dr bartell ONLY uses saline mentor moderate profile implants. His results aren't bad, but look elsewhere for better results!!

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So I have been considering the BA for a really...

So I have been considering the BA for a really long time even as I was developing I wanted them to grow and be bigger. Lately I have become obsessed with getting them so I have scheduled a few consults to see what dr I want to go with. Hubby was not happy and I seemed to have finally talked him into it! I don't know what to get for a size just yet but I want them full and big--not huge. But I also don't like that weird fake round look I see some girls have when they have a bra on or go too big. My consults are next Friday and the following Tuesday! It can't come soon enough! I think I want silicone or gummy bear but I'm concerned I don't get the nice fullness I'm looking with that!

Question on sizing

I am 29 5'4 170 lbs. and I'm currently a 38a my husband keeps telling me I better not get this size or that size which all look normal or proportionate on their body. I can't decide on the sizing for myself but I don't want to go small and regret it. It seems like they always look smaller when naked. Does a real bra actually make them look bigger if you don't have all that padding? I really wanted to be a small D No bigger. I fear a full C will be too small and I will be unhappy. What to do?? Just get them and hubby will have to deal with size? Not like I'm trying to go with a DD OR DDD

Wish boobs

Can't decide on saline, silicone or this new "gummy bear" implant.. Most of my "wish boobs" seem to be more round rather than tear drop. Which I THINK I want tear drop but my natural breasts aren't full on top no idea what to do!! I found most of these pix of wish boobs on this site..not sure where else to look but this is what I envision. I'm 5'4 170 lbs 29 yrs old

Consult Friday!

I have a consult Friday 5/8 with a dr who does all implants..saline, silicone and gummy bear. I want to have some ideas walking in there for my apt. And then I have another consult the following Tuesday-5/12, he only does saline. I will try to get a before pic up asap for tips on what I should do in terms of size! Someone please help!!

Wish boobs


So I've been thinking of a lot about this BA and I wanted it for so long and I still really want it but I'm starting to doubt myself I'm starting to have second thoughts almost like fear! My husband and I got in a huge fight over me getting them and when I finally convinced him I wouldn't change as his wife he said fine get them and he didn't want to come along to any of the appointments only the surgery when it happens. I haven't talked with him since then but that was like 2 weeks ago so I'm like does he think I am no longer serious? Cause I still want them and I think I'm mostly just scared of the surgery itself and all the bad things that could happen and what people at work will say(I'm not telling anyone there) not that I should care what people will say! I just hope my husband sees I'm still serious and I'm almost nervous to bring it back up because of the argument we got in last time! Are my nerves/feelings normal? Has anyone else felt this way??!!!

Consult #1...

I just got done with my consult I was so nervous the lady reassured me and kept telling me how they are the number one customer in the state and they have the highest rate as far as how many implants they purchase and put in which was reassuring. But they said that the projection or profile (mod, mod plus etc) doesn't matter and he said that I will need to bring pix day of so he can give me the exact look I am going for. :-/ not sure how I feel at this point but I'm letting it all sink in!

Boob greed ALREADY and don't even have them in yet?

So I have been in search of more and more boob pix and I was initially wanting a full C small D moderate plus. Now I'm thinking I definitely don't want a C at all and I will be unhappy. In my consult the lady thought I should go with 500 cc and my initial thought was "WHOA" they looked huge on the table and felt so funny in my bra... But now I think that's what I want! And to top it off I saw a girl on here with high profile and I think I may want that now!!!

The dr said I need a mini lift in he right breast and a small nipple reduction on the same breast. I never noticed this before but of course now I do!! I'm just wondering if I decide not to get the life in that breast (because i read all these bad stories about the healing not healing properly and still being higher/lower) I just don't know if I want to! What do you think will happen if I say no to the mini lift in that breast and don't have the nipple reduced? It's not noticeable and no one has ever mentioned it until my consult.. Should i say I don't want it and only to insert the implants? It's only an additional $400. And how do I decide if I want mod+ or HP?!?! I am not as thin as either of these girls nor am I as narrow so my frame can handle a wider implant but I want to have projection from the side!

Pic of my current breast to show the one that is lower and needs a "lift"

525 rice testers

Trying rice testers!! I've become obsessed and needed to see how they would look

Consult nightmare! Feeling discouraged ????

I seriously don't know why this is so difficult to find a good dr in my area! I have called all these clinics and it's so difficult to feel comfortable! I have a 3rd consult set up for 7/10 (SO FAR OUT!!) and then started reading reviews that he was a perve in NY?! So now I'm second guessing myself. But all the places I've called here in Madison WI they tell me they have never heard of trying on sizers before surgery.. So I'm questioning if I'm reading bad information or if I just shouldn't trust any dr in the area! Feeling so discouraged!!

Consult #2!!!!

Just left consult #2 and I LOVED HIM!!!! He was so nice and I felt welcomed and had he opportunity to ask all my questions and wasn't rushed at all. He said I could pick my own implant size(previous consult didn't give me this option). If I decide to go with him I will have a pre op apt 2 weeks before my surgery to go over measurements and size that I want! I'm feeling sooooo much better! Only down side is he only does saline and I thought I wanted silicone. But the previous dr said I could pick between the two. Saline is better for you if it were to rupture so I think that's the route I will go! Feeling much better! Just going to let this manifest over night hahahah

Pre op appointment and physical?

At my consult they said when I decide to schedule the surgery I will have a pre op appointment 2 weeks ahead of time where we will discuss size and the dr will do some sort of physical. It's $250 to schedule the surgery and set up the pre op appointment and then at the conclusion of that the remaining money is due in full. I'm wondering what this "physical" will entail and what if for any strange reason they say they can't perform the surgery (possible health reasons?) and then you have wasted your $250?!

Surgery and pre op scheduled!!

So It's official! I have my surgery scheduled for 6/18 and my pre op appointment is scheduled for 6/2! I'm actually super scared now feeling like I want to back out but know I can't because I already put a "deposit" down and I know how bad I want this!! Mixed emotions!! I just want it to be here and on the other side with BOOBS!! ????

Preparing for surgery???

I am just looking on any advice on what I should be doing leading up to surgery to ensure that I have a speedy recovery? Working out, Vitamins? Things I will need? Maybe bras?? I'm also wondering what in the world I will wear to work to cover all this up after the procedure?! I work in an office and I'm almost positive that u will be able to see the band on top of my boobs so I was almost contemplating on wearing scarves the first 3 weeks lol!! But that seems silly in the summer hahaha! Also thinking it will be hard to get a lot of my shirts on an off over my head if I'm getting the armpit incision. I own a bunch of portifino shirts from express and I'm thinking I could wear those but how we I cover up my chest? I think I'm over worried about this! And too excited I just can't wait to have boobs!

I also had to push my surgery a week back because my husband couldn't take off the Thursday Friday I needed, oh well tho I'm actually glad it was pushed back a week since I would have been out of commission on Father's Day!

So last night I tried on the 500 rice sizers I previously tried on and loved... But now I am thinking maybe they are too huge.. Or maybe it's the tops I tried them on in. I have lost about 20 lbs recently and wanted to see how the swimsuits fit that I bought (they were my motivation to lose weight) so I tried them on with the rice sizers hahaha bad idea! It was not flattering and left me feeling like I'd have these huge knockers that I would never be able to hide or console.

Before pic in my swim top

Here is a before pic in my swim suit.. I will also post an after pic in the same swim top once I get them in!

Saline vs silicone---Questions!! Anxious!!! Advice?!

Ok so I'm trying to slowly buy things I will need for surgery. I'm going to attach a picture of some bras I'm looking to buy, if I'm currently a SMALL 38B should I buy these post op front close bras in a 38? Or would I want to get 40? I have lost some weight and should probably measure my chest, I may be a 36 now. Any recommendations?? I was told by my dr that I won't be able to raise my arms for at least 3 weeks (getting armpit incision) so I know it will be difficult to get a sports bra over my head or even a cami with a built in bra.

Also, I'm reading some reviews on here and one woman got saline and the dr WAY over filled it and she was in so much pain and she complained of hard breasts, I'm just curious if the breasts got hard because of the saline or because of the dr over filling the implant?! Silicone are 1000$ more which heck what's an additional 1000$ but I just feel more comfortable getting saline, just because of risks and not wanting to pay for the mammograms because insurance won't cover them due to having an eclectic surgery. Not to mention at one of my consults the dr told me I could I with saline or silicone and get the same results because it's under the muscle and I have enough tissue.

I am also curious about this bottoming out and capsular contractor... Is there anything you can do to avoid these things? I'm just trying to prepare myself because I really don't want to have a revision done! I can't afford more money nor the time off work. I hate being out of commission at home because I'm the only one who does things around here. My husband didn't want me to get them from the beginning and I finally convinced him, I think part of him still doesn't want me to get them because of fear I will look good and "leave him" silly I know! But I also know he will enjoy them hahaha I just know having another surgery and spending more money he will not be happy about.

The woman I was reading about who was over filled (saline) went to another dr and got a revision with silicone and she is so happy now! I don't want that to be me, but maybe it was because her dr overfilled them TOO MUCH (beyond what is recommended) any saline women out there that can shed some light. PLEASE?!??

Sizer comparison at home

Working out

I have been working really hard on losing weight recently and finally got my butt back in the gym! Started doing cardio(the elliptical) and lots of lower body stuff, abs, thighs butt! I know I will have to stop this once I go in for my surgery but I am hoping to get more in shape before my surgery!

I am just wondering how long it will be after my surgery until I can go back to at least walking or doing the elliptical again??

Freaking out!!---I am second guessing my decision!!!

My fist consult I left feeling very rushed and still had questions!! So I did go back for a second consult and all of my questions were answered, if I chose this surgeon my next step would be to schedule surgery! There was no trying on of sizers nothing! I was to bring wish pix on my day of surgery and dr would decide in surgery what looked best. He also wanted to do a mini lift on my right breast and take part of that nipple out. I was not ok with this!!!

Second consult I felt very comfortable with the dr he spent plenty time with me and I changed my mind from wanting silicone to now wanting saline! I decided to go with consult number two and have scheduled my surgery which is set for 6/24, which means I already paid $250 (the fee is required to schedule surgery) and this money is non refundable!!

Well today I told my manager that I will be out and I am having an elective surgery. She asked me if it was an BA and I told her yes. She proceeded to tell me that she also had one done about 3 years ago and she was going to go with the dr I chose to go with but instead went with the dr I decided not to go with(my consult #1 dr, I know this is getting confusing to follow) she too needed that "mini lift" but in both breasts. I decided against that because he was only going to do it to ONE boob and I didn't want them looking different!! But she is really happy with her results and the dr even said that she has a friend who went to my dr and a couple others who went to her dr. And she told me hat she called or insurance company and come to find out our insurance WILL cover th mammogram with silicone implants, which I was told they wouldn't. She also mentioned that the dr I am going with his implants do sit higher be he does a good job.

Sorry for the crazy long post but now I am having second thoughts on my decision!!! I am totally not comfortable with that lift in my right breast since it won't be the same on both breasts I feel they will OBVIOUSLY different where as now they really aren't! Not to mention he thought 350/400cc would be good on me and his assistant recommended 500cc, when I told him that he said no one way would I put that in you! But reading reviews on here and seeing others I don't see why that wouldn't fit my body because I am not tiny! I have a wider frame!

Why do I feel like I have cold feet and want to switch my dr ?! I'm still happy with the dr I chose but now I am wondering if I should go with the other dr because I have had 3 referrals for him!

Also(last thing I promise!) for an example, is there a difference in 500cc mod plus saline and 500cc mod plus silicone? Like does the actual silicone/saline determine the fullness or shape?!

I am freaking out here ladies!!!

Goodbye realself!

This website is completely useless! Unless you are a realself "real friend" I'm over it! Deleting my pictures since I can't delete my posts or profile!!! ????

GETTING PREPARED!! + emotions ????

So I did some online shopping last night and splurged a little on myself and bought a new comfy outfit to go home in from my surgery!

I am getting super excited that it seems like my surgery will never come! I can't wait to wake up with bigger boobies!!! I am also scared! Scared of what complications I may have and the pain I will be in, driving to work 5 days later and not being able to even style my own hair or get a shirt over my own head lol! A bunch of silly things! And also feeling like I have PMS x1000!!!

How to measure yourself?!

Does anyone on here know how to properly measure yourself?? I have lost weight recently and used to be a size 38B but always had a gapping in my bra. I think I'm now a 36 but I don't know how to properly measure my chest to see what size I currently am or if later down the road once I get my implants and they heal and I want to order a few bras online how to determine my size! No idea how to measure or what to do!!

Full body shot for stats/perportions

These photos are just before pics for perportions for anyone who may be similar stats.

Current stats: 5'4, 160lbs, 36. SMALL B

It's official!!!

