28 Yrs Old, Breast Reduction, 38 H to C-D Range

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On September 19 I had my surgery and I thought I...

Part 1: On September 19 I had my surgery and I thought I would blog a little about it for any one who is curious. I will not lie and say every thing went perfect because it did not, but hopefully it will not dissuade any prospects out there because at this point I finally DO feel like it was worth it. :)...

Troubles Emerge

Part 2: Like I said in my last review, I am going to tell the truth! So, I had my surgery on Sept 19 and went home the same day. 4 days later I woke up to a swollen left arm. I called the advice nurse and explained my symptoms (swelling, tight feeling, pain, warm to touch) and she got me to see a dr that same day (not my surgeon). Somehow I had contracted blood clots in my arm from surgery which is apparently rare, and also bewildering because I was following all instructions. I was told 1 of the 4 clots was dangerous, so I was put on blood thinners which led to the biggest problem of all... two days later my left breast filled with blood (hematoma) and I PASSED OUT in the bathroom of my home. I literally woke up to my sister slapping my face and frantically calling my name. My husband called 911 and I went to the emergency room. They could not drain the hematoma until I could see the surgeon the next day, so I was in for an extremely painful night as the hematoma continued to grow and my breast fill with blood.

4 Days In Hospital After Breast Reduction

Part 3: The next morning, in the hospital once again, my surgeon put me under anesthesia as I needed a second surgery to drain the hematoma. By now it was extremely painful (at the hospital they ask you to rate your pain on a scale of 1-10 and I kept giving them an 8) The surgeon drained A LITER of blood. Not fun. So then he informed me I would have to stay at the hospital for a few nights for observation. The staff was nice enough, but I wasn't out of the woods yet...

Not Out of the Woods Yet

Part 4: A big fat blister developed on the problem boob as if to put a cherry on top of my sh*t sundae. Remember ladies, that can happen too. Anyway after being drained, I kept feeling dizzy and light headed whenever I would get up, even though the nurses kept encouraging me to walk. I would try to eat something or sleep off the feeling, but it persisted. Finally they ran a blood test and found my blood count to be extremely low and in the critical range. I would need a blood transfusion. I was VERY apprehensive at this point to have any new procedures especially since all of my problems seem to have been blood related, but they convinced me that everything would be okay, and I gave in.

Back Home

Part 5: I went home Friday Sept 30th and now, a few days later, my soreness is normal. Only rarely do I need my oxycodone. I have an appointment tomorrow to see my surgeon. The hematoma left a palpable lump in my left ta-ta that I am hoping will go away in time *fingers crossed* and now I can smile in hopes that the worst is over.


Part 6: I understand that it is tricky navigating my two remaining issues: I have the blood clots (from the surgery) so I need to stay on anticoagulants, but I am also all cut up in the chest from the surgery so the very notion of being on blood thinners is counter intuitive. Still, I have to stay on them--a twice daily needle in my stomach called Lovenox that I have to shoot myself with at home--or the blood clot that is dangerous could cause a super fun pulmonary embolism!

The problem, though, is that I feel my left breast swelling up again with blood. Slower this time, but surely. My dr has advised me to bind myself with a large ACE bandage until I can see him again on Tuesday which seems to slow the process down. It's upsetting to have to keep being worried that I will end up like I was before, and he empathizes, but no one seems to know how to fix both issues at the same time :/ Perhaps I will see if any of the doctors on this site have an answer

Remaining Optomistic

Ok, yeah what happened to me sucks but this has to resolve itself in time. Right? All I can do is be patient, go to all my follow ups, hope for the best, and remember what it was like before. I had the migraines, BAD ones. So bad drs were doing MRI scans to see if I had any brain tumors, and later on I was getting Botox injections in my head (they didn't help much). I also was not able to exercise for long periods of time. If I went to a YMCA class with a friend I would slow down way before her and 90% of the other class. Exercising matters to me because I plan to pursue a career in law enforcement. Those were just a few of the issues~

But today I am just going to d*ck around my house on a lazy Sunday, try to ignore the new swelling (even though I am out of pain pills now...grrr) and distract myself with video games and my two sweet doggies. Even though I have to continue to bind my chest I still bought two new sports bras...from "regular" stores Target and Walmart! I thought it would be fun to take a pic doing a side by side comparison of my old sports bra and new one. The pic doesn't do justice, my old Lane Bryant bra ECLIPSES my new Target xl sports bra! The other pic is how small I am now. My new size is taking some getting used to, but I guess that's normal seeing as how my big bazooms were part of me for so long. I think I'm just in mourning. Ha. I misssss youuuuu cleeeeavage
Tacoma General Surgeon

Despite the difficulties I faced Dr. Malin was very kind through it all; excellent bed side manner and worked hard to fix what went wrong.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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