25 Yr Old Female Getting Sleeved! - Madison, WI

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I am just starting the process of getting gastric...

I am just starting the process of getting gastric sleeve surgery done ???? I am doing it through dean insurance so I have to go through a loooooot of steps but I absolutely believe it will be worth it. I had my first apt with the weight management program Dr and my first apt with the nutritionist last week and yesterday I went to my first class. Each month we have to attend a class the program offers to learn about what the rest of our lives will be like after we have surgery. What our diets will be like and what supplements we Will have to take etc etc... I have to go through the program and once I am ready I can apply for the surgery. I am working hard right now to do all the right things( eating slllooowly and chewing really well, not drinking while I am eating, no soda or coffee, journaling my good etc etc.) the program takes people different time periods to get to surgery some people get to apply in four months while some Take a year or more. I am reallllly trying hard to prove to the Drs so that I can get it done as soon as possible but it I know it is important to learn and make changes now. I am soooooo excited and nervous but hope these next few months fly by!!!!

Second meeting with nutritionist; mtg with surgeon; labs

I have my first apt with my surgeon coming up. I am going into get my labs done. I then have my second meeting with the nutritionist and then a follow up with the program Dr....I keep reading everyone's updates and I am soooooo ready to get my surgery!!! Time is going fast but not fast enough lol!!

Some pics......

It's so hard to look at myself like this but I need to face the truth if I'm ever going to change...


So I am trucking along, I have my first apt with the surgeon who gave the green light for sleeve over bypass (yay) although I would be happy with either I really think the sleeve will be best for me. I got my lab work back and found out I am super anemic and have low vitamin d level so I am taking some supplements. I then met with the program doctor and found out what more I have to do to get the surgery. So I have to have a psych eval coming up on Dec 2 and I have to go to six months worth of classes. Which I have one coming up Thursday for november and then I have to go to two peer support groups. It feels like six months is forever away but I know it will go fast and will be So worth it. In hoping that I can have the procedure before May which is when I start school full time. I keep reading everyone's journeys and everyone is so inspiring I can't wait!!!

Change of procedure

It's been a while but I finally am getting really close to surgery!! I am just waiting on the go ahead from my insurance! I have also decided to do the bypass over the sleeve. It is a hard choice but everyone has their reasons for the one they end up going with.


Ahhhh! I finally got my surgery date!! June 6th!! Three weeks!!!! I start my pre op. diet on the 24th. Ahh I'm so excited and nervous and excited lol! When I first started I never though I would get to this point but it flew by!! Yay!

Date and time!!

I officially have my date(6/6) and time (8:45am) of surgery!!!! Ahhhh 2.5 days!!!!!!!!!


I had my surgery at 930am yesterday!! Everything went fine and I have been walking in the halls around the unit and finally got to drink something today!!! I knew there was going to be significant pain but holy guacamole does it hurt!!! Thank God for pain medications!! Today is better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today!! All the pain is more than worth getting through this journey!!!

Surgery is done!

Yay!!! I finally got my surgery on 6/6/16 at 930am. I stayed in the hospital till Wednesday and I am now resting at home. I knew going into this there was going to be pain but WOW I did not realize how much pain!! I am still pretty sore but everyday it's getting better!! I am working on drinking my protein shakes and sipping water. Has pain sucks!! I am walking as much as I can without trying to over due it to get this has OUT!!! I am so excited to see what the next couple weeks brings with my diet and healing! Here's a pic of my battle scars!!?

2weeks out!

Monday it will be 2 weeks that I have had my surgery. It has been a rough time. For the first week I was on a full liquid diet. I didn't feel hungry at all so I had to force myself to get stuff in and I was getting really sick of protein shakes. Before my surgery I would read how people have a hard time getting their protein and fluids in and I would think that it was stupid but now I know it really is hard. I have zero interest in ingesting anything. But you do what you gotta do! I had a meeting with my nutritionist the other day and she advanced me to pureed!! Yay I was so happy that I could eat something besides protein shakes! It has been getting better each day and it is definitely a learning process!! I also have been dealing with some depression. The forest couple days after surgery I was really upset and was like 'what the hell did I do to myself' but as I get moving more and eating more it's getting a lot better and now I am back to feeling the optimism and excitement of before surgery! I can't wait for my month surgiversary to see where I am at!!


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