Just finished my preop and everything is basically official now, no turning back!!! I've already paid everything completely in full, got my surgery time-arrival is 730a- first of the day, received my prescriptions, and decided on size! Based on my before size and wish pix we are going with 475-525 cc implants! Which he will be determining once in surgery which will achieve my desired look!!!

Everything is becoming more and more real I am beyond ecstatic I just can't wait for my surgery and to be on the other side with bigger boobs finally!!!! Two more weeks!!!!!Everything is becoming more and more real I am beyond ecstatic I just can't wait for my surgery and to be on the other side with bigger boobs finally

Information on sizing and stats and CC's I chose

So I thought I should explain more about the size I chose and what I learned today! My dr did explain to me that if a women with larger breasts than me got the same size implant that I got she would end up with a smaller result, and the same is where if they stuck my implant size in a woman who is much smaller hers will look huge!
So I do have a little bit of a wider frame and can handle a wide implant. However my bwd is smaller than I thought it would be, I hope I word this correctly... My BWD is 11, and 2 for the tissue. Not sure if that is wired right with the correct terms but that is why we have decided to start with a 475 cc implant to ensure that I don't end up with the implants in my arms, I made it clear that I want 500 and will take up to 525 but nothing larger and I am leaving it up to my dr to decide in the operating room. I attached the pix I showed my dr of the look I am achieving and he said it is realistic. So once mine are in and healed I will compare mine with the wish pix!

A little shopping before surgery to prepare

So my dr said he recommends taking a multi vitamin that contains zinc iron and vitamin c to enhance wound healing. Since I can no longer take ibuprofen I also bought some Tylenol since I will likely need it for after surgery also. So I got a few things I will need mostly after surgery and vitamins to HOPEFULLY make the healing smoother. I bought a couple "cozy" sports bras from Walmart because I just couldn't help myself! I already have the two front close ones but when i figured it wouldn't hurt to have a couple more comfy ones since I won't be able to wear a real bra for a while! Lol

I am also going to go fill my prescriptions 2night as well as the next week and a half will fly by! I'm super busy and I will be working LONG hours so I don't have to use as much vacation time.

I am mostly just super excited at this point and my emotions are ALL over the place!! I think my husband is also freaking out lol!

BWD and Chosing CC's

So I am do By research online and based on what my dr told me I have 11cm BWD...I am wider however my band size is 36-38. We decided on going with 475 cc saline implants and going up to 525 in size once in the operating room if he thinks it will look ok. After looking at the implant information a 475cc implant has a diameter of 14cm.. I am now scared that my implants will be in my armpits! I am sort of freaking out that they will be too big or not what I want! :(

I'm contemplating calling my dr again on Monday but I already called them last week after my pre op and I don't wana be so back and forth with them! I'm so scared I have made the wrong decision. But we compared my before pix with one of his patients before pix and that's how we ended up with 475cc. AHHHHHH

Before pictures!

Took some before pix to compare to my afters :) getting so excited!!! ????

Getting even more prepared

So my surgery is in less than 2 days!! Last night I went crazy! I felt like I did when I was pregnant and nesting lol! I did a bunch of cooking and preping meals for the week for my family, cleaned the crap out of my closet(organized clothes) cleaned my room and our bathroom, and I made everyone else clean the house(bedrooms kitchen living room lol!!!) and I will be finishing up the last of our laundry 2nigt and tomorrow! I have my outfit all picked out for morning of surgery so I can just shower and go without having to dig thru everything in the morning.

I'm mostly just super excited at this point. My dr (not my BA dr) gave me sleeping pills to help since I have always had sleeping problems and I'm thinking I should probably wait till after surgery to take these! Thoughts?

I'm also looking forward to a nice pedi! Thinking after surgery I will go out with my 2. Little girls and pamper us all to a pedi :)

Well.. Until later!! Lol I will check in with you all day of surgery!!

I did it!!!

Well I'm on the other side!! Had my surgery and we are home! Arrived at the clinic at 730 got home at about 1130! I still can't believe I did it and followed thru with it!!!

I am currently in zero pain, I feel loopy and a little pressure but other than that I feel great!! My dr puts some sort of a pain med in the pocket during surgery to help with pain that wears off after about 8 hours so I am anticipating pain later today and the next two days.

Everything went great! I just remember breathing and bam I was out, next thing I knew I was in the recovery room and I said to the nurse "I woke up, I'm alive!" Lol how stupid of me hahahaa! I was honestl scared about being put under. I felt super doped up and even really sick on and off. The nurse took me to the bathroom to pee and I did throw up a tad bit just a little water nothing crazy or no pressure it just sort of came out. I feel like I'm drunk when I walk lol. Other than that I feel great! I got a little peak at them but I haven't been able to take any pix or anything.

I don't know the exact size I do know he put in 475 cc and filled them up from there I believe my left breast was filled to 525 and the right maybe slightly less as it was already a little larger and there was a little asymmetry.

Kids just got home from summer school and have no idea I had a procedure done. Hubby is out mowing the lawn and I am in the room in a recliner chair attempting to find something to watch on Netflix!

Really scared that this pain will sneak up on me! Like I said right now no pain just pressure. when I get up o can sort of feel an odd feeling in my left breast sort of bubbly like a "fart" lol which I know is normal

Wel that's it for now... Will keep you updated later on! xoxo

Ok I stopped being chicken and peaked!!!

I AM IN LOVE!!!! Exactly what I was hoping for and surprisingly they don't feel rock hard...yet lol

Annoying pain now...

June 25, 2015
Ok so I definitely am in pain now. It's like my breast milk is drying up like all over not sure if this is morning boob but it's been all night long and ice seems to make the feeling feel worse!! I have been taking 2 pain pills every 3 hours! I really hope this pain goes away very soon because I do not like it it's just a lot of pressure and tightness that I don't even know that the fricken pain meds are helping :-(

It's been 48 hours...

It's been 48 hours since my surgery and I must say I'm feeling much better this morning. day one was pretty good until later that night, yesterday..day 2 was miserable I could barely move around, all I wanted to do was sleep. My husband got a first glance at them yesterday and was a horn ball all fricken night and it was SO ANNOYING!! I was taking two of my pain meds every 3 hours because I couldn't make it to every 4. I iced a lot yesterday which seemed to have helped! I took two sleeping pills last night which also helped me sleep great! I fell asleep with two ice packs on my breasts. This morning I woke up feeling a lot better! I'm still in pain my breasts almost feel tingly but still have pressure. So instead of the pain meds I popped two extra strength Tylenol and I'm pretty sure I'll stick to that from now on. My husband is making fun of me for hunching over but I truly cannot stand up straight and walk normal! My kids bless their hearts (11yr, 9yrs & 6yrs) they don't know what I have done and they keep saying "I hope u feel better soon mommy" lol. I still can't shower until Tuesday morning! Which is super annoying because my hair and face are SO GREASY! but at the moment I can't even lift my arms up at all! I attempted to reach for my water and it felt like I was pulling or ripping at my incision in my armpits but I'm so glad I don't have any scars on my breasts. ????
I think imam really pleased with my breasts they look good in size, I maybe wish for a little more projection which I'm sure will come once they "drop and fluff". I also hope they don't shrink in size because I love how big they are lol. I do think my dr put 525cc in my left side and maybe a little less in my right but I won't know until my follow up Monday. I DO know the one side is 525 for sure (maybe they both are lol)

We have to head out of the house today to run some errands so my husband will be washing my hair in the sink or some other way.. we will see what contraption we come up with lol I took pics and they look the same as they did on day one so I will post more pics at 1 week

4 days post op.

So it's the morning of my 4 day mark. Day two was definitely the worst!!!! Day 3 was still kinda bad but not as bad as day 2. I had so much pressure on day two I felt helpless and I couldn't even fricken move. the worst part about all of this is that I had the armpit incision so I can't move my fricken arms AT ALL! We went out to a couple stores on day two and three and I was ok at first then all of a sudden I was in so much pain my boobs were like on fire!!! I have no clue why. I probably looked like a crazy idiot out in public all drugged up or something lol. I was like in slow motion and couldn't do anything. I was looking for like a track jacket that was zip up no hoodie that I can wear to work and he had to help me try them on, I couldn't do a thing. I didn't find a thing that fit! So depressing...(I will talk more about this below)

my husband has been so kind to wash my hair in the tub with my bent forward when we had to leave and go do some stuff.. I'm not cleared to take a shower till Tuesday when I have my follow up and I believe they will take out my stitches or at least take the bandages off them. I have a band across the top of my chest which cannot be removed at all! Starting Tuesday I can take it off ONLY TO SHOWER and then it goes back on immediately!

Currently I don't have much pain in my breasts. I attempted to switch to Tylenol a couple days ago and it was a fail! I switched back to the pain meds my dr has given me as I don't like being in so much pain. This morning though when I woke up at 6 I popper two Tylenol and I went back to sleep and woke up at 930 feeling ok. Still some discomfort but I know if I start moving around I will be in pain again. My back and shoulers are killing me! I have been in a hunched over position because I couldn't stand straight and my shoulders are like arched forward. In hoping this goes away soon because I have like muscle spasms and they hurt bad! I already had shoulder muscle pain that I was being treated for and my dr wrote a note for my job to give me a standing work station so that my computer monitors and key board were raised so I can stand or sit to help with the shoulder pain. I'm hoping I can fix this posture thing ASAP because my whole back hurts!

Now... I am super fricken bloated! Haven't gone #2 nor had the urge to do so! My hands are so swollen I can't even get my wedding ring off! I look like I'm pregnant it's super depressing I hate it! I lost 22 lbs before the surgery and I'm almost positive I've gained it all back in 4 days time. In fact I'll go weigh myself now! Ok so I've only gained 6 lbs but it feels like 50!!!

As for my boobs I love that I finally have some volume! My dr insisted that the different projections were a gimic and they use moderate profile on patients. So I did get mod profile and I really wish I had moderate Plus so that I had more boob from the side view. I am not sure if this will change as they "drop and fluff" and continue to heal or not? My left breast was originally smaller and the right one was a little larger and hung a little lower on my chest. Currently my left breast does seem larger and my right one seems smaller now and also lower. I am not completely sure what the implants were filled to but I'm hoping it wasn't 525 on one and only 475 on the other. Sadly right now I am thinking I want a revision down the road with a mod plus implant with about 550cc/575cc I never want to go down this road of healing again. And I need to stop being boob greedy! I have more than what I did previously and I am only 4 days post op. I just hope that once they settle and any swelling goes down that I won't have to wear a fricken push up bra! My dr definitely does give you a very natural look and after all that is the look I was going for.

I'm pretty embarrassed by the pics I'm posting today too :( just not feeling confident nor sexy in my body. I hope once the bloating and swelling goes away and I can wear a normal flattering bra I will feel happier.

Post op follow up and QUESTIONS?

So today marks day 5 for me. I had my post op appointment where he removed the stitches from my armpit incisions and also removed the gauze that was taped to the incision. HOLY HELL!! I was sweating my ass off and it burnt/stung like a mofo when he pulled it off!!! Got my implant card and found out that I got 525 cc in my left breast and 500 in my right. I knew I'd lose cc going under the muscle but didn't think it would appear to be this much. I am very pleased with my results so far so don't get me wrong but I am sort of wishing I went with a 525 implant and had them filled a bit more( perhaps 575 and 550) (mine were 475 and could only be filled to525 max) I was worried going with 525 would be too big and we couldn't go down from there. I do like them tho! And I love that I don't have scars on my boobs they look natural to me. Oh and I have my next follow up in 2 weeks which is when I can stop wearing the band on top of my breasts! I'm looking forward to that because then I can wear "normal" clothes! I hate hiding this stupid band but I love that the band has sort of prevented "Franken boob"

I am no longer taking any pain killers and have been free from them for almost 48 hours now. I am slowly getting better and slowly have more range of movement in my arms. Every time I do something I do feel short in breath. My shoulders and back are sore so I had my dr give me some muscle relaxers to try to help. Every now and the. I get a stinging burning feeling mostly in my left breast but some times in both and that's when I just need to sit and relax! Finally went #2 and it was marvelous (sorry) I knew I'd get bloated but HOLY CRAP! I look pregnant and like I've gained another person!!

I have been sleeping in a recliner and it has helped however I feel so uncomfortable in morning and just want to sleep in my comfy therapeutic bed! On my side preferably since I usually sleep in almost a fetal position which I know won't happen for a while! Tonight I am attempting to sleep in the Bed with lots of pillows and I don't like it so far.

As for my progress.. I have a question about sizing and drop and fluff. I think I have some pretty early natural results but I am curious if I were to get measured now will my size change later? And why/how? Will the cup size be bigger later?? And when will I notice a drop and fluff in my breasts? Does this mean the lower part is my breasts will just have more volume or "shelf"??

First shot with no strap..

First shower this morning and I snapped a quick shot to see that you can see the implants up a little high(little bit of the Franken boob but not bad) my left with more cc seems to be higher up which I expected.

