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I had Artefill in December of 2008.  Two...

I had Artefill in December of 2008.  Two syringes in the nasolabial folds, more in the right side than left.  I am very happy with the results.  I noticed immediate improvement, with slightly more over the next three months.  I have not had any adverse reactions and the improved has been permanent so far - I've been told that "long lasting" is the phrase used now.  I beIieve the time frame they state is 3-5 years.  One thing I did do was go back for the second syringe even though the provider told me that "no one is perfect".  That's true, but I knew what I wanted and the first syringe wasn't enough to even out both sides of my face.  I was right.

I look in the mirror about 70% less than before I got the treatments, because I'm not worried about how my mouth looks.

I would recommend it to anyone, with the advice of using an experienced doctor with a long history of doing fillers, Artefill in particular.

New Genesis

This provider was fine, but I am now a believer in only using a trained plastic surgeon for any cosmetic procedure, no matter how routine.

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