34 Years Old 3 Csections Ready to Get Rid of This Stomach. Madison, WI

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Finally schedule surgery.. April 14th...

Finally schedule surgery.. April 14th Abdominalplasty without muscle repair but with lipo.. I am so nervous but SO excited!! Can't imagine my life with this apron of stomach and looking pregnant.. I've always carried my weight in my stomach but after 3 sections and 2 back surgeries it's just gotten worse.. I enjoy staying active with my kids (8,6,2) but am limited due to my stomach slapping off my thighs when running, biking and exercising.. I'm done with the yeast infections and skin break downs under my stomach.. I'm a bigger girl at 240 but I'm healthy and feel held back with my stomach literally in my way.. I want to hold my children closer and not feel like my stomach is between my husband and I when I hug him after work at night..


Had my prop today and it went great! I'm anxious but So excited and hopeful for the end results!! Have to get my script filled and I'm ready to Rock!!!


Someone thought I was pregnant yesterday:/ just another reminder why I'm having a tummy tuck..

Count down

10 Days to go and nerves are there


Can they really just remove all of this?? No more yeast infection and skin break downs under my "apron". No more back pain from excessive weight in stomach? Will I be able to see my toes?


Best product to put on scar ?


4 days agghhhh


2 days my surgery is in 2 days


Tomorrow is the big day and I'm a nervous wreck?! Any last minute suggestions or reassurance is Mucho apprciated!!!


Sri Ed at 7:30 surgery was at 8:30 and home by 1:30!! Absolutely amazing!! The team carting for me this morning were absolutely God sent and at was Great!!! Going back to bed, following up in the morning and I'm anxious to talk to the doc how it all went!!!

Post op Day 1

Had a follow up this morning and they took of the binder and redid the dressing.. I got a little woozy feeling when they were pulling some tape off and what not.. This binder is definitely my lifesaver... Also got a shower today which was wonderful.. I will post some before after comparisons so far..

Feeling good

2 days post op.. Some swelling in legs but stomach feels better and less tight.. Just praying everyday gets better and better.


I'm 3 days out since surgery and have had a headache for the last 24 hours :/. Normal, not normal, concerning, causes????????

4 days post op

Today was hard.. Physically , mentally and emotionally.. The most pain I have had so far.. And the worthless feeling of not being able to do things myself... I'm not good at asking for help and everyone has been so helpful... I realize I chose to do this procedure and I'm super excited about it still, today was just my day to be sad, mad and tearful. Tomorrows a new day and I'm hoping nothing but good things will come from it!!

5 days post op

New day!! Another day closer to the "flat" side. Well flatter anyways.. Left a message with my nurse asking if u can't put Vaseline or antibacterial ointment or something along those lines on my incision.. It is hard and healing but I think if I could put something on it to maybe soften it and make it not so painful against the gauze and "wrap" thing that would help.. Any input ? Where you told to put anything on your incisions? Suggestions??

6 days post op

I am very much very lumpy bumpy and swollen still but the before and after school so far are amazing. I did call my nurse yesterday as I noticed my right labia ( lady bits) is no lie three times the size the left one.. She said completely normal I said thank God !! Quite the site let me tell ya lol she said I could massage the area to move the pooling fluid around if needed ...


Even with swelling lumpy bumpy look at that flatness :)



So thankful.. They weren't so bad in the beginning by really got bothersome the last couple days.. Appt went well.. Tubes out and stitches around belly button.. Wear girdle for another week and then just at need and then as needed.. Everything looks good.. Little bloated from bowel so keep popping:). Follow up in three weeks!!


Sharp shooting pain at site where tube was pulled out yesterday!! Normal??


I wasnt prepared to have this much pain... Having some incisional pain today that's brought me to tears more then once? Why? What's changed? One specific spot? Doesn't look different then any other spot.. Ready to start turning the corner and feeling better... Tired of hurting:/


Feeling better this morning.. Hoping yesterday was the worst of this and I can just keep feeling better .. Still having discomfort in that area of my incision but it is draining a lot .. Wondering if it was just pressure yesterday and whatever happen that it was able to drain and is feeling better !!


Steady stream of liquid (doesn't look infected) coming from my incision.. Is this something I should be real concerned with?! Plan on o call dr offic tomorrow if it continues

New pics

Little concerned with the "pink" area in the pictures.. Just want to make sure it's healing ok..

Feeling Good

Think I'm finally over the worst of it and feeling the best I have!! I am stilling draining a lot but I think it just needs to come out!!

Set back:/

Yesterday I was feeling so good and hopefull and then had an appt this morning that set everything back.. I made appt concerned with a couple spots that have been draining in my incision.. Well Dr. Decided to dig around in those areas with a reallllly long qtip and then packed the areas:/. Did NOT feel well and I have to do that everyday til next Tuesday when I go back to see him. Not sure how that's all gonna go but gotta do what we Gotta do... No antibiotics as there is not an infection but that's what we are trying to prevent.. Thanks for listening..


On a plus note my belly button is starting to look like a belly button..
I am still packing two wounds/holes and it's getting easier for me to do.. Today I actually did it twice as the packing was full and I was leaking through layers of gauze.. Appt Tuesday to follow up wound care. As discouraged as I am about the set back I am hopeful and already enjoyed the results of the tummy tuck!! Cant wait to be healed a 100%

Stay positive

Cleaning my wounds today after my shower and pulled a "chunk" of what I believe to be suture material out.. Assuming this is why I have the "holes" in the first place.. They looked good as in no infection but I wish they would just close up.. I'm getting better at packing them and not feeling as though I'm gonna pass out anymore so that's a plus lol!!! Happy healing!

Today's appt

Went much better then last week:). Incision looks and no infection.. Unfortunately just have to provide wound care daily and continue to pack wounds and may take a few weeks.. Follow up next Friday at my 1 month post op appt and have first set of post op pics taken.. Thanks for listening

Still packing

Just so bizarre.... Patiently (kinda) waiting for my body to heal... Continuing daily wound care...

1 month post op

Holes are closing. Just have to keep packing until they are shut all the way.. Had first set of photos taken since pre surgery and wow I don't even look like the same person.. So happy with my results this far.. Still have some swelling and lumpy bumpy from lipo but everyday is getting better... I was taking selfies at the clinic because I was never able to wrap the gowns around my belly before :/

Holes getting smaller

You can see they are getting smaller and not as deep


Yea no more packing wounds.. Had a follow up Friday and "holes" are looking good and smaller and can no longer be packed.. I'm to clean the areas frailty and cover with a bandaid and air out at night.. Follow up in two months!! Still deal with selling and have little concern with the weight on the ends of my incisions but feel great and am so happy and thankful for this opportunity..

6 weeks

Made it to the 6 week post op mark.. Don't have another appt til July.. I keep having to remove sutures what's this all about?? One will poke through the skin and if I can't pull it out I just clip it off... Incision looks great so not sure if they are just surfacing and didn't dissolve or what??


3 months

Had my 3 month spot and all is going great! Having the surgery was the best thing I ever did.. They did offer to fix the left side of my incision and said they could just do it in office with just numbing the are and removing the "pouch". The more I heal the more noticeable that side is.. As soon as I get brave enough I'm going to make that appointment:)


Pics from dr office

Dr Jeffrey D Larson

Dr Larson and his staff have been wonderful and caring and very supportive so far.

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