Update :)

So yesterday was day 7 for me and I was feeling much better! Tylenol really does nothing for any pain/discomfort I may feel and it's really not worth it to take any other pain killers because it's not pain, more just a feeling of two grapefruits taped really hard to my chest! I desiced to go shopping yesterday looking for a track jacket, needed a front zip with no good for work! :) it was a success! I found a thin one at Victoria secrets PINK. And it doesn't have the word pink written all over it which is good because I can't wear logos at work!
I decided to try on a few swimsuits over my band and sports bra lol! I found a bunch of cute one pieces 50% off at Boston store but ended up buying a wrap halter bikini top in white, black and lime green along with some black yoga shorts with a lime green band. Super cute:). It was a struggle trying to try things on and i took it as easy as possible as I didn't want to hurt myself and my naked breasts feel funny!
Last night my husband lost it with my son, I jumped out of the chair to see what was going on and I had to step in and scream a couple times for him to shut his trap. Well this morning I woke up with my armpits in pain and my breasts also in pain. I had to lay there for 20 minutes with peas icing them and they do feel better now.
I like the size of my breasts and I think they are pretty natural but I do still wish I would have went with 525 and had them filled to 550 and 575. But what's done is done and I can't take it back. they still have lots of healing and drop and fluff to happen!

While trying on clothes I noticed bruises on the outer bottom side of my boobs and didn't take a pic but I wish I did. By my armpit where I believe tape was from the gauze over my incision it looks like I have a burn? Maybe it's from when he took off the tape? I'm not sure but I hope this is ok?
I've seen many other women with bruises on their breasts but also read this is a sign of bleeding under the skin, should I be worried or call my dr about this or is it normal? It's the size of a thumb print and a pretty dark puple.

Additional photos

Here are more photos of me in clothing(with the sports bra) and pics of the bruises

Feeling better day by day

So I am definitely feeling better day by day don't have another check up till 3 weeks and I will finally be able to take my band off! Man does that sucker ITCH!! I was able to actually wash in my armpits today in the shower which was great because I wasn't able to lift my arms like that before and today was the first time I could put deodorant on! It's actually quite amazing that you can barely see my incisions!! I will have to snatch a photo tomorrow morning when I shower and update with my breasts and incisions. I still have black marks on my armpit from the tape I think I need alcohol or something to remove it.

Today I tried on my new swimsuit for my husband and he liked it but made a comment about my left breast being bigger than the right. Which made me insecure actually because I have noticed that the left one looks bigger also! I have read about this and figured it was normal since that breast has the larger implant and each breast heals differently.

So here's the low down:
My right breast appeared lower but that was because it was SLIGHTLY bigger and so both implants were 475, the left was filled to the max of 525 and the right one(supposed bigger one to start with) was filled to 500 which really is like a tablespoon right? I'm really starting to wonder if that could make that much of a difference to the eye? I never in my life noticed any asymmetry or one being larger until I started this process. Any advice in this area? I know it's hard to say without pix which I will take a few tmrw with different angles. I am happy with my breasts because they are larger but I see women out in public on on here and I do wish I would have gone bigger :( I don't know what the cost of a revision would be nor do I want to go through that pain again!! Is it easier the 2nd time around?? I'm just jumping the gun here I have so much healing to do! Ugh such a roller coaster!! Lol

I've always HATED for my breasts to be touched like when I'd go to the dr or sometimes with any of my partners it's almost like I would get ticklish and they were sensitive! Even touching them myself to apply lotion was not comfortable so it's going to be weird getting used to these suckers! Lol currently I am using a spray lotion and letting it soak in lol.. I know I'm weird.

What should I expect them to soften up? And get that more natural cleavage appearance? When I tried on my suit you could totally tell they were fake but that's because they haven't dropped

Updated pix and incision pix

So the mark by my left breast is from skin being ripped off when the tape was removed.. It is not a scar. My armpits are fuzzy lol but that's the incision pix and I honestly can't really see anything

Another before and after to the above post

Before and after. One in sports bra and the other is from below

Different implant profiles? Advice needed

This is more for clarification on my end! I'm hoping one of you knowledgable realselfers can help!

Ok so we all know there are different profiles for implants, mod, mod + and high profile. I'm seeing lots of women getting HP. My body wouldn't be a good fit for high profile because I am wide and the implant wouldn't have been wide enough for my existing boob. I'm seeing women on here with at lease 200 cc smaller implants than what I got and they have wonderful profile view they look so full and I want that look! Not that mine aren't full but they have more projection! Can I expect the look of my breasts to "project" more as mine "drop and fluff" ?

I am happy with my size but if you go back through my review I'm back and forth and it's because I see these boobs that have more projection and it leaves me feeling like I didn't get that look! I know I have a ways to go healing and all of that but I want to understand the process better to hopefully make myself feel better with what we went with! Obviously I didn't wana look like a porn star or have bowling balls or be a quadruple F ;) lol. I guess maybe I feel discouraged :-/ and quite obviously have boob greed! They look much smaller under clothes and I love that other women with HP already look like they have a bra on with clothes and they don't! I feel like to get the look I want I will have to be wearing a real bra with maybe some push to give myself that upper pole and that's what I wanted to avoid! I wanted them 'perfect' without a bra. But then I look at them naked and I am in love! I sound like a freak of nature!!!!!!

Someone shed some light and perspective!!!

2 week..

So I'm two weeks postop today each day I feel better and better I'm still sleeping in the recliner just because I feel so much more comfortable than trying to prop myself up in bed I feel like I'm going to fall out. I'm actually headed to the store now to pick up one of those pillows with the little arms on it to see if that will help me sleep propped up in bed since I was advised not to sleep laying flat and I want to get back in my bed!

I think I may have been a little too active at work today I have a desk job but I was carrying food all over the place delivering it to other folks which made me sweat and the bags of food were a little heavy so at the moment my breast actually feel kind of tender.

I really haven't even touched my breasts and quite frankly I'm scared to they feel pretty sensitive and I hate the feeling of my towel on my boobs when I dry them off after I shower and my doctor told me not to touch my boobs for three weeks. and quite frankly I'm scared to they feel pretty sensitive and I hate the feeling of my towel on my boobs when I dry them off after I shower and my doctor told me not to touch my boobs for three weeks. Not sure if that means I start massaging after three weeks or what but the thought of it scares the hell out of me because they feel so tender!

I was sitting in a meeting yesterday and noticed that I can feel my side boob on my arms which was weird because I've always been so small that I could never feel any boobs.. Is this normal? Lol they don't look to wide for my frame so I figured it was normal since now I have boobs!

Next week Monday I have my 2nd follow up with my dr and hopefully get to remove the band off the top of my boobz!! Not a whole lot of change in them with pics so I will wait to post pics till next week :)

I want to start working out but I know I can't. I feel like anything I do I easily get out of breath fast.. Even walking up the two flights of stairs when I get to work is exhausting lol!

sometimes my boobs look great and other times one looks larger than the other or one looks lower than the other. I've read this is normal I just hope that once I have the final product they are symetrical and all that good jazz. I was reading that some Drs won't tell you that you need a lift to correct any asymmetry because they fear you won't come to them for the surgery. My fist consult the dr wanted me to do a "crescent lift" on my one breast and after looking at it, it looked like that breast was just a tab bit larger and that's why it looked droppier, which is what my current dr said and didn't recommend a lift which is sort of scaring me because I've been reading how the implant doesn't change your brass that just adds volume so I'm thinking that that breast is still going to appear lower unless my doctor did a different pocket work to fix the creases so that they appeared more asymmetrical. I will have to ask him at my next apt

Some pics

So I decided to post come side by side pics because I noticed my bloating has gone down.

I guess my biggest struggle with this whole thing is I was longing for that upper pole which I do not have. Right after surgery my boobs were very round lol. I still am happy about my decision I just wanted more upper pole. Can't wait to see my final result!

More comparison pix

I wanted to throw together additional comparison collages with different angles and such :)

Comparison pix

Last pix didn't upload, I wanted to post additional collage pix to show the different angles and changes

Things people should know about weeks following surgery

I wanted to post an update that isn't necessarily about my boobs... But more so my frustrations with my limitations.

I'm about 2 1/2 weeks post op and still can't clean my house. I can pick up things here and there but I can't carry laundry down stairs I can't scrub the bathroom or kitchen I can't to jack squat and it's not only frustrating but super annoying! I attempted to sweep the house floor and I could feel the pain in my boobs and armpits. I knew I was over doing myself so I had to stop.

Just keep in mind that just because you feel like you are getting better again really this surgery doesn't restrict you for a week... It's a lot longer! Don't get me wrong I would totally do this again but this is not something a lot of people talk about after surgery! It's annoying that my kids rooms are a mess and that my house is a mess and that I'm not on top of my laundry! Thank god my kids are of age to help me but it's nothing like a fee clean I could do or want to do and CANT do! So frustrating..

On a side note my boobs do feel like they are healing ok. They are still pretty high up top and I can now see why my dr has all of his patients wear the band on top for 3 weeks. I wasn't going to wear it this afternoon for 3 hours and just the thought of possibly messing something up was scary so I kept it on. I have my follow up Appointment tomorrow dr afternoon and I am hoping I can ditch the band Wednesday (as k will be 3 weeks). I was told he will teach me stretches and I believe massages.

Oh and I love my boobs. They are perfect size for my body and in per portion! One thing I will say is I don't like how this website can tend to give one boob greed lol! Before I came to this site I wanted smaller boobs and he more I dug around the size kept getting bigger and bigger and I find that I am happy with my size until I see others reviews on this website that have nice full boobs. But I need to take myself back to reality and give myself some patience because I still have dropping and healing to do!

Burning my band!!!!!

I just left my follow-up appointment with my doctor I have no more restrictions with my arms and movement. And I was told to start massaging my breasts basically in a circular motion like I'm groping myself lol. I just left my follow-up appointment with my doctor I have no more restrictions with my arms and movement. And I was told to start massaging my breasts basically in a circular motion like I'm groping myself lol. He did say that they were pretty hard still and that they would soften off which I must say yesterday and today they are feeling pretty tight and hard I hope that's normal for where I'm at in the game it's almost like I can feel how tight the muscle feels on my breast. The best way I can describe this as I feel like I have two grapefruits duct taped really hard to my body. So they really don't feel "part of me ". When I was getting dressed after my appointment with my tank top on I did attempt a quick massage to see if I could handle it...feels better with my cami on since it's not direct skin contact but it felt crunchy and weird!!! My doctor did say that the massaging will help or should help the capsular contracture are which obviously I definitely don't want.

My follow-up appointment was seriously very fast, in and out, didn't really spend much time with me and I didn't really get the chance to ask any questions but I don't know what I would've really asked. I'm terrible at that I forget my questions or think of something after the fact!

I'm just wondering how you other ladies felt the first times you massages and I'm wondering if u could feel your implant? I'm also looking for massage tips!


Just a little update on some progress :)

I took some pix this morning and thought I would share my pix from wednesday(two days ago which was my 3 week mark) and then a before and after with no bra.

My boobs aren't feeling as rock hard any more. Earlier this week they felt like two oranges tightly taped to my chest, I still somewhat have that feeling but not as much. Sometimes my right breast looks like it hangs a little lower than my left (as it did before I had he augmentation) and sometimes my left one looks more fuller/round. Hopefully this evens out but if not I will be accept it I know no two boobs are identical and I was fully aware that they wouldn't be a mirror image after the procedure. I'm doing some massaging but not a whole lot I some times just gently grab them and push them around to loosen up the muscle but they almost feel bruised inside so it can feel painful sometimes. but other times it feels good to temporarily loosen the muscle

I'm slowly able to get back into my routine as I can finally lift my arms over my head and put on normal clothes which feels great! I am still limited on lifting heavy stuff, mostly cause I'm scared to hurt them and I'm pretty sure I can feel my muscle squeeze my implant when I do, I let go immediately out of fear of hurting myself or overdoing my self but it doesn't hurt!

I have been sleeping back in my bed sort of propped up but not really and that has been going great! Not much morning boob, a little tight but nothing terrible! I'm a side sleeper which has been hard not being able to do so!

I went to Walmart the other day looking for some stuff to make a chore chart for my kids. My 11 year old has always done the dishes and my 9 year old has always sorted dirty laundry and then folded the clean laundry I wash. Lately I have been having them clean the counters, sweep, vacuum, pick up the house and my 9 year old even cleaned their bathroom (mine is a mess and I won't dare make them clean both) my 6 year old has autism so the only cleaning I make him do is his room which has been great. Anyway, while at Walmart I was getting lots of stares, I wasn't wearing anything crazy, skinny jeans, cami tank for a bra with a fitted tank over the top with sandals. this one chick saw me walk around the corner and immediately her Mohawk went up, staring me down making sure i wasn't checking her man out, and making sure he wasn't checking me out. I honestly don't think my boobs are HUGE they look pretty average in my opinion, same as they did with my big padded bra lol. Not sure if it was my boobs since they were full on top or if she was just a jealous gal (maybe insecure because of her body and she wanted mine) I have no clue! I'm a very shy reserved person and never one to talk myself up(not full of myself at all!) I've always been insecure for my own reasons and from my ex putting me down constantly, so I hope no one takes the message above wrong! All I'm getting at is i feel more "noticed" now! I always had a big booty but boobs are a totally different story!! Lol!! I LOVE THEM!

