Family Doctor Trying to Talk Me out of Procedure - Madison, WI

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I have thought about breast augmentation for the...

I have thought about breast augmentation for the past couple years and after having my 17 month old (also have a 5 year old), I started thinking seriously about it. I have been starting to get really excited about my surgery on August 31st, until I received an e-mail from my family doctor. A few years ago, at my yearly physical, I asked him if you can still get a good look at breast tissue on a mammogram if someone has implants (my mother had breast cancer at 47). He gave me a little lecture about the risks and said, when I started thinking more seriously about implants, that he would like to have the chance to talk me out of it. A week ago, I sent him a message letting him know that I had scheduled breast augmentation surgery for the 31st and I was wondering if he recommended that I have a mammogram before the surgery (I'm 28 and he recommended I get one at 30). I just received an e-mail back from him stating this: "Callie-I remember we discussed this several years ago. At that time I told you I would try to talk to you out of doing this. Do you have any interest in discussing this? As you are only 28 it is going to be very difficult to have any sort of reasonable quality mammogram. The ability to screen for breast cancer using mammograms will probably be decreased by having had surgery. Additionally there are complications to surgery such as breast scarring, change in/loss of skin sensation, infection, and blood clots. I am sure your surgeon has discussed these things with you but I would encourage you to think very seriously about the unnecessary risks you are taking. I know this is a very personal decision and I do not at all mean to criticize your choices I merely want to impress upon you the seriousness of this decision."-Dr. xxxxxxx
I'm not looking for anyone to "bash" him for this email, I'm mainly just venting, because I was really starting to look forward to this surgery and now I am having second thoughts.

My surgery is 11 days away! I still plan on...

My surgery is 11 days away! I still plan on having it and I am still excited. I am starting to get nervous about complications. I'm in a bad mindset right now where I think that if something is going to happen, of course it is going to happen to me. I just keep reminding myself that I am young and healthy, and if I have complications, it wasn't my fault.

I am also a little nervous about childcare during recovery. My 5 year old will be spending the weekend (Labor Day weekend) at my in-laws, so my husband only needs to take care of our 17 month old. My husband is off on Labor Day and then the 5 year old will be in school the day after Labor Day and my 17 month old will be going to my mom's Tues, Weds, Thurs. I'm going to ask my husband to take Friday off, because that will only be one week after surgery, and I think it would be too soon to be left alone with my high-needs daughter (I could probably handle her, but I couldn't lift her into the crib for a nap-no, she will not sleep anywhere but her crib). Then my husband will be home on the weekend and on Monday he has to go to a golf tournament all day and my mom can't watch her. My surgeon and others who have had this surgery done, have said if I'm careful, I can lift her to put her in her crib and get her out. It will only be 10 days after surgery and that makes me nervous! After spending 7000, I don't want to mess anything up. What do you guys think?

I'm sorry I haven't made any updates since my...

I'm sorry I haven't made any updates since my first two. I'm usually on my phone and it takes forever to type an update on that.

I had my surgery on Friday. I was in surgery by 8am and home by 11am. The surgeon ended up putting in 371 moderate plus profile under the muscle with an inframammary incision. He said he tried 300 sizers and thought they looked good when I was laying on the table, but he didn't think I would be happy with the outcome. I am soooooo glad he went with the size he did! I was thinking I wanted something in the 350-375 range. I can tell they will look very natural. No one will know they are fake. When I have more time, I will put up before and after pics.

The recovery has been what I expected...maybe a little better. After I got home and the rest of the night, I was pretty uncomfortable. I just slept a lot. I took two pain pills on Friday and Saturday morning I just took Tylenol. Saturday I went in for my first post-op and he took the ace wrap off and put me in a bra. It felt good to have the wrap off! After the appointment my husband, daughter, and I went to Target for some things. It felt nice to be off the couch and walk around. The rest of the weekend I didn't do much. I took a shower Sunday morning and I felt like myself after that. Before surgery, I was afraid that I would need someone to help me shower, but I was able to move my arms enough to do it myself.

This morning was the first time I drove since the surgery. It is my son's first day of Kindergarden and I wanted to be there. It felt strange! I tried making a big turn with the steering wheel and my right boob made this crunching noise and felt weird. I'm guessing it was just the muscle.

What has surprised me the most, is how well the recovery has been. Every day I have less and less pain (though I never had much pain, just discomfort). It seems like every day I am able to move my arms more comfortably.
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