Why Didn't I Get This Done Sooner?!

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NOTE - total was about $3350 with laser skin...

NOTE - total was about $3350 with laser skin resurfacing and general anesthesia.

My chin was WEAK. It's not attractive, and it looks even worse the older you get and the more slack your neck becomes. It's one of those things that you don't notice as much as other people do – after all I barely looked myself in profile. But over the years I saw a couple of unflattering pictures, and became very self-conscious about it. But I was always afraid to do anything about it. Plastic surgery seems like such a drastic option. But then I discovered that the procedures I had before - Botox, filler, and Fraxel -were sooo worth the money, inconvenience, and pain. I didn't think my chin would make a big difference- I thought I had a large, crooked nose and chipmunk cheeks. We used Botox to treat the cheeks and they're way better, but when I went to a consult for rhinoplasty, my doc said I should consider a chin implant (genioplasty) instead. We talked through all the options. After months of deciding, planning, and saving. I finally had it done last Monday, Sept 16.

I had general anesthesia. So in addition to the initial consultations, there was a pre-op appt with the surgeon and then the anesthetist, which together took an entire afternoon. On surgery day, I got there at 10:30, and then they had me sit there and wait for a loooong time on a gurney. I think I went under about 1. I was there a couple more hours. I remember it was near dinnertime when I got home. I needed someone to drive me and any moment I wasn't medicated was pretty painful the first few days.

I stayed in for a week and was on a lot of painkillers. I also had laser skin resurfacing so I'm really red from that too. Yesterday I left the house the first time. No one seemed to notice the small scabby area on my chin. With the major "sunburn" and the chin owie, just looks like I had too much fun in the sun on vacation.

I had my sutures out today and I'm healing so fast, my skin almost grew over the sutures! It was unpleasant feeling -though not painful- to have them removed. I will be working part-time the next couple days and go back to full time later this week.

My husband saw my chin via video phone today (he's away on business). He said it looks amazing. Subtle, but good. Better. I finally feel like my face makes sense for the first time. It's not perfect and I still need to heal, but I'm feeling a lot better already.

I know a pic is worth a thousand words so I'm going to try to find a good "before." Here's a pic of me one week after the procedure.

What I'm using on my skin + Watch out for the pain med withdrawal!

Stopped taking the painkillers "cold turkey" two days ago. Though I noticed the tightness, aching, and numbness more, it didn't bother me that much. But today, got a HORRIBLE HEADACHE, and my chin started aching again too (headache = 8.5 out of 10, 10 being the most insufferable headache imaginable). I took a half dose and will start flushing out my system with lots and lots of water, juice and soda before during the next few days - I sure hope it helps! Even with the half dose, head is still going Boom Boom Boom and I really need to go home and lie down!

I also wanted to post that I'm using Mederma once a day on the scar as directed by my doctor. I use it at night because when it dries, it leaves a gross, flaky residue. I am done putting Aquaphor on the area because it was causing milia (little white head pimples) and doc says it's o.k. to stop. However, I still moisturize the area with Cerave moisturizing cream, Vitamin e oil, and aloe vera gel (remember, I had the resurfacing done at the same time). I'm still not 100 % and I'm not permitted to wear make-up, but I went to work for a full day today. I still look a little swollen and red, and there's still a boo-boo under chin, but it's not so bad. I can wear make-up again starting Friday night. One last thing: I accidentally deleted the pic I had up! More pics coming soon!

Over two years later, "chinplant" totally worth it.

It's been 2 and a half years, and my chin implant is a complete success story. Most of the time, I forget it's there, and it's now just a normal part of my face. For awhile, I could feel it "click" slightly against my bone until it was fully fused in place. Didn't hurt - just was weird. Other than that, scarring was very minimal, looks natural, and I feel great! I'm much happier and more confident about my appearance. I did have a moment I got a little frightened - my husband accidentally elbowed me - hard- right in the chin a couple months ago. It hurt so bad and swelled up ridiculously. I iced it and took it easy for a day, and then it healed up fine. For anyone with a weak chin, I would definitely talk to your doctor about this procedure.

Simply the best! If you're lucky enough to qualify to be seen at the Madigan Army Medical Center (e.g. qualifying active duty servicemember, retiree, dependent, or DoD employee), and you're considering cosmetic procedures, ask for a referral to the ENT clinic. They can perform cosmetic procedures at a significant discount compared to civilian providers. They are not permitted to advertise but they can do everything from tattoo removal to implants. It's a teaching hospital, so they offer cosmetic procedures at cost, so that their doctors, residents, PAs, and nurses can be ready to help people with severe disfiguring injuries, such as soldiers injured during foreign deployments. Really kind, professional docs and staff. I'm so grateful to have found them and to be eligible for this medical procedure.

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