I have finally started cooking again but nothing crazy! Lots of cutting isn't comfortable, or wasn't at first so I've sort of avoided it and we've been making lots of easy or frozen family dinners like lasagna lol!! My poor hubby has been making his own lunches(I was always kind enough to do this for him)

Hard to believe surgery was almost 4 weeks ago and I was in so much discomfort. I think the hardest part of all of this is not being able to hug my kids and husband. I'm an affectionate person and I love cuddling with my kids and hubby and I'm always like "careful!" But that is getting better. I love my boobs and I love that I can wear a cami or sports bra around the house and not be flat chested and feel sexy! I never used to walk around naked in the room with my hubby but now I do! And I love it! (I'm sure he does too! :) )

Well that's it for now... I hope everyone else is healing great!

Feeling discouraged and not liking the difference in my boobs

So at times my boobs can look perfectly symetrical and others I can see the left side appears higher, maybe tighter and more rounder. I decided to play around with different angles and found some not so appealing things. Not sure if this is a real concern at this point or if I need to wait till I hit my 3 month mark and still notice the difference at that time.

So begin with my right breast sat lower or appeared to be slightly bigger than the other which may be why it appeared to hang lower. On certain days it looks like that one is still lower or has just dropped faster? It does have 25cc less that the other breast.

Messing around lol

So this morning as in getting ready I thought, I'm going to try on some old bras! Before I had my BA I was wearing a 38B, the band size was for comfort and I had gapping in my bra, after losing 20-25 lbs the 38 band size was too big for me and at this time I truly don't know what band size I should be wearing. Anyway this is a 38B bra from VS which sort of made me sad that my boobs fit in a B. It looks stupid lol!! Obviously I still need to drop and you can see the left side is still higher. I thought I would just share my amusement of how funny they looked in this bra... I sure hope this isn't my ending size!! I know it's just a letter/number but B?!?!

Roller coaster of EMOTIONS!!!

I'm so over this emotional piece of things. One minute I'm estatic about my results and others I'm freaking out! I keep telling myself not to worry about my current look and that time will get me where I need to be! In my previous post where I posted pix of myself laying down I was worried about my left boob (with more cc in that side) sitting higher and looking funny while laying down.

Sorry that this gets to be too much but my husband just wanted to get "busy" well I immediately got self conscious and didn't want him to see me and I kept my sports bra on, he eventually smuggled it off and towards the end said that boob is bigger than the other! And this isn't the first time he said it! I told him to leave it alone because it's still healing and it's normal...the more I say that I feel like I'm just trying to convince myself things are ok and maybe they won't be! I'm just so mad right now and don't even want him to see my boobs! He never said anything before about my asymmetry before I had the BA and I never noticed myself until it was pointed out to me. Now I'm wishing that my dr would have just put the same cc amount in both breasts and I wouldn't be having this problem! I will seriously DIE If they end up looking like this at 3 months. Standing up they look great you can tell from the side he left side projects a little more and it's sitting up higher than the other which I know is normal but laying down it looks DEFORMED! ugh I could cry, even tho I know this is "normal" and I've already talked about this with other RS ladies on here! Can we just fast forward to my 3 month mark! I really don't want to have a revision now because I know I will be getting one later on to replace them.

Ohhhh the joy of being a woman with many emotions!

I really want to thank all of you women on here who have been extremely helpful and informative and not to mention so sweet and caring and thoughtful xoxoxoxoxo

Attempt at buying a "normal bra" with no underwire...

So I decided to go to VS to find a "normal" bra just to have something other than a Sports bra. I tried on the body by Victoria with no underwire. The lady measured me at a 36 C but since I haven't fully dropped it looked like I was too full up top so she gave me a 38B to try on, on the tighter clasp, that fit a little more comfortable. But after trying more on I asked her for a 36D which seemed to fit a little better up top. Of course my right boob with 25less cc in it has gapping and the other side does not.. So frustrating. I did buy a bra but I don't know that I will take the tags off.. It wasn't really a fun experience and the underwire free bra was comfortable but only for a short while, sports bras are more comfortable. I know I've been told OVER AND OVER that I need to be patient and let things run their course, I will say I was a little disappointed in my size, I truly don't see my size changing once they have completely healed though. Yes I know it's just a number/letter. I feel like my boobs are just a more fuller version of the old me :-/ which is ok, and I am happy they are bigger I think I just wish for a fuller top and more cleavage, which again I know I still have some changes to come.

Was the surgery worth it? Yes
Would I do it again? Yes
Am I happy with my results so far? On the fence
Do I wish I had gone bigger? Yes!

Along the lines of size.. I was looking at the chart and had I gone with the next size up I truly wonder if I would have gotten any different of a look--meaning I am pretty sure I would have the same projection and upper pole that I have now...

10weeks and feeling so so...

So I'm 10 weeks postop I really had to stay away from this website because it was making me feel very upset about the size of my boobs. I got moderate profile and my boobs are beautiful in shape and size but they almost look flat from the side, meaning I want more projection!!!

Over the last several weeks I have been analyzing the sizing chart and know that I want moderate plus with a higher cc but I am patiently waiting for my 3 month follow up appointment to discuss this with my dr.

My left side has always felt high riding and it always was even before surgery. That side was filled to its max hence why I will assume that it appears a little more plump than my right side. I do get these weird sharp pains when I try to wear a wireless bra and it is mostly in my left breast. They are both equally squishy but I will admit the sharp pains I get worry me that I have early signs of CC.

From time to time when I inhale or press my chest out my left side will almost feel tight like I have a ball in that side but again they both feel the same when it comes to squishiness and they don't look like one is higher than the other like I have seen in other CC patients, the difference I see I believe is due to asymmetry.

I guess I'm sort of wondering is there a possibility that the pocket was made too small for the implant on that side??? People say it's too early to tell but things haven't changed over the last couple weeks and I don't see them dropping any more than they have and it's not normal to still feel this in one breast when I'm so "late in the game" I realize I haven't hit my 3 month mark yet but still seems odd that I'm having any of these symptoms.

Even tho my boobs aren't as big as I want, I still love them and love the confidence they have given me!!!

Feeling depressed about my left breast

I'm feeling a little depressed about my left breast and almost a little insecure. I am having sharp pains in my left breast still that will some times subside but it's making me so paranoid and freaking me out!!! I really would be so sad if I have CC, I have read that it can likely return if you do have it fixed and my surgeon did armpit incision and from what I read it's not really something they recommend fixing they the armpit. Which would mean going with another surgeon IF that is the case and I will have to pay all the fees all over again. I'm hoping it's just nerves regenerating or something! But I'm really thinking I need to call my dr on Tuesday and ask to come in sooner than my 3 month check up.

Bras are NOT comfortable... Only sports bras.
I'm posting a pic so you can see that in a wireless bra my left breast( right in the pic) is more round up top and leaves me feeling sooo self conscious. And I'm also posting a pic without the bra to show a difference. I hope I'm not developing something to worry about :( and it's just due to previous assymetsy issues and that side having more CC

Had my 3 month follow up, unhappy with my results and scheduling a revision!

So it's been a while since I updated, I just wanted to let you all know how I am doing. I feel good and I'm back to any and all normal activities I can sleep on my side and stomach and pretty much do anything and wear any bra I want...but having them look good and feel comfortable are a different story.

I had my 3month follow up and I am very disappointed in my dr. I had some concerns with my left breast looking higher or more round (which has subsided a little bit) but his answer was to find a different bra...seriously?! Whatever! Also I expressed my unhappiness of my results not being what I expected, I have no upper pole, they almost appear flat, just full and wide- like they are full of milk not nice and round and sexy. He explained the revision process and how much more difficult the process would be and he would have to perform a capsulotomy (same procedure performed on capsular contracture patients) and the cost? $5950. No thanks!

I scheduled an appointment with another dr in my area, actually the same dr I was originally going to go with and didn't go with my gut thinking I was being too paranoid. I had my consult and the dr and coordinator agreed that I have wide flat results and I need more upper pole and more projection. He strongly suggested that I stick with saline and use high profile implants which I strongly agree with after analyzing the sizing charts almost daily since my original surgery. When talking with the coordinator she suggested between 650cc and 750cc (possibly even 800) however I am thinking 700 will be what I end up with based on my BWD and the projection I want. Kinda sounds scary and large but I know my body can handle it and I will have nice full breasts!

I am planning to have my revision hopefully some time the first week in January but I need to pay off a good portion of my original surgery before that can happen and I would like to do it after the holidays so that I can have time to recover and not be sore or in any pain at any family get togethers which would also put me at just past my 6 month mark. I wish I could schedule my surgery NOW. Perhaps after I revisit my budget and options I may schedule it sooner but I also don't want to rush into it.

Maybe I will make another review under revision :)

My new wish boobs with more upper pole and projection :)

Decided to add some pix of my new wish boobs! I am not as thin as these two girls, but just to show the look I want have finally found some that show the upper pole and lower pole I want (projection!!!) :) they are some fellow realselfers!! don't get me wrong I think I have some good results, but not what I was looking for, I like that these have nice cleavage and are more round thought the whole boob and lower boob

Booked my revision!

I booked my revision! I was initially thinking to get in the first couple weeks of January 2016 to get through the holidays...well I decided to do it sooner and called to get in the first week of November and he was completely booked with one opening due to a Cancelation and I will be having my revision on 12/8!

I am really excited and going through that roller coaster of emotions again! Am I doing the right thing? Should I accept them how they are? Will they be too big? Will I like the size? Lol aaahhhhhhh!!!! Hate this! The patient coordinator said she would be ordering 650HP up to 800HP. I know I don't want 800 but whatever the dr thinks will look best, she didn't think I'd need the 800 but we both agreed the diameter and projection of the 700 filled to 725 would be perfect (max fill is 750). TWO MORE MONTHS!!! And it's on a Tuesday! I was hoping to get in on a Thursday to take less time off week and return to work the following Monday! Oh well :)

That's it for now!

Natrelle sizing chart (saline)

This update is for realselfer dbump...

This is the sizing chart for the natrelle or allergan implant saline sizes...(I got confused thinking they were two different brands but they aren't lol).

My current implants are mentor mod profile 475 filled to 500 and 525 which puts me at 14.1 diameter and 4.9 projection.

The amount of cc's you chose will differ on the implants diameter and projection amount when you look at different brands. Mentor moderate 500cc is not the same dimensions as natrelle moderate 500cc!

This is why I am going with high profile, if I get 650cc filled to 700 i will gain 2cm of projection. But my diameter will go down from 14.2 (or 14.1) to 13.8, not a huge difference so we will see what the dr says on that. However if he puts in a 700cc hp implant filled to 750, this will put me right at 14.1 diameter and 7.1 projection so they won't look flat with no upper pole!

I hope this picture and post helps you in choosing your size so you don't have to have a revision!

Picture posted too small :(

Reposting pictures separately to hopefully see the numbers bigger!!

Panicking phase!!...

So my new dr and I decided I should go from moderate profile to high profile. Since I'm switching implant brands from mentor to natrelle I think high profile is my only option. Natrelle has low moderate and high, moderate would do nothing for me!

I currently have a 14.2 diameter with 4.9 projection, switching to high profile I will have 14.1 diameter (no big change here) however my projection will be around 6.9...that's 2cm difference or close to an inch! I don't have any upper pole or projection currently but I'm scared like heck that I'm going to get a super fake done look with a gap! But if I stay with the same diameter I shouldn't have a gap right?! I have no idea I'm freaking myself out though lol!!

Does anyone have any insight on this at all?????

Pre BA, post BA and wish pix !

Ok so here it is.. Pre op, post op/pre revision. Nervous about my lack of upper breast tissue before BA will cause a fake look when I upgrade my current implants! I'm also posting some bigger implants to show that they are large, but still nice and soft up top, they don't have the fake ball look(hers are silicone tho :-/)

Good days and bad days depending on my bra?! Lol

So this morning I woke up and while my boobs are still flat and not the look I desired... I wanted to post a collage of my boobs in one of my favorite sports bras! It's comfy and VERY SUPPORTIVE! And makes the girls look round :) weird how some days they don't look as bad as others, I am still lacking upper pole fullness though. And a pic of my armpit incisions ;-)


Is it possible for someone to hack your realself account? I don't mean to worry any gals with this post, so please don't fret! But all of my pictures are missing that I posted recently! I lost my phone and I am wondering if someone may have gotten on?? I had everything disabled so none of my stuff can be used or anything, but I thought it was really odd!!!

Revision and pocket work???

Ok so I have been reading up on revisions and "larger" implants. Some Drs say not to pay attention to the CC #, that it's just a number and you should focus more on the science behind it, i.e., diameter etc.. Ok, makes sense!

