Petite 35 Year Old with a Chunky Tummy - Madisonville, LA

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Ever since I could remember I had a chunky tummy....

Ever since I could remember I had a chunky tummy. No matter the diet and exercise regimen I did, nothing slimmed down my stomach. It has gotten to the point where I would not take off my swimsuit cover up. I've never had kids and the rest of my body is pretty toned I should not hide myself. So that is why I decided to go through with the cs procedure. Morning of procedure I was extremely excited. I had my lower ab divided into two small sections and then my upper abs done in one session. My bottom right side was done first and when the machine turned on I lost my breath. It hurt for about ten minutes and then subsided for the remaining 50 minutes but still uncomfortable. The two minute massage was 10 times worse. Omg I had to put a pillow over my face and scream. I'm on day 3 now and I'm extremely bloated and my stomach feels heavy. Small tingling pains and minimum itching. But I'm numb. I'm dreading day 5 after reading other's reviews. Supposedly that's when the bee stings and knife jabbing pains begin. Eeeek!!!!!! But I'm really looking forward to my end results. Oh and I've never had any type of surgery or injury in my life so I'm assuming my pain tolerance is super low.

Day 5

Today makes day 5 since the procedure and I'm still bloated and my upper abs are super tight. I started experiencing sharp pains all over upper and lower abs. Can't wait for the bloat to go down. I'm tired of looking pregnant.

Day 6

All day was the same. Bloating, sore and a pain here and there. It's 10pm now and I'm in bed in pain. It's a constant shorting, stabbing pain in upper and lower abs. The pain progressively got worse over the last few hours. Around 6pm I took ibuprofen. Pain settled a little bit. But it came back hard and strong. I just took 2 extra strength tylenols and one 325 aspirin. I'm hoping the pain subsides because there is no way I can sleep. I'm hoping this will be the worst pain I experience because I don't want to imagine it can become worse.

Day 9

Feeling soooo much better. The pain has subsided although its still there, but nothing like it was on days 3-7. Also, my swelling has gone down tremendously, although still a little swollen. I don't have access to my before pics and didnt think to take any prior to the procedure so i will post them once i get them from the dr office. Feeling optimistic about this.

Day 1 and 12 post procedure

The pain is nothing like it was but I went to the gym for the first time today. I just took my weights class so it was minimal cardio. The small amount of cardio we did, I could feel and I'm my stomach is not ready for any hardcore jumping around. It's still sensitive. But nothing compared to last week. I don't have my before procedure pics yet (and I didn't think to take any myself- sorry) but I have the night of the procedure (had it done that morning) and then I just took one of my jello tummy. It feels so weird. It's not hard and bloated like last week. Just feels like jelly. Worse than what it was prior to the procedure. Hoping that goes away soon.

Day 20

I don't look as bloated and the shooting pains are gone. However, my upper abs are still a little sore. But i cant fit into my jeans or shorts. Especially if they are just washed. I feel fatter than i was before i had the procedure. But they said i could start to see results 3 weeks post procedure and tomorrow marks three weeks. Guess i'm in the group that will not see results that quickly. I'm hoping to go back to my cardio class tomorrow. I've only been doing my weights classes. Now i'm thinking i should do my flanks.

Will NEVER Recommend Coolscupting - Made Me Fatter

It's been over a year since i had coolscupting on my abs and i am so disappointed with the results. For some reason the tech thought that i needed the top part of my abs done although I only needed my lower abs done. But i went with it because they supposedly know what they're doing. To this day, a year and 1 month later, the top part of my stomach pokes out and is still sore. I've been trying to massage it to hopefully make the bump disappear but it feels like the same pain I felt when the machine came off - but of course no where as excruciating. I'm very disappointed in my results because my stomach is still chunky with an extra puff on the top (which i didnt have prior to the procedure). I'll NEVER recommend coolsculpting to anyone!

Dr. Tabor

Dr Tabor didn't do it, his technicians did the procedure. The tech that was training didnt massage my upper abs completely which I believe is what is causing my permanent puffiness.

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