey in this!

My first session in New York!

Good Morning!
Well ... I have my first appointment to remove the tattoo the 10th of December!. The first session I will take is on my journey back to Spain with stop in New York where I found a clinic in Manhattan with this last laser "Cutera Enlight", that combines nanosecond and picosecond procedure, I hope that this first treatment helps to accelerate things because in Spain we do not have this laser still and so I searched the results and they look fantastic! I will keep you updated on the process;)

Nice day to all!

Nice progress :)

Hi everyone. Sorry I did not keep my progress update.

In december I did my firts treatment with the Cutera Enlight pico second machine wich after reading all the reviews I thought it was the best option. The clinic was in New York and they charge me 75$ for the session. I was expecting much more clearness, but unfortunately after two weeks it was looking almost the same, a bit breaking parts but nothing amazing. ( no pictures of the results, sorry). Instead, I did my second session in Madrid and the results where awesome!! You can see the difference after 4 weeks, it heals very well and I pay in advance for 5 sessions for 500€. I will do my third one this Wednesday. I think that in black lines works better the nanosecond machines... I'm very happy with the results, I will keep you update soon. Have a great week!
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