Then, others say "that's a huge amount and you have all these risks and additional work needs to be done for lasting results.

Well what the heck?! Every single dr has their own opinion and techniques so what's right or wrong?!

I know I have nailed down the size and projection etc... Now after reading other reviews on upsizng and dr Q&A it seems as though the dr will need to do "additional pocket work to help support the larger implant" .... ?!!! What in the world does this mean or what would this entail?? If my scar isn't thick around the implant and the implant is sitting in there "freely" and comfortable, if I am staying with the same diameter but increasing projection why would pocket work need to be done? Or what scenario would pocket work need to be done? And better yet how does this "support the implant" ?!?!

I am confused!! :-S

Also, my dr recommends a crescent lift on my right breast, when researching this, it's basically not really a "lift" it's more to fix nipple assymetry and could lead to a "flat nipple" and more scar tissue from it stretching. If that's the case I don't want it.. And maybe with the added projection the crescent lift won't be necessary..OR it could make it look worse! And they aren't even terribly off.. Just slightly and I would hate to have one look drastically different just because of a slight crescent lift! The dr said its up to me whether or not I want to do it, but I can't make that call! If he thinks I need it and it will better my results both right away and short term he should just do it! But if it's not necessary then I want him to make that call during surgery and just refund me the money for what wasn't needed..

Still confused!!

LynnCC and NewDrVathFan... I need you to the rescue!

One of you two lovely ladies are going to knock me upside my head soon! But I need your expertise advice! ...

As you know I am lacking projection, my breasts look nice but are flat and not much projection at all, as I am coming up on my revision I am worrying of course! That I am going to get myself into a bigger mess than I am now, which really I'm not in a mess, just unhappy with the size! This is seriously SO annoying! I started wondering if the risks are higher this time around for an implant exchange than they were the first time... He said he wouldn't need to do pocket work since it's the same diameter and it's basically just an exchange, and if needed, additional pocket work would need to be done. He said nothing about removing the capsule. I am literally in panic mode! I don't want to ruin something that isn't "broken" but I know I have been obsessing about the size of my boobs pretty much since I got them in! I've requested to see my dr, who is not in the office currently and the soonest I can see him is 4 days before surgery! I don't even know what to ask him about the revision and what he will be doing! AND now I'm starting to wonder if the larger implants is a bad idea..? And maybe I need a full lift, but my breasts aren't saggy...but also, correct me if I am wrong NewDrVathFan..yours didn't look saggy or in need of a full lift prior to your 1st revision. Is my theory correct here or am I over worrying ?! Lol

Worried about lateral malposition...?

Ok as I am typing this I feel like a paranoid freak! First I'm worried about my revision and the procedure and size of implants, now I am concerned about my current 5month old implants falling to my armpits when I lay down! Pre BA when I laid down I had absolutely NO boobs..they went flat but with my implants I didn't think they could look so flat... I am wondering if anyone else feels this way or if I truly do have something to worry about. If so is this an easy fix?! I took some pictures and im still working up the courage to post them because I'm a little embarrassed! They don't look terrible (with a huge gap and where you can see round balls) however you can see more "side boob" when I lay down! I am probably worrying myself more than I should be! But Now I feel like I need to make my dr aware of this before surgery! Will the higher profile implant fix this?! Or make it worse? From what I have read it's due to over dissecting the pocket at the time of surgery.

Does anyone know what I can search for images to see if I have this or any suggestions/advice?! :-(

This isn't me... But I found a picture of what I am seeing on me..

I have been reading up on this lateral malposition and it seems as though this is an easy fix with internal sutures on the outer edges of the pocket, I would hope it's not thousands of dollars more :-/ Jeepers!!!! But here is the pic of what I am seeing that goes along with my last update/post....
Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this or advice/suggestions????

2 weeks till surgery---prep!!

My surgery is 12/8--TWO MORE WEEKS!! and my last surgery I got super bloated from anesthesia and pain pills. I am going to try to "avoid" that as much as possible this time around! Does anyone have any tips/ideas/suggestions on clean eating over the next two weeks?!

Also last time i started taking a probiotic and multi vitamin containing zinc, my paperwork from this surgeon says to stop any "herbal supplements" so I don't know if I can take any supplements to build up my emune system to help with recovery?! Any ideas or suggestions on things o can do to prep for surgery? If not I'd greatly appreciate some advice on clean eating to try to help with the bloating etc

Oh and I have a pre op appointment 11/30 to go over some questions I have with my dr and discuss the use of silicone implants rather than saline! EXCITED!

Thanks love ladies!!!

Changes, preparing for revision and EMOTIONS

So as you beautiful ladies know I am pursuing a revision to upgrade my implants for more projection! I have been in worry mode from choosing the right size/profile--going too big or not big enough, am I making the right decision in having a revision, risks involved in a revision, time off of work, the amount of money going into something so small (and silly, yet important to me?) I'm honestly just over it all at this point! I don't want to think or worry about my boobs any more! There are so many more important things in life!!

In reference to size it's been difficult for me to find the perfect "wish" pic because my wish pics all these women are smaller than me (skinnier and more lean) hopefully I can still get my "wish look" with them :-/ also, I have a TON of them on my phone, all of which I have had to send to my email(in separate emails because I can only send 5 at a time) because my son is constantly on my phone and I don't want him seeing all these boobs! So my mission for the week is to narrow down my wish look to just a few pictures!

I was looking at them in the mirror today like crazy! I have tried not to look at them so much recently because I was previously obsessing over the way they looked and finding all the flaws! As I was looking at them this morning I see that they have filled out more over the last 2 months and become a little more round(projecting more) which has left me questioning the need for a revision and scared of going too much bigger since they are almost my wish look just not quite there! The other thing I am noticing is that they seem a little wide? Maybe too wide? Before my initial surgery I weighed a whopping 189!! I got down to about 170 around the time of my surgery and I am currently around 153/155 and I plan to still lose about 10 lbs and tone up my body. All of that being said i noticed a change in my bra band going down from 38 to 36 and quite possibly may fit into a 34 but haven't gone to the store to get "fitted". My current implants are 14.2 diameter and the next size down diameter wise is 13.8 and 13.5 and I fear going down that much will give me a gap and I will lose projection! I will have to leave this in the hands of my surgeon to make this determination!! I wonder though if having too wide of an implant is what is causing me to look wide and flat?

Sooooo much to be thinking about, and truthfully I think all needs to be addressed by my surgeon and his expertise skills in the operating room! I just really want to make sure I hit it home with this surgery and end up with the "perfect" result and don't wish I went bigger or possible smaller!!! I know this is all normal and it's just my emotions playing with my head!

End of rant! Thanks for reading, hopefully this helps someone going through the same things! Xoxo

Pre op today!

Well I saw my dr today! We talked about my concerns and switching from Saline to silicone. Dr said I didn't HAVE to switch and I would get a good result with saline and I argued the fact that I wanted a softer feeling implant and a longer term lasting result! He questioned me asking if I really wanted to go through with this revision!!! :-/ talk about making me more confused!
He didn't think I should go with 800cc in the UHP. But I then again argued the fact that it would be the same diameter and projection as I'd be getting with the saline option so why not?! Lol
I sat down with the patient coordinator and went over sizes again and got to see/feel saline and silicone implants, even a 100cc implant lol! Silicone feels so much nicer!! And I also saw a large implant and it FREAKED ME OUT!! I had to stop looking at them! We ordered 650 and 700 in HP and 700 and 800 in the UHP. The dr and patient coordinator both agreed after this surgery I "need to let it go" and to worry about other important things in life, which I agree 100%! I feel like a basket case obsessing over this! The patient coordinator did make me feel better though by acknowledging the fact had I been educated enough and gotten mod+ from my surgery I would have let it go a long time ago, so she did validate my concerns! She also reassured me that recovery will be MUCH easier this time around, which I am looking forward to! I hope there won't be near as much pain as last time!!!

I will attach my final wish pic that my dr and I chose on surgery day so we can see how close I come to my goal!! Ready for this to all be done and over with so I can move on with my life! Lol no more boob brain!!! That's it for now ladies, see you on the other side in 1 week!!!!!!!

This is it!! I have settled on my "wish pictures" and have them printed out and ready to GO! Sooooo excited!!!! :)

Here are my final wish pictures for the shape and look I am going for! So excited! Next week today at 9am!! Wooooo hooooooo!!!!!!!!!

as requested by others..

As requested, my pitiful sad befores, with my current saline! So excited to be switching out for silicone gels !!! (Sorry in advance for the dirty mirror or poor quality of some photos..keep in mind my pre boobies went thru 3 babies (gained 65 lbs with my first child!!!) I have fluctuated between 115 and 190 (or possibly pushing 200 while pregnant!!) I was thin as a teen with thick hips and a big ol booty! After my 1st child I lost SOME weight, but not immediately was down to 135/ size 5 jeans. Then had my 2nd child, didn't gain much maybe 25 lbs so the bounce back was easy. Out of no where I gained tons of weight before my 3rd child due to birth control and lots of stress (bad relationship) I was around 165 ish? Got pregnant and gained more than your normal weight.. Was close to 200 lbs. after having him I got super fat (in my eyes!) 180-190 dropped for to 160 then back up to 180 I was so stressed, lots of drama, bad relationship/break up..over the last 9-10 months I have gotten down to 153 (without my implants I'd like to think I'm 150 hahaha ;-) ) I plan to lose another 10 lbs but then get my rear in gear to tone up my body (muscle weighs more than fat so I may gain but at least I will be more lean !! :) )

So as you can see I have fluctuated over the course of years but all throughout high school I was a thin gal with a big bottom. Never had more than an A/B cup size even while gaining weight! My breasts got full with milk of course ( which is an in cute look in my opinion!) at 189 I wore a 38B and there was major gapping! Currently I am wearing a 36D in the Victoria secret "body by Victoria" I have 3 bras, two are body by Victoria, one is the wire free bra (oddly has more padding than my other bra but no push and gives me more cleavage than the others) and the other body by Victoria has an underwire but is unlined I think? It had no padding at all just a straight cup but just enough lining to prevent any pertruding nipples thru the shirt if I get cold. And lastly I have the "lounge" bra which is like a sports bra (pull on) with molded cups and no wires. I got these at about 3 weeks post up and haven't been sized since. I'd like to think I could possibly go to a 34 band size because my 36 was on the last clasp and I now have to put it closer to the tightest one. (Or the bra is just "stretched" out since I wear the same 2 bras to work all the time) I hate back fat and the uncomfortable squeezing of the bra which is why I stay with a larger band however I have the straps as tight as they can go and it rides up in the back...not sure if that means the bra is too big?? But I have no gapping with the 36D.

I tried on push up bras a couple months ago to avoid the revision and it was an epic fail! My boobs didn't fit in the push up like real boobs..they were uncomfortable and my boobs looked uncomfortable and fake. I'm guessing this may be due to the saline?? Not entirely sure! But I want to avoid further push up bras, hence the reason for the surgery in the first place! And I would love my bra collection to only be of unlined or lightly lined bras that just hold the girls in place :)

STATS for the last time.. Currently:
5'4--153lbs, 36D(at VS- this is with 475 saline mentor moderate profile implants that are filled to 500 on the right and 525 on the left) wear a size 8 in jeans, if I tone my muffin top I could fit into a size 6 (got some thighs and booty on me :) ) and I wear a size M in tops, in lose tops/ sweaters that are meant to be baggy I wear a S) sports bras from target and Walmart I believe are an XL, as I hate feeling constricted or having back fat rolls.

OK that's it, I think :) .... I feel like I'm missing something.. But I thought it was important to share all of this background info so nothing is left unknown and hopefully this helps others who may be in my shoes :)

Well I'm on the other side ladies!

I was debating if I should update my review here or my "revision review". Anywho I made it to the other side with my upgraded silicone gel high profile implants! I ended up with 700cc hp natrelle silicone :) can't see much since I'm in my bra with gauze in the breast fold, too scared to peak! Lol

Zero pain at this point and was told it would be nothing like last time! I feel wide awake, maybe due to the different anesthesia? I would love a nap tho! A little worried if the pain will kick in later on when everything "wears off".

I got to the clinic, once they took me back and put me in a recliner with a nice warm blanket! they took my blood pressure and pulse, then i took a couple pills and got an iv. I then met with the anesthesiologist, Took a pregnancy test and my new dr took me back to draw on me and look at my wish pics. Then I went to the surgical table where they started placing all there stickers all over me and I was breathing in the "special air" ;) and boom I was out! I woke up in the same reclining chair with new heated blankets and my surgical bra, they also had a machine blowing warm air into the recliner to keep me warm. Shortly after I went pee and went on my way home! :) I go back tomorrow to see my dr! I'll keep you updated on my status. Xoxox

Grrr... I said no pain, but not sure this is really "pain"

I have a high tolerance for pain. And I was doing great, still am, but my ribs feel like I have been punched or kicked a ton of times! Like a bruised feeling? And under my boobs ITCH! I am assuming it's from the surgical bra and gauze covering my incisions! But God is it annoying!!!!!!!!! So thankful I do not have the pain in my upper breasts or near my armpits like I did last time!! That was the worst!!

