Young Patient with Low Set Brows - Madrid, ES

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Hoping to write an honest and informative review...

Hoping to write an honest and informative review of my experience with Dr Nogueira. I am booked to have a brow lift in about 5/6 weeks - I am only young but my brows are naturally low set and make my eyes look slightly hooded. I hoping this will make my eyes look wider and overall my face better balanced.
So far, things I like about this clinic are; its efficiency. Where I submit a consultation form or send an email, I am replied to very quickly, almost always within 24 hours. Also, there seems to be no limit to the amount of times the Doctor will discuss my concerns with - we must have spoken at least 8 times now. This works really well because in in person consultations I often forget my questions, or new ones entirely come up out of no where. It's really helpful to have someone on hand to talk things through.
Certainly he has his own way, which I appreciate i.e. only doing subfascial breast augmentation. Unfortunately, my first few phone calls felt like I was being pitched his approach, and I was fighting to even get my questions answered because he was just answering completely different things. I was being reassured about capsular contracture, when I was asking about the palpability of the implant for example. Some of the claims seemed far fetched (absolutely none of my patients can feel their implants, there will be absolutely no interruption with breast feeding - a claim I haven't heard any other doctor make, especially with areola incisions and over the muscle). As a result, I've booked my BA with another doctor, and a number of our phone calls have become slightly heated, as I felt I wasn't being listened to. That said, in more recent phone calls he has been far more reassuring and helpful. I do believe he is honestly well intentioned, and I trust he is a good surgeon, otherwise I wouldn't have booked. I hope I'm not wrong!
The consultation forms on the website are awkward. They don't need SO MUCH personal information (address, post code, nationality, passport number(!) etc) simply to make an enquiry. Every time I want to speak to the doctor I have to fill in this form. When I tried to book the surgery the form wasn't working (I'd tried several devices) and the PA refused to book it without me completing it. I was happy to provide her with all the information by email (which they already had, 8 times over), but this wouldn't do. It seemed unnecessary, but perhaps there is a reason which I don't know of. That said, the PA - Yolanda, is very friendly and responsive, and I have heard nothing but good reviews about patients face-to-face experience with the team. I hope I have the same experience!

I've booked in the eurostars hotel a short taxi ride away. It's cheaper than the other options I could find. I'll be having a BA and Rhinoplasty with a different doctor (Dr Oelbrandt) for which I will also be writing a review, about 7 days before. I already know Dr Oelbrandt, I trust him completely, and I love his work on noses which is I why I went for him for the nose. I was completely torn with the breasts for MONTHS; I HATE the idea of animation deformity, but I don't want anyone to feel my implants. In the end I decided that subfascial wouldn't look as good in 5/10 years as would submuscular, or if I lost weight and my breast tissue thinned. Dual plane seemed the sensible option in the long run, and this is something Dr Nogueira does not do.

I will post pictures for the BA and Rhino but I think the brows might be too revealing of my identity. I'm on here often, and have no issues sending before and afters in a message to anyone who's interested. Just let me know

I have saved for these surgeries for a long time and worked REALLY hard to get here. I hope to feel like a new woman.

Will update closer to the time. Any questions, just ask.

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