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I've talked about getting mommy makeover since my...

I've talked about getting mommy makeover since my first was born almost 11 years ago. I didn't want to do both surgeries at once though so decided on an extended tummy tuck with lipo first and a breast lift later this year. I want the tummy gone more :)
I've never been stick skinny but was a healthy 5'6 140 before kids and a size 6. After 4 kids no matter how much I work out the gut just doesn't go away and my body seems to think 165-175 is the weight it likes. Time to change that!

Today I'm 2dpo my procedure and I'm feeling about how I thought if feel. I'm sore, getting up and down hurts and both drain sites burn. The worst part so far for me is the nausea (thankfully getting better now) and a headache. I've stayed on top of my meds and that helps however... After reading everyone's warning about constipation I took both colace and milk of mag and then had loose stools today -ugh talk about the opposite problem.
I get my binder and dressings off on Tuesday and am excited to get a first look at my new tummy!
My mom was nice enough to take the kiddos for a few days but they come home tomorrow- hope they understand.

3 DPO Kids came home today

Today was about the same as yesterday in regards to pain/soreness. Kids came back home today so that was a little harder- my baby doesn't understand why I can't pick her up :(
2 more days until the dressing/binder comes off and I can see the results for the first time- I really hope they look good!

I'm so worried about tearing open my incision whenever I get up or down- is that normal???

5dpo dressings off!

I went into the ps today and had the dressings removed, stitches taken out of my belly button and drains looked at. Drains will stay in one more week but otherwise things look good! I got the ok to shower and immediately came home to do that. Snapped a couple of my first after pics too! The swelling hasn't really started yet but I'm sure it'll be here soon.


I felt pretty darn good today, first day where I didn't need to lay down and take a nap. Worked from home all day and even helped out around the house/cooked a easy dinner!
My drains still sting pretty good but otherwise no pain. I ordered a maxi dress to wear the next couple weeks and it came today- even with the compression garment on it was huge! So it's going back :)
Haven't tried on any presurg clothes yet but sweats but those all fit great. I did hop on the scale today and am down 10 pounds since the surgery!

Swelling by drain?

Went to get in the shower today and the area by my left drain looks a little puffy. Can that be normal?

10 dpo still chugging on

After feeling so good a few days ago I thought it would exponentionaly continue... But things have been about the same. Sore, drains still in, not much change. Guess I'm feeling a down day where I just want to hurry up and be healed again. My appetite is also back with a vengeance - which I suppose is a good thing but I don't want to eat too much without being able to exercise.

2 weeks!

2 weeks post op today! I'm feeling pretty good, just tired. I am hoping my right drain comes out tomorrow. Lefty will have to stay in another week or so- it's still draining quite a bit :(
Still wearing sweat pants and loose shirts, which isn't the end of the world. I have a half day of work this Saturday so I'll have to actually find some clothes that work. Can't wait to actually go clothes shopping!

17 DPO

Well 17 dpo here and REALLY hoping the drains go in the next couple days- they are sore, itchy and getting a little annoying. They are mostly draining old clots I think now- so I'm guessing I've got to be close to done? I think my PS is a little over cautious in removing them in hopes of preventing seroma- and I'm completely fine with that- just want to move on in the healing process and wear clothes besides sweat pants :) I did walk about 2 miles yesterday- had to hold my belly for a good portion but I did pretty good! Def. was more tired today though and had a good nap this afternoon.
Bending over still hurts, my upper abdomen above the navel is still pretty sore but tolerable. I can stand up almost completely straight and the tightness is getting better. Baby steps! I'll post new pics once the drains are out this week! (please please please!!!!)

3 weeks!

Finally was able to get the drains out Tuesday, so so happy! It hurt/burned like crazy getting them out but within a few hours that subsided. I'm feeling a bit puffy, especially in my sides- by again that's expected. I tried on a pair of pre surgery pants and was able to get them on, yay! Very pleased so far even with the swelling.

4 week update

Wow I can't believe it's been 4 weeks!!!!
I'm feeling good, still tire easily and swell easily but I'm so happy I got this done. I am looking forward to hopefully being able to exercise soon and get back in

Down 2 pants sizes in a month!

Today is exactly one month since my surgery! First day of taking off my compression garment all day- which so far I don't like at all! I just have on spanx and don't feel like they are supportive enough. Any recommendations for this transition????
I did try on pants today and am easily down 2 sizes, sweeeeet! Hopefully once the swelling subsides it'll be one more. Can't wait to hit the gym and work these flabby thighs now :p

2 months!

Wow it's been 2 months already!
I'm still very very happy with the results. My scar is nice and thin- just a little ugly where the drains were in at my hips- but I'll be patient with those.
I can pretty much do just about everything I was doing presurg.- just still being careful with lifting. I haven't gone back to the gym yet but plan to start that back
Up next week. I have been walking a lot outside though and that's been fine.
My swelling is still worse after a busy day, but that's expected.
Clothes fit great, just need to get back to the gym and tone up the other areas!
Down 3 sizes since surgery!

3 months!

It's been 3 months (yesterday) since my TT and I am so so happy. It's definitely been a life changer for me. I don't feel like I just have a mommy body that I can't change- I feel like I got "me" back. I definitely still have some work to do as far as toning and losing some weight on the rest of my body- but I know it'll happen once I finally have some gym time. Busy season at work for me ends around the end of November- so might have to make a personal trainer a Christmas wish :)
scar is about the same as last update- not fading much more yet. Still a tiny dog ear on the left- we'll reevaluate at 6 months there. Surgeon says I still have a little swelling on my flanks but he's very pleased with the results?
Madison Plastic Surgeon

So far very happy.

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