Ok that's it for now, I had to vent to someone lol post op tmrw, hopefully I can get a good look and pics :)

Day one post revision :)

Well I had my follow up today! Everything looks great and went great! I couldn't be more estatic! I have the same boobies I went in with just more projection! The dr was amazed at how well I carried the implant size!

I have switched over to Tylenol to help with discomfort which isn't much but more of a bruised feeling on my ribs, thank god no burning stinging feelings like last time!

I snatched a quick peak and can hopefully get a better peak later on! That's it for now, short quick update! I am simply in love with them and so thrilled with my results thus far, I made the right decision and couldn't be happier!!! :)

New pics :) post revision day 2

Well I am still feeling great, not a lot of pain, discomfort is more the word and feeling scared/nervous to hurt my new girls ;) I am bloated and hate this feeling but I know it comes with the territory and will soon pass!

I am still super excited about my decision and can't stop looking at my new boobies!!!! They are everything I imagined them to be!

I go back to the dr next week Thursday for my sutures, he said it's just a little knot on each end. My dr was like a little kid yesterday when he saw them! Lol I forgot to mention that, his eyes lit up at the sight of his work, he said my old implants next to my new on the table were flat compared to these, he complimented me at how well I carried them and said I got exactly what I wished for, and that is the truth, I am so very happy about them I cannot say it enough! And even more happy to say that I can finally stop obsessing over my boobs and their size and just move on!! Thank goodness!! Lol

My only complaint is that I haven't really been able to sleep! I took a nap yesterday finally and couldn't fall asleep for the life of me last night! Then of course up early this morning, I feel restless. not much else to update on since things are such a breeze this time around I truly could return to work today but I am taking the rest of the week off to relax!, I also wanted to share a few new pics :)

Update on size? :-/

Ok so my saline implants were 14.2 diameter and 4.9 projection. I was under the impression I was getting and got 700cc high profile style 20 which would be 14.5 diameter and 6.2 projection. When in fact I double checked my implant card and I got 700cc ultra high profile!!! (Style 45) this has a 13.5 diameter and 6.4 projection. I did ask for the 700 hp and I'm hoping he didn't misunderstand and didn't accidentally put the wrong implant in lol! I doubt this is the case because they still look great!! I mostly just fear the loss of side boob and having an inner gap! But I think I was already at my max dimension which would make sense as to why he put in the implant size he did, which does mean I gained more projection, I just hope I don't have a gap once any potential swelling goes down :-/

Update to help some fellow realself ladies!!

I wanted to post this update to help some realself ladies on here who have recently commented on my review about BWD, chosing the right size and trusting their dr to make the right choice for them! As you know I have larger implants than what most women would chose. I am thrilled with my results and want to help put some ladies minds at ease knowing that the cc volume is just a number and everyone carries the different implants differently.

Post revision: day 5-I just can't help myself!!

Today marks post op day 5 (not including surgery day) sorry for so many updates recently but I just can't help myself!! I am loving my results and at first was so upset at the thought of having to pay for the revision, I am now feeling content and it was all so worth it, my peace of mind and happiness is indescribable!! I am in love ladies!! I cannot believe these are my breasts.....

Pepper31 this one is for you...(or anyone else who needs it!!) ;-)

I went to simplybreastimplants.com and took some screen shots of the implant sizing charts for mentor, natrelle and sientra--All silicone smooth round. From your review it looks like you have around 12.8cm and 13.4cm implant diameter and 4.2 projection...roughly! (The sientra sizing chart seems weird so I'm not sure if this is exactly what you have, but it's all I found!)

Comparing this to mentor high profile I don't think you will get enough noticable projection, you could go with mentor ultra high profile which would definitely give you projection!! But the diameter would only be 12.5, which may work (obviously have to check w your dr on what your BWD is and depending on what look you are looking for (not sure if you are ok with your current implant diameter or not lol).

Looking at the natrelle high profile and ultra high profile charts it seems like this will give you better options. I have natrelle and honestly have no clue what the difference is between mentor or natrelle lol, except natrelle seems to have more projection.. :-/

I hope these sizing charts help you with deciding on a size and help in guiding you in the right direction. Also, I would strongly recommend going at least 150-200 cc more, anything less you don't visually see a noticable difference and MIGHT be disappointed.

Good luck :) xoxo (sorry in advance if the photos load out of order, not sure why it does this sometimes but I lined them up by brand)

Update on my implant exchange, had surgery 1week ago today :)

as i was getting ready this morning I tried on my old "lounge bra" from vs, it is super comfy w molded cups, no push or padding. I can't wait to go bra shopping ??

Yesterday I went back to work and it sucked, I just didn't want to be there lol! I did experience some discomfort in my breast crease and ribs and couldn't wait to get home and lay back in my chair lol! I also find that I am getting exhausted easily (just like last surgery)

I have a follow up appointment Thursday for sutures. I will keep you all posted!

Interesting bra sizing information

I thought this was interesting and wanted to share! Even after adding 200cc and going from 4.9 projection to 6.4 I am still fitting in my old bras and was measured at the store yesterday to still be a 36D. The black lounge bra i posted is my old 36D and these pictures are an old bra-a 36D body by Victoria lightly lined. Interesting....

Post op appointment yesterday-post revision day 9

Yesterday I had another follow up appointment with my dr and I was 9 days post op.

They removed the sutures which was just weird, didn't hurt like my armpit ones did. The dr himself didn't do them he had a nurse with him who removed the sutures and she placed two strips of tape on each incision and said they need to stay on until Tuesday next week. After Tuesday my scar treatment is to rub vitamin e oil on them twice a day and to massage it in which should help flatten them and smooth them out. (Interesting to me also)

He pressed my breast in and up (towards my collar bone) while pressing on the incision. It didn't hurt just was a little uncomfortable and I think I was more scared because I haven't really touched them like that. He asked me if I was doing my "exercises" which he meant breast massages.... Ummmm I said I haven't been told to do so...?! He looked at the nurse and said well that's ok because you aren't a new patient so you will be ok. Which I honestly agree and I'm not worried because my last dr didn't have me start massages until 3 weeks post op so that the capsule could heal. Ultimately the only massage I am to do is to take my left hand and place it on my right breast (and vice versa) and press my hand in and up. I want to see the implant move up towards my collar bone. And that's it! He said I don't want to move them outwards towards my armpits. Interesting how each dr has their own technique.

They said to stay in my surgical bra or any bra similar to it day and night and after 3 weeks I don't need a bra at night. Well I never go braless and will always have some sort of cotton comfy bra on while at home and in bed. But the nurse said no sports bras, specifically high impact sports bras that will compress my breasts and squish them down. I also cannot wear an underwire bra until 3 months post op. No padded bras no push up bras(that was a no brainier) This part is the part I truly don't like!! I hate being able to find a good bra that is comfy, looks good under any clothing, and meets the "requirements" for post surgery but that I also feel I am supporting the girls! I fear about lateral displacement more than anything and I just want a good supportive bra that will prevent them from going to the sides but is comfy under the breast fold and has molded cups so my boobs aren't smashed! The only bra I have found is the "lounge bra" from Victoria secret that is the only comfy wire free bra that looks and feels good but no support on the sides :-/

Future follow up appointments:
I don't have to see my dr again until the spring to check and see how I am doing/looking. And I am perfectly ok with that since this is my 2nd round I know not a lot of follow up is needed. I can start sleeping back in bed on my back, although I still slept in the recliner last night and I'm too nervous to sleep on my back, when I do go back to my bed I will sleep slightly propped up because I am a worrier!!

I've started taking vitamins not only for healing but for my health, tis the season where lots of germs are flying around and I figured vitamins can also help boost my mood, immune system etc. I am taking a probiotic to recover from the antibiotics, a women's gummy multi vitamin and a "hair skin nails" gummy. I was on medication pre surgery that I will be starting back up again that seemed to make my hair lifeless and it wasn't holding the dark color my hairdresser would put in. So we shall see if it helps :)

I have minimal swelling he said if I even have ANY it would be around the incision site but didn't see any signs of swelling at this point. He said I'm pretty much at my end look, obviously the muscle will need to relax itself after being stretched out again and I'm hoping the bottoms will take on more of a natural appearance which I am positive will happen when I "fluff" out a little more.

Last but not least.....
I am finding it difficult to dress myself (and my boobs) this time around! I have a lot of dress tips for work that are lose fitting.. Specifically the portofino button up tops from express, I own like every color! And I also have a ton of the London sweaters from express... Both of these are lose fitting and make me look fat! Sweater material makes my boobs look big and I look heavy. The only time I don't feel fat is in a tight fitting top like a tank top. And since surgery I have been eating so much junk food! I don't care to show my stomach in clothing and because I have had 3 kids and lost a lot of weight my skin is not firm and I hate the look of a muffin top while sitting with a fitted shirt. Lol I have considered lipo with a tummy tuck but I do not want the scar and I have a tattoo on my hip that I am not willing to have cut in half because it would look stupid! I don't have stretch marks (small ones around the belly button and my love handle area only) but it would be nice to tone up the lose skin as much as possible on my own. So after the holidays I will be going back to the gym to see what I can tone up (and lift up in the back lol). Hopefully I can spend less time picking out my clothes in the future lol.

I don't have any pictures because everything looks the same! I am sure when once I find some comfy bras I will post some updated progress pics. Other than that I am doing well! Still getting exhausted a little easier than normal but that has gotten better, my breast folds still feel a little tender but I'm not taking Tylenol any more.


The ugly truth...! And questions on scar treatment.

Although my second surgery was not as painful as my first surgery and I have to admit to you ladies I'm having some of the similar symptoms from last time...

For starters I have moments where my boobs feel like I have to hard rocks taped to my chest, definitely not as bad as last time and no pressure but they just feel kind of hard(not to the touch) and tight. I have also had some of that sharp pains in my boobs, hard to explain but it's more like an achy, crampy, pain with sort of a tingly all over discomfort. It isn't 24/7 but I have noticed wearing my lounge bra makes it worse and I don't think it's as great fitting a so thought it was. (36D at vs). The discomfort is in both breasts but sometimes worse in my right which is the same thing I experienced with my last surgery.

The creases of my breasts HURT! They are sore and my ribs also still feel slightly bruised. My surgical bra is the only comfy thing to wear at this point but I'm still finding myself trying to pull it down from under my breasts. I just want them to feel like they are mine again.. And I know they will IN DUE TIME, so I must be patient.
All in all still loving my results and I can tell my husband is too, he has complimented me SEVERAL times on how nice they look :) makes me feel like a million dollars! :). I think most of the swelling has gone down on the sides and bottoms. Part of me is still fearful that going down from 14.2 in diameter to 13.5 may leave me a little unhappy in 6 months with my side boob and cleavage, but only time will tell! I plan to take some pictures and do a photo shoot with different clothes later this week/weekend to update everyone with!

Lastly, the tape the nurse put on at my last appointment will be coming off tomorrow, she said for scar treatment I should be using vitamin e oil or vitamin c oil and to massage it into the incision twice per day... I am curious about what other women have used that they found helpful?

Pictures as promised 2 weeks post exchange

I wanted to post some updated pictures as I had originally promised. I attempted to take some photos (I was going to put A LOT UP) but selfies distort the breasts and they were just not looking cute in the mirror or selfies! Grrrr then I started getting a little sad about my results....what?! HOW?! I was so in love... After the minor swelling has subsided I have been feeling like my implants are too narrow, the dr told me a wider implant would have been ok but he went down 1cm?! It's truly too early to say that I'm "unhappy" with my results, because I really am not unhappy, I think I'm mostly disappointed in my lack of side boob and I wanted better cleavage, heck!! I haven't even been able to wear a "real" bra so I have no idea what these suckers will look like in a bra in 3 months lol!! Rewind, calm down, collect your mine and STOP BEING A NUT JOB! Lol I go back and forth on felling "satisfied" I'm in love with my new projection and I think once the upper pole settles a little more and when o can wear a real bra I will be 100% satisfied I truly just wish that my implant diameter hadn't gone down!! He did say that my left breast was at risk of "uni boob" due to an over dissection of the muscle from my first surgery but assured me that they aren't going any where... I am not sure if that's why he placed a smaller (in diameter) implant in or what..in any case I'm posting some updated pictures so that I didn't leave any of you ladies hanging or disappointed. They aren't the best pictures and after my "photo shoot" the other day I had to stop looking at them because I was driving myself nuts! Lol no pain, I'm feeling good, occasionally my boobs do feel hard/tight and not like my own, but not as bad as the first time!

More boob pictures? Lol

Here are a few more views with different tops, I'm not sure I know how to dress these girls!! I'm done for at least a month or until I decide to find a new bra! My dr said no compressing sports bras, something light weight, thin or with molded cups so that they settle into place and don't get "smashed" back into place pushing them into my armpits. For now all I have is my Hanes cozy and I think I will buy more since they are so light weight.

