Surgery Scheduled for Thursday, December 8th - Wisconsin

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Hi everyone! I'm really glad I found this...

Hi everyone!

I'm really glad I found this site... it has been really helpful for me to read others reviews about their augmentation journey's.

I am 42 and have three wonderful daughters whom I breast fed for a year each. I had GREAT boobs when I was pregnant and nursing. But now they look more like deflated balloons :-(. I have considered getting augmentation for years and never really thought I would go through with it. I've had a lot of surgeries in my past and I don't do well on anesthesia.

But something clicked in me a few weeks ago and I knew it was finally time to move forward with the procedure.

I had a tummy tuck years ago and when I was researching doctors for that, I ran across the name of my PS over and over again. Unfortunately he wasn't affiliated with the hospital I was using (I was having kidney surgery too and combined the kidney surgery with the tummy tuck) I had to go with a different doctor at that time.

So when I decided to move forward with my new boobies, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Dr. Bartell was still practicing plastic surgery in my area.

I met with him and he was awesome. Wonderful staff too! He took all the time in the world with me and never made me feel like he was rushed. Never looked at his watch. Just took his time and answered my questions. And that was with the free consultation! I got my quote and left with my hubby and we discussed all the pros and cons. Believe it or not, I had to work hard to convince my hubby to back me in getting my surgery. But I did finally convince him. So we scheduled another appointment with Dr. Bartell and once again he spent a lot of time with me. Did the measurements and took pictures and then showed me lots of pictures of women with breasts similar to mine and asked me to pick the sizes/shapes I liked. Based on what I picked he said that he would start with a 375 cc saline implant and adjust from there.

I will be getting the saline implants under the muscle and the incision will be through the armpit. He specializes in "scarless" surgery and showed me how hard it was to detect his scars after 6 months. I was sold! lol

We set my surgery date for December 8th which is this coming Thursday.

I am soooo excited and nervous! I will post before and after pics soon.

Had the procedure done yesterday. The entire...

Had the procedure done yesterday. The entire experience was done with kindness and professionalism. I'm extremely sore today! Kind of feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest. Chest is very tight and has a burning sensation. Probably a 7 out of 10. Keeping on top of pain pills helps. Will write more later.

Okay, I'm on day five after the procedure. ...

Okay, I'm on day five after the procedure. Feeling pretty good pain wise. I have to admit that the recovery is taking longer than I thought it would :-)

Right now I am mostly getting some pretty bad cramping on my right chest muscle (which is my dominant side). Went to see Dr. Bartell yesterday and he said this was normal and that the chest muscles have been stretched and are protesting :-). It should start to lessen over the next week or so (can't happen soon enough for me!!)

I also got my stitches removed yesterday, YAY! It felt great to get those out. I still have the steri-strips under my arms, but they should fall off in a few days.

Breasts are still trying to drop, but I love the look of them already!

I ended up with:

Saline smooth round moderate profiles, 375cc's filled to 402cc's on my left and 425cc's on my right. Under muscle and transax (armpit) incision.

I do have pics I need to get uploaded :-)

Getting some before and after pics uploaded. I...

Getting some before and after pics uploaded. I had one boob that sat lower than the other one and my PS lowered my fold down on the higher sitting boob to try to even them out. Not sure if it will turn out, but he said to give them time to drop and settle.

I've already noticed a difference between day 2 and day 6 pics... looks like swelling is going down, although I have some lovely bruises under my breasts and between them. Also nasty bruise under my right armpit.

Today is day 7... I had my surgery a week ago today and it was at this exact time that I got home from the surgery last week :-) Each day gets a little better.

Tried sleeping in bed for the first time last night... didn't work so well. I woke up a lot and my back is really sore today, but I'm also up and moving around a lot more today. I was going to go back to work today and decided to take two extra days off to just get that little added time in with the weekend :-)

4 week post op pictures loaded :-)

4 week post op pictures loaded :-)
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