3week post implant exchange-spitting stitch, new bra and photos :)

Yesterday was 3 weeks post implant exchange for me and I am doing well! I'm sleeping back in bed and it scares me to sleep on my side lol so I have been sleeping with many pillows! My favorite most comfortable position is to lay on my side, put a pillow behind my back and lean back against it and then put another small pillow just along my armpit and along my boobs to provide support so that I'm not completely on my side and the small pillow provides support for the side.

I am cleared to wear no bra at night and my own bra of choice so long as it doesn't have underwires, push up or extreme smashing of the boobs. So I bought a few new Hanes cozy bras because I love to wear them to sleep and around the house. Then I bought another bra from Walmart for $12wire free, molded cups to hide hard nips when I want to go in public. This will due for the next couple of weeks until I decide I want a nicer more supportive bra. I was looking at the playtex ones and couldn't find one in my size online so maybe I will look at Kohls or somewhere similar. I did buy two bras online yesterday from hand be semi annual sale, I got the vs knockout sports bra, wouldn't pass up $19.99 because I plan to hit the gym very soon and that sucker provides nice support! And I got a lightly lined black lacy body by Victoria bra both in 36DD, I'll update to let you know if I like them! :)

I'm using vitamin e oil for my scars and they are healing nicely. There are a few spots that feel harder or more lumpy under the skin...not sure what this is or how to flatten them out..? I also noticed yesterday that I have what appears to be a "spitting stitch" and my husband freaked me out so I called my clinic and I will be going in today to see the nurse to have it removed before it gets worse.

I think that's it! Xoxo

6 weeks post revision/implant exchange...

So tomorrow I will be 6 weeks post revision for my implant exchange and I can honestly say I really haven't noticed much changes over the last 2-3 weeks which is why I haven't posted an update because I didn't really know what to say and I really have just been trying to let them be so I don't become obsessive over them like I did last time, which I do find myself doing occasionally. I will check them out in the mirror at all these different angles and then sometimes I will attempt to take pictures. Then the things that stand out in the mirror That I don't like about my boobs I can never seem to see it in the pictures, or I will see things on the pictures that I don't like but I don't see them when I look in the mirror! So stupid and annoying and one can quickly become obsessive or to harsh on themselves.

Things that stand out to me....
--I have this weird fullness right at the top of my boob close to my armpit it looks like fat or puffy but I know that I had no tissue there to begin with so I don't know if this is because of the UHP implant or not? Drives me nuts hoping that part of my boob will relax and take on a better looking appearance but I only notice it when I'm naked. In a bra or clothes I don't see it as much.
--when I scheduled my revision we were in agreement that we were sticking with the same diameter of implant I had which was 14.2 and we ordered 4 sizes that were right around that size in both hp and UHP. I knew that I either wanted 700cc hp with 14.5 diameter and 6.2 projection or 800cc uhp 14.2 diameter and 6.7 projection. The 650 hp didn't offer much change w projection and the 700cc uhp was 13.5 and never thought we would use this but it was ordered as a precautionary "sure why not just incase" type deal. Well low and behold I ended up with 700cc uhp, hmm interesting enough. At first this was great and I loved them. I was unsure of a gap in the middle but since the tightness has gone down the gap in the middle has subsided and taken on a better look and I'm happy with the cleavage. The minor swelling I had on the bottom and outer edges has subsided and at times I find myself feeling like my boobs are too narrow. WTF seriously will I ever be happy and satisfied?! It almost looks like the top of my boobs by my armpits are wider up top (accompanied by my broad and wide shoulders) and then towards the bottom of my boob it goes in like a V shape or I guess more like a W shape the top of the W being my broad shoulders and the bottom of the W where my boobs don't appear to have that nice round look on the side...I.e.: side boob!!!

I've phoned my Drs office to inquire about what was done at the time of surgery because they mentioned that little to no pocket work was done, I believe the pocket work that was done was at the crease, I did not ask about any work being done to the capsule which I want to know what was done. And I also want to know why the dr decided to go with uhp rather than hp, or more so if we went w uhp, why didn't he go with 800 to stick to the same diameter rather than going down because i see a weird shape when I look in the mirror. I'm hoping there's a good answer and explanation for this as opposed to simply just being a mix up in my communications of wanting 700cc in hp, because it was clear to all of us that I wanted to stay w the same diameter. Waiting to hear back.... They sounded busy as hell when I called!

So all afternoon I have been wondering, what is the normal healing time for an implant exchange and when will I realistically reach my end look... Maybe they need to fluff out more? And I became obsessive thinking "I'm going to have him fix these and replace these for the 700hp to gain that extra 1cm of added side boob that I was supposed to keep!" Then I thought "when will this stop? Just leave them alone and let them do their thing over the next 5-11 months!" I highly doubt that I will gain any additional side boob, but I am hopeful that they will fluff out more on the outer sides.

Just feeling annoyed I guess and after the minor swelling I had went down I want to know why my dr went down in diameter. Last time I saw him he said "your pretty much at your end look they won't change much" so that kind of takes out any hope of them changing over the next few months but I am still wondering if they will! Is it like starting all over again, does anyone know? I don't want to have another surgery as im sure there will be added costs involved with it and I don't want to risk any other problems involved with another revision, such as complications or damage to the pocket or hardening of the capsule due to thicker scar formation. I feel like a basket case :-/

Pictures ... New from bernsten and old from bartell

Ok so after my mini panic session yesterday about my boobs being too narrow I've calmed down... Too much looking in the mirror and attempting to take pictures left me feeling not so great! Kinda like when u go shopping for clothes and fits or looks good you leave frustrated and disappointed and notice all your problem areas...

Here are some pics of my 500 cc moderate salines from dr bartell
And some of my 700cc UHP silicone from dr bernsten.

Some pics look great and no issues/flaws but the one with blue drawings is what I've been concerned about. Wanting the upper muscle to relax around my armpit and hoping the lower pole will fluff more.. Maybe more out to the sides!

Coming up on 8weeks post revision ! Bras and more!

I just wanted to post an update since my last "freak out" post! Thank you to those of you who commented and put my mind at ease! As crazy as it sounds I have noticed a difference in appearance over the last week and since my last update. The tops of my boobs have taken on more of a relaxed look, not AS puffy by my armpits and I'm back to feeling over all PLEASED! I was supposed to see my dr tomorrow to ask him questions but since I've snapped out of it I have realized there's really no reason to be seen, even if he answers my questions it's not going to change anything if he tells me tomorrow or when I go back some time in April.

I'm feeling great! Side sleeping is occasionally painful. And I occasionally get a "crampy" feeling in my left boob where I need to massage it or even just light pressure helps. I had the same exact pain on the same boob last time so I know it will subside, but I do recall having it occasionally right before my revision so makes me wonder if it'll ever go away? We shall see!

I have found a few new bras (that I was told I can't wear yet) but couldn't resist buying them! All in 36DD, I thought I really liked the body by Victoria Demi bra (lightly lined NO padding) but there's a gap in my cleavage area and looks funny so I tried on the dream angels Demi and I LOVE THEM! I got like 5 of them :-/ and then I bought a bra from their pink line "the date lightly lined" it's got some sexy straps across the boobs and fits like a glove!! With no gaps...Perfection!!! This also leads me into my other bra purchases! I bought the night lift bra in 36DD and it was HUGE and didn't feel supportive at all so They are sending me a 34DD and 34DDD so hopefully one works! I also purchased the tab bra of which she is sending me a 34E and 34EE. My rib cage measures 32/33 and across my fullest part of my boobs is 40, under my armpits is 35/36. So I am VERY EXCITED to get these new bras so I can stop worrying about ruining my boobs and get into something supportive day and night for he next few months!! :) oh I also got a cute bikini top that the girls aren't falling out of!!

I also want to add... For those of you who may have noticed, I took down all my pix except one.. I was really torn on doing this because I know how helpful they have been for a lot of you ladies. I had a couple creepers comment on my pictures and private message me and it really grossed me out so I deleted them instantly! I may work up the courage to post an update with pics of my new bras since those will be more covered than the naked ones, I really just didn't like the thought of some nasty man drooling over my pics, and I didn't think my husband would appreciate it either.

That's it for now!! Thanks to those of you for all your kind words and bringing me back to reality when I need it! I am in love with my UHP boobs and couldn't be happier with my results they definitely are settling nicely, sooooo glad I went thru with my revision and switched to silicone last minute!!!

Nightlift bra....

Alright the verdict is in!!

so I got the nightlift bra, I ordered it in my recently consistent 36DD size... It was huge so they sent me the 34DD and 34DDD, the best fit out of the three is the 34DDD, yet it still feels awkward. The back sort of rides up just a little and the customer service rep said to ignore that part, that it's normal... Hmm... Ok, so when I hook the clasps in front that are supposed to hold the girls and prevent them from falling to the sides as I sleep I get this weird gap in the center at the bottom of the band in my cleavage area. The straps by my armpits also aren't very comfortable, kinda itchy.

As much as I want to love this bra, I JUST DONT!! I definitely don't feel like it supports my boobs in the center(keeping them separated)and it does kind of seem to hold them in place while standing up but while laying down it just doesn't make me feel like it's doing a whole lot... So I can't see my self keeping this bra :-/ I will be returning all 3 of them and hope to god that I don't need to pay for return shipping on any of these...

I'm still waiting for my tab bra to come in the mail, and will update then, that one I am feeling a little more confident about, I just hope it fits and I don't have any sizing issues where I need to wait for a better fit in the mail.

Hopefully this helps others deciding whether or not they should purchase the bra.

UPDATE! 3 months post revision!

Just doing a QUICK update since its been FOREVER!!! I wanted to post more pics but I haven't had time to take any more... Sad I know! I'm loving my results! Just started wearing underwire bras and at the end of the day my creases hurt :( slowly but surly getting there! And I finally lost the weight from after my surgery plus 2 lbs! Down a total of 9 lbs :)
Only complaint is I wish they were squishier!!!
I will update more later

Kinda worried... Boob pain :( can someone shed some light

Ok I think I have worried myself to death here! I don't know if I should be worried or if I just need someone to walk me off the ledge lol!

Within the last couple weeks I have been experiencing breast pain it seemed to be related to my menstural cycle as I just got my period 2 days ago and it started a week and a half before that roughly. The pain has come and gone, I experienced a similar pain with my saline implants but nothing that lasted this long! I went in to see the nurse about a week ago, she said all looked well and then I saw my dr two days ago, he too said everything looked fine, the implants moved around well and no signs of CC. Well the pain hasn't gone away and now I've worried myself to death that with this sudden discomfort something is wrong! I don't know if this is a normal pain to feel at 3 months post revision or not?! My dr said that he didn't do any capsule work to 80% of the capsule, it was all on the lower part of the capsule/pocket. The capsule looked good and he didn't have to do a capsulotomy is what he said and to keep up on my massages. After reading...dear god why did I read?!...I'm fearing that I have too large of an implant in and it's pressing on my breast tissues causing them to thin or eat away at the tissue/muscle. I hope I'm just over reacting. I also can't describe the pain. It's like an achy discomfort pain, kinda pins n needles but not really...

Does ANYONE have any advice at all please?????

Seeking another opinion..

Ok so since my last post/update not a whole lot has changed. I've upped my displacement massaging but I'm not noticing a difference. I will say that the tenderness I was feeling in BOTH breasts was definitely hormonal/cycle related.. Some months I can literally feel the egg releasing and get these terrible pains in my stomach, right or left, not both and it varies. This month I didn't experience any of that but I definitely know that th soreness was related because of the timing.
As far as the constant pain I've been feeling in my left breast, that is not gone! I'd say it's been pretty constant for at least 2 weeks but more like 3 weeks (I'll have to look back at my calendar) I should clarify that I had this pain on and off with my previous implants in the same boob.. It did subside after a while and I only occasionally felt it, it never lasted this long! So of course I've been worrying my head off fearing SOMETHING is wrong.. It can't be normal! Then I thought it was just nerve regeneration. But after my dr told me that he didn't do a capsulotomy (cutting small slices in the existing capsule) due to the capsule looking good and "not wanting to reset my healing" I kind of worried more thinking why am I feeling this so late in the game?! I immediately thought 'the pocket is too small for the implant' Mind you I did go up in projection however I went down almost 1cm in width from I believe 14.2 to 13.5. So I do think that helped in providing extra space, however I do think wrk should have been done to the capsule, but what the heck do I know I'm no dr!!
A couple things I've noticed is that bras make it worse!! ANY BRA!! I have tons of 36DD dream angel Demi bras that fit perfectly and weren't causing a problem before, I've got a couple 34DDD body by Victoria Demi that fit better than the 36, again weren't causing a problem before, then I have a few lounge bras in 36DD that have no wire, THEY ALL HURT and all leave my boobs sore to the point where I am ripping that sucker off in the car!! I've been braless at home and at night and it's so relieving!!! Today I went "braless" to work by only wearing a cami that has a light built in "sports bra" in it, but it's a size L and I'm really a size M so it wasn't super tight or constricting and I still had some minor discomfort today, nothing like I would have in a bra though!! It's similar to the aching shooting pain you fee early on, but when I press the bottom outer edge of my boob "in and up" (hard to explain with out a visual lol) I feel this weird sensation inside the pocket almost near my nipple area, but inside my boob. Again, maybe nerves, and they are overly sensitive due to coming back?! Maybe the pressure of the added projection cause this and they are finally coming to? I have not a clue but I hate just wondering and assuming!
So I have been researching nerve pain after surgery and I've had a hard time finding good answers that relate to my situation as most are early in the game or have had them in for years! Wtf... So I posted a question on here with pictures... And no responses!!! I figured by adding pictures is get an answer, but nope! Maybe due to all the crazy ridiculous problems this site has been having lately?! Nonetheless I have booked a consult with ANOTHER dr in the area for a 2nd opinion. There is no way I'm going back to dr bartell (my first surgeon) and I do trust my dr, but he always seems so dang rushed! And I want a second opinion to help ease my mind and for reassurance that nothing's wrong! Although I think it *might* be nerve related I'd rather try to figure out what's wrong now as opposed to later if something truly is wrong and ends up worse! I was surprisingly surprised! The lady told me all this info to bring with, asked me lots of questions and told me to plan for at least an hour with the dr!! WHAT?! I think my initial consults with each surgeon that operated were WAY shorter 30 minutes max.. And I went back several times! This clinic does let you try on implant sizes which is amazing to me because no one else here does that. Not that I'm contemplating on a revision because I cannot afford another surgery with a THIRD dr!! But depending on what this dr says I am going to follow up w my surgeon and ask him what he thinks about the info, if it is "bad" news I may have no choice but to go with a new dr. I just know that my current dr will do a revision at little to no cost, but I also want to do what will get me the "best outcome" and if that means switching Drs, so be it! I'm truly hoping for good news at this appointment to calm my mind! I'm currently 4 months post revision/implant exchange and my consult is next Monday morning!

If I were to be asked today if This surgery was worth it, today I'd say "no"

I saw my surgeon this morning, I'm disappointed in his lack of time spent with me, I saw him for MAYBE 10 minutes and just like my last appointment he starts getting up to leave the room while I'm still feeling like I haven't been heard. He claims he couldn't feel what I was feeling around my areola. And his answer was to call my regular dr and tell them I'm having breast pain that is not related to my implants. When I asked about this odd bubbly feeling by my nipple he responded with " well your capsule is getting old" old?! My initial surgery was in June with a revision in December and he said there was no need to remove or revise the capsule. Needless to say I will not be having any further follow ups with my dr as he seems to be little to no help.

I went to see a third surgeon this morning also for a 2nd opinion. The consult went well but left me feeling a little unsure, and with not much hope. I sort of feel like "what have I done to myself over a set of boobs..." He said my implants are large and he's only seen one other patient with 700cc implants, which on one hand it's silly to me because it's just volume and we all need a different volume to match our frame , on the other hand it also doesn't surprise me considering I live in Wisconsin and I feel as though they tend to be more conservative with most of the doctors in this area using moderate or moderate plus profile implants. He said that this woman who also had 700cc was a reconstructive patient and complained of the same pain that I'm explaining. They downsized 300cc ( I don't know if that means that they went down to 400 or if she actually went down to a 300 cc implants) and this fixed the problem however I had some of the similar discomfort with my Saline implants it just wasn't as intense and didn't last as long, so I truly wonder if downsizing is the real answer. He feels as though it is the weight of the implant putting the pressure on my boob, but why doesn't the other one hurt?...doesn't make sense.. Oh and he also said he doesn't know how it's possible that my surgeon fit a larger implant in without any capsule work. I'm feeling even more confused than ever!!!

This new Drs advice is to give it another four months, so about until September, and just to give myself a break both psychologically and to allow my body to heal, if things don't subside by then I should come back for another consult to discuss my options.
My options are completely removing the implants or downsizing with a complete full lift. He also asked if you could see it before photos and thought that I likely should've gotten a full list with an augmentation to begin with which would've given me that upper fullness without the need of a large implant. He did say I carry the volume well and wouldn't have guessed that they were as large as they are.
Sadly, I agree that I think a lift would have given me a nicer result as opposed to shoving a "large" implant in to fill the space. I truly didn't think they looked that saggy before surgery but they did sit low on my chest wall which is why I was lacking such upper pole fullness.

Sorry for writing a novel there are so many details and my mind is going in a thousand directions at the moment! Thinking about the cost of a third surgery and not even knowing if that will fix my pain. The thought of completely removing them and having no boobs again sounds terrible! Yet at the same time there are so many more important things in life than this elective surgery I chose to have. And now I'm left wondering here what the hell did I do to my body, I feel as though I've caused irreversible damage in a sense thus the title of this post and me feeling as though this was not worth it. I'm sure this feeling will pass as my emotions calm down but it's also silly and so stupid. I'm hoping this discomfort will pass!

Anyone have any ideas on what this may be or advice?

At first I just thought my muscle was sore... I saw this a while ago and thought it was almost like a dimple in my skin, almost like fat/cellulite...part of me thought it was rippling and I still do think it might be. But I don't think rippling is painful? I took a video so you can hopefully seek the area I am taking about, it's weird because when I lift my arm or lean forward it goes away, but standing normal w my arms down by my side it's visible. It feels like a bruised muscle or sore muscle after working out. (This is also my problem boob) my sources of discomfort reside around this area and my nipple area where I can feel the implant on my areola. It may be nothing worrisome at all...just seems odd that it's causing soreness. Anyone have any thoughts?

Well I'm back ladies, still no relief!

I haven't been on here much in months, here and there I have to check in on a few ladies and research a few questions I've had but no update in months.

My left boob STILL HURTS! I am a year and 2 months out from my initial surgery(saline w armpit incision 500 & 525 cc) i am coming up on 8 months post op from my implant exchange (breast fold Incision, switched to Silicone 700cc uhp,why uhp? When I thought I was getting HP) the strange pain in my armpit is gone for the most part, however I still feel something weird under my skin "rubbing" against the inside of my tissues. This pain has come and gone for some time now, at this point I cannot wear a bra of ANY kind! While massaging my breasts I was slightly bent forward and w my hand under my left breast pressing inward and upward I felt the strangest thing, like a tugging from my crease to my nipple (inside under the skin) as if it has a thread connected that's pulling my nipple from the inside!

I keep trying to research this and some say it could be early signs of CC. And other say pain/discomfort is not the first sign! Well what the hell?! Then I found something that indicated mondors cord, but that it isn't "common" to have it where I do and for where I'm at post op wise, it usually runs from the crease down towards the stomach and subsides. I have tried a warm compress, consistent ibuprofen to reduce swelling and have been taking 1,000 UI of vitamin e daily since my revision surgery in December. At times it almost feels like the implant is too big for the pocket. They look pretty much the same and both feel the same. So I am completely stumped as to what is going on here! But I want an answer!

I have had so much anxiety, worry and fear over these "stupid" boobs that at times I wish I never did any of it. The thought of downsizing them has crossed my mind several times lately but Of course that comes with additional surgery, such as possibly a lift and I'm pretty sure pocket recision. I haven't talked to the dr yet but the only logic thing to do in my mind is to have them removed, have the capsule removed, and possibly new pocket placement with replacement implants that are mod plus. Not what I want to do but I fear that the volume I need in HP won't be small enough to make a difference in the discomfort I am feeling. So I would basically be back to square one when I had my first set placed in and wasn't happy w how flat they looked, however I'd rather have those boobs than painful boobs or none at all!!! And I also feel that the only way to fix any problems I may be having w my pocket is to remove the capsule and "start fresh" but the thought of that scares me also!! I have an apt w my dr Friday to see what he suggests. But I am not hopeful that he will offer any help. I also booked a 2nd consult w the dr I saw back in April to get his thoughts on all of this incase my surgeon doesn't help.

Ugh!!! End of rant...

Had two consults today.. Feeling stressed, confused and overwhelmed...

Well I had two consults today, one with a new dr that I haven't met with in the past and the 2nd w the other surgeon I consulted w back in April. I'm feeling even more overwhelmed and unsure of what the right thing is to do and 2nd guessing my judgement more than ever.

1st consult today: was a female dr about an hour away..has awesome reviews everywhere I've looked online and has the personality I am seeking for patient care. Very understanding, listens, takes her time, very detailed and truly seems to have your best interest at heart-wants to make sure things are done correctly from the start and will tell you how it is without over promising things she can't deliver. My only true concern is that she has only been in practice for 5 years (if you include residency and all that more like 10, but usually you don't count that). She looked at my pre op photos, and the results I had at my 3 month check up from my first surgery and she could tell immediately why I was unhappy with my results, they were my old boobs with more volume and the shape just wasn't pretty. And then with my revision the dr just stuffed in more volume to give me the rounder look I was trying to achieve. She suggested a full lift with silicone implants I could chose between mod plus and HP. She also agreed with my assumptions that the first surgeon dissected my left pocket poorly and said she'd do everything in her power to figure out what was wrong and correct what she finds but couldn't promise any guaranteed results.

2nd consult: he was pretty set on just taking the implants out all together and just living/dealing without them.. I did not like the idea of this at all, I asked about removing them with a lift and he didn't think the lift was necessary and said that a lift w downsizing would be a bad idea. He said I could downsize but wanted to stick in the 350/375 range.. And didn't think I'd need a lift if I downsize. Which there is no way I am doing that! I will be very unhappy w the results. And his prices were ridiculous!

So I'm really on the fence here! I liked the female dr and her approach but I'm scared like hell to move forward with any of this! I have lots of thinking to do and I'd like to consult w a 3rd dr to get their opinion. I really feel like my first surgeon messed up my pocket causing damage to the muscle which is also giving me animation deformities on the left side at this time I truly feel like a 3rd surgery most likely won't fix my pain and explanting, allowing the pocket and muscle to heal and then starting all over from scratch may be the best route to go, but I'm not sure I can swallow that at the moment and I can only imagine how much of a toll that will take on me mentally and I don't know if I can handle it.

Quick update for anyone who follows me...

Some of you may or may not know that this review was from my first initial surgery for my BA. I did start another "revision" review under my new dr but always seemed to update on this review. I have updated my dr review on both Drs and I am seeking a new dr that I can trust that will help me fix my concerns. I don't know if I will start a new review under my current username once I find a new dr or if I will start a whole new account all together. It's been very helpful in reading back through my updates to remind me of the things I experienced but I do need to start a new review on my new journey and I'm just not sure what the "right" way to go about that is at the moment. I am also hoping to upload some last and final pictures of my before and after to both reviews but I need to figure out a way to scan them or somehow get them on here since they are a copy of what my surgeon gave me. Which ever route I go in starting my new review/journey I hope to not lose contact w those of you that have followed me and that I have followed. Love you all so deeply and can't express enough how much support I have gotten from everyone on here!!!! People aren't on here don't understand but I believe this website is the most legit one out there!!!

Well... On to seeking a new surgeon and the next chapter in this process! Hoping for the best and that this will finally be done and over with once and for all! :) then I can finally stop looking like a loon!! I swear I'm not and I truly just want to move on from all of this.
Madison Plastic Surgeon

After reaching my 3 month mark and having my follow up appointment with my dr I am completely done and over it! Dr bartell seemed nice at first , his receptionist Katie is rude, standoffish and I don't feel welcome to ask questions or have concerns. My breasts looked ok, the same old boobs but just w more volume. Since the beginning I have been highly upset with the shape and size and lack of knowledge my dr shared with me! For example I never knew what my breast width diameter was to know what implant size I wanted or needed to chose. he made it seem like moderate profile was the ONLY size option I had, when Come to find out after my surgery I could have done moderate plus or high profile and now I have to pay more money with a new dr that I trust will give me the results I am looking for and to top it off he was going to make me pay another $6000 for a revision. I feel I was done a dis service by not giving me this information and spending the time with me to help me get the results I am looking for. My boobs are wide and flat! No upper pole, no projection and I had to schedule a revision with another dr. Thanks for the waste of money!! Perhaps this is why the office is always empty and you get in the second you walk in the door! Now that it's been a little while, I also want to add that I have always had this constant ache and pain in my left breast. Dr bartell slightly over dissected my left breast causing pulling, slight animation deformity and constant annoying pain! I don't know if this will ever be fixed without completely removing the implants and allowing the pockets to heal so I can "start from scratch". Dr bartell offers "natural" results but u have seen him stick implants in woman who clearly need a lift and that is doing the patient no good!! Don't let the risk of scars scare you away.. You want long lasting results so that you don't need them re done in a year or 5. If I were to do this all over again I wouldn't have chosen dr bartell... Keep searching and find a better dr with better patient care!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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